Europe: Back Dat App Up

Are Gig Workers Full-Time Employees? Debate Playing Out in Europe.

Whether or not gig workers will eventually be considered full-time employees is an ongoing debate in parts of the U.S. - think Prop 22 in California - but in Europe, many of these decisions are playing out for us, and the boys dig into this and other topics with special guest Matt Alder of The Recruiting Future Podcast. Also covered is how Google has been illegally underpaying thousands of temporary workers in dozens of countries, including many in Europe.

Lastly, the show dives into the recent investment in startup Applied, known for its unbiased hiring service, and whether or not the trend of diversity hiring hits the same in Europe as it does in the U.S. and elsewhere.


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Thank you for listening to, what's it called? The podcast with Chad, the Cheese. Brilliant. They talk about recruiting. They talk about technology, but most of all, they talk about nothing. Just a lot of Shout Outs of people, you don't even know and yet you're listening. It's incredible. And not one word about cheese, not one cheddar, blue, nacho, pepper jack, Swiss. So many cheeses and not one word. So weird. Any hoo be sure to subscribe today on iTunes, Spotify, Google play, or wherever you listen to your podcasts, that way you won't miss an episode. And while you're at it, visit just don't expect to find any recipes for grilled cheese. Is so weird. We out. Some podcasts, do it for the fun. Some do it for the fame, Chad and Cheese they do it for global effin domination.

C&C does Europe INTRO (14s):

That's why bringing America to its knees was just the beginning. Now they have their eyes set on conquering Europe and they've drafted industry veteran Lieven Van Nieuwenhuyze of Belgium to help them navigate the old country and bring HR's most dangerous podcast across the pond to trash-talk like never before. Not safe for work in any language. The Chad and Cheese podcast does Europe.

Joel (39s):

Oh yeah, Germany will have a new chancellor this month. That's always worked out pretty well. Right? You are listening to the Maginhad and Cheese podcast does Europe. I'm your cohost Joel "Magino Line" Cheesman.

Chad (52s):

I'm Chad "Vaxxed and relaxed" Sowash.

Lieven (55s):

I'm still just Lieven.

Joel (57s):

On this episode. Google's mantra used to be, don't be evil, but breaking the law might be a better one today. Giggers are starting to be recognized as employees in the old country and diversity recruiting isn't just an American thing. And speaking of diversity, we have four middle-aged white men on today's podcast. Party, like it's 1957 shall we?

sfx (1m 23s):

Europe has a bunch of countries in it.

Chad (1m 26s):

We have a mystery guest right this, this week?

Joel (1m 29s):


Chad (1m 31s):

Okay. Straight out of Europe, kids straight out, straight out of the UK, straight out of Scotland at 27 Stones. I don't even know what that is. How heavy is 27 stones?

Joel (1m 45s):

Weighing in at 32 pints. He's that British guy, Matt Alder everybody.

Matt (1m 53s):

27 stones is a lot more than I actually way to set the record straight at this point.

Chad (2m 2s):

How much is a stone? I don't, I don't understand what does a stone weight?

Matt (2m 6s):

I don't know. I don't know what it is in newfangled weights measures. I'm afraid.

Joel (2m 10s):

Well then let's get to who you are Matt. For those who don't know,

Matt (2m 14s):

I am Matt Alder and I am the host and producer of the Recruiting Future podcast, which is a proud member of the evergreen HR podcast network. Like, like the Chad and Cheese show. Unlike the Chad and cheese show my podcast is very safe for work.

Chad (2m 35s):

And everybody loves Matt Alder, let's just say that there are plenty of people who don't like Chad and Cheese that's for sure.

Joel (2m 42s):

He's very British and hard to dislike.

Chad (2m 44s):

Yes. Yes.

Joel (2m 47s):

Shall we get to shout outs?

Chad (2m 48s):

My first shout out goes to you, Joel, are you ready?

Joel (2m 51s):

Oh, I like that.

Chad (2m 53s):

How does it feel to be in the most backward country in the civilized world right now? The US is that 54.5% vaccination. The UK represented by Matt Alder 66%, Belgium represented by Lieven 72% and Portugal 80%. Are you fucking kidding me US?

Joel (3m 16s):

The last I heard the, the entire continent of Africa was like 1% vaccinated. So I take a little, I take a little offense to that. Okay. Just Africa while you're at it. That's nice. All right. That's all right. That's all right. I, I want to, I'm going to trade in my shout-outs for two questions this week. I'll ask the first one and then you guys can.

Chad (3m 38s):

Let's ask the judge. Is this allowed? Okay. He says it's okay, so go ahead.

Joel (3m 42s):

I don't know who the judge is. It's our fucking show. Anyway. So my first question is, and I mentioned it in the beginning is that Germany is getting a new chancellor, which means zippo to most Americans, but Germany is the biggest economy in Europe, as far as I understand. So I want to ask the Europeans, what does Germany getting a new chancellor? What does Angela Merkel leaving mean to Germany? What does it mean to Europe, particularly from an economics perspective? Who do you guys expect to win? What's going on in Germany?

Lieven (4m 15s):

Matt do you have a clue? I don't.

Matt (4m 17s):

I'm not a close follower of German politics to be perfectly honest. And I think this kind of underlines the fact that Europe is a lot of different countries. So whilst, you know, we completely understand the significance of the German election and the significance of the German economy within Europe. I couldn't really tell you much about who the runners and riders are.

Joel (4m 42s):

Now I'm going to call out Europe then because Americans get a lot of shit for being stupid and not caring about the rest of the world and not caring about anyone but ourselves. And now you two Europeans, come on our show and don't know shit about the German election, the biggest economy in your continent. So as an American, like that says a lot, like we're not as bad as Europe. Maybe we're a lot alike, which is sort of this, which is sort of the whole point of this show is how similar we are. Quit bashing America, Europe.

Chad (5m 16s):

It's just so easy right now.

Lieven (5m 17s):

You are so happy. We didn't know about the German politics.

Joel (5m 22s):