Firing Squad: Great Recruiters' Adam Conrad

There are bad recruiters. There are good recruiters. And there are great recruiters. Founder Adam Conrad hopes his startup, Great Recruiters, will help agencies better manage recruiting teams and sorting through the best and worst performers. Better recruiters make for better candidate experiences too, so things sound pretty solid, right? Well, the Firing Squad will be the ultimate judge on whether this company is truly "great," or if it needs to be taken behind the barn and put out of its misery. Time to step-up to The Squad.

Enjoy this PandoIQ exclusive.


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Joel (2m 22s):

Oh yeah. We're doing another firing squad on Monday, which is not a good thing.

Chad (2m 30s):

That's not good.

Joel (2m 31s):

Plus I'm really hung over from the Indy 500 yesterday, which was, that was a fun race. What up everybody? You are listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast. I'm your cohost Joel Cheeseman joined as always by my Batman to my Robin or something, Chad Sowash. Chad what's up?

Chad (-):

Waz up?

Joel (2m 49s):

On today's Firing Squad we are featuring Adam Conrad from Great Recruiters.

Applause (2m 55s):


Chad (2m 55s):

Not, not like lousy recruiters.

Joel (2m 58s):

Not average recruiters.

Chad (2m 60s):

But good recruiters.

Joel (2m 60s):

Not Scrub Recruiters. Great recruiters Adam how are ya?

Chad (3m 5s):

There are expectations that are set right out of the gate.

Joel (3m 6s):

Yeah. You can't talk if you call yourself great.

Adam Conrad (3m 8s):

You're not great until somebody says you are in our case, it's at least 30 people with four stars. So we'll get into that. But I'm doing well. Thanks for having me on. I appreciate it.

Joel (3m 19s):

Good deal, Adam, for, for those who don't know, you give us a little bit of a long gated tweet about who you are and then we'll get into the company.

Adam Conrad (3m 57s):

Yeah. Give you a little background. I've been in the staffing industry for about 20 years. Like many recruiters, I kind of fell into it, fell in love with it. I had managed recruitment teams was running operations for about a $40 million staffing firm. Handled their tech stack, their tech stack, I've always been an early adopter of technology and how it's going to help recruiters. And really for me, it saw the need to create more trust and transparency between candidates and recruiters and left that career in staffing to help better support the staffing industry and recruiters as a whole and launched Great Recruiters.

Joel (3m 59s):

I'm sorry. Did you say you love recruiting?

Adam Conrad (4m 1s):

I do love recruiting.

Joel (4m 6s):

Have you had a thorough head check on that one, Adam?

Adam Conrad (4m 18s):

No, we're all a little bit nuts. I mean, there's a lot of things you can choose to do, but I like people in the least we can help some people out. I mean, I know it doesn't have a great reputation, but hopefully I made it a lot better for many people out there.

Joel (4m 20s):

We knew you were a little nuts when you agreed to be on the show. Chad, tell him what he's won.

Chad (4m 23s):

Well, Adam, you are going to have two minutes to pitch Great Recruiters. That's right at the end of the two minutes, you're going to hear that bell.

Bell (-):

Ding, ding, ding

Chad (4m 32s):

Then Joel and I will hit you with rapid fire Q and A. If your answers start to ramble or you get fuckingg boring, you're going to hear the crickets.

Crickets (-):


Chad (4m 41s):

That means tighten your shit up and let's get moving at the end of Q and A, you will receive one of three grades. Number one, big applause.

Applause (4m 51s):


Joel (4m 51s):

Pack up the Brinks truck.

Chad (4m 54s):

You'll be bathing in milk and being fed grapes on a private island by the end of 2021. But seriously, that just means that you did a great job. Number two, golf clap.

Golf Clap (-):


Chad (5m 14s):

We kind of dig what you're doing, but you're not there yet. And you're probably going to be the one feeding the grapes and last but not least

FIRING SQUAD (5m 18s):

gun shots

Chad (5m 18s):

Firing Squad pack up your shit, hit the bricks, pull up that drawing board, baby, because this ain't working and there's no private island insight for you in this pile of shit. That's Firing Squad. Are you ready?

Adam Conrad (5m 31s):

Too late to back out or are we ready to go?

Joel (5m 35s):

Let's do this, in three, two?

Adam Conrad (5m 39s):

Awesome. So Great Recruiters is an experience and reputation management platform built for staffing firms and recruiters. So we help firms and recruiters go faster through real time feedback. So what I've understood in my career is even the best recruiters get swelled up by an industry's bad reputation. You simply Google recruiters are: it's evil liar, scumbag, are some of the top results. And I know as a professional recruiter, that wasn't true for many recruiters out there. And I know there's a bunch that give us a bad reputation, but I wanted to put a platform in place that allowed recruiters to capture real time feedback, help them operationally learn from that feedback from the candidates that they serve, realize where there are issues so they can resolve those quickly and also to be able to promote the hell out of when they're doing a great job.

Adam Conrad (6m 20s):

So if you think about the way people buy today, people rely on reviews and data, they don't rely on what you tell them on your website. And so we helped you curate the information from the people that you're working with to help you promote and differentiate your brand in the marketplace. And the end result for many of our clients is that we're helping to drive and elevate, empower recruiters and their sales teams. They love the feedback. They love knowing where they stand. It's helping our companies prove the quality of their services. So don't take my word for it, see what other people think about working with me.

Adam Conrad (6m 52s):

It helps increase trust and transparency. We've got some cool tools that help you to overall improve your online reputation. And ultimately we want to help you attract more talent so you can make more placements faster.

Joel (7m 2s):

And they can find out more where Adam?

Adam Conrad (7m 5s):

Gosh, that's great. Yes. You can find more at

Bell (7m 14s):

ding, ding, ding

Joel (7m 14s):

Okay. Adam, walk me through this. So I'm a candidate. Is this a digital experience? Do I get emails and fill out surveys? Do I get a pen and paper toget