Firing Squad: Interview Mocha CEO, Amit Mishra

Little known fact: "Interview Mocha" was born in a coffee shop. Just one of the pearls of wisdom you're going to get from listening to Interview Mocha on this month's Firing Squad. Assessment tests are big business, and this company is throwing out words like "unicorn."

Slow ya' roll, players, Chad & Cheese will be the judge on that.

Does this startup have what it takes to survive The Squad? Listen to find out on this PandoLogic exclusive.


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Chad (0s):

Damn Programmatic is hot.

Joel (2s):

Yeah, it is hot, dude. Pass me a cold PBR. Would you?

Chad (7s):

Okay. Number one, I wasn't talking about the temperature and number two PBR is a shitty beer time to upgrade to an IPA.

Joel (16s):

Okay. My bad guessing you were talking about Programmatic Job Advertising being hot. Yeah. That shit is everywhere and all the kids are doing it.

Chad (25s):

I know man, but there's only one company that's been doing it since 2007. Damn 2007. Hey man, what wife were you on? In 2007? I was on number one. We don't talk about her focus, dude. I'm talking about Pando IQ from our friends at Pandologic, pando IQs, programmatic recruitment advertising platform helps employers source talent faster and more efficiently than ever thanks to predictive algorithms, machine learning and AI Buzzword, overdose alert.

Chad (58s):

Yeah. Pando was on the cutting edge of programmatic while being deeply rooted in the recruitment industry. Pando IQ provides an end to end Programmatic Job Advertising Platform that delivers a significant increase in job ad performance without any way, social spending to maximize the ROI on your recruitment spend And their AI enabled algorithms use over 48 job attributes and more than 200 billion historical job performance data points to predict the optimal job advertising campaign!

Chad (1m 33s):

The machine does all that shit.

Joel (1m 34s):

That shit sounds expensive.

Chad (1m 36s):

Think again. Cheesman. Pando IQ provides an end to end job advertising solution that delivers a significant increase in job ad performance without any wasteful spending.

Joel (1m 47s):

Sold. How do I get started?

Chad (1m 50s):

Go to to request a demo and tell him Chad and cheese set yet.

Joel (1m 56s):

Ooooo, they have a chat bot too, that we can talk to

Chad (1m 60s):

Gooood kill me now.

Intro (2m 1s):

Like Shark Tank? Then you'll love Firing Squad! CHAD SOWASH & JOEL CHEESMAN are here to put the recruiting industry's bravest, ballsiest, baddest startups through the gauntlet to see if they got what it takes to make it out alive? Dig a fox hole and duck for cover kids the Chad and Cheese Podcast is taken into a whole other level.

Joel (2m 24s):

Oh yeah. I've been in quarantine for two months and I've got a itchy trigger finger to say the least Chad, how are you doing today?

Chad (2m 33s):

My whole body is tingling right now, man.

Joel (2m 38s):

And how appropriate that the company we're we're putting against the squad today is, is Interview Mocha. Cause I've had about eight mochas this morning and I'm ready to rock a pleasure to introduce Amit Mishra, founder and CEO of, as I said, Interview Mocha Welcome to Firing Squad.

Chad (2m 59s):

You're a brave man.

Amit (3m 1s):

Yeah. Thanks Joel. Thanks Chad.

Joel (3m 5s):

Calling in from India where they take their stay at home orders very seriously.

Chad (3m 9s):

That's right, man. If you go outside, you're going to get caned.

Joel (3m 12s):

Literally at squats they're doing in the streets.

Chad (3m 15s):

I'm glad they're not doing that here in Indiana because I couldn't get my runs in and my dogs wouldn't get walked.

Joel (3m 21s):

Americans would revolt if they were forced to do squats. No doubt about that. Yeah.

Chad (3m 25s):

For anything that has to do with putting down their big gulp God bless America. God bless America. So Amit tell us a little bit like a tweet about yourself. Chad will read the rules and we'll get into the game.

Amit (3m 40s):

I am competing engineer in India and then with IBM software lab for a while. And then, Danny is back opted to be an entrepreneur, started my journey with an IT services company first because in days outsourcing venture like country landed for five years along with Sujit Karpe who is the internal council and exited it almost five years back and started Interview Mocha a victim problem that we faced while we were running that first IT services venture

Joel (4m 16s):

You have a dog sleeping in the room with you. It's so bizarre.

Chad (4m 18s):

I can hear snoring in the background.

Joel (4m 23s):

Falling asleep on the squad and that's just inappropriate.

Amit (4m 28s):

I just make sure talk to you. Okay?

Chad (4m 34s):

Okay. No, leave it there. It's great for background. I love it. Okay. Admit, let me go over the format of firing squad for you and all of those listeners out there who have never listened to firing squad. You will have two minutes to pitch Interview Mocha. At the end of two minutes, you will hear the bell then Joel and I will hit you with rapid fire Q and A. If your answers start rambling, Joel's going to hit you with the crickets, the bell or some type of sound effect.

Chad (5m 6s):

That's a signal to you to tighten up your game. At the end of Q and a, you're going to receive a grade. What you're hoping for is a big applause. Time to haul in that cash baby.

Joel (5m 20s):

That's right. Open up a new bank account for that money, the golf clap it's it's okay, but you can definitely do better. That's what she said on your first date or the firing squad. You don't want to pack it in! Close up shop. Dust off the drawing board because this one just isn't going anywhere so that my friend is firing squad. Are you ready to go Amit?

Amit (5m 50s):

yes. I'm ready.

Joel (5m 52s):

Two minutes starting. So first Ivan talk about

Amit (5m 58s):

The problem we are solving within Interview Mocha. Now the scenario is because of information and mobile revolution, the skill metrics of interval as changes. Example take the two big retail companies of US. One is a Walmart. One is Amazon. If you see the old age Walmart against the new age, Amazon serving the same purpose. But if you see the schematics of these two organizations, fundamentally different.

Amit (6m 29s):

banking is no more a banking. It runs like a technology company running a banking business. So you can imagine cashier job is vanishing and it is getting assaulted by ATMs and online banking. If you see that tolls and parkways, there is no human there to tender change or get the gate open. It's been replaced by RFID, CC, CCTV and other technologies. So what I'm trying to say here is the world is going digital.

Amit (7m 1s):

30% of the skills of these organizations have changed already is. And in next 10 years, 65% of the skills will be new. So next gen will work on the skills that don't exist today. As for all the researchers, whether it's Gardner, whether it's Forbes, cap, Gemini, anybody they're saying that the jobs that will be there after 10 years are not existing today. And then, and like as world is changing drastically towards digital, many companies are trying to solve to make sure that skill is provided in time.

Amit (7m 39s):

Companies like Pluralsight Lynda is. And what do you mean getting it crowdsource for training, but there is no player for skill assessment in this state.

Joel (7m 51s):

And we're at the end of our 10 minutes, I met just for your sake, where can they find out more about you when they're investigating? Okay. This is where you say interview Anyway, let's talk about the name real quick. How did you come up with Interview Mocha? Is there any connection to what you guys actually do or is it just a cute name?

Amit (8m 11s):

Sujit and me were sitting in a Sujit, the cofounder and me were sitting in a cafe having a mocha coffee and we were trying to solve the interview problem that time. So interview and we were having mocha coffee, enjoy mocha.

Joel (8m 26s):

Excellent. Now tell me real quickly about your employee base. Have you guys taken money? What does that currently look like? And how long have you guys been in business?

Amit (8m 35s):

So we are in business from last five years. We are a 50 people team in India, mostly bootstrap with resident, resident, Angela around assembly, which are, which we are yet to announce with global clientele, especially from us.

Joel (8m 53s):

So you're making an announcement.

Amit (8m 54s):