Firing Squad: RecruitVirtual's Keith Ringer

People suck. Well, interacting with people in real life sucks, in addition to potentially being deadly, which is why everything in recruitment is going virtual. Zoom meetings, Slack convos, and virtual job fairs are all the rage, and RecruitVirtual thinks it has the chops to make a dent in this crowded space, bringing technology into the traditional brick-and-mortar career fair. Industry veteran Keith Ringer faces down the Firing Squad in this epic encounter, powered exclusively by PandoLogic.

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PandoLogic (0s):

Damn programmatic is hot! Yeah, it is hot Dude, pass me a cold PBR. Would ya? Okay. Number one, I wasn't talking about the temperature and number two PBR is a shitty beer time to upgrade to an IPA. Okay. My bad. Guessing you were talking about Programmatic Job advertising being hot. Yeah. That shit is everywhere and all the kids are doing. I know man, but there's only one company that's been doing it since 2007.

PandoLogic (30s):

Damn 2007. Hey man, what wife were you on? In 2007? I was on number one. We don't talk about her. Focus, dude. I'm talking about PandoIQ from our friends at Pando Logic. PandoIQs, Programmatic recruitment advertising platform helps employers source talent faster and more efficiently than ever thanks to predictive algorithms, machine learning and AI. Buzzword, overdose alert. Yeah. Pando was on the cutting edge of Programmatic, while being deeply rooted in the recruitment industry.

PandoLogic (1m 3s):

PandoIQ provides an end-to-end Programmatic job advertising platform that delivers a significant increase in job ad performance without any waste spending to maximize the ROI on your recruitment spend. And their AI enabled algorithms use over 48 job attributes and more than 200 billion historical job performance data points to predict the optimal job advertising campaign. The machine does all that shit.

PandoLogic (1m 34s):

That shit sounds expensive! Think again. Cheesman PandoIQ provides an end to end job advertising solution that delivers a significant increase in job ad performance without any wasteful spending. Sold! How do I get started? Go to to request a demo and tell him Chad and Cheese sent you. Ooh. They have a chat bot too, that we can talk to. Oh, kill me now.

Joel (2m 3s):

Like Shark Tank? Then you'll love Firing Squad! CHAD SOWASH & JOEL CHEESMAN are here to put the recruiting industry's bravest, ballsiest, baddest startups through the gauntlet to see if they got what it takes to make it out alive? Dig a fox hole and duck for cover kids the Chad and Cheese Podcast is taking it to a whole other level. Oh shit. Another Monday Firing Squad this is not going to be good for our market testing today!

Chad (-):


Joel (2m 30s):

What's up everybody. You are listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast. I am your cohost Joel Cheesman as usual joined by my co-host Chad Sowash. Well hello! Happy, happy Monday, Chad and on Firing Squad this month we have Keith Ringer!

Keith (2m 46s):

Well hello

Joel (2m 49s):

From Recruit Virtual down in Florida. Beautiful Florida with COVID beaches everywhere. Keith, welcome to the show. Yeah. How's how's it going in Florida? I guess quick, quick, quote. COVID update from you.

Keith (3m 0s):

I mean, between the COVID and it's sun burn it's, you know, it's pretty harsh down here, right now?

Joel (3m 5s):

It's heaven. It's heaven.

Keith (3m 6s):

Yeah. Couldn't be much better.

Joel (3m 8s):

Good enough. Well, let's get a tweet about you before we dig into the company and the Q and A.

Keith (3m 15s):

Yeah. So my name's Keith Ringer and I've been developing all sorts of software for about 20 years and running startups. And for about the last 10 years, we've been mostly focused on software in the recruiting space for about the last five years. We've really been focused on job fairs and now virtual recruiting events.

Joel (3m 36s):

And have you ever been mistaken for key Keith Richards?

Keith (3m 40s):

No, but you know, there's country music guy that I got mistaken for in an airport, I'm not even sure who he is. And I think the person really wanted my autograph.

Joel (3m 48s):

Kenny Rogers. Maybe Kenny Rogers is a little bit pre-Botox you looked a little like Kenny Rogers,

Keith (3m 56s):

Might have been Kenny. Yeah.

Joel (3m 57s):

Not at all. Getting Chad, tell him what he's won.

Chad (4m 1s):

All right. You've won a LP of islands in the stream Keith. You have two minutes to pitch recruit virtual. At the end of two minutes, you will hear the bell. Ding, ding, ding, then Joel and I will hit you with rapid fire Q and A. If your answers start to ramble and we get bored, Joel's going to hit you with the crickets at the end of Q and A, you will receive one of three grades from both of us. That's number one, the big applause.

Joel (4m 32s):

That's what you want Keith.

Chad (4m 33s):

Get ready to rake the cash, big guy. Number two, golf clap means you need to tighten up your game. And we think you can probably do better last but never least.

Joel (4m 47s):

Oh shit.

Chad (4m 48s):

It's the firing squad. Pack up your RV and get the hell out of dodge before sundown Keith, because that varmint ain't welcome here.

Joel (4m 56s):

Key West welcomes you my friends.

Keith (4m 57s):

The RV's packed.

Chad (5m 1s):

That's Firing Squad. Are you ready to go?

Keith (5m 3s):

Let's do it

Joel (5m 4s):

In three, two, ding, ding, ding.

Keith (5m 7s):

All right. We all know that the pace of change for work has accelerated due to the pandemic. These unprecedented changes have created two problems. The first is the challenge of keeping candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers safely distanced during the recruiting process. The second is the challenge of effectively recruiting across an increasingly remote and geographically dispersed talent pool. The first problem is acute, right? We hope that it's short lived. The second problem is part of the long-term trend though, that the virus is accelerating.

Keith (5m 37s):

Commercial real estate leases are down 35 to 50% across most of US markets. Many employees have had a taste of working from home, and many of them are never coming back to the office. Technology has enabled a broad swath of the workforce to work remotely and often in a completely different geography than their employer or recruiter. Recruiters are seeking technology to keep them safe and to allow them to effectively locate and screen candidates anywhere. Virtual recruiting events provide a highly efficient and effective means of solving these problems. Like physical job fairs a good virtual recruiting event allows a recruiter to get to know candidates one-on-one, to surface the best candidates and advance them to the next steps in the hiring process.

Keith (6m 15s):

The founders of Recruit Virtual developed the original white label recruiting event, software, which was copied by Indeed. When we saw these new challenges for recruiters, we completely created a new software product from the ground up to power virtual recruiting events. We launched the software in June, two months ago, and we're fortunate enough to get early traction with a number of professional job fair organizers. Now, as we expand the software to power, all events, virtual and physical we're seeking partners to help us scale up rapidly, we're actively working with job boards, ATSs, rec tech companies, and media groups to form creative partnerships that allow us to reach customers more quickly.

Keith (6m 53s):

You can visit us at

Bells (-):

Ding, ding, ding.

Chad (6m 57s):

Oh, Damn.