Firing Squad: Willo's Euan Cameron

Video recruiting is red hot right now. All the kids are doing it, which also means only a few will get to sit at the cool table at lunchtime. Which leads us to Euan Cameron and Willo, a spunky startup from Scotland who thinks they can bring video to the masses. Automation? A.I.? Machine learning? Nah, that's not the play. Instead, free forever and an aggressive integration strategy are at the heart of this company. Sounds nice, but will it pass the Firing Squad?

Gotta listen to find out.

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FiringSquadINTRO (35s):

Like Shark Tank? Then you'll love Firing Squad! CHAD SOWASH & JOEL CHEESEMAN are here to put the recruiting industry's bravest, ballsiest, and baddest startups through the gauntlet to see if they got what it takes to make it out alive? Dig a fox hole and duck for cover kids the Chad and Cheese Podcast is taking it to a whole other level.

Joel (59s):

Oh yeah. You know what the guns means? It's time for another Firing Squad. What's up everybody? I am Joel Cheeseman out of the Chad and Cheese podcast, joined as always by my faithful sidekick Chad Sowash and today, we are pretty excited, pretty excited to welcome Euan Cameron of Glasgow, Scotland. And he's also co-founder and CEO of a startup called Willo. Euan, hopefully I'm saying that correctly, how are you?

Euan (1m 28s):

Hi Joel. Hi Chad. I'm good. Thanks. Thanks for the intro there. I'm all good.

Joel (1m 33s):

I mentioned Scotland, but give us sort of a quick Twitter bio on you and we'll get to the good stuff.

Euan (1m 40s):

Sure. So living in Glasgow, being in Glasgow for 15 years, my background is actually in digital marketing and Willo will be my fourth startup. Co-founded Willo with a good friend of mine, Andrew Wood, and he's based in Manchester.

Chad (1m 55s):

Excellent. So who do, who were you cheering for during the Euro 2020? Were you in the Glasgow's square with an Italy flag?

sfx (2m 5s):

All things Scottish are crap.

Euan (2m 8s):

Well, obviously it started sponsoring or supporting Scotland, but that obviously didn't last very long. And then I actually controversially switched my support to England.

Chad (2m 19s):

I'm surprised they didn't kick you out of the country.

Euan (2m 23s):

Me too. Yeah, no England got my support so it was quite tense Sunday night for me and my household. Actually. What about you guys?

Chad (2m 32s):

Joel was rooting for Italy or for England because he has to.

Joel (2m 38s):

I'm genetically required.

Chad (2m 39s):

Some bullshit genetic 23 and me match that nobody gives a fuck about. And I've had several Italy jerseys because you know, they do soccer well. So I thought England was going to win though dude, it was a whole match, they had the easiest, they had an easier draw, I mean they had an easy throughout the entire thing and the keeper came up on the Italian side. That was just amazing.

Euan (3m 8s):


Joel (3m 8s):

Chad has a lot of Italian jerseys because he lives right by a Puma outlet mall. So don't make him think that he's some big Italian, he's Italian Jersey wearing because it's 75% off at the outlet. That's why Chad is wearing

Chad (3m 23s):

And they look good. Blue looks good on me.

Joel (3m 27s):

All soccer jerseys look pretty good. All right, Chad, tell him what he's won here on the firing squad.

Chad (3m 35s):

At the end of two minutes, you will hear that bell then Joel and I will hit you with rapid Q and A. If your answers start to ramble or you get boring, Joel's going to hit you with the crickets, that's your signal to move on and tighten up your game. At the end of Q and A, you will receive either a big applause. That's right. Prepare for launch baby. This rocket ship is going up. A golf clap. You're on the launch pad, but you're gonna need more elbow grease to get this baby into the sky or last but never least, the firing squad.

Chad (4m 22s):

It's a failure to launch, pick up a blue pill and try something different. That's firing squad, baby, are you I'm ready?

Euan (4m 29s):

I'm ready. I'm ready.

Joel (4m 31s):

Only the cheap scotch for you. If you get the guns Euan. In three, two, ding, ding, ding.

Euan (4m 38s):

So Willo is a one way or asynchronous video interviewing platform to help organizations hire candidates remotely at scale in significantly less time. As we know, the traditional hiring process typically takes multiple rounds of interviews and screening before a decision is made on new to hire. What's crazy is that each interview typically takes 15 minutes to schedule, rarely has any structure, and there's a huge opportunity cost for both the candidate and the employer. We also know that traditional interviews by their very nature discourage applicants from even participating. Candidates dread the interview because they've been asked into an office they've never been to before, to sit in front of someone that never met and ask questions have not been asked before, all whilst lying to their current employer by going to a dentist appointment.

Euan (5m 23s):

So we decided to change all of that and give candidates control with a remote friendly virtual interview process, which can be completed anywhere. With Willo people answer questions and record video in their own time to create the most enjoyable interview experience ever, no scheduling, no travel and no stress. One of the key ingredients of Willo is our focus on device and browser compatibility. The platform works in 99% of browsers and devices as well as solid genetic connections and we've removed all that technical jargon so that it passes the mom test. We also decided to make Willo free, this gives small business owners, a chance to experience the benefits of Willo. Finally anyone can integrate with our public API.

Euan (6m 4s):

We have a number of users who white label the platform and embed into their own applications. All of that has resulted over 4,000 customers in 135 countries using Willo everyday. From our passionate team across Europe since day one, we have tremendous focus on turning customers into loyal fan and users and apologies for my dog in the background. It wasn't actually my dog, it is someone else's dog which is even worse.

Joel (6m 34s):

Are you done?

Euan (6m 34s):

I am done.

Joel (6m 35s):

All right, where can they find out more?

Euan (6m 38s):

Find more? So it's

sfx (6m 41s):

ding, ding, ding.

Chad (6m 44s):