Workforce Revolution: Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere!

We're usually pretty skeptical about company sponsored surveys. Not surprisingly, the data usually turns out to be a self-serving pile of hot garbage, or a half-assed attempt at getting some love from the media.

And then there's Talent Alpha's new global talent report, "The A3 Work Revolution: Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere." We dug it so much, we had to have Talent Alpha CEO (and Firing Squad alum) Prez Berendt on the podcast to highlight some of the survey's finer points and nuances. After that, we dig into a recent acquisition out of the Nordics, claiming to be the most important thing to happen in Scandinavia since the Viking Age. Skol, um, maybe. Then what Chad & Cheese show is complete without something about strippers, porn stars or gun-toting robots, so we have one of those stories too... this time, out of the UK.


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Chad and Cheese Podcast Does Europe Intro (6s):

Some podcasts, do it for the fun. Some do it for the fame, Chad and Cheese they do it for global effin domination. That's why bringing America to its knees was just the beginning. Now they have their eyes set on conquering Europe and they've drafted industry veteran Lieven Van Nieuwenhuyze of Belgium to help them navigate the old country and bring HR's most dangerous podcast across the pond to trash-talk like never before. Not safe for work in any language. The Chad and Cheese podcast does Europe.

Joel (39s):

Oh yeah. American Airlines canceled close to 2000 flights over the weekend. Thanks mostly to labor shortages. Welcome to the Metaverse motherfuckers. You are listening to the Chad and Cheese Podcast Does Europe. I'm your cohost Joel "live from Glasgow" Cheeseman

Chad (55s):

And this is Chad "straight out of Krackow" Sowash.

Lieven (59s):

I'm, once again, just Lieven.

Joel (1m 1s):

And on this episode, Assessio says, if you ain't Dutch, you ain't much. The UK is war on strip clubs and it's a work revolution up in here. Y'all and there ain't no revolution like a European revolution. Let's do this.

sfx (1m 16s):

Europe has a bunch of countries in it.

Joel (1m 20s):

Mystery guest!

Chad (1m 21s):

Mystery guest. Okay. Kids here we go. Get ready straight out of Krackow. That was my hint, a Harvard business school, executive grad in business marketing strategy and leadership development. He spent four years at Proctor and Gamble in user experience, seven years as a managing director and VP at Luxoff. And most importantly, he is a firing squad alum. Today he is the CEO and founder of Talent Alpha. Give it up for Przemek Berendt aka Prez. Welcome back to the show Prez, what's up?

Przemek (1m 56s):

Good to be back

Joel (1m 58s):

Prez is here for sloppy seconds. He came back. Very nice. Very nice.

Chad (2m 3s):

This is, this is going to be a little less stressful possibly. I don't know, Lieven's on the show. It might be more stressful than the firing squad episode. Tell us what you've been up to man.

Przemek (2m 14s):

Well, I've been building Talent Alpha since the last time we met in back in, I think it was 2018 still when we were just starting out, right now, the business is booming and the pandemic has been really the accelerator to this. Enjoying all of the turmoil on the local markets and the 38 countries where we already operate and looking forward to the show. Thanks for having me.

Joel (2m 36s):

Look at you. And they've grown up so much since 2018. Is that when we talked to you? Oh, they've.

Chad (2m 41s):

So much.

Joel (2m 41s):

They get me teary-eyed so much. Yeah, so much growing up to do.

Chad (2m 45s):

So little, I remember how small they were back then.

Joel (2m 47s):

Such a little tyke when we talked to them and look at them now. So sexy. I've got to shout out everybody.

Chad (2m 55s):

OK, hit it.

Joel (2m 56s):

Freelancing is my shout out. Maybe this is what happens when everyone has a government funded healthcare in Europe, time to quit that crappy job and gig for living. So last week, LinkedIn announced that after signing up some 2 million Americans to its new gig platform, that it would roll out to the rest of the world. Well, hello there European Union and the UK where some 170 million folks are on LinkedIn's platform. LinkedIn posted revenues of 3.1 billion during the last quarter. A year on year jump of 42%. Also we talked about France based recently, which is a public company and they're crushing it.

Joel (3m 36s):

Last month the company reported revenue growth of 60% in the first half of the financial year bringing the France based gig sites, total revenue to 212 million euros. Want some more gig news everybody? Upwork announced last month, a 32% year on year revenue increase for the third quarter, taking its total earnings to $128 million. So shout out to freelance nation, coming to a recruitment strategy near you.

Chad (4m 6s):

Kind of gives you some insight on why LinkedIn started that platform, right? A big shout out to Cornerstone on Demand. So during our last European show, we said that we would be looking for some big moves from Cornerstone on Demand after moving from public back to private. Meaning acquisitions, for the most part. We expected their big moves to be acquisitions. Well, I received some internal pictures and their big move seems to be, wait for kids, changing their logo and color scheme a-la CareerBuilder.

Chad (4m 46s):

Real quick, real quick I've got a quick message for Cornerstone. Come close Cornerstone. Listen. Hey buddy, you don't need a new coat of paint. You need new texts. So I'll stop applying lipstick to that same old fucking pig and start building for the future. Okay. Don't follow CareerBuilder.

Joel (5m 6s):

You just got Chad-ed.

sfx (5m 8s):

Oh, Hell no.

Chad (5m 8s):

Lieven, talk to me about your favorite man.

Lieven (5m 12s):

Elon Musk. Elon my hero, had just announced that if the United Nations started a food program from the United Nations can convince him that his $6 billion can change the world. He will donate it. And I know you don't believe it. And I know you think he was going to try to get out of it, but if Elon can be trust, I believe it is going to do it.

Chad (5m 32s):

This is in response to the what was it? The UN's food program or something like that. They actually said if they had 2% of Elon Musk's worth or some shit like that, that they could actually, you know, feed the world. And he came back and said, if you prove it to me, I'll give it to you. Is that where we're going with this?

Lieven (5m 55s):

Exactly. And I think they won't be able to prove it, but he'll do anyway.

Joel (5m 59s):

You know, Hertz, Hertz just bought a hundred thousand Teslas and like 50,000 of them will be Uber drivers. Most Europeans would probably want more Teslas than they would the 6 billion to save the planet. But maybe that's just me

Lieven (6m 13s):

Am my I right, to become president of the United States you need to be born in the United States? Okay. So Elon will never become your president. He was born in South Africa, I believe.

Joel (6m 25s):


Chad (6m 25s):

He can be the president of the world.

Lieven (6m 28s):

Yeah. Even better.

Joel (6m 29s):

He's a real American success story, baby.

Chad (6m 32s):

Prez, what do you think about Ilon over there in Poland in Krakow?

Przemek (6m 36s):

I've definitely, he's been the one that has many eyeballs on him and people are watching, you know, he's whereabouts. I saw that tweet where he committed that 6 billion. And I thought, oh, if anyone can do that, he might be the one to pull this off, but he would call the United Nations kind of accountable for the money he gives. You know, I also followed the US, kind of topics when they say tax the rich. And I think there is some truth to that as well. Right. So let's see what these guys are up to in the 2022.

Joel (7m 6s):

The kicker is it's going to all be in Dogecoin there.

Lieven (7m 11s):

No, but if he says it's going to be in Dogecoin.

Joel (7m 13s):

May or may not be worth that.

Lieven (7m 14s):

I don't know, it might rise if he says so.

Chad (7m 17s):

Yeah. Or he'll go on Saturday Night Live, and then it'll rise. And then it will tank. Prez you got some shout outs?

Przemek (7m 26s):

Absolutely. So as the ambassador of the Central and Eastern European region, I wanted first to shout out to the Central and Eastern European talent, specifically to all of the female and male software engineers who have been making our market's so hot for so many decades. The market has been absolutely crazy over the 2021 and the Shout Out goes through them. My number two goes to actually falling on the Ted Lasso shout outs in the previous show, I wanted to shout out to the fans of that The Great and the season two premieres in three weeks. Haazaa to everyone who is really watching that show. I'm a big fan, and can't wait for this to come.

Joel (8m 5s):

How many Halloween costumes did I have to endure of Ted Lasso?

Przemek (8m 10s):

And my number three is actually an anti-shout out if you guys accept these? I want to

Chad (8m 15s):

We call them rants though. We call them rants.

Przemek (8m 18s):

Rants, all right, let's run some rants of the central banks and governments for letting the inflation out of control. You guys have fucked it up in a beautiful way. Romania 6.29%, Estonia, 6.6, Poland, 6.8, right? Russia, 7.4, Ukraine, 11%. You know, if our markets were attractive because of the cost arbitrage, I think these days are gone. Thank you.

Chad (8m 45s):


Joel (8m 45s):

I'll ask a dumb American question. Are they in the G20?

Przemek (8m 48s):

No, they're not.

Joel (8m 50s):

Okay. Because the G20 is all, all agreeing on, like a minimum tax rate for companies, right? Is that good for Poland? Cause they're outside of that realm, are they going to pull in a lot of tech companies now?

Przemek (9m 2s):

There is a fair presence of tech companies over here, and it's been growing over the years, right? Lately the foreign investments have been stagnating slightly that's because of our internal politics and also some of the battles between the Polish government and in Brussels, meaning the EU.

Joel (9m 19s):

So you welcome a minimum tax on companies in those countries.

Przemek (9m 22s):

Of course we do. Right. Because a lot of that is being transferred out. Right. You know, to Ireland and then to other kind of tax havens, so.

Joel (9m 32s):

Yep. Now it's coming to Poland, baby. Time to party.

Chad (9m 36s):

This is a great transition into the future of work report. You got something there Cheeseman?

Joel (9m 41s):

Yeah. Yeah. Let's mention first though, that Chad, you and I are going to Brussels this month to celebrate American Thanksgiving.

Chad (9m 50s):

Yes. That's right!