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CareerBuilder Gets a Haircut | Snapchat Get Someone an Internship | Indeed Strikes Back

This week, the boys discuss a big discount in the acquisition price tag for CareerBuilder based on a Reuters report. Someone actually got a job opportunity, compliments of Snapchat. Here’s how. Then they revisit the garbage pile and give advice on how might fix it’s junk status.

Jibe goes all-in on Google for everything and they boys debate whether that’s a good thing. Should others get knee-deep in the search engine’s employment technology or say bye-bye-bye? An Indeed partnership with these guys is a move into getting an Indeed Apply button all around the Web, fending off Google’s onslaught … only one of the guys like the strategy. Listen to find out which one.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to visit our sponsors, who make it all worthwhile: America’s Job Exchange, WebClipDrop (coupon code HIREDAILY2017) and

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