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Newspaper Partnerships are Cool Again, Indeed Gets Warm-and-Fuzzy, Snapchat Recruiting Heats Up

On this week’s edition of HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast, the boys are getting geared up for their LIVE Podcast in Denver next week at the TATech conference. Speaking of Denver what’s the deal with all of these Cannabis Jobs? Nearly 150,000 Americans hold “jobs in weed” and the Vangst Group seizes the opportunity to help companies find good weed talent.

TakeTheInterview hears Skype’s footsteps and becomes the Hubspot for the recruiting industry with the ConveyIQ pivot and a message to recruiters – “Recruiters who don’t embrace marketing will be automated.” I’m not sure I’d use that as a slogan.??.

CareerBuilder loses more newspaper affiliates, while ZipRecruiter adds a newspaper partnership with New Media in 550 markets. Joel’s excited that we’re revisiting 2003 while Chad yawns… (add crickets here)

Morgan Stanley uses Snapchat to target campuses and why is Indeed giving us “the feels” all the sudden?

Big props for making Chad and Cheese possible go to, and Wonscore from Wonderlic. We couldn’t do it without you… Dammit, now I got the feels….

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