Talkin' Vet Recruiting, LinkedIn's Leapfrogging, Entelo's Heavy Hitting & ipply'

The boys recorded this week's show on Veteran's Day in the U.S., so vet recruiting is top-of-mind. Considering Chad is an Army Vet, how could we not? CareerBuilder is partnering with this vet site - RallyPoint, and rumors that Monster is making changes to abound.

On to other matters, LinkedIn continues to kickass and take names with a new integration with Microsoft Word. The move should have job sites, and even Google shaking in their New Balances. The company is also making Glassdoor a little nervous with a recent move as well.

Lastly, tons of news items, so the guys go a little rapid fire to cover stories from Sourceress, Entelo and Jobs2Careers' ipply. There's also new research on what kind of videos you should be making to recruit. They end with a PSA that you shouldn't do this to the president.

As always, show our sponsors a little love. Sovren, America's Job Exchange and Ratedly make it all happen. That's an order!


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Joel: We're still on the air. Welcome to The Chad and Cheese podcast everybody. I'm Joel Cheeseman.

Chad: I’m Chad Sowash.

Joel: On this week’s show LinkedIn is not messing around. We shoot off a segment on veterans. See what I did there Chad?

Chad: Yes.

Joel: And doing this to the president will get your ass canned. How's that for a teaser? Stay turn for another 40 minutes of your life you'll wish you had back. Chad, you had something to share on AJE, right?

Chad: I think so. No, wait a minute.

Joel: Let’s talk about that.

Chad: Diversity recruitment stuff.

Joel: We love our sponsors.

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Chad: Their team is focused on being able to not just get jobs out there so you can check the damn box, but to focus on targeting the types of diverse candidates that you're looking for with the skills that you need. If, and I know if you're listening to this and you are talent acquisition, you're always looking for diverse candidates. Go to There's discounts waiting for you there. Again, that's

Joel: With Christmas right around the corner, everyone can use all the discounts that they can get.

Chad: The discounts and diverse population recruiting. That's what you want, right?

Joel: Absolutely, absolutely. Quick shout out, we'll get to those, Tracy at AJE, huge fan of the show, a great commenter on social media. Tracy, we know you're out there. We love you and thanks for listening and thanks for supporting the show.

Chad: We love it. TAtech. You've heard of these guys before. You've been to their conferences before, right Joel?

Joel: We've spoken at their conference and they're going to have us back, I think, oddly enough.

Chad: No, wait a minute. Yeah, I know. I think they are. Peter, our buddy, the CEO over at TAtech said, “Hey guys, I want you to share a couple of, again, savings options. We've got some discounts for your listeners who want to go to these conferences.” Option number one, listen to this, I’ve got two options for you. If you register for any 2018 conference by the deadline end of November and use the discount code when you register ... We'll have this in our show notes. You're going to get 10% off [crosstalk 00:03:15].

Joel: Is that a coupon code or URL?

Chad: That is a coupon code. Use the discount code, TAtech1018. We're going to have to put that one out there. Option number two for TAtech Europe, which is really cool because this year, guess what guys, going to be in Dublin, Ireland, March 13th and 14th and where’s that around? What kind of time frame is that around there Joel?

Joel: I believe it's Saint Patrick's Day.

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Joel: I think our livers are going to need a coupon code for medical treatment after a trip to Ireland for Saint Patrick's Day. I got a shout out for HighQ. Our buddies over there that are fighting the power. They promoted our podcast that talked about their fight with LinkedIn and their crowdfunding initiative, which by the way, it looks like they're going to not meet at all. They're looking for 100 grand. Last I checked, they were under 20, so good luck to them, but they've got a hell of a mountain to climb and we're rooting for you if nothing else that you should have your day in court and be heard.

Chad: Yeah and that's If you want to root for the little guy route with a little bit of cash. Doesn't hurt.

Joel: It does not hurt. Michael Iacoma. Is that right? Is that our last shout out?

Chad: Iacona, I think with an n as in November.

Joel: Not Iacocca, which we remember from the ‘80s?

Chad: Yeah. He's the guy over at Rake and he has one of those nifty URLs that we were talking about last week. Get Again, the whole thing's killing me these days

Joel: We don't have any crybabies, but I got to hear it today. All right. I think we can start the show now. LinkedIn continues to kick ass.

Chad: They're doing some shit; it’s like all at once. Everything's dropping, right?

Joel: Shit dropping. Yes. What you said,

Chad: A word integration.

Joel: Microsoft Word, which is the most used document editor in the world, I believe, is now integrated with LinkedIn. The outlook or Office 365. You're the Microsoft user, so you may have to help me out on some of this language, but basically what they've done is brilliant. Give me a second I'll try to frame why I think this is so brilliant. Basically what happens is you go add your resume or add your resume on word. LinkedIn stuff is integrated. It'll actually tell you, “Oh, your resume and okay, here's language and other resumes you might want to consider using if you are a PHP developer or whatever.”

Joel: You can then send your resume to job postings, and here's the brilliant part. Job postings will actually start showing based on the resume that you're adding your editing, and then you can reply or apply to jobs directly from Microsoft word to jobs posted on LinkedIn. Now here's why this is brilliant. For 10/15 years, Google has been the starting point for job searches and they've held that for a long time. If you want it to be in the ground level of Google stuff traffic you had to be on Google.

Joel: Now we've never really thought about, hey, the resume is sort of the starting point of a job search too. To me this is so brilliant because Microsoft and LinkedIn have for many people, leapfrogged Google as the starting point for your job search. If at some point people equate posting a resume, searching for a job and you do that with LinkedIn, then they've effectively leapfrogged Google, which I think is brilliant.

Chad: Well, and again, going back to the whole conversation of lifestyle platform. We use word all the damn time, or at least most of us do. Joel, you might not-

Joel: Google Docs.

Chad: ... but 80% of resume updates in the US happen in Microsoft Word. When these resume updates are happening, you're going to be prompted to be able to utilize this new resume assist via LinkedIn. This is brilliant from the standpoint of engagement and it can drag you back into LinkedIn, start providing updates on new jobs.

Chad: Again, these are connection points that we've been talking about indeed not happening and not having or the Careerbuilder is not having because they're not lifestyle platforms. They're not something that we use or need every single day, but Microsoft integration with a LinkedIn, everything that's happening with Google. This is where really our recruitment, our engagement is going, right here in these types of suite.

Joel: Here's my question, did is LinkedIn a must have now, if you're employing people that typically have resumes?

Chad: Are they a what?

Joel: Are they a must have?

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Up until now you could post on LinkedIn, you don't have to ... People thought of it is more of a sourcing tool or a communications tool. To me, if you hire people that do resumes, I'm not talking about restaurants and service industry people, but if you hire people that are professionals, to me this makes LinkedIn a must have because if you're not listed on that little sidebar of job postings as someone is filling out their resume, to me, you're really putting yourself in a disadvantage.

Chad: You're talking mainly on the professional side, there's no question, especially the way that you go through the resume process versus applications. It's two entirely different worlds and in some cases with regard to blue collar versus white collar. I think this is making that argument moving forward for a LinkedIn rep to be able to say, look, this is not just about going and sourcing anymore. This is about interaction and engagement constantly. This is about serving up relevant information constantly. Is your job going to be there when somebody is ready for it? That's the question, right? Maybe it will, but if you're not using us, it sure the hell is not gonna be.

Joel: This also helps, for a while we've wondered why LinkedIn doesn't just turn on the aggregator spigot and just become LinkedIn and have all the jobs and go spider stuff. Well, this sort of explains why they haven't done that, because if it's native to LinkedIn they get that revenue and this becomes a must have if you want to be in front of people that are filling out resumes for a position that you're looking for.

Chad: Now I agree.

Joel: Does this become a copycat? If I post a resume on Google Docs, is Google for job stuff going to start popping up and if I post a resume on Facebook, which they're Beta testing, are their job's going to start showing up? My guess is everyone is going to copy this.

Chad: Yes, yes, of course and I think this is in everybody's roadmap already. It's just that LinkedIn has a different type of integration into their suite. I really see this happening. Google Hire isn't to the point I don't think, right now, especially since they're on the SMB side and they're not enterprise and LinkedIn and Microsoft is really focusing on the enterprise side. It makes a lot of sense right now for them to be doing this were Google, it's going to take them a little bit longer just because of where they started.

Joel: Moving on to the next LinkedIn item and we have three so we've got to move on these, they partnered with Silverchair, was that right? Or is that the band from the ‘90s?

Chad: It’s Silver Lake.

Joel: Silver Lake, sorry.

Chad: (Laughing)

Joel: They dropped 300 million big, big ones in a stake in Cornerstone OnDemand, which is a public company valued at $2 billion, which most people think this is going to be a play by Microsoft who has an ATS but isn't very good as our friend Susan at iCIMS let us know. Microsoft uses them as their ATS, but I'm sure Microsoft notices the value of having this. Cornerstone is essentially everything. It's ATS, it's on-boarding, it's training, all that stuff.

Joel: My guess, I think you agree, is that Microsoft is making a play to get an ATS sort of a full service, work day kind of platform that again they'll integrate with LinkedIn and all their other stuff. This is just another step into their workplace domination or platform that they're looking to build and 2 billion is ... Microsoft probably has that in their couch cushion somewhere, a couple billion. They bought LinkedIn for 26 billion.

Chad: A drop in the bucket. You take a look at it and I think the best strategy is not going in at just at one flank. You're hitting the market for more than one flank. From this standpoint this just makes it a hell of a lot of sense. They can still work on the Microsoft dynamics talent side of the house and then they have this partnership that's going on as well so you can see how ... And they have money so why not try to create something that's going to mature, see how they mature and maybe one matures faster, becomes an entirely different product suite versus the other.

Joel: This fits nicely potentially with their Skype product, which they're starting to add video interviewing as a component to that. Microsoft is doing a hell of a job of bringing all these pieces together. Google and Facebook and everybody else needs to be on notice because Microsoft LinkedIn is not messing around and as we learn there are even testing reviews, which means Glass Door needs to be on red alert as well.