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Talkin' Vet Recruiting, LinkedIn's Leapfrogging, Entelo's Heavy Hitting & ipply'

The boys recorded this week's show on Veteran's Day in the U.S., so vet recruiting is top-of-mind. Considering Chad is an Army Vet, how could we not? CareerBuilder is partnering with this vet site - RallyPoint, and rumors that Monster is making changes to abound.

On to other matters, LinkedIn continues to kickass and take names with a new integration with Microsoft Word. The move should have job sites, and even Google shaking in their New Balances. The company is also making Glassdoor a little nervous with a recent move as well.

Lastly, tons of news items, so the guys go a little rapid fire to cover stories from Sourceress, Entelo and Jobs2Careers' ipply. There's also new research on what kind of videos you should be making to recruit. They end with a PSA that you shouldn't do this to the president.

As always, show our sponsors a little love. Sovren, America's Job Exchange and Ratedly make it all happen. That's an order!


Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors. You are listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts, complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls. It’s time for The Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: We're still on the air. Welcome to The Chad and Cheese podcast everybody. I'm Joel Cheeseman.

Chad: I’m Chad Sowash.

Joel: On this week’s show LinkedIn is not messing around. We shoot off a segment on veterans. See what I did there Chad?

Chad: Yes.

Joel: And doing this to the president will get your ass canned. How's that for a teaser? Stay turn for another 40 minutes of your life you'll wish you had back. Chad, you had something to share on AJE, right?

Chad: I think so. No, wait a minute.

Joel: Let’s talk about that.

Chad: Diversity recruitment stuff.

Joel: We love our sponsors.

Chad: Stuff that we can't stop talking about. We're seeing it on the news all the damn time and all these companies are talking about how they want to get into diversity recruiting, so stop playing with the same old job boards that yield the same old bullshit results and start taking a look at America’s Job Exchange at They're recruiting specialist continuously or having conversations with regard to diversity recruiting.

Chad: Their team is focused on being able to not just get jobs out there so you can check the damn box, but to focus on targeting the types of diverse candidates that you're looking for with the skills that you need. If, and I know if you're listening to this and you are talent acquisition, you're always looking for diverse candidates. Go to There's discounts waiting for you there. Again, that's

Joel: With Christmas right around the corner, everyone can use all the discounts that they can get.

Chad: The discounts and diverse population recruiting. That's what you want, right?

Joel: Absolutely, absolutely. Quick shout out, we'll get to those, Tracy at AJE, huge fan of the show, a great commenter on social media. Tracy, we know you're out there. We love you and thanks for listening and thanks for supporting the show.

Chad: We love it. TAtech. You've heard of these guys before. You've been to their conferences before, right Joel?

Joel: We've spoken at their conference and they're going to have us back, I think, oddly enough.

Chad: No, wait a minute. Yeah, I know. I think they are. Peter, our buddy, the CEO over at TAtech said, “Hey guys, I want you to share a couple of, again, savings options. We've got some discounts for your listeners who want to go to these conferences.” Option number one, listen to this, I’ve got two options for you. If you register for any 2018 conference by the deadline end of November and use the discount code when you register ... We'll have this in our show notes. You're going to get 10% off [crosstalk 00:03:15].

Joel: Is that a coupon code or URL?

Chad: That is a coupon code. Use the discount code, TAtech1018. We're going to have to put that one out there. Option number two for TAtech Europe, which is really cool because this year, guess what guys, going to be in Dublin, Ireland, March 13th and 14th and where’s that around? What kind of time frame is that around there Joel?

Joel: I believe it's Saint Patrick's Day.

Chad: Saint Patrick's day, going to be at a conference TAtech Europe. All you have to do is contact our friend Peter Weddle at for your discount. Use the discount code. Just tell him Chad and Cheese sent you. Just tell him that. He'll hook you up. Again, Good stuff, great conferences and an opportunity to learn a hell of a lot of stuff.

Joel: I think our livers are going to need a coupon code for medical treatment after a trip to Ireland for Saint Patrick's Day. I got a shout out for HighQ. Our buddies over there that are fighting the power. They promoted our podcast that talked about their fight with LinkedIn and their crowdfunding initiative, which by the way, it looks like they're going to not meet at all. They're looking for 100 grand. Last I checked, they were under 20, so good luck to them, but they've got a hell of a mountain to climb and we're rooting for you if nothing else that you should have your day in court and be heard.

Chad: Yeah and that's If you want to root for the little guy route with a little bit of cash. Doesn't hurt.

Joel: It does not hurt. Michael Iacoma. Is that right? Is that our last shout out?

Chad: Iacona, I think with an n as in November.

Joel: Not Iacocca, which we remember from the ‘80s?

Chad: Yeah. He's the guy over at Rake and he has one of those nifty URLs that we were talking about last week. Get Again, the whole thing's killing me these days

Joel: We don't have any crybabies, but I got to hear it today. All right. I think we can start the show now. LinkedIn continues to kick ass.

Chad: They're doing some shit; it’s like all at once. Everything's dropping, right?

Joel: Shit dropping. Yes. What you said,

Chad: A word integration.

Joel: Microsoft Word, which is the most used document editor in the world, I believe, is now integrated with LinkedIn. The outlook or Office 365. You're the Microsoft user, so you may have to help me out on some of this language, but basically what they've done is brilliant. Give me a second I'll try to frame why I think this is so brilliant. Basically what happens is you go add your resume or add your resume on word. LinkedIn stuff is integrated. It'll actually tell you, “Oh, your resume and okay, here's language and other resumes you might want to consider using if you are a PHP developer or whatever.”

Joel: You can then send your resume to job postings, and here's the brilliant part. Job postings will actually start showing based on the resume that you're adding your editing, and then you can reply or apply to jobs directly from Microsoft word to jobs posted on LinkedIn. Now here's why this is brilliant. For 10/15 years, Google has been the starting point for job searches and they've held that for a long time. If you want it to be in the ground level of Google stuff traffic you had to be on Google.

Joel: Now we've never really thought about, hey, the resume is sort of the starting point of a job search too. To me this is so brilliant because Microsoft and LinkedIn have for many people, leapfrogged Google as the starting point for your job search. If at some point people equate posting a resume, searching for a job and you do that with LinkedIn, then they've effectively leapfrogged Google, which I think is brilliant.

Chad: Well, and again, going back to the whole conversation of lifestyle platform. We use word all the damn time, or at least most of us do. Joel, you might not-

Joel: Google Docs.

Chad: ... but 80% of resume updates in the US happen in Microsoft Word. When these resume updates are happening, you're going to be prompted to be able to utilize this new resume assist via LinkedIn. This is brilliant from the standpoint of engagement and it can drag you back into LinkedIn, start providing updates on new jobs.

Chad: Again, these are connection points that we've been talking about indeed not happening and not having or the Careerbuilder is not having because they're not lifestyle platforms. They're not something that we use or need every single day, but Microsoft integration with a LinkedIn, everything that's happening with Google. This is where really our recruitment, our engagement is going, right here in these types of suite.

Joel: Here's my question, did is LinkedIn a must have now, if you're employing people that typically have resumes?

Chad: Are they a what?

Joel: Are they a must have?

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Up until now you could post on LinkedIn, you don't have to ... People thought of it is more of a sourcing tool or a communications tool. To me, if you hire people that do resumes, I'm not talking about restaurants and service industry people, but if you hire people that are professionals, to me this makes LinkedIn a must have because if you're not listed on that little sidebar of job postings as someone is filling out their resume, to me, you're really putting yourself in a disadvantage.

Chad: You're talking mainly on the professional side, there's no question, especially the way that you go through the resume process versus applications. It's two entirely different worlds and in some cases with regard to blue collar versus white collar. I think this is making that argument moving forward for a LinkedIn rep to be able to say, look, this is not just about going and sourcing anymore. This is about interaction and engagement constantly. This is about serving up relevant information constantly. Is your job going to be there when somebody is ready for it? That's the question, right? Maybe it will, but if you're not using us, it sure the hell is not gonna be.

Joel: This also helps, for a while we've wondered why LinkedIn doesn't just turn on the aggregator spigot and just become LinkedIn and have all the jobs and go spider stuff. Well, this sort of explains why they haven't done that, because if it's native to LinkedIn they get that revenue and this becomes a must have if you want to be in front of people that are filling out resumes for a position that you're looking for.

Chad: Now I agree.

Joel: Does this become a copycat? If I post a resume on Google Docs, is Google for job stuff going to start popping up and if I post a resume on Facebook, which they're Beta testing, are their job's going to start showing up? My guess is everyone is going to copy this.

Chad: Yes, yes, of course and I think this is in everybody's roadmap already. It's just that LinkedIn has a different type of integration into their suite. I really see this happening. Google Hire isn't to the point I don't think, right now, especially since they're on the SMB side and they're not enterprise and LinkedIn and Microsoft is really focusing on the enterprise side. It makes a lot of sense right now for them to be doing this were Google, it's going to take them a little bit longer just because of where they started.

Joel: Moving on to the next LinkedIn item and we have three so we've got to move on these, they partnered with Silverchair, was that right? Or is that the band from the ‘90s?

Chad: It’s Silver Lake.

Joel: Silver Lake, sorry.

Chad: (Laughing)

Joel: They dropped 300 million big, big ones in a stake in Cornerstone OnDemand, which is a public company valued at $2 billion, which most people think this is going to be a play by Microsoft who has an ATS but isn't very good as our friend Susan at iCIMS let us know. Microsoft uses them as their ATS, but I'm sure Microsoft notices the value of having this. Cornerstone is essentially everything. It's ATS, it's on-boarding, it's training, all that stuff.

Joel: My guess, I think you agree, is that Microsoft is making a play to get an ATS sort of a full service, work day kind of platform that again they'll integrate with LinkedIn and all their other stuff. This is just another step into their workplace domination or platform that they're looking to build and 2 billion is ... Microsoft probably has that in their couch cushion somewhere, a couple billion. They bought LinkedIn for 26 billion.

Chad: A drop in the bucket. You take a look at it and I think the best strategy is not going in at just at one flank. You're hitting the market for more than one flank. From this standpoint this just makes it a hell of a lot of sense. They can still work on the Microsoft dynamics talent side of the house and then they have this partnership that's going on as well so you can see how ... And they have money so why not try to create something that's going to mature, see how they mature and maybe one matures faster, becomes an entirely different product suite versus the other.

Joel: This fits nicely potentially with their Skype product, which they're starting to add video interviewing as a component to that. Microsoft is doing a hell of a job of bringing all these pieces together. Google and Facebook and everybody else needs to be on notice because Microsoft LinkedIn is not messing around and as we learn there are even testing reviews, which means Glass Door needs to be on red alert as well.

Chad: Well, and we've seen from Glass Door, I mean Glass Door, it's taken them years, but they are now starting to be a part of the whole process for a job seeker. Job seekers are now looking to reviews, before applying in many cases. If you have that scenario happening, now LinkedIn has an opportunity since again, they are another trying to force engagement. They're trying to create more engagement types. This just makes sense for them.

Joel: One of the things that, and this is sort of testing, but what's really what’s interesting about their play and it, and it looks like it's going to be similar to ... If you check in on Facebook and then it asks, “Hey, does this restaurant reservations? Yes or no? Does this restaurant have takeout? Yes or no?” And you just sort of quickly answer yes or no. LinkedIn will ask questions like benefits or whatever those questions are and you can either thumb up, thumb down it.

Joel: Now, what I think is interesting is that Glass Door has had a real challenge with verifying. Their reviews are actually from people who work at the company or used to work at the company. What's interesting about LinkedIn is they only show that component of reviewing a company if that company is actually in your LinkedIn profile. There's a there's a level of validation there that Glass Door has a hard time doing that but I think Glass Door or I think LinkedIn can really challenge them in that area.

Chad: No question. They know your employment background. Instead of just waiting for you to show up and say good things or in most cases, bad shit about the company that you work for or worked for, they can serve it up to you because they know they've got the data already. Again, this is another smart data play from LinkedIn to be able to, once again, this is our veterans’ podcasts, to out flank the Glass Doors in the world. I think it's just brilliant.

Joel: I agree. Now we haven't seen any information yet on company pages. It's just sort of they're getting the data at this point but there's a company out there that will monitor this for you. When LinkedIn does unveil these ratings on those company pages that are publicly accessible, this company will help you do that.

Chad: What? Who’s this company?

Joel: This Company is called Ratedly, R-A-T-E-D-L-Y and Ratedly rapidly is sort of life lock for your employment brand. Ratedly will scour the web for employer reviews on online and serve them up to you on a convenient dashboard as well as email you alerts as reviews are posted. Part of their job as well as looking at all the new players in the employment review landscape as LinkedIn is getting into that. If you need to keep tabs on what's going on and what people are saying about you online take a look at Ratedly and the true essence of our show, there's a discount.

Chad: What?!?!

Joel: I know, right? You can go to try us for a dollar for the first month. After that, it's only 147 per month. There's no long-term contracts. You can cancel anytime. Just use the coupon code Cheddar, that's C-H-E-D-D-A-R when you're checking out to try us for one dollar for the first month and just 147 after.

Chad: Last week we talked to Susan Vitale from iCIMS where they had some amazing survey information research around this and it was funny because the first thing that she said because you asked her what should employers do? She said the first thing, be aware and that's the biggest issue. She actually said that's the biggest issue that companies have, is they're not aware really what the market is saying about them, their former employees or current employees are saying about them. If you are not aware, don't just pull the covers over your head and go into the fetal position. Get Ratedly for God's sakes. It's an app not to mention is desktop, right Joel? You've got both opportunities happen.

Joel: You don't want your CEO to be the first one to come in and ask you, “What the hell is this?” And you do not have a good answer for them.

Chad: Put yourself in those shoes real quick. If your CEO walks in and she hands you her mobile phone with a shitty review on that and on it and says, “What's this about?” And you say, “I have no clue. I'll take care of it.” What do you think going to happen?

Joel: I love that I thought I had ended the ad and you kept it going. I appreciate


Chad: It’s important.

Joel: I appreciate that but we can move on to our next round of topics.

Chad: I love it.

Joel: We have a lot to cover this week, so we're going to do kind of a rapid fire, two minutes each of these news items and then get to another bulk of the show. Sourceress in the news this week or past week, they raised $3.5 million to basically source, which we're not super bullish on long-term. We agree that this is $3.5 million down the tubes as automation takes on more of the sourcing component.

Chad: Yeah but I don't think you read far enough into their site some of the articles. They do have, and go figure, I think everybody says they have some element of AI in machine learning, but they are saying all the right things on their website. There is this human kind of setup that happens to better understand what the hiring managers want and need, which gives you that "buy in", which in most cases is more than necessary and then the AI takes over. I'm not sure that it's a bad investment just as long as it is not people heavy because once it becomes people heavy margins are going to go out the window and then the automated sources are just going to kick your ass.

Joel: It could be longer term. They're gonna be people heavy and move, shift more to tech heavy in terms of sourcing. I find it hard to believe. We'll get to Entelo as well, but there are companies that are doing this really well, so we'll see what happens. 3.5 million isn't a ton of money for a start-up doing this so we'll keep it on them. Maybe we'll get them on the Rapid Fire show. We'll get to the nitty gritty of what they're doing.

Chad: Firing squad.

Joel: Firing squad. Are you ready to move on from them?

Chad: Yes, ipply, tell me about that.

Joel: ipply is a product of Jobs2Careers, which by all accounts seems to be a pretty successful job site. ipply was the company's attempt to penetrate the micro business or small business market. What the app did was it scoured your Gmail or Yahoo Mail and it would pull out applies or responses from Craig's list in your email campaign. For small businesses posting on craigslist, they go to a personal email address or maybe a company Gmail account. ipply would go in, scour that, bring them into a dashboard, let you manage candidates, respond to them in that capacity. They're shutting the site down or the app down basically. Talking to the company one is small businesses are super entrenched in what they do and secondly, they don't want to learn something new.

Chad: I think that's bullshit.

Joel: Which is bullshit? Little companies don't want to learn new stuff?

Chad: No, I think they do want to learn new stuff. The thing is it all comes back down to really what is a part of their normal work day or what is part of their day? Facebook is going to start kicking their ass in these specific types of areas. I think I would fracking cut bait right now too because if you take a look at the horizon, this thing's going to die.

Joel: I agree. Facebook has [inaudible 00:21:56]scale, right? Like scale no one else has.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Facebook is uniquely positioned to tackle the small micro business market and they're pretty serious about this. In the news, we didn't write this for the show, but Facebook is on a 30 city tour to talk about employment and how to use company pages to recruit people and hire people and search for jobs. Facebook ... I think you and I agree that LinkedIn, Microsoft and Google are ... Google isn't today, but I think eventually they want to be competitive with what Microsoft LinkedIn is doing. Whereas I think Facebook is quite content with the small business classified Craigslist kind of market and letting small companies penetrate that because most restaurants in town have a Facebook page. All they have to do is post a job to it and they're done. To learn something.

Chad: The thing is, you're not having to retrain people. That's the thing. With ipply you've got to explain the whole god damn thing. With Facebook you don't. Hey, you're on Facebook and you post the job on Facebook. You're always on Facebook. Your friends are on Facebook, boom, okay I’m in.

Joel: It's nothing to put an ad to company. People have company pages. Hey, post your jobs for free on Facebook, whereas ipply would have to have a sales force, which they weren't sort of given the resources to do that to get the word out, so they were really challenged from the beginning and this thing was probably DOA before it even launched. If you're looking to penetrate the super small market, like save yourself the pain and heartache then just don't.

Chad: It's not scalable and it's definitely not sustainable.

Joel: Next video, new survey this past week said that job seekers prefer raw, un-manicured videos, almost selfie style videos to the well-manicured slick. An agency produced high definition video. Companies that are out there spending five, ten, twenty-five thousand dollars on really slick videos might be wasting their money and they're better off just buying a selfie stick and having their hiring managers record a little video about the job.

Chad: This is simple. People want real. They want authentic, they want genuine. They don't want polished bullshit and that's what they feel like you're giving them in most cases. “Here's a nice, ooh, listen to this nice polished video.” That’s bullshit, man. It just seems like you're glossing over the things that I really care about and that's what you need to get to. You need to be real with these people when they feel like you're being genuine they are going to engage.

Joel: This translates into everything today, right?

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: If you want to go to a restaurant, you don't want to see photos by the actual restaurant. You want to see the photos by the people who went to the restaurant. You don't want to read reviews that the company or the restaurant has selected. You want to see the real stuff. This is with the success of GlassDoor. People want to see the transparency. They want to see what actual workers are saying about the company and it translates to video. They want that raw footage.

Chad: It translates to pretty much everything. Much like this podcast. It's no bullshit. It's authentic.

Joel: It's totally raw.

Chad: It’s totally raw.

Joel: Also interesting is that they want to hear from the hiring manager or actual co-workers. They don't want to hear from the Marketing Department or an agency and they also don't want hear from HR unless it's an HR job. Even if it's homemade, if it's HR talking about the tech department, people see that as bullshit as well.

Chad: That's right. Get out your selfie sticks. Knock it out guys.

Joel: Get your iPhone or Android if you're Chad, phones out and a record some videos. Entelo in the news. Entelo as we've talked about before but for those who don't know, kind of a sourcing tool. They track social media habits to see who might be in the market for a job than other people. They hired a heavy hitter from Google this past week. It was a guy from the science group for Google cloud that was working with Gmail, Google docs, Chrome, Android and Cloud platform according to the Entelo release.

Chad: Dude is legit. This dude is legit and these are the types of people that obviously Entelo are going to want to pull in to the organization. He’s on the data science side of the house that's Entelo’s ... That's their entire businessman. Big props to Entelo. These are the types of moves that we want to see. When we see big names go to companies we want to see these types of things. This is pretty awesome.

Joel: I agree. We've talked so much about big companies with big resources and big bank accounts and brand names. When we see a smaller spunky startup doing these kinds of things, we say, “Wow, that's big balls, good for you.” I'm sure he's getting a hell of a lot of ownership and options and he's gonna make a lot of money when Entelo sells to whoever. Good for Entelo for making that move. They also brought in, I think a marketing person and somebody else that were pretty, pretty heavy hitters, but the Google guy was clearly the golden medal for them.

Joel: You called them spunky and big balls in the same breath.

Joel: Spunky, yeah. Moving on, actually that might be it for our Rapid Fire. All the news that's fit to print right here on the podcast. You want to talk about vets?

Chad: Yeah. This is I think kind of rapid fire as well. We saw a release from Careerbuilder where they are doing an integration with RallyPoint and I thought this was pretty awesome. Just from the standpoint of instead of trying to recreate the wheel and for all those who are out there who don't know who RallyPoint is. RallyPoint is a social media platform for veterans and individuals who are currently serving. There's about 1.5ish million that are in the platform and that's a lot for this community because we're a small community. The thing that I love about this is, is that Careerbuilder is not trying to create something or acquire it. They're trying to partner with people who actually know what the hell they're doing in this community versus what we've seen over the years, like with Monster and and those types of things.

Joel: Do you think that the closed ... Veterans is your is your lane, so I won’t try to get too much into it, but do veterans want sort of a closed ecosystem and do you think the closed social ecosystem can translate into things like physicians or nurses or techies?

Chad: I really do and in the, the big reason is that we have conversations within RallyPoint or maybe physicians might have them within their platform that you're not going to see on Facebook. It feels more of a tight knit community. We can talk about things that we're not going to talk about on Facebook and to be able to be a lifestyle platform, which is really what RallyPoint is. Again, just trying to somewhat mimic a Facebook to be able to really get into their community and start to give that engagement and interaction. It's a lifestyle type of platform. I'm getting there. It's not as Facebook proportions obviously, but I think it's very smart for Careerbuilder to be able to partner with an organization that.

Joel: This sort of goes into the face of our next gossip rumor, a news item of the week, is that owned by, which is basically is ... I didn't know much about it until you mentioned it, is almost a publisher for military news items. It's almost like a newspaper, online newspaper so jobs are a component of that. The rumor is that Monster, which currently has a dedicated sales force and platform for that will just link it over to Monster. On one hand you have Careerbuilder getting in bed and on the other hand, you have Monster sort of divorcing itself a little bit from hitting veterans. What do you make of that divergence?

Chad: You have two entirely different approaches. is old world and it's got a ton of content and that's what it's really good at and then it's almost like when we talk about this with newspapers. It's like a newspaper that tried to jam a jobs, just try to hair force jobs into and it just didn't work. There just wasn't a flow, just didn't make sense versus what we're seeing with a RallyPoint, Careerbuilder type of a thing where RallyPoint is really where everything's happening and then the job content is they're served up much like Facebook in some cases. I think possibly better and the actual feed so you’re seeing a huge difference in how these two organizations are going after the market. If does step away from the employment segment, that's going to signal. It's going to send very big signals through our industry.

Joel: It seems in a trump America that doing more military stuff would be advantageous, yes or no?

Chad: It would but in most cases companies don't know what the hell they're doing. Just to be frank, they don't know what the hell they're doing. It's not sustainable. They throw resources at it for a specific amount of time to make themselves feel good and then it doesn't turn out to be long-term sustainable. When that happens you've got companies pointing fingers at companies like saying, “Well, you know, you guys aren't, aren't providing the ROI.” When it's really not them in the first place. It's you [inaudible 00:32:07]. You would think that but unfortunately companies ... We can put a man on the moon, but we can't figure out veteran recruiting for goodness sakes. That's just because we're not putting the resources and the focus and the priority on it.

Joel: Interesting and Veteran's Day was this past Friday so a quick shout out to Chad for being a veteran. I appreciate you doing what you do and did. While I was getting drunk in college you were out fighting the enemy. Quick shout out to you for doing that and also a sort of a somber shout out to Ted Daywalt, who anyone in the industry will know, but Ted was guy behind VetJobs and he and his wife would basically travel to every trade show and every conference that they could and they'd set up a 10 by 10 booth and talk about that hiring. I, for one, enjoyed Ted, very historically attune and always told a great story when you saw him so a little somber note, Ted will miss you. You did great things and touched a lot of people.

Chad: Everybody has a Ted Daywalt's story. It's all there is to it and more than likely it has to do with a bar. There has to be a bar in there but I know Ted, an amazing guy and definitely will be missed, will be missed


oel: Hearts go out to him and his family. Let’s get a quick word from a Sovren, one of our great sponsors and when we come back we'll talk about Trump and doing this will get you fired.

Chad: Wait a minute.

Advert: Google, Lever, Entelo, Monster, Jibe. What do these companies and hundreds of others have in common? They all use Sovren Technology. Some use our software to help people find the perfect job while others use our technology to help companies find the perfect candidate. Sovren has been the global leader in recruitment intelligence software since 1996 and we can help improve your hiring process too. We’d love to help you make a perfect match. This is,, for a free demo.

Chad: Free demo.

Joel: On the lighter side of the news, a woman, Julie Briskman, was riding her bike leisurely when Donald Trump's motorcade drove by and Ms. Briskman thought it appropriate to flip off the president and the motorcade and it cost her her job.

Chad: We’re going to throw out the name of the company because Akima, A-K-I-M-A, they thought apparently it was bad for them because they are federal contractors. If you know anything about this president, he's going to do what he can to be able to make sure that his opponents feel his wrath. I don't know that this would be a big deal, but they obviously thought it was. Said this what she felt. He was passing by and my blood just started to boil. I'm thinking DACA recipients are getting kicked out. He's pulled ads for open enrollment Obamacare. Only one third of Puerto Rico has power and I'm thinking he's going to the damn golf course again, which, that's gonna piss Americans off, right?

Joel: What I find intriguing is this occurred basically because they have a contract with the government.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: They have a fantastic picture of her doing this, which I don't know how they got that but anyway, do you think that the government or the whatever powers to be contacted that company or do you think the company took the initiative and said, “Okay, well, we can't lose our government contract. So we gotta let you go.”

Chad: What happened was, the person who actually took this picture was a photographer who was riding along with the motorcade. They published it and she put it on her twitter and all those other fun things and then just because she's proud of it, right? She went and told her company, “Hey, just so you know, this is what's happening out there and they already have it.”

Joel: This was in Virginia, which is “at-will” state and you can be fired pretty much for any reason, so she's kind of screwed. I guess she's going to look for a new job in advocacy and is going to look at planned parenthood or the people for the ethical treatment of animals. Mrs. Briskman with two child children, good luck in your new job search. Let that be a lesson to everyone else, not to flip off the president because it could cost you your job.

Chad: Or less than two, if you want to go ahead and show everybody how you feel because you're allowed to, because you know why? America.

Joel: America. All right, that was good. I think we are out.

Chad: I think we're good, 40 minutes. You were about right on it.

Joel: Yep. Later everybody.

Chad: Have a good one.

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