Indeed Acquires, Dice Has a Pulse and ZipRecruiter Expands

Indeed keeps building-up that moat against Google, but the latest acquisition of has the boys shaking their heads. Plus...

- Dice still has a pulse - sells HCareers to... Virgil?

- Facebook fights total bullshit claims

- Walmart is sending the blue vests to college

- ZipRecruiter flexes it's R&D muscle

- GDR bites Facebook & Google in the ass

- SEEK & Indeed battle!

Enjoy, and show sponsors Sovren, JobAdX and America's Job Exchange some love.


Announcer: Hide your kids, lock the doors, you're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, splash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Summer's here, and the time is right for podcasting in the streets. See what I did there? Welcome to The Chad & Cheese show, HR's most dangerous podcast, I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I am Chad Sowash.

Joel: On this week's show, the Indeed mote gets a wee bit bigger. Someone swiped right on Dice's parent company, and Wal-Mart is sending the blue vests to school. It's gonna be a hot one. Stay tuned.

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Chad: It acts like a human; it can even tell you what your favorite drink is.

Joel: We laughed about the Sovren ad before the show, thinking it's our shortest add. It's basically, everyone uses us, S, O, V, R, E, N dot com. Thank you.

Chad: Hey, I'm matching. We kick ass. Here you go.

Joel: AI, all the buzz words, S, O, V, R, E, N dot com. Let's get to shout-outs.

Chad: Dude, first, I've gotta stretch here for a minute. Getting ready for a three week family vacation in Europe in June.

Joel: And I'm clapping because I don't have to deal with you for three weeks while you're in Europe because your wife has read the riot act that if you contact me at all, your ass is grass pretty much.

Chad: Yeah, I think I might be able to throw a few Facebook messages over to you or something like that, but that being said, we do have a killer line-up of podcasts coming up in June, so that's where I wanna start my shout-outs because, first and foremost Colin Day, CEO, founder, chairman extraordinaire of iCIMS is going to be on the uncommon exclusive in June.

Joel: It's a great interview if that's enough of it to use, but it was good.

Chad: Oh, yeah.

Joel: He's very honest, which is nice.

Chad: Oh, dude, you cannot get a CEO who can be that honest. I love the interview. Anoop Gupta, this dude has a crazy amazing background. He actually reported directly to Bill


Joel: Yeah, he rose the IQ level on this show by about three X, easy.

Chad: Yeah, knowing that, we take it in the negatives. Elena Valentine--let me get that right--CEO of SkillScout, and I'm actually wearing her shirt right now. She was a real groovy, funky interview. It was a good time in Nashville.

Joel: Co-founder, right?

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: She's Co-founder.

Chad: and CEO

Joel: To a woman named Cheesman, by the way, I just had to put that in there.

Chad: Yeah, so Elena and I, we are the other halves of the Cheesman group. Not too bad I guess.

Joel: That's cute.

Chad: James Ellis AKA Talent Cast Podcast. We actually had a great time talking about employer branding, tech, all this shit that we're hearing about tech stacks and shit like that, so he was fun.

Joel: Another overly honest guest on the show.

Chad: Love overly honest guests, and this next guy, Dan Sirk, who's the CMO over at Kununu, that's one of the companies that you really wanted to interview.

Joel: Yup, yup. That was interesting as well. They're making headway here in the States doing a lot of cool stuff on the employment branding side.

Chad: Yup. Last but not least, you're not gonna wanna miss the firing squad this month. Great firing squad, great young company, and it is a Talroo exclusive.

Joel: It is a Talroo exclusive. I'll send out a shout-out to Kaia Pesano, I'm saying that wrong for sure, but she is the content person at Smart Recruiters, who we know and love. She quoted me for a story, which was pretty interesting about American Apparel. If you know anything about them, they have a real sleazy former CEO, barely legal advertising campaigns. The story was, can they come back from that horrible brand and come back from the dead and be successful? So, shout-out to her for the story as well as quoting me for the story. I appreciate that.

Chad: Yeah. I would say you should appreciate that.

Joel: Yep, yep. I also got Russ Herl -- I think I did say that one right -- Fan of the show; he's a Google guy at the higher API cloud component, big fan of the show. Appreciate you, Russ. And my final shout-out this week goes to a former classmate in college. This is a non-recruitment shout-out because we like to educate on more than just employment. Shout-out to Tiffany Anton. Tiffany is a sex therapist, and she just launched a podcast. Came to me for some advice, not sexual but podcast.

Chad: Duh.

Joel: And so, it's called Tiffany, Turned On. So, if you're interested in this topic, go check that out. I've listened to a few episodes. Pretty intriguing stuff, so Tiffany, shout-out to you.

Chad: Joel is now the number one subscriber to that podcast.

Joel: Hey, a lot more people are listening to her topic than our topic.

Chad: I'm sure. No, I'm sure.

Joel: She'll have more listeners by the end of today than we have in a year and a half.

Chad: Yeah, instead of HR's most dangerous podcast, it'll be HR, Turned On.

Joel: We could have her on the show.

Chad: Exactly. We could do the show, HR, Turned On; that would be awesome.

Joel: All right. Are we done with shout-outs?

Chad: Yes. Topics.

Joel: Big news: Dice. How often do we start the show off with Dice? Wow. Well, they sold off one of their shitty job boards that they've been trying to sell off.