LinkedIn's Blacklist, Blinders & Creepy Clowns

Holy Hell! Halloween must be close, because companies are losing their minds and scaring the shit out of us.

On this week's show,

- Start-ups call bullshit on LinkedIn's blacklist

- Indeed kicks all staffing firms to the curb

- Blinders on their cubical jockeys -- 1984 meets Mr. Ed

- Scary clowns are delivering donuts to your office

- Start-ups get money (ConveyIQ, Timely & JobUFO)

- while HireVisor joins the Dead Pool

The boys also give their takeaways from spending a full day with iCIMS. Enjoy, and checkout sponsors JobAdX, Sovren and Canvas ... they've only got treats for ya'!


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Joel: Back from Jersey, it's the born to run episode of the Chad and Cheese Podcast, HR's most dangerous. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm Chad Sowash.

Joel: On this week's show, we give takeaways from the iCIMS Influence Conference. LinkedIn has a blacklist, and scary ass clowns are invading a donut shop near you. We must be getting close to Halloween. Some weird shit is going down.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Stay tuned. We'll be right back after this word from Canvas.

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Joel: All right. Let's get to the shout outs, man. We got a fairly limited list this week, so our listeners who hate shout outs will enjoy that.

Chad: Our listeners love shout outs. Shut up, man. So right out of the gate, big thanks to old friends, Susan Vitale, Colin, Adam, Andrew, and the rest of the iCIMS crew who brought us out to their new digs in Jersey. I mean, I remember when they were a little applicant tracking system thingie, right? And they got up and running and we were working on source coding back in like, I don't know, 2004 or maybe even before that. But anyway, watching these guys grow from that small place in Hzslet, right? To this huge, amazing, fricking, what'd they call it? Like mega-hub or some shit like that? At Bell Labs. That was amazing. That was amazing.

Joel: Yeah, I gotta agree. Watching these guys grow, and there aren't a ton of success stories like this. Limited funds that they've taken, I think they've only recently taken some decent amount of money, but yeah. Watching them grow from nothing to what they are today has been great, and additionally, a lot of the players and people that have been there for quite a while are still there. Susan, I know she's been there for 13 year, and shout out to her. She's expecting a little Susan in the next month, right? November?

Chad: Yeah, on Thanksgiving, so that'll be a nice little busy time. Hopefully all family will be around and it'll just be wonderful. And she'll be able to drink wine at that point, which is awesome, because I know she misses that.

Joel: Did you just call her a wino? I think you did.

Chad: No, I'm not a wino. I like wine.

Joel: Shout out to HIREconf, the HiringSolved event November 7th and 8th in New York. Chad and I will be there raising hell. If you're in town, come by. If you're going to the event, make sure you say hi.

Chad: HIREconf. Can I just say, sounds like Mein Kampf. Christian Malpeli-

Joel: So now you're calling HiringSolved Nazis, and you're calling Susan Vitale a wino.

Chad: I said it sounds like it! Christian, shout out over at I thought it was funny-

Joel: I think it's pronounced job boardio.

Chad: No. I think it was funny he spelled it out in the email for you so that you could actually say I-O. So

Joel: Yeah. Christian, hats off for the sense of humor. That was nice, and thanks for listening.

Chad: Yeah, totally appreciate that. Yeah, thanks for dinner and drinks while you're in Indy. The funny thing is, I see Matt Plumber probably twice as much as I've ever seen Christian, and the guy's never taken me out for drinks, dinner, or anything like that. So Matt, you know. Candlelit dinner-

Joel: Candlelit dinner.

Chad: Maybe some cereal money. Maybe some cereal money. I don't know. I don't know.

Joel: Yeah. I'm sorry I couldn't make dinner, I have a young child, and getting out for those wild nights doesn't happen as much as I'd like, so maybe next time I can enjoy a dinner with you and Christian, wherever that may be. Shout out to Dinah, or Dina. I think Dinah Robaski from TMP-

Chad: Oh, from TMP.

Joel: Yeah, Grasso turned her onto the show. She's been a big fan, so Dinah. Shout out to you.

Chad: No, Dina, she is like the super fan at TMP. She is.

Joel: Nice.

Chad: So no, this is, Dina isn't just kind of like a listener. She like gathers people at TMP to listen to the show. I think they actually might have a listening kind of a thing going on, which is really cool.

Joel: That's cool, yeah. She's, I think her comment was thanks for being the smartest thing in my ears or my car radio, whatever it was. However she listens, she's very complimentary, so Dina, we appreciate it, and we'll keep talking if you keep listening.

Chad: Off of that one, I'm just gonna go the other way. So shout out to Josh Akers. Josh pointed out that I wasn't smart enough to be sitting next to Kyle Lagunas during the iCIMS Influence Meeting, which he was probably right, but my response Josh, very simply, fuck you. Yeah, now. He's probably right, but don't call me out for that shit, asshole.

Joel: Did we really just bring out Josh Akers on this show?

Chad: I know. I know.

Joel: Oh, we love you Josh. That's it for me from shout outs. What else you got?

Chad: I've got Terry Baker, quick shout out. Thanks for the Amazon AWS intel. The learning center, trying to get pipeline talent. The big thing though is are they focusing on females in that program? Because we were talking about Amazon's AI, which was kicking females to the curb. So what is Amazon actually doing? Yeah, they've got a learning center. That's cool. What are they doing to actually funnel females into those programs since they are light in that area?

Chad: Thanks to Next, Uncommon, and Canvas for my traveling gear.

Joel: By the way, iCIMS having Yeti giveaways-

Chad: Oh dude, that was awesome.

Joel: Is genius. And I'm using mine right now. If you don't know Yeti, you should. It's cooler system, koozies. They have a whole line of stuff to keep stuff cold or hot, and the fact that iCIMS has them as giveaways was pretty stellar. So shout out.

Chad: Are they sponsoring the show now? Because I'd really like the Yeti-sponsored show.

Joel: Well, maybe. We'll see. We'll see. They talked about writing us a blank check to buy the show so maybe that'll happen.

Chad: Oh. I like that. So last, last but not least, grand champion edition of Death Match dropped this week. Aman Brar and Canvas, and I'm gonna put all the different Death Match contestants tagged in a group, so if you go to podcast on, look in the right rail, click on Death Match, you can hear them all.

Joel: We are the champions. Way to go, Canvas.

Chad: Good job, guys.