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The Gathering: There Will Be Beer

The boys invaded Banff in Canada last week and not only evaded arrest, but were able to record a damned good weekly show full of news, surprise guests and lots of Canadian strange brew. Enjoy and give our sponsors some love, eh? Sovren, Canvas and JobAdX make us all warm and fuzzy ... even in the Canadian Rockies.


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Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts, complete with breaking news, brash opinions, and loads of snark. Buckle up, boys and girls. It's time for The Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: What's up, boys and girls? We're going to do the weekly Chad and Cheese Podcast slightly differently this week. Chad and I are coming to you on day three. Let's call it the hungover edition of the Gathering in beautiful Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Chad: Dude, we're sitting here in the beautiful Rundle Room in Fairmont. If you've ever been to this place-

Joel: Think of the Shining.

Chad: ... you know exactly what I'm talking about. It is incredibly beautiful. We've got snow-capped mountains-

Joel: Here's Johnny.

Chad: Dude, you can't beat that shit. This is amazing and [crosstalk 00:01:41].

Joel: It's great. So we're day three. We're a little bit slaphappy. We're on two or three beers at this point. So yeah, we figured-

Chad: What the fuck?

Joel: ... our audience, our listeners will not care if we don't do the show in a typical fashion.

Joel: So let's get to shoutouts. Shoutout to the show the Gathering, It's primarily a marketing, branding, cult brand show. They had us on sort of a leap of faith for them to have two HR recruiting guys come on the show. We did a panel with Paul Darcy, CMO at Indeed.

Chad: Yeah, Justin.

Joel: Founder of Working Not Working-

Chad: Yeah, Justin Gignac.

Joel: ... a platform for creative folks to find work. Think of it as Upwork for creatives. And Ryan Gill, who is the guy behind the Gathering, has a startup called Communo, was on the panel. Full house. Really engaged audience. It was so exciting to be the recruiting guys at a marketing show.

Chad: Yeah, I have to say we are the only ones. So Marvel Studios and Airbnb and all these big keynotes, they had their own videos that were produced for them.

Joel: They had their own hype videos.

Chad: Their own hype videos.

Joel: So Chad and I need a hype video.

Chad: We need a hype video, but we were the only ones with walk-in music.

Joel: Also the only ones that gave beer out to people because when you're in Canada, you better show up with beer.

Chad: Beer, and you always bribe the audience. There's no reason-

Joel: It's more like our show is much better if people are drinking and drunk. Particularly if you're drunk, it's really good.

Chad: I mean, it's better if we're a little drunk as well.

Joel: More shoutouts to Canada. I married one, a Canadian, and I love coming back. She's probably skiing the slopes as we speak. She's enjoying herself. So shoutout to Canada, the city of Banff.

Chad: I have to say that Julie ... So my wife, she came along, go figure, because Banff is fucking beautiful, but it's cold as hell and she hates cold. She actually said to me-

Joel: It doesn't help when she wears heels with no socks.

Chad: And I agree.

Joel: Get that girl some heels with socks.

Chad: You don't wear heels with socks. But I agree. This is the best conference I've been to in years. It is ridiculous.

Joel: Chad morphed into a 13 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

Chad: I was a total fanboy.

Joel: Assuming Justin Bieber is still cool.

Chad: Yes, it's fucking ridiculous. But anyway, we'll talk about this a little bit later in the pod, get a little deeper into it. Let's go into some news.

Joel: All right. Short shoutouts. Let's go to news.

Chad: Yeah, fuck the shoutouts. I don't have time for that.

Joel: Primarily, it was a slow news week. Even though we were traveling, it was a slow news week. Notably this week, some friends of ours, HiringSolved and ZipRecruiter, were recognized by Fast Company magazine.

Chad: HiringSolved, number two.

Joel: Assuming they still have a magazine, but they are still a great brand.

Chad: Yeah, yeah. HiringSolved, number two in the AI category. We're talking about overall AI, right?

Joel: Only Nvidia, a big ass public company-

Chad: Holy fuck.

Joel: ... ranked ahead of them. So that's a huge win for HiringSolved.

Chad: Yeah. We'll get to Zip here in a second, but I want to break this down.

Joel: Break it down.

Chad: We're talking about a crew ... How big is HiringSolved? It's not a huge organization, but they are-

Joel: I don't know. If it's over 30 people, I'd be surprised.

Chad: It is incredibly focused on one mission, and that is to be able to help recruiters and then also dig that AI into applicant tracking system databases to be able to help recruiters find great fucking talent. It's focused.

Joel: Minimally funded, particularly with their peers and Entelo and other sourcing tools. But yeah, for them to be recognized ... And we know Shon, the CEO. We love Jeremy and the whole team over there.

Chad: Oh yeah. Jackie.

Joel: We've done their show. Full disclosure. But this was a big win for them, and I think that if investors aren't going to start looking at them really hard, I'd be really surprised. I think for those at Entelo, Mya, the other AI, this really ups the game to say, "Get on par with HiringSolved at this point because they've been recognized as a major player in the market."

Chad: Yeah. Well, to me, it goes further than that because we keep hearing HR people saying, "What is AI?" Well, Fast Company just said, "Guess what? Nvidia, Hiring-fucking-Solved." I mean, it's fucking simple. So when we're talking about, "There is no AI in recruiting," guess what? There is AI in recruiting. I mean, we'll talk about Zip, but to be number two, it's ridiculous.

Joel: Another thing that stood out for me is Fast Company highlighted HiringSolved's sort of voice command system-

Chad: Yeah, Ray.

Joel: ... as well as their mobile features that they have. I think we've both been talking a little bit about voice and voice assistants and where that's going, and this sort of highlighted that voice is getting recognized as a feasible feature in technology. I think HiringSolved has done a good job, obviously, of adding that to their portfolio.

Chad: Yeah. I mean, you have to get into the NLP area, and they're really focusing on ... Again, it's focus. That's one fucking word. They don't have any distractions. They are focused, and I have to give them huge fucking props because it is very hard in this industry in this time with all the noise that's going on to say, "Oh God, our investors want this. Wait a minute, a recruiter said this. Wait, a podcaster said this." They said, "Fuck all of that."

Joel: Chad and Cheese said this.

Chad: Well, no, I didn't say that because we know what the fuck we're talking about. But they really focused, and I've got to give them props for that.

Joel: I think it wasn't really highlighted in the Fast Company article because it's so new is their, I guess, version two of Prophet.

Chad: Yep.

Joel: Prophet, highly used by probably every recruiter out there. Let's be honest. Every sourcer is using Prophet Chrome extension. It's free now as far as I know.

Chad: Prophet 2.

Joel: Prophet 2.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Electric boogaloo. I think there's a hundred testers right now. I'm not sure that it's been released to the masses yet. But HiringSolved is doing great things out in little bitty Phoenix, not Silicon Valley. They're doing it in the desert, so kudos to them. We'll be looking at what you're doing in the future for sure.

Chad: Yes. This Grizzly IPA is for you.

Joel: Unavailable in pretty much everywhere that you're listening.

Chad: That's exactly right, unless you're in sunny Banff.

Joel: Sunny two below Banff.

Chad: So Zip. So Zip.

Joel: So Zip. No surprise. In the enterprise category.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: ZipRecruiter, number nine in terms of most innovative. Slack was also mentioned, but Slack is sort of dancing in the workforce thing. ZipRecruiter's clearly employment focused. Fast Company liked their mobile operations, what they're doing mobilely. We've talked about them ramping up in Israel for their AI staff. They're not fucking around. So Zip, kudos to you. You definitely deserve to be on Fast Company's top 10 innovators in the enterprise category.

Chad: Yes, and this says a lot for recruitment tech because we've always said that recruitment tech is behind the curve. I mean, we have, and there are two in the top 10. That's awesome. I mean, that's awesome. Not to mention, I mean, just kudos from a startup standpoint and a money standpoint and an investing standpoint on the focus.

Joel: When you think about AI, I mean, robotics, self-driving cars, all these things that are going on in AI, and it's a little bitty recruiting solution that gets recognized as the number two AI innovator by Fast Company.

Chad: Yeah, number two. Number nine, I wouldn't say is little bitty because I can't fucking listen to a podcast without hearing ZipRecruiter other than our podcast.

Joel: Actually, Fast Company poked fun at the ubiquity of airwaves that ZipRecruiter has. If you've listened to a podcast, any podcast except ours because they don't sponsor us-

Chad: Sons of bitches.

Joel: Yeah, what's up with that? Yeah, if you've listened to a podcast other than ours, you've heard a ZipRecruiter ad.

Chad: I need to take a step back and take a drink.

Joel: I'm a little low. Let's take a beer break.

Chad: Let's take a beer break.

Joel: Let's hear from Canvas, someone who should've been on the most innovative list from Fast Company-

Chad: Good call.

Joel: ... and we'll be right back with some news out of Beamery and Workday.

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Chad: And we're back.

Joel: We're back.

Chad: We're back. Wait, I'm going on Facebook Live.

Joel: Full beers.

Chad: Beers and-

Joel: Does this microphone make me look fat? No, your belly makes you look fat.

Chad: So we're going to talk about freaking Beamery. Workday. What's going on here?

Joel: I love this. On the heels on iCIMS acquires TextRecruit, Jobvite backs up the Brinks truck with $200 million and buys a trifecta of companies.

Chad: That was fucking ridiculous.

Joel: Now we have word that Workday is a, I don't know, special partner relationship and have given some money. The whisper number on the investment was five million, I guess we're saying at this point.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: So you see this evolution of the ATS, the talent management solution, becoming more of a marketing platform. I think Workday getting in bed with Beamery is just another step towards all these ATSes, all these companies, need to be more than just 'manage people and let them apply' and compliance. We need our users to be able to actually market to these folks. So they're getting in bed and acquiring and investing in companies like Beamery, Canvas, etc.

Chad: This is ridiculous, folks. So much fucking money in this industry, and the next thing ... I mean, we were talking about Canvas last week, weren't we? Canvas, RolePoint, Telemetry getting all rolled up. So, I mean, this is ridiculous, but we're at a branding/marketing event, and I guarantee you none of these motherfuckers know any of those names.

Joel: You're probably right. Yeah, they know the Marketos. They know the HubSpots. But more and more as recruiting bleeds into marketing, this is going to happen. I think the Candidate.IDs of the world, those marketing kind of people platforms, if they're not on your radar as an ATS to bring into the fold as a more marketing-centric platform, you're going to be left behind because apparently none of these companies can build it themselves. Workday is a big-ass company and had to get in bed with Beamery to have the solutions that they have.

Chad: Yes. Over at Candidate.ID-

Joel: Scotch is on you, buddy.

Chad: Scotch is on you. Yeah, and so are kilts. We're going to see you. Death Match. Be ready.

Joel: You will not take our freedom. I can't wait to see him in Lisbon. I can't wait for Lisbon, man.

Chad: I cannot wait.

Joel: We got a recruiting robot.

Chad: Adam Gordon.

Joel: We got a mad Scot.

Chad: Adam Gordon, yeah.

Joel: Who else do we got for ... We got someone else, don't we?

Chad: At Death Match?

Joel: At Lisbon in Death Match. Yeah.

Chad: Oh yeah. We've got Tengai, the TNG.

Joel: Yeah, I mentioned them. We've got somebody else, don't we?

Chad: Oh, we've got

Joel: Oh yeah. That's them.

Chad: Andrea.

Joel: Dude, it's going down in Lisbon. It's on in Lisbon.

Chad: It's not until May, right? Is it May? It's May.

Joel: Yeah. If you're in Europe and you're a startup and you want to bring your shit to the Death Match, you think you've got the juice, bring it.

Chad: There you go.

Joel: There's got to be a good German company that wants to bring it, or maybe a Russian.

Chad: Oh, Wolfgang.

Joel: Maybe a Russian company. Somebody. Iceland has to have some sick startup that wants to come on Death Match.

Chad: So anybody who doesn't know, I mean, we're going to be Portugal. We're going to be in Lisbon in May, dude, and it's going to fucking kick ass.

Joel: And we're going to be in Paris.

Chad: We've got Death Match in Portugal. We're in Paris in October for Unleash. That's going to be off the fucking chain.

Joel: That's going to be lit. We're going to be in London.

Chad: So let's talk about London real quick.

Joel: I love London.

Chad: We're going to be in London.

Joel: Great fish and chips.

Chad: We have some things that we're going to keep under the covers right now because we don't want to let that out yet. But yeah, we're going to be at RecFest drinking their beer and enjoying the London skyline, pretty much.

Joel: We're going to give Charney a wedgie on stage. I think that's going to be a highlight.

Chad: Charney walks around with a fucking wedgie.

Joel: That might be true. He's a little tight. He's making diamonds up there.

Chad: He's a t-back kind of guy. So last but not least-

Joel: He and I are going to find a good Oasis cover band while we're out there, I think.

Chad: Oh, you guys are both-

Joel: That's what I'm talking about.

Chad: Yeah, you're made for each other.

Chad: So, Pepsi. Did you hear about this Pepsi thing?

Joel: Yeah, that's your lane. Tell us about Pepsi.

Chad: Dude, so we keep talking about how automation is going to kill humans. They're not going to kill humans. Well, they could Terminator-wise, but-

Joel: I'll be back.

Chad: We see Pepsi spending billions of dollars to reorganize.

Joel: That's with a B.

Chad: With a fucking B, dude.

Joel: A fucking B.

Chad: So to reorganize, and guess what?

Joel: What?

Chad: Automation. Robots. Fucking no more people. Fucking guess what? People take sick days. People need benefits, that kind of shit. Pepsi, dude, they're all in, and they say they are aggressively going after automation.

Joel: Do they know robots don't drink Pepsi or eat Cheetos?

Chad: I don't think they know that.

Joel: Just saying.

Chad: I don't think they know that, and to be a cult brand, you've got to have people that actually drink your shit.

Joel: Yeah, that's important.

Chad: Isn't that important? Does it piss people off when you tell them to get the fuck out and that you're going to replace them by robots?

Joel: Hell no. If I got fired by Pepsi, I might not drink Pepsi anymore.

Chad: It's a possibility. You might go Coke.

Joel: I might Coke it up.

Chad: Or you might just ... a good water. I don't know. Some shit like that.

Joel: I can't stop eating these pretzels.

Chad: Well. Okay, so go ahead, Joel. You continue to eat. Good God.

Joel: So we'll take a quick pretzel break.

Chad: Pretzel break. I'm going to drink some more IPA.

Joel: We're going to hear a word from JobAdX, and we'll come back to talk about some more shit to end the show.

Chad: I love JobAdX.

JobAdX: This is the sound of job search. This is the sound of job search defeat.

JobAdX: Ugh.

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JobAdX: Score.

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JobAdX: JobAdX. Together, we can save job search.

Chad: Where's our server at? Because we need another beer. Tess. Where's Tess at?

Joel: [inaudible 00:18:43] final and stuff.

Chad: So once again, we are in what Joel would call Brampf. It is Banff.

Joel: Were you livecasting there for a second?

Chad: Banff. Huh?

Joel: Were you livecasting the show?

Chad: Yeah, I was.

Joel: Was anybody watching?

Chad: I don't know, but they might later.

Joel: Thank God LinkedIn now has livestreaming. People might actually watch that are recruiters on LinkedIn.

Chad: Yeah, so we're going to end the show with some highlights of the Gathering. So we were actually found by Ryan Gill, who is the co-founder kind of like idea guy behind what the Gathering has become.

Joel: The heart and soul, I would say, of the event.

Chad: Definitely. I mean, yeah. Chris is the execution 'go get shit fucking done' guy. I mean, Chris is awesome, and we have a podcast that we're going to release with him. This is an amazing conference, and what I want to do is just from my standpoint, between you and me, kind of break down some of these speakers.

Joel: The highlights, what stood out kind of thing?

Chad: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So, I mean, the first thing that I got right out of the gate was when I go to ... and this is a little thing. You're still wearing yours. When I go to a conference, I always take the name-tag off because it's some cheap-ass fucking paper printed bullshit.

Joel: You're not naming any names.

Chad: No, I'm not because they all do it. It's a paper printed bullshit kind of thing.

Chad: The Colt brand, what they did was they created a music VIP plastic pass with an RFID in it to be able to log who came into what session. I wore that thing. I didn't realize it. The first day, Julie said ... when we were at dinner that night, she was like, "You're still wearing your fucking name badge." And generally as soon as I get it, I put it in my pocket. I pull it out of my pocket just to show them that I'm there, and I put it back in my pocket because it looks fucking horrible.

Joel: And everyone knows who you are anyway.

Chad: I wouldn't go that far. But still, I think it looks dumb. This, I was like, "It's fucking cool." So what was the coolness factor of this thing?

Joel: Oh, it was very high, particularly when you compare it to recruitment, and that's okay. Recruitment is not Lakers, Airbnb, Cheetos-

Chad: Avian Awards.

Joel: ... Marvel. This was clearly cool just from the fact that really well-known brands that you equate to being cool were here.

Joel: I think two of the things that stood out to me was the fact that they allowed us to come and speak is sort of a testament to how marketing is starting to embrace recruiting, HR, the people side of the business.

Joel: I guess the second thing I took from this conference aside from the leap of faith with going with a couple of recruitment podcasters was you had almost every brand that got up on stage talked about people, talked about employees, talked about the importance of-

Chad: The core.

Joel: ... who you are and how brands are built from the inside in as opposed to the outside in, and that started with employees. But to counteract that, when we talked and interviewed a lot of the people who were on stage-

Chad: Big names.

Joel: ... there was a disconnect between okay, people are number one, but how are you partnering with HR recruiting to make sure that that relationship with marketing and HR and recruiting is strong? There's a total disconnect between HR and marketing almost to the point where marketing looks down on HR. I think HR is a little bit intimidated by marketing. Clearly, HR is not at the table when branding big questions are being asked. Most telling was our interview with the Airbnb-

Chad: Douglas.

Joel: ... sort of brand guy, and this unfortunately was off-mic.

Chad: We'll get it.

Joel: He told a story about he, in a conversation with the co-founder and I think CEO currently-

Chad: Airbnb.

Joel: His comment was, "The brand is toast as soon as you get an HR person or HR department."

Chad: As soon you create HR. Yeah.

Joel: That is incredibly telling, that the opinion of the C-suite is HR is a brand-killer when I think you and I are on the side of, "People and recruiting is the lifeblood of brand." If you and I can be a little piece of bridge between those two and maybe build that conversation or ignite that conversation, that's a really good thing, and maybe this is step one to do that.

Chad: I am committed to go to Tuscany where Douglas Atkin actually-

Joel: You really sacrifice.

Chad: ... where he lives today because he ejected out of Airbnb to be able to partner with him.

Chad: No, but seriously, guys, Joel's right. I mean, the thing that really bothered me the most was that I've always thought a huge problem with employment brand was employment brand. I always believed that the brand itself should carry no matter what. Don't fracture it. If it works, it fucking works. The LA Lakers, Tim Harris, he had a presentation that just nailed it that said that yeah, you don't need an employment brand, for God's sakes. The brand is the brand. Airbnb, Marvel Studios, I mean, big fucking cult brands.

Chad: So from our standpoint, I believe next year, our charge is to bring leaders, actually employment brand leaders, to the conversation so that we can start to make these bridges because-

Joel: We want to start cross-pollinating marketing people at HR shows, recruiting shows, and more recruiting people at these marketing shows.

Chad: If you're not at this brand show-

Joel: One thing, if I could interject. The Lakers, Tim Harris, I think the VP of business operations, we really wanted to get him on the show, but he's a busy guy.

Chad: He's a little busy.

Joel: But he gave a story in his presentation where they give their employees these little business cards that say, "Caught you being a Laker." They give them out to employees, and employees, when they see people out in the public wearing Kobe jerseys or Lakers shirts or hats-

Chad: Have an awkward intervention.

Joel: They have carte blanche to go up to them and say, "Hey, I'm an employee with the Lakers. I caught you being a Laker. Thanks for being a fan. Here you go." Then on the back of the card are instructions to get two free tickets to a Lakers basketball game.

Joel: I know most people listening are not the Lakers. You don't have that sort of fanatical-

Chad: Cult brand.

Joel: ... following, but is there something in your organization where you can empower employees to go out in public and really reward folks that are carrying the brand or championing it? Because I think that Lakers story was really, really powerful.

Chad: If we can kind of figure this out on the HR side ... As we talk to Chris Kneeland who is, I mean, really one of the driving forces behind the Gathering, and we're going to post that podcast as well, there is a huge divide. I mean, we're talking about marketing who has probably tenfold, probably more, the cash to spend versus HR, and we're seeing that the symptom is employer brand.

Joel: Well, maybe deeper than that. I asked Chris. I said, "Do you think marketing looks down on HR?" His answer was, "I think everyone looks down on HR."

Chad: Doesn't everybody? Yeah.

Joel: Until we solve that, it's never going to get better.

Chad: Yeah, yeah. Don't give too much up of the podcast.

Joel: Well, it's a teaser. You've got to listen to the podcast.

Chad: It's a damned good teaser. Chris, probably one of the smartest guys that actually took the stage.

Chad: Yeah, so we had Douglas Atkin from Airbnb. Mindy Hamilton from Marvel Studios. Dude, I mean, and they went bankrupt, but yet they still created a brand.

Joel: 1996, Marvel was almost done.

Chad: They created a brand, dude.

Joel: And look at where they are today. Talk about passion employees.

Chad: Oh, dude.

Joel: You would think it's not going to be hard to get someone to get excited to work for Hulk and Iron Man, but-

Chad: Especially now.

Joel: Yeah, especially now.

Chad: Right now. Yeah.

Chad: Tim Harris from the LA Lakers. We had Vans. That was here. Lush. Yeti. And then the thing that got me was sitting back and listening to Tony Hawk because we're talking about a guy who is-

Joel: He's our generation.

Chad: He's our generation.

Joel: I mean, we grew up with Tony Hawk. I'm not a skater.

Chad: Yeah, me either.

Joel: But he was a Gen X poster boy.

Chad: Who is a brand.

Chad: Indeed was here, just so that you know.

Joel: Yeah, let's talk about Indeed real quick.

Chad: Let's do it.

Joel: So we unfortunately have to add Indeed to the growing list of companies

who won't talk to us on the record.

Chad: We had a good off the record conversation. Yeah.

Joel: Dice. Our boy at Dice who won't apparently come on the show. We added the Ladders, formerly known as the Ladders. They're not going to come on the show, and we have to add Indeed, in my opinion unfortunately, to the list.

Joel: However, Paul D’Arcy, who was here, CMO at Indeed, sat down with us for drinks, meaning non-alcoholic drinks. Was pretty open and transparent and the organization. His comms team won't let us record anything that we do with him. He gave a presentation at the show, which was great. It was more or less data around what employees or candidates are looking for and things like that. They wouldn't let us record his session, which was really ridiculous in my opinion. Now he was on our panel, which they couldn't say, "No, you can't record that," because we're actually on the panel.

Chad: That's our panel.

Joel: That's our shit.

Chad: Yeah, that's our shit.

Joel: So you will see and/or hear from Paul in the future. I like Paul, personally. I don't know about you.

Chad: Yeah, no.

Joel: I think he was very open and honest about what was going on. We sort of drilled him about the latest iCIMS 60% decrease in terms of traffic from their users.

Chad: And he was behind it.

Joel: He was very sort of honest about that, like, "Hey, I think you guys have covered that a lot. I think the two pane solution that we have with searching for jobs may be sort of skewing the numbers a little bit on that." But he didn't shy away from it. He didn't dodge the question. It's unfortunate that he wasn't willing to have a mic in front of him during that session.

Chad: It wasn't his fault. It was a babysitter thing.

Joel: Yeah. Apparently, in a side conversation, he had said, "Look, I'm cool with it, but my comms teams doesn't want these idiots to make me say something stupid or make me look bad."

Chad: Yeah, risk mitigation.

Joel: I understand that as a big company with a lot of shareholders. Hopefully they'll reconsider at some point because I do think it was a great interview. Indeed has a new CEO. We're actually going to be in Austin soon right next door to them. So if you're listening, Indeed, and we know you are, hopefully you'll change your mind. We've been very respectful, I think, to companies in the past when we interview them. We haven't been stupid or idiotic to anyone.

Chad: We ask hard questions. That's what we do.

Joel: We try to be tough but fair. But yeah, hopefully you'll reconsider and we can talk to Paul or the new CEO in the near future.

Chad: Yes, yes, yes. So look for all of those. We have a series of podcasts that are going to be able to drop from the Gathering. One of those is that panel discussion. We had some amazing conversations with Justin from Working Not Working. We had Fiasco Gelato.

Joel: James.

Chad: Which is big here in Canada.

Joel: We've had great interviews. Ryan, the founder. Chris called marketing.

Airbnb. We're rolling in the content. We're very blessed.

Chad: I'm telling you right now, guys. I really appreciate your listening.

Joel: We toast to you, the Chadbots and Cheeseheads of the world. I need another beer, and I'm out.

Chad: And I'm out.

Tristen: Hi, I'm Tristen. Thanks for listening to my stepdad the Chad and his goofy friend Cheese. You've been listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast. Make sure you subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, or wherever you get your podcasts so you don't miss out on all the knowledge dropping that's happening up in here. They made me say that.

Tristen: The most important part is to check out our sponsors because I need new track spikes. You know, the expensive, shiny, gold pair that are extra because, well, I'm extra. For more, visit

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