The Gathering: There Will Be Beer

The boys invaded Banff in Canada last week and not only evaded arrest, but were able to record a damned good weekly show full of news, surprise guests and lots of Canadian strange brew. Enjoy and give our sponsors some love, eh? Sovren, Canvas and JobAdX make us all warm and fuzzy ... even in the Canadian Rockies.


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Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts, complete with breaking news, brash opinions, and loads of snark. Buckle up, boys and girls. It's time for The Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: What's up, boys and girls? We're going to do the weekly Chad and Cheese Podcast slightly differently this week. Chad and I are coming to you on day three. Let's call it the hungover edition of the Gathering in beautiful Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Chad: Dude, we're sitting here in the beautiful Rundle Room in Fairmont. If you've ever been to this place-

Joel: Think of the Shining.

Chad: ... you know exactly what I'm talking about. It is incredibly beautiful. We've got snow-capped mountains-

Joel: Here's Johnny.

Chad: Dude, you can't beat that shit. This is amazing and [crosstalk 00:01:41].

Joel: It's great. So we're day three. We're a little bit slaphappy. We're on two or three beers at this point. So yeah, we figured-

Chad: What the fuck?

Joel: ... our audience, our listeners will not care if we don't do the show in a typical fashion.

Joel: So let's get to shoutouts. Shoutout to the show the Gathering, It's primarily a marketing, branding, cult brand show. They had us on sort of a leap of faith for them to have two HR recruiting guys come on the show. We did a panel with Paul Darcy, CMO at Indeed.

Chad: Yeah, Justin.

Joel: Founder of Working Not Working-

Chad: Yeah, Justin Gignac.

Joel: ... a platform for creative folks to find work. Think of it as Upwork for creatives. And Ryan Gill, who is the guy behind the Gathering, has a startup called Communo, was on the panel. Full house. Really engaged audience. It was so exciting to be the recruiting guys at a marketing show.

Chad: Yeah, I have to say we are the only ones. So Marvel Studios and Airbnb and all these big keynotes, they had their own videos that were produced for them.

Joel: They had their own hype videos.

Chad: Their own hype videos.

Joel: So Chad and I need a hype video.

Chad: We need a hype video, but we were the only ones with walk-in music.

Joel: Also the only ones that gave beer out to people because when you're in Canada, you better show up with beer.

Chad: Beer, and you always bribe the audience. There's no reason-

Joel: It's more like our show is much better if people are drinking and drunk. Particularly if you're drunk, it's really good.

Chad: I mean, it's better if we're a little drunk as well.

Joel: More shoutouts to Canada. I married one, a Canadian, and I love coming back. She's probably skiing the slopes as we speak. She's enjoying herself. So shoutout to Canada, the city of Banff.

Chad: I have to say that Julie ... So my wife, she came along, go figure, because Banff is fucking beautiful, but it's cold as hell and she hates cold. She actually said to me-

Joel: It doesn't help when she wears heels with no socks.

Chad: And I agree.

Joel: Get that girl some heels with socks.

Chad: You don't wear heels with socks. But I agree. This is the best conference I've been to in years. It is ridiculous.

Joel: Chad morphed into a 13 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

Chad: I was a total fanboy.

Joel: Assuming Justin Bieber is still cool.

Chad: Yes, it's fucking ridiculous. But anyway, we'll talk about this a little bit later in the pod, get a little deeper into it. Let's go into some news.

Joel: All right. Short shoutouts. Let's go to news.

Chad: Yeah, fuck the shoutouts. I don't have time for that.

Joel: Primarily, it was a slow news week. Even though we were traveling, it was a slow news week. Notably this week, some friends of ours, HiringSolved and ZipRecruiter, were recognized by Fast Company magazine.

Chad: HiringSolved, number two.

Joel: Assuming they still have a magazine, but they are still a great brand.

Chad: Yeah, yeah. HiringSolved, number two in the AI category. We're talking about overall AI, right?

Joel: Only Nvidia, a big ass public company-

Chad: Holy fuck.

Joel: ... ranked ahead of them. So that's a huge win for HiringSolved.

Chad: Yeah. We'll get to Zip here in a second, but I want to break this down.

Joel: Break it down.

Chad: We're talking about a crew ... How big is HiringSolved? It's not a huge organization, but they are-

Joel: I don't know. If it's over 30 people, I'd be surprised.

Chad: It is incredibly focused on one mission, and that is to be able to help recruiters and then also dig that AI into applicant tracking system databases to be able to help recruiters find great fucking talent. It's focused.

Joel: Minimally funded, particularly with their peers and Entelo and other sourcing tools. But yeah, for them to be recognized ... And we know Shon, the CEO. We love Jeremy and the whole team over there.

Chad: Oh yeah. Jackie.

Joel: We've done their show. Full disclosure. But this was a big win for them, and I think that if investors aren't going to start looking at them really hard, I'd be really surprised. I think for those at Entelo, Mya, the other AI, this really ups the game to say, "Get on par with HiringSolved at this point because they've been recognized as a major player in the market."

Chad: Yeah. Well, to me, it goes further than that because we keep hearing HR people saying, "What is AI?" Well, Fast Company just said, "Guess what? Nvidia, Hiring-fucking-Solved." I mean, it's fucking simple. So when we're talking about, "There is no AI in recruiting," guess what? There is AI in recruiting. I mean, we'll talk about Zip, but to be number two, it's ridiculous.

Joel: Another thing that stood out for me is Fast Company highlighted HiringSolved's sort of voice command system-

Chad: Yeah, Ray.

Joel: ... as well as their mobile features that they have. I think we've both been talking a little bit about voice and voice assistants and where that's going, and this sort of highlighted that voice is getting recognized as a feasible feature in technology. I think HiringSolved has done a good job, obviously, of adding that to their portfolio.

Chad: Yeah. I mean, you have to get into the NLP area, and they're really focusing on ... Again, it's focus. That's one fucking word. They don't have any distractions. They are focused, and I have to give them huge fucking props because it is very hard in this industry in this time with all the noise that's going on to say, "Oh God, our investors want this. Wait a minute, a recruiter said this. Wait, a podcaster said this." They said, "Fuck all of that."

Joel: Chad and Cheese said this.

Chad: Well, no, I didn't say that because we know what the fuck we're talking about. But they really focused, and I've got to give them props for that.

Joel: I think it wasn't really highlighted in the Fast Company article because it's so new is their, I guess, version two of Prophet.

Chad: Yep.

Joel: Prophet, highly used by probably every recruiter out there. Let's be honest. Every sourcer is using Prophet Chrome extension. It's free now as far as I know.

Chad: Prophet 2.

Joel: Prophet 2.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Electric boogaloo. I think there's a hundred testers right now. I'm not sure that it's been released to the masses yet. But HiringSolved is doing great things out in little bitty Phoenix, not Silicon Valley. They're doing it in the desert, so kudos to them. We'll be looking at what you're doing in the future for sure.

Chad: Yes. This Grizzly IPA is for you.

Joel: Unavailable in pretty much everywhere that you're listening.

Chad: That's exactly right, unless you're in sunny Banff.