Austin City No Limits w/ Thad Price

Lots going on at Talroo these days. So the boys hit-up the HQ to have a chat with CEO Thad Price. A wide variety of topics are discussed, including how they differentiate themselves from Indeed when hiring in Austin, Texas. Enjoy.

Disclosure: Talroo paid for our trip and time to help out with a separate initiative. We just weren't going to leave without talking to Thad.


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Chad: Hello, Austin!

Joel: What's up, Austin.

Chad: Austin. We've got beer.

Joel: Beautiful people here in Austin.

Chad: We've got beer. I've got to say, they've got a wonderful assortment of

beer right out of the gate.

Joel: Local beer.

Chad: Local. Shiner Bock.

Joel: Local.

Thad: And how does it compare to some of the other cities that you've been to as far as the beer culture?

Chad: This is ... This is much ...

Joel: Shiner's solid.

Chad: Yeah, this is much better for sure.

Joel: There are other brands in there. Who's the beer guy? Like who's the aficionado of beer?

Chad: Nobody.

Joel: Nobody. Nobody drinks here at Talroo. It's a drug free environment apparently. Joseph-

Joseph: Yeah.

Joel: ... what's the best beer in the fridge right now?

Chad: How are you not drinking a beer?

Joseph: Oh, I like Fireman's Core. Fireman's Core is pretty solid.

Thad: Oh, okay. That's in there. Yeah, it's in there.

Joel: Fireman's Core. So I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm Chad Sowash.

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Chad: Ooh, everybody loves Firing Squad.

Joel: It's a bit of a Shark Tank for the recruiting industry. Hopefully guys have tuned into that, if you haven't, you should.

Chad: Who doesn't love listening to a startup just get their ass ripped?

Joel: So when there's an audience with their CEO at the front, they act very weird. They don't quite know what to do. Is this the first podcast that's ever presented here at the ...?

Thad: Yes, it is.

Joel: Yeah, it's okay. So they don't know what the hell how to react, so we'll have to loosen them up. So keep drinking and we'll tell more dad jokes and we'll get this going.

Joel: So we're joined here today by Thad Price. Fairly newly minted CEO of the organization.

Chad: CEO.

Joel: You're almost a year now ish.

Thad: Yeah, almost a year. Yeah, about 10 months.

Joel: Okay. So the last time we spoke to you, you had made the transition from Jobs2Careers to Talroo.

Chad: New brand.

Joel: How has the new brand gone, better than you thought, about what you thought? Give us a state of Talroo a year later since last time we spoke.

Thad: It's been phenomenal. I mean, the move to Talroo from the perspective of what we're driving for customers, how the individual partners see us, it's really changed, right? In so many ways. In a lot of ways, there's a fixation that occurs with having a brand like Jobs2Careers, what products are you building? What products are you building to bring Jobs2Careers to people, right? And so by redefining a brand, we can restart the story, and redefining our brand has been great for us. And more importantly, restarting the story has been really focused on this kind of B2B product and the B2B service that we provide to recruitment professionals.

Chad: So tell us a little bit about that, because I mean, starting a new brand and getting into a new segment, entirely, right? Tell us about that journey. First and foremost, what made say we really have to change everything that's going on, and then jumping into that a nice cold water. How'd that feel?

Thad: Yeah. Well, at first it was ... whenever you make a decision like this, you have to weigh the risk and benefit, right? And so it was chilly when we really looked at it originally, it was like, okay, we've got a lot of brand equity built into Jobs2Careers. It's a job search engine. There are people that understand the idea of searching for jobs, how do people find jobs effectively? And from our perspective, it was what are we really investing in? And of course, this idea of talent attraction and creating a talent attraction platform that's more efficient at helping employers reach talent was really what drove us to this juncture. And so it's been great, and we continue to drive success for customers.

Thad: I think the big change that's happened in the industry in the last few years is that the right talent is out there, it's all around you, and it's up to us to help companies find that talent. And I think that's really important in driving everything that we do here.

Joel: And speaking of talent, you guys made a commitment about a year ago to bring on some, I guess I would call them heavy hitters in the recruiting industry. So talk about what that's meant to the business as well as sort of overall headcount and where you're growing and where you're looking at being say a year from now.

Thad: Yeah. We brought some amazing talent to the Talroo team, rounding out our executive team. We build our team members internally as well. A lot of investment here for our current team members. A number of our team members have been here over four years, over three years. They continually grow in their different roles. So that's been great for us. Cindy is heading up sales and service for us with years of experience, years of experience with the agencies, relationships,-

Joel: Cheap seats.

Thad: ... agencies with .... What'd you say?

Joel: She's back there in the cheap seats. She kinda watches everybody like she's the mom and makes everyone behaves themselves.

Chad: She like snuck in.

Thad: So as we engage with recruitment advertising agents, it becomes very important for us to ensure that we're driving their value and then driving the customer's value. So that's been phenomenal for us to be able to provide that success. And of course, Keith's been leading up our Talroo brand and building that brand and doing some really cool stuff like having you guys here today.