Amazon's Shit Show

Disasters tend to showcase the best and worst of humanity, and the current pandemic is no different.

On this week's show, the boys highlight companies like Hilton and CVS who are doing it right, as well as Amazon, who continues to stick its finger in the eye of its workforce. What's more, HR's most dangerous podcast covers news from Textio, CareerBuilder and Indeed.

Enjoy, and show our sponsors - the ones who continue to support us even in these times of strife - some love (but don't get too close, social distancing and all): Sovren, Canvas, & JobAdx.


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Chad: And moving to the category of how to fuck up your brand in a crisis.

Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors, you're listening to HR'S most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls, it's time for The Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: All right. All right. All right. The liquor store in my neighborhood is no longer an essential business, which means you may never hear from me again. Welcome to The Chad and Cheese Podcast boys and girls, HR's most socially distant and awkward show, I'm your co-host Joel, curbside pickup, Cheesman.

Chad: I am Chad, I love Chipotle Sowash

Joel: On this week's episode, Amazon continues to behave badly. CareerBuilder has a new tagline which is guaranteed to turn that company around. And Hilton gets helpful. Grab your socks and hold your medical masks, we'll be right back after this quick word from one of our beloved sponsors.

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Joel: The first shout out should go to our sponsors, who in these times of strife are continuing to support this stupid show. Thank you so much sponsors. Thank you so much. We question your decision making skills, but we do appreciate it.

Chad: And we love you. We love you so much.

Joel: Love you long time.

Chad: I think the next shout out has to go out to friend, listener

Joel: I know where this is going.

Chad: ... And wonderful human being, [Holland Domber[00:02:14.25]]. Hits Joel right in the chops with the tweet yesterday, which I love. Her tweet was, because Joel's always bagging on millennials, he's all about

Joel: Justifiably so.

Chad: He's always looking for the cohort. Right? He's like, "Oh, what group can I fit in?" Anyway, here's Holland's tweet, two tweets, "Joel and Chad, I caught the latest Chad Cheese and have to argue that for older millennials, i.e., me, who is used to be calling Gen Y, this is the second crisis we are living through. Entering the workforce in 2008 was rough," which I can get that. Now, this is where I think she really puts the icing on the cake. "Additionally, there are a lot of studies out there that millennials as a whole will be the first generation financially worse off than their parents, crippling student debt, skyrocketing rent, lost earnings potential to great recession, oh, and avocado toast." I love how she finishes off there with a little comedy, but just because their trials and tribulations aren't our trials and tribulations, I agree with Holland.

Joel: I love Holland. Not going to hate on her. Not going to hate on her. I'm guessing that she did not have a mortgage, kids, all that good stuff, when 2008 went down. You agree with her, it's all good. Shout out. She's a fan of the show. We love her. And they're having hard times at Delta Airlines, I'm sure, she has much bigger problems than what I think about her generation.

Chad: One of my favorite brands, by the way.

Joel: One of your favorite brands, yeah. Are you missing the sky lounge?

Chad: It is what it is.

Joel: You miss those mimosas.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: I know what's up. I know what's up. Speaking of last week's show, I'm going to give a shout out to all the fans that hit me up on DMs or emails or whatever, after my rant about end of the world, on the ledge, ready to jump segment on, I believe last week's show, it was real. Sentiment ranged from you're a pussy, snap out of it, to it's going to be okay, here's a virtual hug kind of thing. To our fans, as always, colorful and I love it. Thanks for the support and all the many ways that you did it.

Chad: Yeah. We try to keep it real here and sometimes you just got to let the Joel emotions out.

Joel: I did man.

Chad: And Tim Sackett let his emotions out this week because Tim saw Tiger, and apparently he's falling in love with Joe Exotic. And I think if Trump does give Joe a pardon, which has been this stupid rumor that's been out there, Joe might actually just relocate to Michigan.

Joel: Is that really a rumor? That can't be for real.

Chad: It's rumor. It's not surprising. It's a good spin on the shit that's happening right now. Right?

Joel: One of the greatest memes going around now is Trump's face on Joe Exotic's hairstyle and body with the tiger in the background. Classic, classic

Chad: That's awesome.

Joel: ... Move by the design team out there at Photoshop. I'm going to give a shout out to Jobvite, beloved sponsor with their Canvas product. They announced this week a new hire, someone that I know pretty well from my days as a Clevelander, Jeff Rohrs. Too many will not know, but Jeff was an agency guy, 20 years ago moved over to ExactTarget, which no one knew in the early 2000s, which was then sold to Salesforce. Then Jeff moved over to Yext, and oversaw their IPO process, and is now CMO at Jobvite. I will throw in a little prediction here, that adding folks with IPO experience is sometimes a little bit of a hint that a company might be eyeing an IPO.

Chad: Ding, ding, ding.

Joel: Jobvite 2021, Wall Street, IPO, I don't know. We'll see what happens, but a quick prediction for next year.

Chad: I just saw on my LinkedIn that Jason Goldberg is starting a new company called Meetly. Anybody who remembers

SFX: That's it man. Game over man. Game over.

Chad: Jason Goldberg from the

Joel: Jason Goldberg.

Chad: The Jobster days, we'll find a little levity and we will probably also find brevity in that as well.

Joel: Is this the new, the personal trainer thing that he's doing?

Chad: No, I don't know that he's ... He might still be doing that. Who knows?

Joel: Okay.

Chad: The guy can definitely raise money. It's called Meetly and it's kind of like a production line, working with teams, online collaboration. Not that anybody else is doing this right now, but yes, it's called Meetly and Jason is the founder.

Joel: Okay. Because he was throwing out tweets and whatnot about, "Hey, if you're a physical trainer, yoga instructor, whatever, hit me up. I'm looking at creating an app where we interact at home with people." The dude's a bouncing ball of ideas, he can't settle on one thing. Let's move on with our shout outs, I'm going to go out to [Kent Kyle Kevin Kiphagar[00:07:33.23]], who has found a landing spot at Appcast, apparently.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Good luck there at Appcast. He Should fare pretty well when we come out of this downturn.

Chad: Yeah. He's been there for probably about a month or so. He's good.

Joel: We never talk anymore.

Chad: That's because he didn't like you.

Joel: He was one of those who talked me off the ledge, guys. It's going to be okay. Yeah.

Chad: You see.

Joel: The millennial hug.

Chad: You see, that was a millennial hug and you needed that.

Joel: Yeah. It's good. I did.

Chad: He looked past you making fun of him and gave you that hug.

Joel: Yeah. Holland kneed me in the nuts though, so it's a nice balance.

Chad: If you need some good news, you should go out to YouTube and search for Some Good News with John Krasinski, this week's episode.

Joel: That was nice.

Chad: Okay. Last week's episode, I put out there and I thought, this is really good. It's fun, it's cheesy, it is amazing. You just have to watch it. Then episode two came out and I'm not going to run a spoiler here, but if you do love the musical Hamilton, this will blow you out of the fucking water. I don't know how he's going to be able to top episode two.

Joel: Never seen Hamilton and I'm not sure how much desire I have to see it, but I'm sure the episodes great.

Chad: If you like history

Joel: I do.

Chad: And you like good music

Joel: And I love it in rap form.

Chad: And rap music, yes. Then yeah, it's definitely ... Julie listens to the soundtrack as she works out. I think that's her most listened to playlist right now.

Joel: I'm going to wait for the Disney original version to come out in a couple of years. Shout out to Cindy Sonya, our good buddy in the industry is now head of people at Camino, I think that's her official title now. But our buddies at Camino have added her to the roster and that's worth the shoutout.

Chad: Yeah. Good for her man. That's awesome. Last shout out from me, I have to say, shout out to us because last week