Coming Clean w/ Arran Stewart founder Arran Stewart has been busy making acquisitions - or at least promising acquisitions - since his company appeared on Death Match in Austin a few years ago.

Needless to say, Chad & Cheese have some questions, focused on the recent acquisitions of HireVergence and Talenting, as well as hoping to get to the bottom of the whole blockchain in employment issue. Is destined to default to job board status, or can they fill the innovation shoes its founder keeps promising? Maybe somewhere in the middle?

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Chad (0s):

So we can talk about traffic. What, what are you seeing in the differences between Google For Jobs traffic versus organic?

Arran (8s):

Yeah. So Google for Jobs traffic is much higher than organic.

INTRO (11s):

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Joel (31s):

Aw. Yeah, let's get to the bottom of this crypto questions. Shall we welcome everybody? I am Joel Cheeseman. Co-host of your favorite podcasts joined as always by my cohost Chad Sowash. This is the Chad and Cheese podcast. And today we welcome, (applause) Arran Stewartt, founder and CVO of CVO means Chief Victory Officer? Chief Visionary Officer?

Chad (1m 0s):

They take the pandemic serious. This is the Chief Viral Officer of

Arran (1m 7s):

Correct. It's a newly, newly invented role. That's what it is.

Chad (1m 11s):

Visionary. Right?

Arran (1m 13s):

Visionary, Chief Visionary Officer. Yes.

Joel (1m 15s):

That's sexy. Chief Visionary Officer. Very nice. Nice. Welcome back, Aaron. You agreed to come on the show, even as Texas fades into the sunset you're you're out of power. You have no water, like you're at a hotel room?

Arran (1m 32s):


Joel (1m 33s):

What's the state of Texas, right now?

Arran (1m 35s):

Yeah. I mean, it's, it's a pretty, sorry, a fair. And obviously, you know, all jokes aside, there are a lot of people, vulnerable people that are actually kind of in some trouble right now, which is kind of worrying, but yeah, so we should, we should acknowledge that. But fortunately my wife and my children and I are now in a hotel, but yeah, we've been without power and without water for well water a week, power on and off throughout the week. And yeah, it's and we're still in the hotel because the tenancies aren't back up running.

Joel (2m 2s):

How many kids, you have Aaron?

Arran (2m 3s):

4.2 billion children by the feel of things. I'd have thought. I have five kids, everybody, and they're age from 11, right through to one years old. So as you can imagine, not being able to have any water, bathrooms, washing bottles this year, it's been a, it's been a pretty brutal week, that's for sure.

Chad (2m 23s):

You, you came obviously from across the pond and, and tell us and tell our listeners what you told us.

Arran (2m 31s):

My naive assumption was that being kind of the richest state, in the richest country, in the world, that six inches worth of snow, wouldn't be enough to throw it over. But obviously it is more than more than enough to throw over for an entire week. And obviously being British, I'm used to terrible weather about 99.9% of the time. And yeah, I was not pleasantly surprised to see everything kind of fall apart so much. And I think in all honesty, listening to the governor, I think it's a little bit embarrassing for Texas, in some respects because, you know,

Joel (3m 5s):

Blaming it on renewable energy was probably a bad decision.

Chad (3m 9s):

What a douche bag.

Joel (3m 11s):

As was Ted Cruz going to Cabo or Cancun or whatever.

Arran (3m 15s):

Ted Cruz? I mean, what are you doing, man? You know, I know what I'll do in the middle of a crisis we'll just go to Cancun.

Joel (3m 22s):

That's what Churchill did in World War I. Wasn't it? He went to Cabo or Bora Bora or where was it? Yeah, I'm getting the fuck out of here. Forget these air raids.

Arran (3m 31s):

Yeah. Yeah. But one thing's for sure. I would not have missed the Chad and Cheese show.

Joel (3m 38s):

Aw, what a suck up. Very nice

Chad (3m 41s):


Joel (3m 42s):

Well we got questions.

Arran (3m 43s):

I'm sure you do.

Chad (3m 47s):

Questions, sucker Joel, go ahead and roll that beautiful bean footage. Let's get right into it.

Joel (3m 54s):

All right. Well let's so let's set up this sound bite. This was from death match two years ago?

Chad (4m 0s):

Yeah, 2019.

Joel (4m 1s):

In Austin, Texas. Yeah. And, and you had sort of painted a picture of a lot of acquisitions and agencies and what not. So let's go to this and then we'll sort of dig into the sound bite

Arran (4m 14s):

Based on some numbers that we projected, like we're enrolling up companies at the moment, so I'm buying out staffing agencies as we speak. We bought three staffing agencies this month.

Chad (4m 23s):


Arran (4m 24s):

No, no, I'm glad, I'm glad that you've done this because it's the perfect opportunity to explain.

Chad (4m 29s):

That's why you come on.

Arran (4m 31s):