Election Therapy 2020

We're not sure how much longer our livers can take 2020, and Election Day hasn't helped matters. In fact, it's making things worse, so what better opportunity for a little therapy than the weekly podcast? The boys discuss Trumpism, Kamala, the American Worker, LGBTQ wins, Sausage Kings, Russians and crossbows. Wait, what?!?!?! You'll want to stick around till the end, trust me.

Always a winner on Election Day? Jobvite, JobAdx, and Sovren.


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INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (21s):

I'm not quite sure my liver can put up with more of this, but here we go. Welcome to the Chad and Cheese podcast everybody. I'm your cohost Joel "Too Close to Call" Cheeseman.

Chad (34s):

And I'm Chad "Tell Me When Somebody Hits 270" Sowash.

Joel (38s):

On this week's show what else? The election! Winners, losers, maybe a stiff drink or two. And we'll end with sausages and crossbows.

Chad (49s):

Is that a porn?

Joel (50s):

Enjoy this ad while I go buy more shares of Brown Forman, I sat on the rocks.

Sovren (56s):

You already know that Sovren makes the world's best resume CV parser, but did you know that Sovren also makes the world's best AI matching engine? Only Sovren's AI matching engine goes beyond the buzzwords. With Sovren you control how the engine thinks with every match the Sovren engine tells you what matched and exactly how each matching document was scored. And if you don't agree with the way it's scored the matches, you can simply move some sliders to tell it, to score the matches your way. No other engine on earth gives you that combination of insight and control. With Sovren, matching isn't some frustrating "black box, trust us, it's magic, one shot deal" like all the others. No, with Sovren, matching is completely understandable, completely controllable, and actually kind of fun. Sovren ~ software so human you'll want to take it to dinner.

Joel (1m 58s):

I'm sorry. We have to backtrack. Is that porn? I said Brown Forman and not forearm.

Chad (2m 4s):

Yeah, I'm sorry. You said you say, you said sausages and crossbows. I wasn't sure.

Joel (2m 9s):

That my bad, my bad. All right. I'm a little bit drained as most of us Americans are. So forgive us. Forgive us, forgive us. Or at least me, if we're a little slow, slow today. Yeah. New Sovren ad, new Sovren tech, a new Sovren giveaway coming soon, teaser there. But yeah, sovereign is going to be a big part of our 2020 goodbye song.

Chad (2m 30s):

They've been behind the scenes. Pretty much powering everything on the vendor side, either from a parsing or a matching standpoint or both. And now they're doing more and to be able to actually see the product and then also see all the hooks and the APIs and all that man, those guys are going to be fucking gone gangbusters.

Joel (2m 49s):

Yeah. And everyone will think we're biased, which in some ways we are. But even if they weren't a big supporter of the show, Sovren's been the gold standard for a lot of this stuff for a long time.

Chad (3m 0s):

Fuck Yeah!

Joel (3m 1s):

And everybody uses them. They're under the radar, but yeah, they're, they're coming out baby. 2021 might be their year to, to shine.

Chad (3m 9s):

Yup. Yup. Well, quick, quick announcement for all of those who go to Chadcheese.com, just so you know, it's going through a major renovation right now. Some of the walls are getting knocked down, getting a little paint, you know, trying to get that walk-in closet Joel's always wanted. So if you're looking to be able to, for, for new content, just subscribe, you can do that on Apple, Spotify, Google. And when we finally get this pulled together with Shaker, who's doing the hard in the heavy lifting. We'll let everybody know, but until then contents gonna stay pretty stagnant on the website, But soon, Oh, big unveil baby.

Joel (3m 54s):

And this isn't just lipstick on a pig. We didn't just throw in a different theme to the website. This is a legitimate professional redesign and big, big ups to Shaker for helping us out on a, on this project. They've been awesome! For sure!

Chad (4m 11s):


Joel (4m 12s):


Chad (4m 14s):


Joel (4m 16s):

Dude, Jo Lockwood. First of all, I gotta say that. It's like, if you haven't already heard the show with Jo, go back to the archives, check it out. But she is in the hospital for an acute pancreatitis. She's lovingly sharing all this with everybody, but it sounds like she's having a rough time. So Jo, keep the faith, stay strong. You'll get through it and yeah, we're, we're rooting for you for sure.

Chad (4m 42s):

Get well soon, Jo, we miss ya! A big SHOUT OUT to Alpar Major over at Smart Dreamers in Romania. He loves the no bullshit style of podcast. Well Alpar, we, we kind of do too.

Joel (4m 58s):

We do love that RNL Recruiters Nation Live the Jobvite event. They're gone virtual this year. I've been invited to come speak it's December 10th. More information will be forthcoming, but wanted to, to get that on the, the shout-out slash travel. I know we saved travel and events till the end, but it's a fucked up week. So I'm gonna throw it in at the beginning.

Chad (5m 20s):

SHOUT OUT to Tim Sackett who wore his new Chad and Cheese tee at the gym while working out and is now trying to sell it on eBay. Tim, I've got to tell you, man, going to Planet Fitness on pizza day is not a fucking workout ok?

Joel (5m 37s):

I thought he was selling on, on his Only Fans website, which I hear is not very profitable for him, but either way more, more t-shirts out there. Isabelle, Kent, Jeremy Roberts, our buddy, and John Thurman, I think were out there. Isabelle major, major ups for like putting in the JobAdX a little slash you know, thing in her picture. So she's a marketing gal and she knows to get that plug in there. Cause she knows that we'd share that. So thanks for wearing the shirts, everybody. And if you want your own Whoa, Chad and Cheese t-shirt you gotta head out to chadcheese.com/free. That's Chadcheese.com/free.

Joel (6m 18s):

We'll put you on the list. We'll draw names. We'll throw darts, whatever you might want a t-shirt

Chad (6m 24s):

And Jeremy comes off the naughty list by the way. So Jeremy's back in the good graces. He remember he actually had that picture where it had blocks over his face. Like he was in the witness protection program or something it's been rectified this week. So, but I'd like to say, Jeremy, don't let it happen again, man. Come on man!

Joel (6m 47s):

SHOUT OUT to Jennifer Shanahan is our first ever BeerDrop winner sponsored by our buddies at AdZoona who want to make sure 2020 is just a little bit better with alcohol. We are in the process of getting a zoom tasting scheduled. So be on the lookout for that. Jennifer, we appreciate you. And you're going to have a good weekend for sure.

Chad (7m 15s):

Yes. And I actually selected some of the beers. I couldn't bite. I didn't get them all because I think we sent her like 20 fucking beers. I got a select group myself, just to make sure that I can taste the same types of beers that she has. I can't wait for that one.

Joel (7m 30s):

Yeah. Yeah. I've got my eye on the skull crusher. I'm interested, excited about that.

Chad (7m 37s):

Big SHOUT OUT to Gareth Peterson and the crew at Caroo, C-A-R-O-O over in the UK, they posted their first episode of Hire Wars Return of the Job Eye that is the worst ever. It's one of the worst/best things on the internet today. I've already shared it all over the socials. Just the bad dry UK humor all over the place. It's - You got to watch it.

Joel (8m 8s):

For sure. For sure. If you're not getting news and Chad and Cheese in your pocket, I know it's outside of, you know, politics and all that good stuff. News has been a little bit weak this this week, but make sure that you're signed up to get texts and alerts from us on your phone, in your pocket. You want to text the, the letter CC to (833) 799-0321. That's the letters CC (833) 799-0321. All right.

Chad (8m 39s):