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Election Therapy 2020

We're not sure how much longer our livers can take 2020, and Election Day hasn't helped matters. In fact, it's making things worse, so what better opportunity for a little therapy than the weekly podcast? The boys discuss Trumpism, Kamala, the American Worker, LGBTQ wins, Sausage Kings, Russians and crossbows. Wait, what?!?!?! You'll want to stick around till the end, trust me.

Always a winner on Election Day? Jobvite, JobAdx, and Sovren.


INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (21s):

I'm not quite sure my liver can put up with more of this, but here we go. Welcome to the Chad and Cheese podcast everybody. I'm your cohost Joel "Too Close to Call" Cheeseman.

Chad (34s):

And I'm Chad "Tell Me When Somebody Hits 270" Sowash.

Joel (38s):

On this week's show what else? The election! Winners, losers, maybe a stiff drink or two. And we'll end with sausages and crossbows.

Chad (49s):

Is that a porn?

Joel (50s):

Enjoy this ad while I go buy more shares of Brown Forman, I sat on the rocks.

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Joel (1m 58s):

I'm sorry. We have to backtrack. Is that porn? I said Brown Forman and not forearm.

Chad (2m 4s):

Yeah, I'm sorry. You said you say, you said sausages and crossbows. I wasn't sure.

Joel (2m 9s):

That my bad, my bad. All right. I'm a little bit drained as most of us Americans are. So forgive us. Forgive us, forgive us. Or at least me, if we're a little slow, slow today. Yeah. New Sovren ad, new Sovren tech, a new Sovren giveaway coming soon, teaser there. But yeah, sovereign is going to be a big part of our 2020 goodbye song.

Chad (2m 30s):

They've been behind the scenes. Pretty much powering everything on the vendor side, either from a parsing or a matching standpoint or both. And now they're doing more and to be able to actually see the product and then also see all the hooks and the APIs and all that man, those guys are going to be fucking gone gangbusters.

Joel (2m 49s):

Yeah. And everyone will think we're biased, which in some ways we are. But even if they weren't a big supporter of the show, Sovren's been the gold standard for a lot of this stuff for a long time.

Chad (3m 0s):

Fuck Yeah!

Joel (3m 1s):

And everybody uses them. They're under the radar, but yeah, they're, they're coming out baby. 2021 might be their year to, to shine.

Chad (3m 9s):

Yup. Yup. Well, quick, quick announcement for all of those who go to, just so you know, it's going through a major renovation right now. Some of the walls are getting knocked down, getting a little paint, you know, trying to get that walk-in closet Joel's always wanted. So if you're looking to be able to, for, for new content, just subscribe, you can do that on Apple, Spotify, Google. And when we finally get this pulled together with Shaker, who's doing the hard in the heavy lifting. We'll let everybody know, but until then contents gonna stay pretty stagnant on the website, But soon, Oh, big unveil baby.

Joel (3m 54s):

And this isn't just lipstick on a pig. We didn't just throw in a different theme to the website. This is a legitimate professional redesign and big, big ups to Shaker for helping us out on a, on this project. They've been awesome! For sure!

Chad (4m 11s):


Joel (4m 12s):


Chad (4m 14s):


Joel (4m 16s):

Dude, Jo Lockwood. First of all, I gotta say that. It's like, if you haven't already heard the show with Jo, go back to the archives, check it out. But she is in the hospital for an acute pancreatitis. She's lovingly sharing all this with everybody, but it sounds like she's having a rough time. So Jo, keep the faith, stay strong. You'll get through it and yeah, we're, we're rooting for you for sure.

Chad (4m 42s):

Get well soon, Jo, we miss ya! A big SHOUT OUT to Alpar Major over at Smart Dreamers in Romania. He loves the no bullshit style of podcast. Well Alpar, we, we kind of do too.

Joel (4m 58s):

We do love that RNL Recruiters Nation Live the Jobvite event. They're gone virtual this year. I've been invited to come speak it's December 10th. More information will be forthcoming, but wanted to, to get that on the, the shout-out slash travel. I know we saved travel and events till the end, but it's a fucked up week. So I'm gonna throw it in at the beginning.

Chad (5m 20s):

SHOUT OUT to Tim Sackett who wore his new Chad and Cheese tee at the gym while working out and is now trying to sell it on eBay. Tim, I've got to tell you, man, going to Planet Fitness on pizza day is not a fucking workout ok?

Joel (5m 37s):

I thought he was selling on, on his Only Fans website, which I hear is not very profitable for him, but either way more, more t-shirts out there. Isabelle, Kent, Jeremy Roberts, our buddy, and John Thurman, I think were out there. Isabelle major, major ups for like putting in the JobAdX a little slash you know, thing in her picture. So she's a marketing gal and she knows to get that plug in there. Cause she knows that we'd share that. So thanks for wearing the shirts, everybody. And if you want your own Whoa, Chad and Cheese t-shirt you gotta head out to That's

Joel (6m 18s):

We'll put you on the list. We'll draw names. We'll throw darts, whatever you might want a t-shirt

Chad (6m 24s):

And Jeremy comes off the naughty list by the way. So Jeremy's back in the good graces. He remember he actually had that picture where it had blocks over his face. Like he was in the witness protection program or something it's been rectified this week. So, but I'd like to say, Jeremy, don't let it happen again, man. Come on man!

Joel (6m 47s):

SHOUT OUT to Jennifer Shanahan is our first ever BeerDrop winner sponsored by our buddies at AdZoona who want to make sure 2020 is just a little bit better with alcohol. We are in the process of getting a zoom tasting scheduled. So be on the lookout for that. Jennifer, we appreciate you. And you're going to have a good weekend for sure.

Chad (7m 15s):

Yes. And I actually selected some of the beers. I couldn't bite. I didn't get them all because I think we sent her like 20 fucking beers. I got a select group myself, just to make sure that I can taste the same types of beers that she has. I can't wait for that one.

Joel (7m 30s):

Yeah. Yeah. I've got my eye on the skull crusher. I'm interested, excited about that.

Chad (7m 37s):

Big SHOUT OUT to Gareth Peterson and the crew at Caroo, C-A-R-O-O over in the UK, they posted their first episode of Hire Wars Return of the Job Eye that is the worst ever. It's one of the worst/best things on the internet today. I've already shared it all over the socials. Just the bad dry UK humor all over the place. It's - You got to watch it.

Joel (8m 8s):

For sure. For sure. If you're not getting news and Chad and Cheese in your pocket, I know it's outside of, you know, politics and all that good stuff. News has been a little bit weak this this week, but make sure that you're signed up to get texts and alerts from us on your phone, in your pocket. You want to text the, the letter CC to (833) 799-0321. That's the letters CC (833) 799-0321. All right.

Chad (8m 39s):

The last for me an event, we're going to close the year out with our last round three of Friendly Discourse. That's on November 17th at 2:00 PM. Eastern. This topic for this month is going to be Robots versus Humans. Come on, man. Jim pleads, his case on why robots, algorithms and automation will never take over recruiting. And I get to play the bad guy and tell Jim he'd better be voting for universal basic income soon. Watch the socials for other registration details and come check it out.

Joel (9m 19s):

Love it. Okay. My last, a SHOUT OUT, I'm just, I'm going to shout out to the, the election process in our country. My wife is some of, you know, got her American citizenship this year. She's a dual Canadian, U S citizen. She has jumped head first into democracy here. She worked the polls. She's getting her whole experience, you know, voted for the first time. Got super excited about the little sticker you get to where, you know, it's a little bit old for me, but she's super excited. Anyway, I think, I think so far through this whole thing, it's been pretty smooth. The process is working as it should. This voter fraud, shit is garbage.

Joel (10m 1s):

We're soldiering on. And I think that speaks a lot to the system and I I'm hopeful that it will continue to work as it should. We will have a winner as, as we should. And that will, there will be a knock on wood, peaceful transformation of power. If that's what happens at this point of doing this show, Nevada is still out, out there, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, a lot of States that are going to decide this thing and it's up in the air. So wherever it happens, I'm hopeful that America will find its better self in terms of getting all this done. And the election process has been, I think A+

Chad (10m 43s):

I have to say she was slammed into the whole process and it was more like being slammed into a brick wall, I would say, right? I mean, she, she was working the polls and for the most part, I, I think she, she started to understand what you're surrounded by here in the state of Indiana.

Joel (11m 4s):

I mean, some highlights from her, her experience. She was, there was six total, I believe in the precinct. She was the only Democrat of the list. Now we live in a very Republican area, so that's not a super surprise.

Chad (11m 18s):

The entire state.

Joel (11m 19s):

The entire state, but certainly Northern Indianapolis for sure. A Democrat and a Republican have to take the votes together to the, to the, the County commissioner's office. So it was cool. Like she was, she was the token Democrat.

Chad (11m 32s):

Part of the process.

Joel (11m 34s):

Yeah. That took the votes there. So she got to see it firsthand. She wants to be a voter or a vote counter next time. So she can experience, you know, hopefully it will be much less stressful next year.

Chad (11m 45s):

Yeah. So, this has been big from the standpoint of our kids too, because they're seeing this right. There's, there's just a big impact and it's an incredibly divisive time. What of, what kind of conversations have you had any conversations with the kids? Have they asked you about any of this? I mean what's the what's happening at the Cheeseman house?

Joel (12m 7s):

Yeah. So the three-year-old could give a shit, which is kind of a nice little reprieve from all the stress and everything.

Chad (12m 13s):

That goes without saying.

Joel (12m 14s):

Like to see pictures of him on the playground is like, he doesn't give a shit about any of this. Like it's a nice escape. The, the older kids, 14 and 11, as you know, I'm divorced. I have not seen them since the election. I will see them today. So we'll, we'll talk about that. I think, you know, for me, the takeaway on the kid side is that it's depressing for them to see quote, unquote "politics or government" as sort of this, you know, governing through Twitter. You know, the news news getting thrown under the bus, sort of lies. And you know, when you and I grew up at, at the same age, you may not have agreed with the other side, but at least people, they carried themselves with a certain level of class.

Joel (12m 58s):

You know, you know, I grew up with Reagan, Bush, you know, there was a quorum there that, that has been lost and I feel badly for young people that don't know what it should kind of look like or what it's looked like for 200 plus years, to see it now and think, Oh, that's government, because it isn't. And you know, if nothing else for me and I made this clear in the election election show and we can get into our, our horrible predictions there if we want to. But for me, it's like getting Trump out of here is going back to government, at least as we, we know it as, you know, classy people that treated each other with some, a bit of respect, get back to that, I think that's important.

Joel (13m 40s):

And I'll certainly talk to the kids call is jokingly supported Kanye through all this. So he is sort of interested from afar or at least as, as a 13, 14 year old can do it. But yeah, you have older kids. What have you told them?

Chad (13m 54s):

Two in college? And it's more listening than it is telling, right. We've got one who's actually a poly-psy major in, at ONU in Northwest Ohio. And she obviously has a lot of venting and which, which makes sense. I mean, she's been incredibly vested in this whole process, during the entire time for the elections. And then my youngest daughter, who is a freshmen, we actually had a video call last night and she was visibly shaken, because of the turnout. I mean, we, we all felt at least in the, in the, in the family at home, that the early numbers meant that the country was correcting its mistake in a major way.

Chad (14m 37s):

And that just wasn't the case. So, you know, it, it was, it was hard. And then last but not least, you know, we have our son, that's a senior in high school. He's gay, you know, so there's some impact all the way around both girls voted this time, the very first time they voted for a presidential candidate and they feel like they're a part of the process. So I think from our standpoint, there's definitely, you know, helping them understand, keep your head up. We've got to keep trudging and driving through this to, to what we feel is right. But it's not easy.

Joel (15m 12s):

Yup. So let's, let's, let's touch on the election show real quick. We were both ridiculously wrong.

Chad (15m 18s):

It was wishful thinking.

Joel (15m 20s):

Take me to you watching sort of the early results, Florida coming in and, and Ohio sort of going Republican after it looked like maybe it was going to do do a 180 from last year, sort of take me through your thoughts on election night as it was unfolding.

Chad (15m 35s):

Yeah, I know, I knew it was the long game, but I was hoping for the short game in, you know, as, as I just said, you know, with the kids in our hope here in the family and, and you know, my prediction was definitely wishful thinking and very hopeful for this country and it didn't shake out that way. So it really hurt. I still feel and felt like Biden has a much better chance of, of winning. But, but overall, I mean, it's a soul crusher when nearly half of the country is voting for the chaos and idiocracy that we've experienced over the last four years.

Chad (16m 15s):

And, and how can that not hurt somebody who really feels like, you know, we're some of the best in the world.

Joel (16m 22s):

Yeah. I think, you know, I was hoping that at the end of the night, we'd be able to say Mulligan and our bad and be able to sort of move on. That's not the case.

Chad (16m 32s):

This will shake out during the show. So let's get into the winners and the losers.

Joel (16m 36s):

Fair enough. I got a lot of shit to get off my chest, Chad. I'm sorry if I'm, if I'm feeling all right, let's, let's get to our, what do you want to do? Winners or losers?

Chad (16m 48s):


Joel (16m 49s):

Winners. Okay. So we're going to, we're going to do this sort of tennis style. I'm going to go through my, one of my winners and vice versa, and we'll go, we're doing three each and then we'll take a break and then we'll get to the losers, which is obviously much more exciting. Anyway. So, so my winners, number one is gig economy platforms. One of the few bits of news from the election night was, out of California in terms of employment, was Uber, Lyft, Door Dash and others, Postmates, I believe spent upwards of a half, $500 million, I think, to defeat sort of legislation that would treat gig workers like employees.

Joel (17m 30s):

Obviously, if someone's an employee, you know, there's all kinds of benefits that they're, that they're owed under the law here in the US in terms of unemployment insurance, possible health insurance, being able to, to hold the hold, these companies under laws that, that normally they wouldn't, if they're doing contract, which is essentially what they do now. So from a winner standpoint, I think that the gig economy platforms had a huge win. And I was personally shocked that California, the most progressive state, arguably in the country, you know, opted to basically side with the gig economy platforms, as opposed to the workers.

Joel (18m 12s):

And now the, you know, the, the reaction to that is going to be, you know, state after state gig economy platform after gig economy platform, there's precedent. Now they're all basically going to be able to run free as, as they are today with contract workers. We're seeing obviously the stocks, stocks of all those companies go, you know, go through the roof in the past 24 or 48 hours. So they're a big winner. And that that's one of my few employment related topics from, from this show. But that was a big winner for me, thoughts.

Chad (18m 46s):

Money buys, votes. That's one of the reasons why our democracy is so fucked up and broken right now, when you can spend $500 million plus on advertising and propaganda in bullshit, as opposed to actually paying your people. That is what we are here in America today. And that says more, about not just California, but our entire system, than most anything else that happened. Yeah.

Joel (19m 17s):

You know, I'm a little bit on the fence. I'm a little less married to sort of your position on this, because I do think there there's a level of being a contract worker is a positive and big being able to, you know, pick your own, pick your own hours and pick they own comp you know, the companies and the gigs and whatever platforms you want to be a part of and, and have that freedom to do that. The other side of me thinks, or the other side of me realizes look until we get sort of a national healthcare system where gig workers can at least have the safety net of if they get in a wreck while traveling an Uber, that they can go to the hospital and get fixed, or if their family gets sick. There's not that, you know, that thing to worry about that has to be solved at some point.

Joel (20m 1s):

And to me, to me, a symptom or something that needs to happen because of this, this ruling is that there needs to be some healthcare legislation to help folks that are, that are giggers if you will. So.

Chad (20m 13s):

It's hard, not having healthcare wherever you're at. My big winner. This is knocking on wood, hoping that the numbers stay true and Biden still wins is science. Science in medicine, so scientists, doctors, and the people who want to beat COVID. So the country can get our damned economic engines running. Again yesterday we topped over 100,000 COVID cases and over 1600 deaths in one day. So this has been, you know, this has always been a healthcare emergency that impacted the economy, never an economic emergency with a side of virus.

Chad (20m 58s):

And that's the thing. We don't have leadership now that has focused on the root of a problem, which has been the pandemic. We focused on making money, which is, again, one of the reasons why we're in the shitstorm that we are because we're focusing on money instead of people. And so hopefully again, Biden wins and science and medicine starts to take over. And then we get our fucking economy back.

Joel (21m 26s):

I look at this a little bit in different to you, to me again, it, it, it went back to believing that there might be a blue wave, right? Like we're going to make everything right. That was wrong. And one of those rights that I thought we were going to, to set straight was we're going to, we're going to vote with science. The candidate who says, you know, doctors are idiots, the one who lets it lets their pep rally people, you know, shout out Fire Fauci, Fire Fauci, Fire Fauci,, and have him be like, Oh, just get me through the election. And we'll take care of Fauci,. Like the animosity that that side has shown science. And the fact that they got 50% of the vote basically tells me that, that people, a lot of people don't believe in science and they're not siding with science.

Joel (22m 10s):

So I would almost, I almost put science as a loser in my bracket. So we, we differ a little bit on that. Obviously, if Biden wins, that's a big win for science. But as, as of today, we'll see what happens. It's still uncertain.

Chad (22m 25s):


Joel (22m 26s):

All right. Winter for me in light of what I just said is Trumpism. Again, I really believed that was going to be just a real thumbs down on Trump, his politics, the way that he does things. Boy was I wrong. Trump ism is alive and well for those that are just following the presidential stuff. We, the Republicans actually gained seats in the house. The Senate is not going to flip. So even if Trump does not get elected, his ideology and his maybe way of doing politics is not going anywhere. And I've even seen opinion pieces that say he could run again in 2024, and let's not forget we have an entire Trump family just waiting to become Congress, you know, Congress, people and senators, and who knows what else?

Joel (23m 19s):

So, you know, to me, a big winner in this, although maybe the rest of us are losers is Trumpism. And we're going to have to live with that for the foreseeable future.

Chad (23m 29s):

Which is why I'm glad. My next winner is cannabis.

Applause (23m 32s):

Clapping and cheering.

Chad (23m 35s):

Of the five States that voted on cannabis four States approved the legal recreational marijuana for adults 21 and older. That's New Jersey.

Joel (23m 46s):

Was Indiana on the list?

Chad (23m 48s):

Yeah, Indiana will be the only state that will be be behind Indiana in this whole conversation is Alabama

Joel (23m 57s):

Or Utah. I'm going in Utah as the last good last stand.

Chad (24m 1s):

Newton, New Jersey, Montana, Mississippi, South Dakota, recreational and medical, Arizona, and Oregon is the first state to legalize regulated medicinal use of,

Joel (24m 17s):

Did you say, did you say Mississippi or was that a, was that a misspoken?

Chad (24m 21s):

Yeah. Mississippi is for medical only, medicinal, but still Mississippi marijuana. You can't, it can't can't can't believe it. So psilocybin AKA magic mushrooms with the medical use will come after a two year development period in Oregon. Oregon has passed a measure that decriminalizes small amounts of street drugs, making offenses similar to traffic violations. Crimes that are associated with drug use, such as manufacturing, drugs, selling drugs, and driving under the influence are still criminal offenses. But more than a hundred organizations endorsed the measure, including the Oregon chapter of the American College of Physicians, Oregon Nurses, Associations, just a bunch of different ones, but multiple countries in Europe, including Portugal, the Netherlands and Switzerland have decriminalized hard drugs without rampid effects.

Chad (25m 23s):

A 2015 European drug report also found that Portugal's drug overdose rate is five times lower than the European average. So as we all look at this and think of war on drugs, and this is your brain, and this is your brain on drugs, you know, that that has been the propaganda that's been shoved into our brains for decades.

Joel (25m 49s):

Since our lifetime, the war on drugs has been at the forefront of, of policy in this country and you and I lived it, we live Nancy. Reagan's Just Say No to Drugs. Marijuana is a gateway to heroin and everything else was scary as shit when Chad and I grew up and it is slowly unfolded into not being so bad and being legalized and Oh, States that legalize it, you know, don't go straight to hell. So this phenomenon of drugs and the war on drugs and decriminalization and, you know, social workers instead of handcuffs is probably a really good thing that the world is, is going through.

Joel (26m 34s):

And so, yeah, th taking away the, the criminalization and the negative aspects of drug use in this country is, is a long time coming. It's really interesting to see government and politics be at the forefront of, of all this stuff happening.

Chad (26m 49s):

We have 5%, around 5% of the world population and 25% of incarcerated individuals.

Joel (26m 58s):

You know, it's weird that private companies that are jails also make more money. If there are more prisoners, it's kind of weird how that, that works. Yeah.

Chad (27m 7s):

Yeah. And one in three black males in the US will be incarcerated so that's the average versus one in 17 white males.

Joel (27m 17s):

Yeah. Yeah. All right. Well, my, my final winner in our winners category goes to the markets, or more specifically, maybe your 401k, the rich, the rich get richer. And the reason for that is basically: not much is going to change. Government is split. The world is divided. The political scene is, is very, it's just not adherent to change. I don't, I don't think we're going to see tax increases, whether it's Biden or Trump. I don't think we're going to see any new regulations. I think tariffs, assuming Biden gets into office will probably ease up a little bit, which is good for the 401ks and the markets.

Joel (28m 4s):

I think if you're invested in big tech, I think they're a big winner in this. I don't think there's going to be enough of a mandate and whoever's president to break up big tech or even maybe have common sense regulations around big tech. So a lot of those companies that have, you know, the five companies that are like 20% of the value of the fortune 500 are going to be, are going to be healthy. And people who own stocks are going to be pretty happy in the next four years. Although that leaves a lot of people out. The market holders, the stock owners, the business owners that are successful are going to have a pretty good time in the next four years, no matter who is in office.

Joel (28m 48s):

And they are my last winner.

Chad (28m 52s):

And remember everybody that 90% of the stocks are actually owned by the top 10% of earners. My last winners are treating people as people. So in Delaware, Sarah McBride became the first transgender state Senator in US history. In Tennessee, Torrey Harris and Eddie McMannis through they're they're on different sides of the aisle found common ground to make history and wins the serve in Tennessee. Taylor Small was elected to Vermont, the Vermont house of representatives, where she is a trans female, 26 years old.

Chad (29m 36s):

I mean, fucking crazy! New York elects two openly LGBTQ black members of Congress Ritchie Torres and Mondaire Jones, Georgia elects first openly LGBTQ state Senator Kim Jackson. And also they reelected who, Sam Park who came out while he was in. So he was, he was in much like Pete Buttigieg when he was mayor and he was reelected reelected after he came out out of the closet in Indiana. Kansas elects, first transgender lawmaker, Stephanie Byers, here's the rub.

Chad (30m 19s):

Okay. Those gay and trans people were always there. They can finally be themselves and come do their work as they are. I'll also say that, you know, I, I believe mayor Pete did have something to do with people understanding, and I don't want to say normalizing, cause it's always been normal. This is that they are who they are. And this, having more of these individuals that are actually either coming out while they're doing the work or going in to win these votes, I think is a huge win for our country.

Joel (30m 57s):

No doubt. And don't forget trailblazer openly gay Senator Lindsey Graham, who got reelected. Oh, wait a minute. I don't think that's right, my notes for a little bit worried on that. Well, we'll be right back everybody.

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Joel (31m 43s):


Chad (31m 44s):


Joel (31m 46s):

Losers! All right, your turn.

Chad (31m 48s):

Okay. The first, my first loser is the world stage. Many of us felt that America was the bright, shiny city on the Hill, but what we're now realizing is that Hill is lit by Tiki torches. The world cares. I mean, the amount of messages that I've received from all over the world, just this week was inspiring. They gave us a chance to rectify our major mistake. And Donald Trump will end up with more votes in 2020 than he had in 2016, which have demonstrated that we are not, the United States is not the moral high ground.

Chad (32m 30s):

We are not the eloquent answer to democracy. And we're sure as hell not the country to pattern yourself after. We were once, don't get wrong. And I'm hoping that we can stop beating our fucking chest long enough to finally fix the shit that's broken. That's the problem with America right now. We want to stand up and say, we are the biggest and we're the best, but we don't look down and see all the people that we're leaving behind. We don't want to see the people that are working their asses off, but they can't even afford rent. There's so much fucked up in this country and the world has been watching and we are losing leadership.

Joel (33m 15s):

Yeah. You know, I, I, I'm still optimistic on America. And you know, one of the things I tell my wife, who is a Canadian is especially down on sort of our position in the world. And it was just people forget, you know, four plus short years ago where Barack Obama was, you know, the envy and little, you know, the leader that everyone sort of loved and looked up to. Certainly he had his opponents here in the States, as well as globally. But, but he didn't embarrass anybody. He didn't insult anybody. He didn't grab anybody by the pussy. I mean, he was someone that we could all be, you know, really proud of.

Joel (33m 57s):

And, and I still think that, you know, if Biden gets in, we could do a 180 pretty quickly. Unfortunately the election as a whole did not go that way. And we really took the mascot by the way, the Tiki torch line was pretty good. I dunno how, how long you took to come up with that. That was nice. You know, we, we basically, you know, we took off the, the white hood, right. And this election, and we said, yeah, this is really who half of us are. We're divided. It's, it's really fucked up. You know, the, the thing we have going for us, I think is still our institutions. I mentioned the process in our SHOUT OUTS and I still think the way that we're doing the election will hold firm.

Joel (34m 36s):

I think our institutions are still strong. Our rule of law is still a thing I think is as nasty as a two-party system is it's still better than a single totalitarian system. And so I still believe in America, we've got some real issues. The, the racism is weird, but again, more blacks voted for Trump this time around. So it's a very confusing, divisive time in America. I think, you know, media and social media play a really interesting part in dividing us and keeping us divided. That's a different podcast, but yeah, that's a good loser. There's a void in the world.

Joel (35m 17s):

And we need to, to make sure that we don't let that be a void for too long, because I still think we're the best hope for the world. Call me, call me Pollyanna.

Chad (35m 29s):

Yeah. You're also a white man in the United States. Nothing's changed much for you in the last 400 years. Remember Newsroom, when Jeff Daniels did that opening monologue?

Joel (35m 40s):


Chad (35m 40s):

That's the thing is in the numbers have probably changed a little bit, but not much. The United States, 7th in literacy, 27th in math, 22nd in science, 49th in life expectancy, 178 in infant mortality, 3rd in median income, 4th in labor force and number four and exports, the only three areas the United States leads is the number one or number one in incarcerated citizens per capita. Number one in adults who believe in angels are real and last but not least number one in defense spending where we outspend more than 26 other countries combined 25 of which are allies.

Chad (36m 28s):

We have a prioritization problem in this fucking country.

Joel (36m 33s):

I still believe there's nothing wrong with America that can't be fixed with what's right with America, but let's get to my loser showering. All right. How about the environment? Are you arguably the most important issue in, in mankind and humankind? Right. I don't remember it being discussed, but maybe five minutes in one of the debates. Clearly oil, you know, fossil fuels won, coal won, it's sort of these old, it's just, it's just bad for the environment. There there's no spotlight on, curing sort of the planet. Now I do think if Biden gets in, you know, it's good for alternative energy. I think it's good for companies that, that provide services, and products and that, and that in that sector, I think that there's probably going to be some really minor benefits for folks that, you know, buy electric cars or have solar panels or things like that, which have really been gutted in the last four years.

Joel (37m 32s):

But overall, a big loser in my mind is the environment. I don't think anything is going to change in the next four years. We're just going to get hotter and nastier and hurricanes and floods and wrath of God is going to continue. Thanks to 2020s election.

Chad (37m 49s):

I don't know that I want to add to that. My next loser is healthcare. When you mentioned it before, nothing will be completed legislatively to provide more American's healthcare, because we won't have that really, that blue wave that we were hoping would happen so that we have control. We can make some major changes. We know Mitch McConnell's dumb assets in there won't allow anything to happen. Literally in the next four years. We need a vehicle to someday extract sole access of healthcare benefits from traditional employers. Our country is sicker because of the rise of employers, gaming part-time workers or gig gig workers.

Joel (38m 34s):


Chad (38m 35s):

Poorer, healthcare is too damned expensive and less innovative because healthcare is not portable. So Americans are hesitant to change or change jobs or start up companies.

Joel (38m 49s):

Yeah. There's probably nothing more broken in our country and less like further away from being fixed than healthcare.

Chad (38m 56s):

Mass incarceration.

Joel (38m 57s):

But yeah, my next loser is a Kamala. Kamala Harris.

Chad (39m 4s):

It's Kamala, but go ahead. Okay. Sorry.

Joel (39m 10s):

My next loser Kamala Harris. And here's why if the Democrats thought that we would be in an environment in America to accept a black woman as president in 2024, I think that this election highlighted the fact that it is not, I would also probably throw Pete Buttigieg in there, whereas we thought, Hey, the, the country is okay like, we're, we're more progressive than this. We aren't, so the Democrats, I think really have to look deep inside in terms of 2024 and, and who they're going to put, put up for, for, for the presidency.

Joel (39m 51s):

Obviously Kamala is going to be up there, but I'm not sure America based on this election is ready for a black woman to be president. Yeah.

Chad (39m 59s):

Yeah. What we need is the Lincoln Project to really take over and really face how Democrats do business this coming from a time Republican turn Democrat because of this fucking idiot in the White House right now. In the Lincoln Project is nothing but a bunch of Republicans, who feel like I do. Yeah. The biggest issue. And this is one of the things that Julie hates me saying is, is Democrats do one thing really well and that's lose. They don't know how to prepare a message. They don't know how to focus and be disciplined. They love people and they want to be able to help people.

Chad (40m 41s):

And I love that about them, but they need the Lincoln Project and people like that to get their asses disciplined and focused on keeping their eyes on the prize.

Joel (40m 53s):

I think you, you touched on something really interesting, and that is sort of the splintering of parties that I see happening today. So you, you have the Trumpists who are the Republican flag bearers, right. And, and that Trump ism is something that I don't really recognize very much as Republican doctrine. And of course you have the Progressive's on the other end with AOC, Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, and the like, and then you have sort of disengaged or, or, you know, Republicans like Colin Powell and Mitt Romney and John Casick out of Ohio, who sort of like, where do I fit?

Joel (41m 33s):

And I think there are a lot of, I think I would probably put you in that group as I would probably put myself in and what happens to them? Do they be, you know, like you became a Democrat. So I think does more of those swing over to the, to the Democratic Party, do more Democrats, you know, white working class folks go to Republican know Trumpism and the Republican Party. The splintering is really interesting. And whereas I thought if Trump was going to be totally outed, a blue wave was going to happen and maybe Trump ism will die and Republicans will have a, a come to Jesus moment and, and get back to their roots that apparently is not going to happen. So what happens to that sort of traditional Jack Kemp, Ronald Reagan, Republican is really up in the air right now and that'll be sort of interesting to watch in my opinion.

Chad (42m 21s):

I think we thought that was going to happen in this election, but it didn't right. We thought that, the cult of personality, people were, the base were going to stay there, but everybody else was either going to do one or two things are going to not vote, or they were going to the, to join the Republicans, like, you know, the, the, the Lincoln Project or that the Democrats like the, the Lincoln project and so on and so forth. But that didn't happen. So, you know, I I'd like to say that I believe what you're feeling, but I can't, I just can't.

Joel (42m 51s):

Yeah. There's just going to be a new group of raging moderates, I think.

Chad (42m 56s):

Which is what we need right now, because we need moderates because everybody's on the fucking fringe, either on the left or the right. We need something to pull people back to the middle so that we can start the compromise that we haven't seen for shit at least eight.

Joel (43m 13s):

Yeah. Yeah. We'll give us your last loser.

Chad (43m 15s):

My last loser is the American worker. We can go ahead and, and kind of like put this off of prop 22, but without a unified and legislated approach to wages, equity, and transparency, we are going to continue down this rabbit hole of bullshit marketing and corporate gaslighting, which continues to funnel $2.5 trillion to the top 1% every year, without it ever trickling down to the middle and working class Americans. Companies say they want equity and diversity, although they aren't transparent.

Chad (43m 55s):

Well, you can't have it both fucking ways people you're either lying or you're transparent. And that is what we need to focus on to be able to help the American worker. But unfortunately, I think we've lost our way and prop 22 is that it is that signaling factor, I believe we are in big trouble in this country when it comes to workers.

Joel (44m 19s):

Yeah. And history is not very kind to empires countries, et cetera, that have this sort of divide between the haves and the have-nots.

Chad (44m 28s):

And it's getting bigger.

Joel (44m 29s):

Powder keg! Powder keg! Okay, my last one sort of, sort of fun, maybe. Pollsters. Pollsters are the big loser in this election. Good God we thought maybe they'd get their act together after the 2016. Psych! What is up with that industry? I mean, what I've read, it's a combination of like, no one has a landline anymore. Millennials don't answer the phone. If they don't know who you are, you know, the old days of like just going into the street and getting people's opinions, that doesn't happen anymore. So the whole, you either have to put a, you know, for, for entertainment purposes, only label on every pol;, or you really have to rethink how this business has done.

Joel (45m 13s):

Trafalgar seems to be like the only reputable company now doing it, the only one that's really even close. The other ones are really off and, you know, don't have a sustainable business if they keep getting shit this wrong election cycle after election cycle. So for me, pollsters.

Chad (45m 33s):

Come on Man.

Joel (45m 34s):

Let's take a break because this therapy session is going really well for me. And we'll talk Russians, sausage Kings, and crossbows stay tuned everybody!

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Joel (47m 37s):

As as bad as it is in America we're not whacking people with crossbows. It might be better if we did. Yeah. So check this news out. So a Russian oligarch reportedly nicknamed, the Sausage King, SHOUT OUT to Ferris. Bueller, was killed with a crossbow in his sauna after masked robbers broke into his home, investigators said Monday. The man and his wife were in their banya a traditional Russian sauna, outside Moscow when several masked men entered, tied them up and demanded, they give up the money kept in their home.


This is from the Russian investigative committee.

Joel (47m 40s):

So is there anything more Russian, than that shit?

Chad (47m 44s):

What I think happened really though, is Denzel Washington made that kill. You, have you seen the Equalizer? That was like the last part of the, the Equalizer. When I read this, I was like, Oh, that's fucking Denzel.

Joel (47m 56s):

Did he use a crossbow?

Chad (47m 58s):

No, but he could, because he was a master of all weapons.

Joel (48m 2s):

So a little, little funny story. When I lived in Phoenix, one day I went out for lunch and I was driving down the street and this is kind of timely because of Arizona freaking out over the election. But I was driving down the street and there was literally a dude, with a crossbow walking on the sidewalk! Like where else than fucking Arizona, will there be a crossbow armed dude, just walking down the street. And with that! WE OUT.

Chad (48m 29s):


Biden SFX:

Come on, man. Come on, man.

OUTRO (48m 33s):

Thank you for listening to, what's it called? The podcast with Chad, the Cheese. Brilliant. They talk about recruiting. They talk about technology, but most of all, they talk about nothing. Just a lot of Shout Outs of people, you don't even know and yet you're listening. It's incredible. And not one word about cheese, not one cheddar, blue, nacho, pepper jack, Swiss. So many cheeses and not one word. So weird. Any hoo be sure to subscribe today on iTunes, Spotify, Google play, or wherever you listen to your podcasts, that way you won't miss an episode. And while you're at it, visit just don't expect to find any recipes for grilled cheese. Is so weird. We out.


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