Exorcising Our Demons

Crazy shit has been going down, right?

What we need right now is a good exorcism but it's so damned hard to allow your demons out for everyone to see, let alone exorcise them. If you live in the U.S. or have been watching the events over the past four years the demons are out, but not even close to exorcised. The Chad & Cheese sit down with Torin Ellis for a series of very uncomfortable conversations that need to happen.

If you can't handle truth tellin' this interview with Torin Ellis might be too much for you, although it is something we all need. Sit back, listen, tweet, and do whatever it takes to unload as we all disagree, yet try to find our way back to common ground.

This Chad and Cheese counseling session is powered by Sovren, AI so smart it doesn't need this kind of drama.

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Chad (0s):

If you can't handle truth-telling this interview with Torin Ellis might be too much for you. Although it is something we all need. Sit back, listen, tweet, and do whatever it takes to unload as we all disagree yet, try to find our way back to common ground. This Chad and Cheese counseling session is powered by Sovren AI so smart it doesn't need this kind of drama.

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INTRO (1m 30s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (1m 50s):

Oh yeah. Checking in with Torin Ellis on the show, everybody. Hey, how's it going? You were listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast as usual. I'm your cohost Joel Cheeseman joined as always by my faithful cohost Chad Sowash and today you asked for it by back by popular demand, Torin Ellis diversity strategist and risk mitigation, professional Torin. Welcome back to the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Torin (2m 19s):

I'm just, I'm I'm wondering how popular was the demand has been like since September of 2018, like shit three years?

Joel (2m 29s):

Not much has happened since then.

Torin (2m 30s):

It must only been like three people that said, you know, bring that kid back, I wanna here his voice again, but you know, that's when you all were a little newer in your podcasting chops and so you got more listeners now, so it's all good.

Chad (2m 46s):

Dude, dude, we, we actually had a video with you in London last year. I think you're forgetting that we actually saw each other.

Torin (2m 55s):

Nope, Nope. That was July of 2019. You are actually forgetting. So see, look how long ago that was. That's almost 18 months ago.

Chad (3m 6s):

That's a while. Why haven't you come back onto Torin?

Torin (3m 9s):

Well, I would say that, you know, I think life has been a little bit different. First and foremost absolutely appreciate the both of you just, you know, thank you for spending a couple of moments with the voice of mine and what it is that I have to do to try to contribute. I would say that part of the reason why I hadn't been on is, you know, one of you had an incredible idea of hooking me up with this woman out of Indiana, by the name of Julie Sowash and said, you know, you should have a podcast around diversity and inclusion. And at the very same time, I was starting a show on Sirius XM. So literally within like days of one another, I'm launching a show on a syndicated platform, a podcast, trying to grow both of those audiences.

Torin (3m 54s):

So we've been working for a little bit.

Joel (3m 57s):

So you've been, you've blown up since meeting us is basically what you're saying.

Torin (4m 0s):

And you had something to do with it. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah, it wouldn't be, it wouldn't be right to not give attribution to a Chad and Cheese. Like literally I remember standing in London at that letter, having that conversation, we are all probably overdressed. Well, at least I know I was overdressed. I had on chinos and a button down shirt.

Joel (4m 23s):

It was hot as shit.

Torin (4m 25s):

You know, so certainly I was the one who was probably out of place if you will, but I absolutely appreciate the idea and it really has been, you know, Julia and I are now in our third year, speaking of which, congratulations, pre congratulations to you all for approaching yet another anniversary,

Chad (4m 45s):

It is four years.

Joel (4m 46s):

Almost almost four years, four years is when most marriages end in divorce, right? Fourth year is when the shit hits the fan.

Chad (4m 54s):

It's the itch. And not to mention, I don't think Joel gets any credit for Crazy and the King. I mean, come the fuck on. I mean, seriously?

Torin (5m 8s):

There's enough love to spread around the country and Western.

Joel (5m 17s):

So you're 220, 221, whatever.

Chad (5m 19s):

Joel And I thought that, you know, a weekly podcast, we would probably be hard to find enough content to have a weekly podcast going. And we were incredibly wrong. I mean, we, hell we probably do two to three podcasts a week now! What about you guys? I mean, cause you're even more focused on diversity, equity and inclusion, do you find it hard? And I would say probably over the last four years or so, it hasn't been that hard, but have you found it hard to find topics that you really want to focus on and talk about?

Torin (5m 52s):

No, I haven't. I think the harder part for me is trying to nuance some of the topics because a lot of the content, you know, when we are looking at stories of workplace aggression and bias and you know, harassment, when we are looking at those types of stories and certainly we look at positive stories as well, around culture, around inclusion, around representation, equity. But when you're looking at these stories and you're dissecting them, I find myself challenged with not with trying to not sound like the nightly news. Like think about the nightly news in any alpha city that, you know, in the US you know, a Baltimore, DC, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles, the nightly news news tends to start with something negative tends to be something around crime and more often than not, it tends to have a black or Brown face on it.

Torin (6m 48s):

And so I try not to fetishize on the topics that we have sounded as if I'm being racial, being angry, being one sided. So that's the bigger challenge for me. How do we pull the story and find something that's educational, something that's actionable, that we can share with our listeners so it doesn't come across as if we are only complaining each and every week.

Joel (7m 12s):

If it bleeds, it leads baby. So I assume you're pretty bummed that Trump is no longer in office and that the Dems are in control that you won't have enough news or do you think we'll still be talking about issues that we have the last four years?

Torin (7m 25s):

No, I think, you know, again, no more often than not on the show, Julie is the one who will address things that are political. I tend to stay away from the political topics only because I'm not a big fan of politics in the sense of, I understand where it sits in our, you know, life and I get it.

Joel (7m 47s):

What were you thinking during the Capitol riot? I mean, I know you're not, you want to stay away from politics, but I think everyone, regardless of what they focus on, had an opinion as they watch that happen?

Torin (7m 57s):