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Firing Squad: Hireproof's Nick Barth

An American and a Finn meetup on Reddit and a startup is born. Finland-based Hireproof promises to make anyone a world-class interviewer just by clicking a link. Really? Yeah, really. Cofounder Nick Barth joins Chad & Cheese for a lively episode of Firing Squad, pitching his product that promises "delight," "happiness" and "less bias" in the hiring process. Is Hireproof primed to set the world on fire, or is it a wet blanket. Gotta listen.


Shark Tank INTRO (0s):

Like Shark Tank? Then you'll love Firing Squad! CHAD SOWASH & JOEL CHEESEMAN are here to put the recruiting industry's bravest, ballsiest, and baddest startups through the gauntlet to see if they got what it takes to make it out alive? Dig a fox hole and duck for cover kids the Chad and Cheese Podcast is taking it to a whole other level.

Joel (22s):

Oh yeah. What's up? Freaks and Geeks. It's your favorite guilty pleasure. The Chad and Cheese podcast with another edition of Firing Squad. I'm your co-host, Joel Cheeseman. Joined as always, the Starsky to my Hutch" Chad Sowash.

Chad (37s):


Joel (37s):

Today, our victim, I mean our guest is Nick Barth, co-founder at Nick, welcome to the podcast.

Nick (47s):

Yeah. What up? What up?

Joel (48s):

What up, what up? Give us a Twitter bio about you. We'll get to the company stuff in a second, but you've got an interesting story of globetrotting around. Tell us what's up.

Chad (58s):

He's currently broadcasting out of Anne Frank's closet. Is that what I've heard? Yes?

Joel (1m 4s):

Built in 1248 apparently. There's a lot of creaking going on in Nick's house.

Nick (1m 7s):

Tiny space, but it's cheap. I can't complain. I've been a software developer for 10 years, lived in Europe, Asia, and America. Currently living in Amsterdam. Worked for startups big and small, currently live streaming my workdays on Twitch. Personal interests are long walks on the beach and poetry.

Chad (1m 23s):

Live streaming your work days on Twitch.

Joel (1m 24s):

I'm sorry, I was gonna go back to that too.

Chad (1m 28s):

Live streaming your workdays on Twitch. Okay.

Joel (1m 31s):

Are you making bank on that or why?

Chad (1m 33s):

Yeah, How, how, why? The big question is why I wanna hear that.

Nick (1m 37s):

Yeah. A lot of huge advantages I've got from a great productivity. You can't really fuck off if people are watching over your shoulder the entire time.

Chad (1m 43s):


Nick (1m 43s):

And it's great for my code quality cuz I have like 30, 40 nerds like yelling at me every time I make a mistake. So you can't really mess up because everyone's gonna be like, Sir, online 47. And so that's nice too.

Chad (1m 58s):


Joel (1m 59s):

That is Fortnite fan 99.

Nick (2m 3s):

It's roasting me.

Chad (2m 4s):

So, So you've got QA/QC that's running live while, I mean, what you're doing right now is literally a business model because, you know, employers all wanna sit over their developers, first and foremost. If they could crowdsource that, That's right. And, and then QA/QC it at the same time I think are, do we really need to talk about Hireproof?

Joel (2m 25s):

I think you just discovered a new startup space.

Nick (2m 28s):

Working on it.

Joel (2m 28s):

Working on it. The Twitch employer whatever huts or something.

Nick (2m 34s):

I'm making about 150 a month from it. So, I'm not ready to quit my job, but it's nice money and, but most of it's going to Bezos, so.

Chad (2m 44s):

Imagine that!

Joel (2m 44s):

The more I live, the more I see, Chad.

Chad (2m 49s):

That's amazing.

Joel (2m 49s):

Alright Chad, I don't know where we go from there other than telling the rules and what he's won here on Firing Squad today.

Chad (2m 55s):

Well Nick, welcome to Firing Squad. At the sound of the bell you will have two minutes to pitch Hireproof. At the end of two minutes, you're gonna be hit with about 20 minutes of Q and A. If you're slow or you're just meandering along, we're gonna hear the crickets. We want conciseness here.

Joel (3m 15s):

Tighten it up.

Chad (3m 15s):

Tighten it up, and move on swiftly. at the end of Q and A, you'll receive one of these three from both of us. Big applause. The fire of this product is hot, hot, hot. Golf clap. It's smoldering, but this product is not at flame level yet, so keep working on it. Or the Firing Squad, you might be Hireproof, but you're not firing squad proof. Hang it up and try something else. Maybe, I don't know, a little Twitch action that's Firing Squad. Are you ready?

Nick (3m 48s):

Sure am.

Joel (3m 48s):

All right, Nick. Pitch in three, two.

Nick (3m 54s):

Everyone knows hiring is broken. Hireproof offers a platform-based assessment, solution centered around structured interviewing. Structured interviewing is a best practice interviewing methodology that allows employers to improve candidate experience, reduce bias, and get better hires. We use our platform to educate our users and guide them through a hiring process with a library of interviews and questions, an interview builder, an interview assistant and the ability to compare candidates on skills and behavioral competencies. Interviewing isn't going away, but we can make it better for everyone. No more scribbled notes, messy Google sheets, judging candidates on the firmness of their handshake, stuff like that. That's out. We want nothing fancy, no machine learning, no ai. Just to focus on the fundamentals of extracting decisions from human interaction.

Nick (4m 37s):

Our three main value ads are: one, we're ethical candidate first. Seriously, we're not doing any weird shit. We aren't trying to offload HR work onto candidates. We're only doing stuff we would like ourselves as candidates. Two, by using the platform, every interviewer becomes a professional with our interview assistant. This is especially important for long processes where many interviewers are involved and these interviewers, they're subject matter expertise, is not interviewing, it's their job. So we wanna help them out and make them professional interviewers. And three, providing insight into the interviews for hiring managers in HR. You can see exactly why candidates receive their score from skill and competency perspective instead of just a bias pass fail, we liked them or we didn't.

Nick (5m 20s):

So that's it for us. You can check us out if you're trying to hire.

Chad (5m 24s):

Where would you find you?

Joel (5m 26s):

It's the most anti-climactic ending. Give us a URL or something. Jesus

Nick (5m 32s): But I'm gonna get made fun of now for the io so I was avoiding it.

SFX (5m 38s):

Ding, ding ding.

Chad (5m 38s):

Okay. I gotta say, Joel, I need a big applause for the monster truck voice that actually transitions into Fred the accountant.

Nick (5m 46s):

Yeah. Thank you.

Joel (5m 47s):

He tried to out sound bite the sound biters. That's the first for the show. Alright Nick, all comedy aside and this has been comic relief for me. Yeah, we gotta get to the name. Okay, a few things. You got the,, I don't think it's available. Somebody owns it out in Toronto apparently. How'd you come up with the name? Does it get confused with, you know, H I G H E R? And lastly, what's up with the logo? Dude, I, it, it looks like one bird head upside down. One bird head right side up. Two blobs. I wanna buy some Ikea furniture, like what's up with the logo and what's up with the name?

Nick (6m 30s):

Okay. Logo first. It's two dialogue bubbles upside down. It can also be two faces upside down like the Spider-Man kiss situation and privately we think it kind of looks like 69, which is funny to us. But in terms of the domain, it's, we emailed him, we said, he said, I'm looking for substantial offers. We said, okay, $8K. He said $25K. He's owned it since 2006 and we aren't ready to to hit that yet. Maybe once we raise our next round. And then the name. So it's funny because fireproof is what we based our name off of and that would mean that you, if hireproof is the same as fireproof, that would mean you couldn't get hired.

Nick (7m 11s):

And we also thought that was funny but we're sticking with it cuz we we mark it down whenever people bring that up. And it's only been once so far, so only one person has been like, doesn't that mean you can't get hired? And we are like, oh shit.

Chad (7m 25s):


Nick (7m 25s):

Yes. Yeah it does. But we've still been liking it. I think we're sticking with it.

Joel (7m 29s):

Ok. You had me at 69, Nick, you had me at 69. Let's, you mentioned our next raise, but according to Crunchbase, you guys have been totally bootstrapped up to this point. Is there some news you wanna drop on this, on this episode? What's going on with the funding of this company?

Nick (7m 47s):

We raised pre-seed round of $350K from Icebreakers VC in Finland in September of last year. And we've been working through that right now, burning through it as fast as we can and we're gonna raise soonish, I wouldn't say now, but soon-ish.

Chad (8m 3s):


Nick (8m 4s):

Any investors out there?

Joel (8m 4s):

Well, if you're burning through it as soon as you can, are fast as you can.

Nick (8m 9s):

We're trying.

Joel (8m 10s):


Nick (8m 10s):

We're trying. And if I made grandstand for a second, I listened to a few of your other podcasts, three in a row the other day actually, where people said that they were totally bootstrapped and then mentioned that they had a family and friend round. And I want all the listeners to know that while a family and friend round does fall within the legal definition of bootstrapping, generally these people built amazing products with tons of money. It's not like they did this in their spare time, they got $500,000 from their father or something.

Joel (8m 36s):

But you're not bitter at all, are you, Nick?

Nick (8m 38s):

That being said, we're completely boots strapped except for a small raise.

Chad (8m 45s):

Okay. So as we talk about the small raise, let's talk about the team. How big is the team? And how did you meet your founder, your co-founder? Sorry.

Nick (8m 54s):

There's four of us now, three co-founders and we've hired a customer success lead and the co-founders we met on Reddit. Our co-founders, there's a co-founder Tinder on Reddit. And most of the ideas are stupid. Most of 'em are like, Hey, I wanna make it out for it's Uber for dog dentistry or something and just ignore this immediately. And then sometimes once a month you'll see a well written post that strikes, that strikes you, that's like, Hey, I need this actually. And that's how I found Max.

Chad (9m 23s):

What about the other co-founder? You said you have three, so you found, you found one on Reddit, Tinder, interesting. How'd you find the other one?

Nick (9m 32s):

Yeah, same kind of deal. We actually got funding when it was just the two of us, so it was a lot easier to find a third co co-founder when you can brag about getting funded. We did it the same way.

Joel (9m 43s):

They can invite the Finland PM to that. She's ready to party.

Chad (9m 49s):

Only if you're lucky. Let's talk about experience. So out of all three co-founders, your experience in this space, actually being in HR and TA tech? What kind of experience do you have?

Nick (10m 4s):

I have almost none. The HR person here is Max. He was an early employee at UiPath. He's really into it. He thinks of himself as a thought leader in HR and we didn't bring, instead of him coming on the show, he rambles a bit and he's too pure for YouTube credence. So I'm here, but basically I saw the problem he was having and I was hiring 30 people at a time and this was also a problem I was having. So I was happy to join in and I'm happy to be in this world now because I I've learned a ton and I'm really enjoying it.

Chad (10m 40s):

Okay, so there are a shit ton of interviewing platforms that are out there today. I'm sure you already know this, you've probably done, I hope you've done all the research. What makes yours different than all of those, other than not having all the acronyms, ai, ml, nlp, et cetera, cetera. What makes you different?

Nick (11m 0s):

Most of our competitors are like conversational analytics. So that's the approach they take. They record and analyze the interviews and then they give suggestions on what could be improved and then tell them how the interview went. We've kind of got the opposite approach where our starting point is that we're building these interviews with science back frameworks. And so anyone can run an easy interview without the need to do a few and get feedback on those. So we have a guide of what a good interview should look like off the bat. And additionally they're filling it out. This isn't a scorecard situation where you look back and you're like, Whoa, was he good at that? No, you're filling this out as you go through the interview as it's holding your hand through the interview.

Nick (11m 42s):

So that's the difference between us and I guess we can mention video interviewing as well, which we don't, we don't support anything that would change the candidate candidate's experience from a normal interview. Right. So the candidate never knows they're using Hireproof. It's only for the hiring managers, the interviewers.

Chad (12m 1s):

So you said this is a science back framework, two things. What does that mean? Number one, I mean science back framework? But what is there like a standard that we don't know about? Number one. And number two, is this a synchronous interview that is really just leading the human through a structured interview process?

Nick (12m 26s):

Two, Yes. I think that's a pretty good description of what we're doing. And as for one, the science stuff, we're basing this off of a 1998 paper by Hunter and Schmidt and then they had a 2016 update or whatever that was what was the highest validity for predicting job performance, in interviewing. And that's what we're basing most of our decisions around when we're talking about how we want these interviews to go.

Joel (12m 49s):

I wanna go back to the money real quick cuz you got on your soapbox there for a second.

Nick (12m 55s):

Yeah sorry.

Joel (12m 56s):

How much are you looking to raise in a next round? I mean, are you looking for like five to six? More than that? What's it gonna take to get this thing off the ground?

Nick (13m 4s):

No, I think it's gonna be less than that. I think it's between two and four if we would love four, but we'd be over the moon with two as well.

Joel (13m 13s):

Okay. So who's your target customer? I mean, who's the typical size? Geographical location? Industry? Like who's the typical user of this product and how many customers do you currently have?

Nick (13m 25s):

I'll answer the customers we currently have right now, we launched about four months ago in early May or something. And right now, we've been averaging 25 active organizations on our app, which we're quite proud of and they're using it pretty heavily. So we're really proud of that. And we've done that with no marketing budget, literally no marketing except for Twitch. So we're quite happy with that. And in terms of target demographic, we're slamming hiring managers right now. We can't accommodate big enterprises at the moment. We don't have the features built for 'em and we don't have the integrations with the ATSs that they would require.

Nick (14m 6s):

So right now we're getting like rogue hiring managers that don't like what HireVue's doing or whatever. And those have been our evangelists and we're really enjoying them right now. And in terms of where? Europe.

Joel (14m 23s):

Northern Europe primarily?

Nick (14m 23s):


Joel (14m 24s):

The Nordics. Okay. Yeah. So currently guys are in beta. Very little integrations that I see. Is that part of your strategy going forward or are you looking to be the platform?

Nick (14m 34s):

Oh no, we wanna do integrations.

Chad (14m 36s):

Who would you do integrations with, especially in that part of the world? Have you focused on that yet?

Nick (14m 42s):

Yeah, that's a great question, and I'd love to hear advice from you guys as well, but we've been prodding this out and trying to figure out who we want. I think we want smaller ATSs that are just starting who want to do a more tightly coupled integration because our biggest fear is that we put integrations into Greenhouse or whatever and they just sit in a marketplace collecting dust and cobwebs. So I think we're gonna shoot for the up and comers. I think Personio, that ships already sailed, they're a bit too big now, but yeah.

Chad (15m 11s):


Nick (15m 11s):

Yeah, people a little smaller than them is who we're shooting for.

Joel (15m 16s):

So you mentioned that sort of rogue recruiters hiring managers are finding you. Talk about marketing, I mean it's easy to say we don't do any marketing, but you have to be doing something and I'm guessing it's not social media because your Instagram page has a whopping two pictures on it and 25 followers. So talk about marketing this thing.

Nick (15m 34s):

Yeah. We're doing well on LinkedIn. I think I'm quite happy with our metrics on LinkedIn for engagement. We our Instagram's gonna be purely social, so that's for the career page is what we're not trying to advertise on there. I don't think people are hanging out there, but mainly we just trying to structure the content we have on our website to appeal to keywords of these rogue hiring managers who want like, data driven solutions without AI and machine, without unethical stuff. So we've been going pretty hard on ethics and candidate first.

Joel (16m 7s):

Okay. And your website says quote, "Hireproof makes anyone a world class interviewer just by clicking a link" end quote. I mean your explainer video is three minutes long. T`alk to me about the truthfulness of that statement.

Nick (16m 20s):

Yeah, it's actually quite interesting. As you can see, I'm an extroverted confident guy. I thought I was great at interviewing, right? It's simple arrogance, we all think we're good drivers or whatever. And then after using the tool, you realize that you're just asking whatever you wanna ask without regard to how your hiring manager wants you to evaluate these people. And how your hiring manager wants you to evaluate these people must be consistent between all the other interviewers. So just by like slapping everyone and getting them in line, you're already increasing the validity of these interviews because they're consistent. So I think it's really important that everyone is on the same page and can run these consistently.

Nick (17m 1s):

And this is the feedback we constantly get from people who have used it.

Chad (17m 6s):

Yeah. Well let's talk about fair and unbiased. So there are plenty of other interviewing platforms that are out there that say that they're unbiased. What makes yours so unbiased?

Nick (17m 19s):

Yeah, actually, once again, I mentioned those two papers earlier and I think they should be mandatory reads for anyone who's doing interviewing, but indeed they're the methodologies that that feature the least amount of bias. And also when we say unbiased, I wanna once again go back to no fancy stuff. So all the machine learning and AI that we're not doing, which sounds like a negative, is actually, in my opinion, a positive. I think I'll quote you guys when you say 'bias at scale is what these things bring to the table'. And we think interviewing's gonna continue to be one-on-one, real talk, let's say in the future. And we just wanna do this and reduce the bias as much as we can in there.

Nick (18m 0s):

Obviously it's impossible to eliminate bias. That's not what we're claiming.

Chad (18m 4s):

Okay. Well let's talk about more than just integrations with applicant tracking systems. What other types of platforms or partnerships do you see coming down the road? Where's your focus on partnerships?

Nick (18m 18s):

Our focus on partnerships is definitely ATS stuff because we don't wanna become another ATS. So I know you said aside from that, but I want to clear that's absolutely our focus. We need before we can get this into the hands of HR, we need these HR people to not have to duplicate work, right? We need those integrations. But besides that, one of the ones we're interested in, is deciding, which we don't have a solution for tech hiring, we don't have a solution for the tech part of the interview. We have non Hireproof interviews where you can just put in arbitrary scores, but we wanna do actual integrations with the leak code or the interview or whatever we find to be our favorite tech interviewing.

Chad (18m 59s):

Okay. So that being said, obviously tech interviewing's not your forte. That's cool. What is your forte?

Nick (19m 5s):

Yeah, it actually has been tech interviewing. Yeah, the nice part about that is that those are generally pass / fail, so they're quite easy to implement into our system without having to do them in our system. So we've been having a ton of people who have a blank second interview or whatever it is in their process that they just say pass foul on and continue on the next. What the sweet spot is, is the actual behavioral competencies we're, we're checking for people. So it's been the soft skills has been what people have been really happy with.

Chad (19m 36s):

So what about code testing? I mean you can ask questions in a structured way, in a more fair way, but what about testing, especially around tech because yeah, I can answer the questions, but can I actually code?

Nick (19m 50s):

Yeah, it would fall under the same solution. We would try to find an integration for company that does code testing, right? So these tech interviews are usually comprised of two behavioral ones and one actual coding interview and most of the time, as I said, they're pass fail. So we just find whatever we like the most or continue letting people put in arbitrary results for the X stage of the interview.

Joel (20m 12s):

How big of a threat do you see automation in the interviewing process in your product? Or are you looking to go more of an automated product in the future?

Nick (20m 23s):

Yeah, that's really interesting. I think we saw the pendulum go all the way towards automation eight years ago and now it's finally across halfway back towards having HR departments instead of skeleton crews running automations. So hopefully that trend continues and we're kind of banking on that, quite frankly. We're kind of banking on the fact that candidates hate pre-assessments one way video interviewing. These are things that are not liked by candidates. So I'm hoping to ride that wave into doing the right thing and having actual interviews where the companies are reciprocating the effort that the candidates are.

Joel (21m 1s):

Yeah, you say things on your site, like you create a delightful interview process and your product will make candidates happier. So I think you gotta stick to the human thing unless the robots get good enough to make us happy, which I guess they could, but maybe not online. You guys are still in beta, you're a young company. What's next for you guys in terms of product development? When we talk a year from now, what new things is Hireproof gonna have to offer?

Nick (21m 29s):

Yeah, we need to, I don't know if you noticed, but we have a library of pre-made interviews and we wanna expand that both in quality and quantity. So we wanna get a lot more out there and have those look a lot nicer. We wanna have a simpler onboarding and because you have to create these interviews yourselves, which most of the time are evangelists, it's easy for 'em, right? Because they're capable, they have a notepad where they have all their questions already written down, but we need a better system of recommending you type in your job title and we give you, we think there should be three interviews with X questions. So we wanna do stuff like that, machine learning like that, and then integrations, that's gonna be what we spend the next chunk of the year on.

Chad (22m 13s):

Okay. Let's talk about revenue real quick. What's the business model and who really are you guys going after right now? Are you looking for partnerships to be able to hit a bunch of different brands and integrate, you know, the platform with a bunch of different brands? Or are you focusing on just straight direct brands?

Nick (22m 34s):

Right now it's, the pricing is free 99. We're in beta, we don't even have it implemented. We plan on sending our first invoices next week and our invoices are gonna be around 150 euros per month. That's for one seat. And we want a freemium model as well because right now our greatest asset is how beautiful our product is. Quite frankly, I'm sorry, I implemented it. So, but that's really our greatest asset. So we need a freemium pretty much ASAP that's gonna be coming within the month. We've been in beta for a while now, almost a year. So I think it's time to get out of there and then yeah, direct to brands for the start, right? We want word of mouth. We made this thing to be beautiful and we want people to talk about it.

Nick (23m 15s):

So that's what we're gonna try.

Chad (23m 17s):

So what does a yank like yourself know about go to market in the Nordics?

Nick (23m 24s):

Yeah, not enough. SEO and organic growth is my forte, but we're counting on getting some people in who know this a bit better than I do.

Joel (23m 30s):

What do you wanna be when you grow up? We usually get the yearbook answer on this one, but sometimes we're surprised, like, what's the end goal of this company?

Nick (23m 40s):

Don't investors don't listen to me. We view ourselves as an acquisition target, quite frankly, because we don't wanna make another ATS. That's not what the world needs. What the world needs is standardized interviewing, that's good for everyone, right? And that's what we wanna accomplish and that's what we're gonna try to do. So I don't see us branching out into becoming a full service ATS at any point

Joel (24m 3s):

Thanks for your honesty.

SFX (24m 3s):

Ding, ding, ding.

Joel (24m 4s):

And with that, it's time to face the firing squad. Nick, are you ready?

Nick (24m 11s):

Sure am.

Joel (24m 12s):

All right. Chad, get 'em,

Chad (24m 14s):

Man. I gotta say, you missed up your standup career if this doesn't work and, and Twitch, you know, the back to Twitch business model doesn't work, then you always have standup. Man, that's good. We don't need another ATS. You are goddamn right, we don't. I I love that you are thinking of making something that is pure, that is fair, that is unbiased. No ai, no ml, no n l p. Library of interviews. Structured, because there are so many companies, so many companies who do not want to use one way interviewing. I know from a scale standpoint, especially much larger companies, they might have to go that way, but many companies do not want to go that way.

Chad (25m 3s):

So they just want better standardized processes. But where you're really gonna need a lot of help, obviously is go to market and the rogue recruiters and managers isn't a great business model. I think you probably know that already. And staffing, to be quite frank, I think is your quickest road to adoption, especially in the Nordics. So overall, this is gonna surprise you, Cheeseman, overall, you, there's a lot of work that needs to be done, but you are so young in this journey. I think you're hitting all the right notes. This is a big applause for me, Nick.

Nick (25m 44s):

Thank you.

Joel (25m 44s):

There you go. Look at that, look at that. All right, Nick, don't get too comfortable.

Nick (25m 51s):

Now comes bad cop.

Joel (25m 52s):

It's my turn to address your startup. Well, first of all, I can never look at your logo again, the same. For that I to thank you or curse your name forever. Anyway, let's get back to the business. Look, you guys are super, super in diapers, baby young, and it's always hard to sort of give a rating or give opinion and commentary about such companies. But when I look at your business, I see a company that is well diverse in terms of technology. You're obviously a great salesperson and Chad is right when he says you've missed your comic window.

Joel (26m 33s):

Maybe it's still open at some point? But I look at this thing and I see acquisition written all over it. Chad and I do a show that covers just the European market so we know intimately how much money is going into Europe, how many cool ideas and startups are being developed in Europe. Frankly, there's not enough Finish companies. So frankly, it's nice to, to see something come out of Finland. Companies like House of HR who do the Euro show with us, have a lot of money to acquire businesses like yours. You mentioned Personio, we talk about HiBob. There are lots of companies in your neck of the woods that are gonna be looking for technology like you guys are offering.

Joel (27m 14s):

I like that you're not raising too much money in the process. I think that could strangle you if you raise too much. I think going lean and mean, billing something that's applicable. I think the marketing is probably only ding against your company. I don't, you know, outside of organic SEO and what you're doing on LinkedIn? I know that can get better and if you guys raise some money, you can get out there in a real way and build your brand and obviously lean towards acquisition, which I think is where you're going. You're not spinning us on ruling the world. You're not trying to convince us that you have the next best mouse trap. So for me, based on what you guys are looking to do and what you've built so far, for me as well.

Joel (27m 58s):

Big applause, Nick. That's a double applause if you're keeping score at home. So congratulations, Nick. How's it feel?

Nick (28m 4s):

Yeah, it feels great. Thank you very much. Big fan of the podcast. I also want give a shout out to Salih Mujcic. He's one who introduced me to this podcast and we talk about pretty much every episode. So thanks guys.

Joel (28m 16s):

Thanks for brown-nosing after the fact that we've both given you a big applause.

Nick (28m 23s):

There you go.

Joel (28m 24s):

Nice refreshing thing from companies . Alright Chad, another firing squad is in the books. Nick, thanks for joining us and good luck to you. Keep us informed of what you guys are doing. We're happy to take 15% of whatever the final sales price is of this company. Chad, we out.

Chad (28m 42s):

We out.

OUTRO (28m 58s):

This has been the Firing Squad. Be sure to subscribe to the Chad and Cheese Podcast so you don't miss an episode. And if you're a startup who wants to face the Firing Squad, contact the boys at today. That's


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