Firing Squad: Sourcr's Chris Almond

Review sites are hot and valuable. Just ask Glassdoor, which sold for over a billion dollars last year. But do reviews translate to staffing agencies and recruiters? Startup Sourcr thinks so, and their founder, Chris Almond, is willing to face the Firing Squad to pitch his business. Will this Australian-HQ’d biz survive the harsh Q & A or be flushed like a rotting bloomin’ onion?

Gotta listen to this PandoLogic exclusive to find out.


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FiringSquad INTRO (1m 20s):

Like Shark Tank? Then you'll love Firing Squad! CHAD SOWASH & JOEL CHEESEMAN are here to put the recruiting industry's bravest, ballsiest, baddest startups through the gauntlet to see if they got what it takes to make it out alive? Dig a fox hole and duck for cover kids the Chad and Cheese Podcast is taking it to a whole other level.

Joel (1m 42s):

I just want to know why we don't do all our firing squads during happy hour? We need more Australians on the show, I think guys, welcome to the Chad and Cheese podcast! I'm your cohost Joel Cheeseman joined as always by not quite drunk yet Chad Sowash.

Chad (1m 58s):

Dude, we both have BrewDog beers, which we didn't plan either.

Joel (2m 4s):

No, no, no brothers from another mother for sure, which is always the case. Well, anyway, we have a, we have a, an Australian company, Goodday, you bastard as we always enjoy the Ozzies, our first firing squad was an Australian company. Welcome to the show, everybody. Chris "don't call me an almond brother" Almond. Chris, welcome to the podcast, buddy.

Chris (2m 27s):

Hey Joel. Thanks for having me mate.

Joel (2m 29s):

Sure. Well, give us a quick Twitter bio of you and then we'll eventually get to the company stuff.

Chris (2m 36s):

Yeah, sure. So I'm actually not originally an ozzie, like you can probably see by the accent, I'm from the UK originally actually got a background in finance, but then when I moved to Australia, like a lot of my compatriots ended up falling into recruitment and then a few years ago is when I started Sourcr.

Joel (2m 55s):

Good enough, Chad, tell him what he has won.

Chad (2m 57s):

Chris, you will have two minutes pitch sourcer at the end of two minutes. You're going to hear that bell then Joel and I will hit you with rapid fire Q and A. If your answers start rambling or you get boring, you're going to hear the crickets, that means tightening, get shit moving. At the end of Q and A, you're going to receive either a big applause. That means you're cooking jumbo, shrimp and lobster on the Barbie cruising on that new yacht.

Joel (3m 27s):

Ignited out back with a bloomin' onion, baby.

Chad (3m 30s):

A golf clap, ah, we kind of dig it, but it's Fosters and microwave chicken for you until you can get your shit on course, or last but not least a firing squad, start hoarding that Vegemite now because you're going to starve if you keep this business up running this way. Man, are you ready?

Chris (3m 52s):

I'm ready.

Joel (3m 52s):

Yeah, let's do this. In three, two, one.

Bells (3m 56s):

Ding, ding, ding.

Chris (3m 57s):

Cool. So Sourcr really exists to help build credibility in recruitment. And we're actually on a mission to help build stronger connections between candidates, employers, and recruiters. And the way that we do this is through the power of reviews and social proof. So really the reputation economy has continued to grow and influence the way that we all make buying decisions. And now the way is the organization's must build and maintain trust and even own credibility continues to evolve. We've got a world now, even with COVID, that's probably more in line than ever before. And that means that almost all of our customers have already formed an opinion of us by doing their research online.

Chris (4m 38s):

And that's a lot of the time before they've even spoken to us. And it main goal of that research is, is reviews, the stats down 91% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. I know I wouldn't have been probably most builders wouldn't have to a new restaurant book, a holiday or even and buy a TV without checking reviews online. And these same customers are deciding which recruiter will help them with their next career move or even help them find their next critical hire. So that's why we created Sourcer to give recruiters a credible way to highlight their experience and showcase their positive feedback from candidates and clients. So whether you're a recruiter or an agency owner, we can help you get real customer feedback.

Chris (5m 20s):

And that helps you attract new customers, retain existing and really stand out above the other competitors in your market. So the way it works is Sourcr helps recruiters collect reviews on autopilot after every placement they make. And we've got a bunch of digital marketing tools in the background and integrations to make sure that those reviews are everywhere that their clients and candidates could be looking. We've actually also recently released a full capability in net promoter score tool designed specifically for recruitment businesses as well. So they can capture real time insights on all their client and candidate interactions and then segment that by the things that matter. And that could be

Bells (5m 57s):

Ding, ding, ding.

Chris (5m 58s):

Cool well, there we go, guys, tying it up.

Chad (6m 1s):

All right, Chris, first right out, right out of the gate, employers hate Glassdoor in the review system. They believe it's an extortion racket. So why are recruiters and staffing firms going to feel good about reviews on Sourcer?

Chris (6m 16s):

Well, it's a great question. I think one of the, one of the challenges that I see with Glassdoor is the lack of control that recruiters have over where these reviews come from. And it, and probably the lack of verification as well. You know, anyone could leave anyone a review on Glassdoor. So the lack of control that the recruiters have over their reputation becomes a challenge. Whereas a big part of Sourcr is the verification. So we, we verify that those reviews are legitimate by tying them to a placement. So we know that that relationship or transaction in the sense of recruitments actually occurred.

Joel (6m 50s):

Let's talk a little branding, Chris, you are There's no E at the end of that, I'm curious The, the S the S the actual spelling of it goes pretty much nowhere. Was there any attempt to buy or acquire Is there any desire to do it in the future? Is it a hurdle to have to spell the name to everybody that you talk to from a sales side? How did the branding come about, and is it a strong point, or is it a hurdle for you?

Chris (7m 20s):

Yeah, it's a good point. You know, originally we looked at the branding cause we were really focused on getting that We will focused on getting, but as with a lot of, a lot of businesses nowadays, is, is hard to hard to get. So that's when we came up with Sourcr and knocked the E off it, so we could get We thought a lot of work on our SEO recently because being a public sort of online directory, it's really important that we do rank. So we've done a good job recently of improving that. It was historically a bit of a problem, but now, you know, I've not seen a problem and I don't know whether you spell it wrong, but does go through to our website, not when I'm not with the E though, not with the

Joel (8m 4s): Right. So my next, so there's no, no desire to sort of obtain the, the common spelling or you don't own or .au or anything like that?

Chris (8m 16s):

No, not with the e. No. Maybe in the future, we'll, we'll check that out or it's off brand as well. So it's a tough balance. Right.

Joel (8m 24s):

Okay. Okay. So my next question again with branding, when I go to the site, it has me select, you know, UK, New Zealand or Australia. So one of my questions is why wouldn't you just redirect based on IP address. And secondly, are you only going to be focused in those three markets for the foreseeable future? Or are there growth opportunities in your strategy to go to other markets?