Firing Squad: Woven's Wes Winham

Pre-screening technology talent is hot, with employers clamoring for a better ways to find engineers while testing their core competencies, filtering out the bull and false claims. Enter Woven, who promises to help employers find hidden gems in their talent funnels. Sounds good, but the boys have final say on whether or not this spunky upstart gets applause or an itchy trigger finger.

Firing Squad is proudly powered by the programmatic powerhouse known as (((Monster Truck voice))) PandoLogic!!!


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Chad (2m 0s):

Damn programmatic is hot!


Yeah, it is hot Dude, pass me a cold PBR. Would ya?

Chad: Okay. Number one, I wasn't talking about the temperature and number two PBR is a shitty beer time to upgrade to an IPA. Okay.

Joel: My bad. Guessing you were talking about Programmatic Job advertising being hot.

Yeah. That shit is everywhere and all the kids are doing.

Chad: I know man, but there's only one company that's been doing it since 2007.

Joel: Damn 2007. Hey man, what wife were you on? In 2007? I was on number one.

Chad : We don't talk about her. Focus, dude. I'm talking about PandoIQ from our friends at Panda Logic. PandoIQs, Programmatic recruitment advertising platform helps employers source talent faster and more efficiently than ever thanks to predictive algorithms, machine learning and AI.

Joel: Buzzword, overdose alert. Yeah. Pando was on the cutting edge of Programmatic, while being deeply rooted in the recruitment industry. PandoIQ provides an end to end Programmatic job advertising platform that delivers a significant increase in job ad performance without any waste spending to maximize the ROI on your recruitment spend.

Chad: And their AI enabled algorithms use over 48 job attributes and more than 200 billion historical job performance data points to predict the optimal job advertising campaign. The machine does all that shit.

Joel: That shit sounds expensive!

Chad: Think again, Cheesman. PandoIQ provides an end to end job advertising solution that delivers a significant increase in job ad performance without any wasteful spending.

Joel: Sold! How do I get started?

Chad: Go to to request a demo and tell him Chad and Cheese sent you.

Joel: Ooh. They have a chat bot too, that we can talk to.

Chad: Oh, kill me now.

INTRO (2m 22s):

Like Shark Tank? Then you'll love Firing Squad! CHAD SOWASH & JOEL CHEESEMAN are here to put the recruiting industry's bravest, ballsiest, baddest startups through the gauntlet to see if they got what it takes to make it out alive? Dig a fox hole and duck for cover kids the Chad and Cheese Podcast is taking it to a whole other level. I'm about five cups of coffee into this.

Joel (2m 27s):

Let's do this baby, Chad. I am Joel Cheesman. This is the Chad and Cheese podcast. I am joined as always by my cohost, Chad Sowash and on today's Firing Squad we welcome. Okay. Wes Winham Winler from Woven.

Chad (2m 42s):

Very nice.

Joel (2m 42s):

Wes, welcome to the show. CEO and founder and fellow Hoosier. How's it going, man?

Wes (2m 49s):

I am excited to be here.

Joel (2m 51s):

You sound excited. Well, let's, let's get into you for like your Twitter intro. What should our listeners know?

Wes (3m 0s):

Let's see, I guess I'm a software engineer. I'm obsessed with building teams and I'm a superhero, but my only weakness is bullets. I'm I'm pretty nervous for today.

Machine Guns Sound Effects (3m 7s):

bam, bam, bam, bam, bam

Joel (3m 14s):

You don't want any of that?

Chad (3m 14s):

Shouldn't have told us that Wes.

Wes (3m 14s):

Y'all will be nice, right?

Chad (3m 14s):

Yeah. We'll we'll think about it.

Joel (3m 21s):

We were grade Hoosiers on a curve, so we will be especially nice?

Wes (3m 26s):

Yes. All right. Sooner turned Hoosier. That's fun.

Chad (3m 29s):

Some additional love points going into there.

Joel (3m 32s):

Tell him what he wins Chad.

Chad (3m 33s):

Wes, you're going to have two minutes to pitch Woven at the end of those two minutes, you will hear that bellA then Joel and I will hit you with rapid fire Q and A. If your answers start rambling or you get boring, you're going to hear the crickets. At the end of Q and A, you will receive one of three grades from Joel and myself. Number one, Big Applaus, get that cash ready, baby.

Joel (3m 58s):

Back up the Brinx truck.

Chad (4m 0s):

Number two, golf clap. Need to tighten up your game. We think it's okay, but it's just okay. And then last but not least.

Machine Guns Sound Effects (3m 7s):

bam, bam, bam, bam, bam

Joel (4m 12s):

Oh shit. I baby.

Chad (4m 15s):

You don't want the fire squad. That means you pack up your shit. Hit the bricks. Pull up that drawing board because this just ain't working. That's Firing Squad. Are you ready?

Wes (4m 25s):

All right. All right. I'm ready.

Joel (4m 28s):

Three, two...