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Interview – Mark Weidick of hiQ Labs and the Case Against LinkedIn

One of the hottest stories in recruitment right now is the legal battle between hiQ and LinkedIn. If you’re not familiar with the case, here’s a good summary:

A federal judge issued a huge setback for LinkedIn on Monday, ruling that LinkedIn can’t block the startup hiQ Labs from accessing public profile data. Many news outlets were calling this a test for the social media conglomerate in how much control it can exercise over data on its users and what it’s believed to be public. The primary question in this case, can a social media site control access to information its users post publicly?

According to Reuters, U.S. District Judge Edward Chen in San Francisco granted a preliminary injunction request brought by hiQ Labs and ordered LinkedIn to remove, within 24 hours, any technology preventing hiQ from accessing public profiles.

You can also visit hiQ’s website for more information.

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