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Interview: Mike Durney, CEO of Dice

The boys were really excited to recently chat with Dice’s CEO, Mike Durney. As listeners will know, DHI, Dice’s parent, has been through an interesting year that saw the company look at strategic options for the business (a fancy way of saying, “We’re for sale”), then take the company off the market after no sale was realized.

In addition to digging into that news item, Chad and Cheese dive into what’s going to happen to the entire portfolio of job sites, including eFinancial Careers, Biospace, ClearanceJobs and the others, as well as covering usability issues and mobile challenges of the business, and the companies nosediving stock price.

It’s a must-see episode for industry junkies. And be sure to visit our sponsors while you’re listening, including Sovren, Ratedly and Wonscore by Wonderlic.

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