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ROADSHOW: Live from TAtech in Denver | Nexxt Exclusive

The boys hit the road this week, Rocky Mountain High-style in Denver, Colorado to light up the TAtech show. To kick the show off, they announced a partnership with the conference, as well as their newest sponsor Nexxt (formerly Beyond). In return for a their donation, Nexxt will get an exclusive podcast each month, as well as a buttload of awesome content, including webinars, infographics, feats of strength … whatever gets the listeners to pay attention.

The Chad and Cheese Podcast got to follow Facebook Jobs and their laundry list of announcements, including a new API that will get them knee-deep into a relationship with the likes of ZipRecruiter, Work4 and Jobscore. Needless to say, Chad and Cheese had a lot to say about the presentation.

After that, the guys took aim at Google, LinkedIn, Indeed, Dice, CareerBuilder, Monster … all the usual suspects. It’s a can’t miss 30,000-foot overview of the platform wars currently proliferating the employment scene in the U.S. and most of the world. Enjoy.

And be sure to visit our newest Sponsor, Nexxt, and be sure to tune in for our Oct. 17 webinar with the CEO of TextRecruit. Knowledge will be dropped. You need to pick it up.

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