'Tis the Season: Stockings Full of Coal, Layoffs and Lawsuits

The boys are deckin' the halls and wreckin' the pod with a slew of industry news. Turns out, the holidays are a great time to pass out pink slips and head to court. Feel the cheer! On this week's show, Chad & Cheese talk about the following:

  • DHI, Dice's parent company, is selling off it's albatross of a job board portfolio and going to court.

  • Woo.io, Param.ai and IBM's Watson keep the AI / chatbot train rollin'.

  • Valley companies are paying models to attend holiday parties (can you say 'tone deaf'?).

  • Layoffs hit two well-know TA tech solutions. Boom goes the dynamite!

It's a Sunday hangover edition of the show, as Chad dials in from sunny California. Egg nog, West Coast-style, baby! Enjoy, and as always, throw buckets of money at our sponsors, guaranteed to be coal-in-your-stocking free: Ratedly, America's Job Exchange and Sovren.


Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls, it's time for The Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Welcome to a Sunday hangover edition of Chad and Cheese.

Chad: Oh my God!

Joel: HR's most dangerous podcast, not so much today. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: I'm Chad Sowash. The hungover one.

Joel: Looking at a mountain in California as we record this podcast apparently.

Chad: Amen.

Joel: Which we'll get to in shoutouts I'm sure. On this week's episode, the industry soap opera rolls on with layoffs and lawsuits, just in time for Christmas of course, models are invading Silicon Valley and yep, you guessed it, more AI. I may be a robot, would you really know the difference? Stay tuned, we'll be right back.

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Joel: All right. Let's get to the California reference with our first shoutout which I guess goes to your lovely wife, and lovely because she puts up with you.

Chad: Yeah. That's no shit. Yeah. Julie, it's her birthday. One of her big birthdays and we came out to Palm Springs for the week. It's beautiful out here, we've never been here before, and it's freaking gorgeous man.

Joel: What does "one of her big birthdays" mean?

Chad: It means one that I will not talk about other than saying it's a big birthday.

Joel: It's a milestone birthday, is that what we're saying?

Chad: Yeah. That's what I'm saying. It's a milestone.

Joel: All right. Well happy birthday Julie. We love you.

Chad: Yes we do.

Joel: More shoutouts. I'm going to do a shoutout real quick to Skill Scout. In last week's episode I totally brain farted who I was going to shoutout from my conference in San Francisco, so to Elena Valentine at Skill Scout. Big shoutout to you. A big fan of the show. We appreciate it.

Chad: Nice. Joe Stubblebine was in town from Nexxt. He was in Indianapolis before we came out to Palm Springs here, and had a chance to connect with him, have a great time, talk about the podcast, and have some cigars and bourbon. Big shoutout to Joey Stubbs. Appreciate you coming out man.

Joel: Joey is usually pretty bullish on the podcast. Is he still pretty positive?

Chad: Yeah. No, he loves him some podcast. He loves some Chad.

Joel: Well good. Good. Shoutout from me to Hung Lee, which sounds like a stage name for a certain industry, but anyway, Hung Lee, great fan of the show, probably listening. We love you Hung. Keep hanging in there.

Chad: You keep hanging in there Hung. Very nice.

Joel: Do you like that? That's good. Yeah, I did that.

Chad: Let's throw a little plug in there for workshape.io. That's his gig. He's the main man over at workshape.io. We have a couple of really cool announcements. Number one, go to chadcheese.com. We've got a new survey from Nexxt, and this is one that Joel will love. Will Generation Z Ruin the Workplace? That's a question.

Joel: Yes.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: All right. I have a quick generational hater message or shoutout or side note real quick: we have a child and we're looking at babysitter options. On care.com, for whatever reason, babysitters in their teens and 20s want more money per hour than people in their 30s and 40s.

Chad: Why?

Joel: Now how you can explain that to me, it's got to be a generational entitlement, "I'm a millennial. I just walk through the door, I need to be CEO by the end of the week," kind of thing, but it doesn't just happen in the workforce, it happens in babysitter land. All these entitled brats want more money than people that have maybe actually had kids and actually have hands-on experience over a long period of time with children. Anyway, rant over.

Chad: Joel, automatically says Gen Z will ruin the workplace. We want to hear from you guys though, so go to chadcheese.com. Click on the banner, you'll see it. It's a big purple ... just take the damn survey people. Anyway, there's also a $25 gift drawing. If you get in there, throw your name in the hat, you might win 25 bucks. Joel, what would you spend that 25 bucks on? Would it be maybe an hour for a babysitter?

Joel: Well this is a Target gift card, right? It's not just a random $25 Visa card or something.

Chad: I don't know man. 25 bucks, I'd just hand it over to Julie and she'd take care of it.

Joel: That's nice, yeah. Well, Target, with an eight-month-old it'd be diapers or formula or something like that, because that stuff is expensive.

Chad: Now, that's very, very expensive. Last but not least, we want to give big thanks to Disability Solutions for sponsoring the transcriptions of all of our podcasts moving forward. We feel that hearing impaired deserve some Chad and Cheese love too, so we teamed up with Disability Solutions and it's a reality. If you go to all of our November podcasts on the website and everything moving forward, everything's going to be transcribed and we appreciate it from our friends over at Disability Solutions.

Joel: In addition to helping the disabled folks, it's great for SEO.

Chad: It's going to kick ass guys.

Joel: I'll just go ahead and say that as well as one of the benefits, but yeah, we really appreciate that sponsoring, getting that out there in text format. I would say let's be done with shoutouts and let's get to the news. What do you say?

Chad: Go.

Joel: All right. It's a Festivus miracle, not so much for people that are getting laid off and sued in the industry. Let's start off with the soap opera at Dice/DHI who owns a portfolio of sites, which most of our listeners would know. On the good news side for them I guess they unloaded a healthcare site-

Chad: $15 million.

Joel: ... called Health eCareers, which sounds very 2003 because it's Health eCareers and it sounds like healthy careers. Anyway, so they unloaded that for $15 million I believe.

Chad: Yeah, 15 million.

Joel: Which if you consider the fact that they bought some crappy energy job board for 50 million 10 years ago, or less than 10 years ago, these job board prices are going down and going down fast, especially for the healthcare industry, but-

Joel: The only three they are keeping are, refresh my memory, Dice, and what are the other two? Clearance? ClearanceJobs.

Chad: eFinancialCareers and ClearanceJobs.

Joel: Those three are untouchable, but everything-

Chad: Absolutely. There rest of them must go.

Joel: ... else if you guys ... anyone want a solid retirement plan out there, go buy yourself a job board from DHI. Then they were sued. Tell us about that.

Chad: Okay. This is ridiculous. We just talked about ... one of the turkeys that we gave out for Thanksgiving was the former founder and CEO of Oilpro. First, he sold Rigzone to DHI, which has all of obviously the database, the technology, whatever he had, he sold the company to DHI. They bought Rigzone, which was obviously an oil careers type of a job board. Well he leaves DHI, creates oilpro.com, and you can come up with some wonderful slogans for that one, Oilpro, and then he takes the Rigzone database with him, steals it, because he's already been paid for it. Then, he tries to sell Oilpro with all of this data that he stole back to DHI, who bought the shit originally in the first place for Rigzone. I know this sounds complex, and it's just stupid, but it's easy because the guy just kept selling the same data over and over, at least tried to, and now he's in jail. That's where we're at today. He's in jail. Now, Oilpro is suing DHI for their open source product, which they're saying was stealing their data.

Joel: Basically Oilpro is suing DHI for scraping data-

Chad: Yes.