Our Naughty and Nice Lists for 2017

We've made a list. We've checked it twice.

And here's our list of who's been naughty and who's been nice this year. It's the perfect combination of sweet-and-sour for you to enjoy with a stout eggnog and pudding made of fig.

Special holiday cheer for our amazing sponsors: America's Job Exchange, Sovren, Nexxt and Ratedly.


Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors! You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts, complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle up, boys and girls. It's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel: We've made a list. We've checked it twice. And we're going to break down who was naughty and who was nice this year. Welcome to the Chad and Cheese podcast, guaranteed to make all the naughty lists. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm Chad, the nice one.

Joel: The loyal elf to my Santa. On this abbreviated holiday edition, we'll go through the best and worst of 2017, in addition to giving shout-outs galore. You wanted it, you got it. Stay tuned.

Chad: Bodyguard elf.

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Joel: I'm about three eggnogs in, Chad, how about you?

Chad: Oh, yeah. No, I'm saving mine for a little bit later today. The local brewery is actually, they're releasing a couple of new brews, so I had to work out this morning, so I could earn my beer, but I'm going to say by one o'clock, I'll be ready.

Joel: Well, I worked out, as well. I changed a diaper and had a few cups of coffee, so I more than earned those eggnogs.

Chad: No, I agree.

Joel: Well, it's holiday season, man! What are you doing for Christmas?

Chad: Stoked! Well, I've got three teenagers, so they pretty much own our time, no matter what. But we're gonna go to family, a little up north, just north of Indianapolis, and hopefully first of the year kick back over to Ohio to visit more family.

Chad: What about you? Are you taking the baby anywhere? Where's Axe going?

Joel: We're staying home. We do get the pleasure of having the children on Christmas morning this year. As many know, I'm divorced as well as you are, so some years you get the kids at morning, sometimes you don't. This year fortunately, we get the morning with them, and my mother, who had hip surgery and knee surgery last year, is sort of back in the saddle. She's going to come up and enjoy the holiday with us.

Chad: Awesome!

Joel: So I'm excited for a little R&R, and a little family time, just like you.

Chad: That's awesome. Well, and for those of you who are slightly confused between who Jeremy and Ax is, they're actually the same little baby. I've actually named little Jeremy "Axe", because he's a masculine little guy.

Joel: Which does not mean that Chad is the father, just so we're clear on that. We don't want any confusion.

Chad: Never even thought about that until you just said it, but that's funny as hell.

Joel: I'm glad you think that's funny. It's Chad's little pet name, I guess. It hasn't caught on with anyone else. It's sort of like how Chad calls this a pod, but no one else does. He just has this thing that he likes to do, so yeah. He's Axe.

Chad: When he's playing football, and all of his buddies are calling him Ax, you're gonna have me to thank.

Joel: If he plays football, I will give you that credit yes. I will give that to you.

Chad: Let's do shout-outs!

Joel: Let's get to the shout-outs, shall we?

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Yeah, all right. I'm gonna start ... since we just discussed my son Jeremy, Jeremy Roberts out there from HiringSolved loves this show, sent out a Tweet, I believe, calling us "the best podcast of 2017" that he listens to, so Jeremy, we love you, and we won't take your vote of confidence as the reason being that I named my son Jeremy. I'm going to assume that had nothing to do with your props. So thank you, Jeremy, and have a great holiday.

Chad: Jeremy, you're giving us the feels, buddy. We appreciate it, thanks so much.

Chad: Roy Mauer, hopefully I'm saying that wrong. I think everybody understands that Joel and I are probably going to massacre your name if you get a shout-out, but Roy Mauer. This guy knows how to get a shout-out. This is the Tweet that he sent. Listen to this,


Chad: "Love the #ChadCheese show." See how he used hashtag Chad Cheese in the very smart way. "Smart, funny dudes, breaking down the #recruiting industry. Maybe I'll get a shout-out soon."

Chad: Roy, you're a smart man. You know how to butter us up. Here's you're shout-out, buddy.

Joel: Yeah, and Roy out there at SHRM-land. So, it's rare that we get sort of an HR prop. So we really appreciate that.

Chad: Well, and also, he wants to get us out there on a road show, and this is a nice time to talk about the road shows, to let everybody out there who's listening, whether you're a vendor or talent acquisition, if you'd like to have Chad and Cheese come out, spice up any meeting, or any conference, or any show, that's what we're here for, guys.

Joel: Well, as everyone knows, we have faces for podcasting. So what better-

Chad: We do.

Joel: What better way to scare your event, than to bring us out.

Chad: I'm a good looking man. I don't know what you're talking about.

Joel: I'm gonna add Hung Lee again to the show.

Chad: Woo!

Joel: He got a shout-out last week, I believe. He's like the SNL guest. Like, how many shout-outs before we give him a jacket? I don't know. But Hung Li listed us on LinkedIn as one of his favorite podcasts for the year. Hung, we appreciate it, and keep listening.

Chad: Love it.

Chad: Kyle Hager. We talked about him, I think a couple of pods ago, he is the millennial, who is from the Univ- ... That school up north. We never actually say it. But Joel, you'll be happy to hear, he's actually taking your advice, and he's seeking professional help. So, being a big fan of the podcast, I thought that would be important.

Joel: Well, and as a Wolverine fan, and a Gen Z or Y ...

Chad: Millennial.

Joel: Whatever. They all need help. Get that guy a participation medal, and get him some help.

Joel: Next up, on my list, Nexxt, as we know, is a sponsor of our exclusive monthly show. That's Nexxt with two X's. I'm a little jealous, but happy. They sent you a goodie bag, but it was a little bit like Noah's ark, because there was two of everything. And I had to remind you that the other extra wasn't for your wife, it was probably for your podcast marriage.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: And so I'm expecting a large Nexxt goodie bag of squeezies, mousepads, and whatever else was in there. So shout-out to Nexxt.

Chad: Yeah, I think they think we live together. Kind of like we're in a dorm, or something like that. Because they send all of this stuff just to me, it's like, to my address, but it's ... Chad Sowash slash Joel Cheesman. So I think they actually think we live in a dorm together, or something.

Joel: Yeah, I don't know if it's like a Joey and Chandler thing, or maybe like a Kramer and Jerry thing, I don't ... Yeah. Yeah. Nexxt has a lot of ideas about us that I think are false. But let's let them continue to enjoy the fantasy.

Chad: Oh yeah. And keep sending us stuff. Or keep sending me stuff. That's awesome.

Chad: A letter from Philly! Nancy, out there in PhillyLand, I gotta tell you guys. We get letters and we get call ... I mean, we get stuff all the time. Tweets. But when it comes down to this one, Nancy went overboard. And I love it. Because she gave us a rundown of what she liked about the show, what she liked about the recruiting it, I mean just everything. But what I'd like to share, what Nancy said was, "Please don't sell out. I enjoy you just the way you are." So, thank you, Nancy, we appreciate it.

Joel: Can you do that in a Billy Joel kind of voice?

Chad: I thought I was.

Joel: Just the way you are. Do do do!