Indeed is Sneaky as Hell & Ripple Hopes to Topple LinkedIn

This week, Indeed is quietly making some big changes for users, a new report says recruiters don't give a damn about AI (yet) and there's another mobile app hoping to take down LinkedIn (good luck with that Sparky). It's a barrel full of monkeys, enjoy. Plus:

- Automation is going to hit this industry really hard - Recruiters don't care all that much about AI - Recruiters really care about diversity recruiting - Is it profiling or targeting?

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Joel: Hello again boys and girls. Welcome to another episode of Chad and Cheese, HR's most dangerous podcast. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm Chad Sowash.

Joel: This week Indeed is quietly making some big changes for users. A new report says recruiters don't give a damn about AI, yet. And there's another mobile app hoping to take down LinkedIn.

Chad: No.

Joel: Good luck with that one there Sparky. It's a barrel full of monkeys. Stay-

Joel: ... and we don't have the ads loaded up Chad.

Chad: Where's the Sovren man? So how much do we love Sovren?

Joel: I'll go see if I can find the ad here real quick.

Joel: Google, Lever, Entelo, Monster, Jibe, what do these companies and hundreds of others have in common? They all use Sovren Technology. Some use our software to help people find the perfect job, while others use our technology to help companies find the perfect candidate. Sovren has been the global leader in recruitment intelligence software since 1996, and we can help improve your hiring process too. We'd love to help you make a perfect match. Visit, S-O-V-R-E-N dot com, for a free demo.

Chad: Boom.

Joel: Boom.

Chad: Yeah, glad you could find that. That was awesome. I could hear you scrounging around. "Where the hell did I put that?"

Joel: Well we did sound check. Anyway. I love editing. All right, let's get to some shout-outs real quick.

Chad: Yeah, well the shout-outs are kind of light this week. Little peaks and valleys. We had a shit-ton last week, and this ... Not as many, but we still have shout-outs. Jonathan Duarte, our buddy, said he's already broken his #chadcheese record from 2017. He's already-

Joel: Two

Chad: He's tweeted us, yeah, more this year than he has last year, which means I think he just started to use the Twitter. I'm not sure. Yeah so.

Joel: You know we should be getting some news from him about Gobe pretty soon, his little chat bot.

Chad: Yeah, I hope so.

Joel: Duarte if you're listening man, hit us up with some Gobe scoop.

Chad: Gobe. Big Ed from Philly sent us some stuff. Unfortunately Ed, we're gonna be hitting some pretty big topics this week. Keep sending us stuff though. Everybody out there, if you've got something that you think is a topic that you would like for us to read, we'll check it out, especially if it's a slower news week. Unfortunately, this is not one of those weeks.

Joel: It is interesting that we don't get more sort of PR love of people who want to give us stories or exclusives or hey, we want to get so-and-so on the show. I haven't got one of those. Have you?

Chad: I think they're afraid in some cases because we get them on the show, and they're really not sure what the hell. That's exactly right. That being said, Jimmy Stroud who has been on the show, he actually filled in for you while you were on vacation. He gave us some hashtag love. We should probably get Jimmy on the show sometime.

Joel: Jimmy, sourcing god. Jimmy Stroud.

Chad: I love me this Jimmy Stroud. Last but not least, TAtech AI in Scottsdale, Arizona, February 12 and 13.

Joel: Beautiful.

Chad: Why the hell wouldn't you want to get out of this crazy weather? Unless you're already in Scottsdale, then it should be easy for you. Go to Man, some of these website addresses.

Joel: I can't keep up.

Chad:, yeah no shit.

Joel: Without Google, I'd find no sites.

Chad: Now the beautiful thing about this is Chad and Cheese has a discount code.

Joel: What?

Chad: Yeah, yep, yep. So if you want to go to this AI conference, who in the hell doesn't want to go to an AI conference? Here's the discount code. It is TATECHTEN and spell out ten, T-E-N, the number 18. So TATECHTEN18.

Chad: And last but not least for the TAtech love, join the Chad and Cheese Podcast in Dublin, Ireland March 13 and 14 for TAtech Europe. You got to ... Here's another site. Get ready. That's Check out the agenda and guess who's gonna be speaking Joel.

Joel: What's the leprechaun from the cereal box? Does he have a name? I probably just offended a whole country, but anyway.

Chad: I think you did. I think you did. Well Google's going to be there. Yeah, one of the guys who lead up all the Google recruiting products. Bogomil's gonna be up and it'll be good to see Google at TAtech in Europe.

Joel: Oh Bogomil's gonna be there, huh?

Chad: Love it. Love it.

Joel: You know he was my number one person for the year in 2017 as far as impact to recruiting on the vendor side.

Chad: And you won't return his calls.

Joel: Well he just now connected with me on LinkedIn, so come on man. It's a two-way street.

Chad: He might have to rethink that.

Joel: These Google people man, they're on a different level than us.

Chad: No they're not. That's bullshit. So our last shout-out actually rolls into our first story. It's a big shout-out to Recruitics. Joel did you hear anything happening with Indeed here lately?

Joel: You know I like to think that with my time on the podcast and my writing on ERE, that I'm pretty in the know for what's going on, but this one was a surprise.

Chad: Yeah, so Recruitics because they look out for their customers, and you gotta love that about a vendor. You partner with somebody, or you choose them because you think they're gonna watch your back. Right? Well Recruitics actually sent an email out to their clients about a change, a major change that Indeed has put in place, which is focused on their search engine results.

Joel: Quit teasing me. What is it?

Chad: Yeah, so okay. So you do a search on Indeed, and what you were used to like any other search engine, is that when you get your results, you click on the result and then where do you go Joel?

Joel: You go to the site that's in the search results page.

Chad: That's right. You go to the site. So if I go to Google, and I do a search. I click on the link. I know that it's going to take me to another site because it's a search engine. Well Indeed is supposedly a search engine. But guess what, they're actually changing into a job board because they've added a second pane that pops up the job description right beside the search results. Now this to me, is a huge regression.

Joel: So for our viewers ... Not viewers. For our listeners who can't view the page, they're working out, they're in their car, on the train, whatever. So imagine you're seeing results on Indeed. You click the title of a result.

Joel: Typically or historically, you would then go to say CareerBuilder or a company job page. Today if you click the subject line or the title of the job posting, a separate window pane, if you will, opens up within Indeed, and you see the entire job.

Joel: Then if you want to apply, you click "apply to job" and then that takes you to your corporate page or your job site or whatever. So why they did this, we have some theories. Mostly conspiracy theories. What are some of your thoughts on why they would do this Chad?

Chad: Well I think it's fairly simple. They want to keep job seekers more captive on their site. And also, when you go through the process, it is so much quicker to click on more links, which means if they're paid links, they're getting more money out of this.

Chad: So again, they're losing traffic because Google has taken away a good amount of their organic. They raised their rates 35 plus percent. And now they're making a change to be able to keep candidates more captive on their site. To me, it seems just like another major fuck-up in a string of Indeed fuck-ups lately.

Joel: So you feel a little bit like this.

SFX: Booooo!

Joel: As a user, I will say this. It is much faster. Without having to click on a link and go to another page, takes out a lot of time. From that aspect, I understand it. However, it does violate pretty much the rules of a search engine.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: So as an SEO, less so than they used to be, there are actually rules, FTC-type stuff that says if you go over a certain number of characters or words, one of the two in terms of what you're presenting to a user that is someone else's content, then you're essentially stealing it.

Joel: That's why when you go to Google, the summary is only a certain number of characters or words long. Google could do this. Right? You could click on a results on Google. It could bring up everything that's on that page. You could take out the advertisements that are on that page. You could take out the tracking. All the things that you benefit from Google would be gone. Right?

Joel: So that's sort of theft in terms of the eyes of the federal government, as far as I understand unless the rules have changed in the last 10 years. But I doubt they have.