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Amazon Tracks Employees, Top Super Bowl Ads, PLUS One of Our Own

On this week's Super Bowl version of The Chad and Cheese Podcast:

- Super Bowl picks .. and much, much more

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Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts, complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle up, boys and girls. It's time for the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: It's Super Bowl Weekend, and we're ready to give you a super show. Get it? Welcome to the Chad and Cheese Podcast. I'm the show's quarterback, Joel Cheesman.

Chad: Dude, you're the water boy. I'm Chad Sowash.

Joel: On this week's episode, Monster suffers from shrinkage, Amazon knows when you've been napping on the job, and we run down the best employment related Super Bowl ads from the last 20 years.

Chad: Oh, yeah.

Joel: Get ready for a stroll down memory lane, meatheads.

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Chad: America's Job Exchange, they do a lot of shit for not a lot of money.

Joel: All right, all right, all right.

Chad: And mainly keeping you from getting fined by the federal government or loss of big federal contracts.

Joel: Way to throw out the expletive in the first two minutes of the show. That was great.

Chad: Thank you. I've been practicing.

Joel: Might as well bust the seam now. Oh man, we got a ton of shout-outs man.

Chad: Yeah we do. You want to start taking a crack at it, or you want me to.

Joel: I'll start it. I'll start it. First up Nick from Boneit, I mean Honeit. One of our last Firing Squad podcasts, which was awesome by the way. If you haven't listened to it, go back into the archives and check that out. Anyway, Nick is all boats and hoes now since the show. He's reeling in the new prospects and customers, so a big shout-out to Nick there on the West Coast.

Chad: And as a matter of fact, he even created a discount code. Can you believe that? CHADCHEESE is the discount code. Go to and check out just the Firing Squads. I mean just go to Podcasts, and you'll see Honeit, and give it a listen.

Chad: But also on the same note, got some tweets around Crowded who was a part of the Firing Squad as well. So great product, definitely check this company out, and there's no question. Those guys got big applause from us for a reason.

Chad: So two things. If you haven't checked out Firing Squad, you need to because they're startups that are kicking ass and taking names. And a lot of them don't have the brand awareness, so that's one of the reasons why we created it.

Joel: You might get to hear ...

Chad: I hope.

Joel: By the way, Nick gave us a discount coupon code, but he didn't tell us how much it was off. So it's kind of a mystery special here on Chad and Cheese. We don't know how much of a discount you're going to get with that coupon code, so you're on your own on that one.

Chad: Yeah. Well I'm gonna say Chad is gonna give a 30% discount on Honeit.

Joel: Let's go 50. I like 50 better.

Chad: Okay. Okay. I like it.

Joel: It's a Groupon discount on Honeit this week. We love you Nick.

Chad: It seemed to work for CareerBuilder and Monster, so anyway.

Joel: Ouch.

Chad: So let me go ahead and hit Ryan Christoi up a little bit from KRT.

Joel: Okay, that's your boy.

Chad: Yeah, no. He was giving me shit over the highlights of the funny meme that we did. The Brady versus Foles. He said, "How could you forget about Tom Brady's Oscar-worthy turn in Ted? And who could ever forget his breakout role as computer geek number one in Stuck on You?" So yeah he definitely put it-

Joel: Wow.

Chad: You're right. You're right Ryan.

Joel: Specifically, I believe it was Ted 2, and I don't even know what in the world you're talking about with Love Potion No. 9 or what was that second movie you just mentioned? Anyway.

Chad: Stuck on You. It was a Greg Kinnear, Matt Damon thing, which is horrible. But Ryan, just like to let you know, our fans in Philly, Nancy definitely from Philly, loved the Foles versus Brady bit. So mission accomplished Buddy. Take that.

Joel: Dude, so many Brady lovers out there, which brings us to our next shout-out, Ethan Bloomfield.

Chad: Oh good.

Joel: Buddy over at Baird. He's having a special cookout this weekend in honor of the golden boy from Michigan. So have a good cookout there and have a few cold ones on us there Ethan.

Chad: Yeah, it's gonna taste sour. Let me tell you. It's gonna taste sour. Then Jonathan Zila, he quoted actually our last pod, the CEO from Canvas, Aman Brar, said, and I quote, "Startups are a world filled with infinite trade-offs. Big fan JZ." One thing JZ you gotta remember, but one of those trade-offs probably shouldn't be your name and corresponding URL that just doesn't match. So yeah, I don't agree on that one buddy.

Joel: Hey, Aman knows where you live dude, so watch out. Watch how you say that. Kelly Robinson keeps being a pain in my ass there at-

Chad: He's awesome.

Joel: Australia or England, I guess, wherever the hell he's from. I'm super mad at Joey Stubbs for sending you food and forgetting about me, for God's sakes. The Fat One. I mean come on dude.

Chad: Dude, so good. So good. Well he knows he needs to fatten me up. But yeah, no. Joey Stubbs sent us some Oh Ryan's Irish potatoes straight from Philly probably because he knows I'm not gonna be rooting for Tom Brady.

Joel: And speaking of Irish potatoes, quick shout-out that we'll be in Dublin about a month-and-a-half from now. I'm certainly getting my liver in shape. How about you?

Chad: Oh yeah. Of course. There's training to be done, and I am down for the training my friend.

Joel: Yes. And truth be told, there'll a little Super Bowl shindig at my house this weekend. I think we can probably put our livers through a little bit of a workout on Sunday.

Chad: Amen. Amen. Let me blow through a few more shout-outs here. Josh over at Smashfly tweeted, "Smashfly survived the most dangerous podcast in HR." Yeah, that was a good pod. Loved it. But keep your nose clean over there at Smashfly guys because we'll be watching you close.

Chad: Jim from Talent Nexus. He said, "Commuting on Monday is much easier with the #chadcheese podcast." Thanks so much Jim. Appreciate it. And last if not least, and this should get another one, is our friend Mark Feffer. He "enjoyed the last pod." And he does a lot of good writing. Have you read any of his stuff?

Joel: No.

Chad: Yeah, he's over at That is one long damn URL. Although-

Joel: Is that a dot io URL?

Chad: It's a dot com.

Joel: All right. We'll give you the credit. Holy cow, someone has a dot com. All right.

Chad: Woo-hoo!

Joel: Congrats on that one. Big time.

Chad: Yeah dude.

Joel: I got nothing else. If you got no more shout-outs, let's get to the show.

Chad: Let's do this.

Joel: All right man, Amazon, aside from their rocket to the moon stock price this week, is tracking you at work. What's going on with that?

Chad: Dude. So straight from the article, "What if your supervisor could identify every time you pause to scratch or fidget or for how long you actually took a bathroom break?" That's what Amazon ... It's actually not just ... They've patented this wristband, but they're using it. And they've been using it for a couple of years in England to be able to make sure that people are doing their jobs.

Joel: I love this story for the ... They're testing this out in Britain first. I'm not sure why the Brits get this initially, but so be it. I guess it's for the Revolutionary War. They deserve to have this first. Anyway, the quote I love from this story, and I'm gonna give my best British accent on this. Quote, "There was no time to go to the loo," which is a bathroom for our American listeners. He said, "You had to process the items in seconds and then move on. If you didn't meet targets, you were fired."

Chad: You're fired.

Joel: That's hardcore man. Amazon is brutal.

Chad: So months ago, we roasted idiots for getting microchips embedded in their skin. But that was their choice. That was their choice. Remember that?

Joel: Yeah.

Chad: In this case, it's the employer who is mandating the use of this tracker. And here's the bullshit reasoning behind it. Here we go. In theory, Amazon proposed technology would emit electronic pulses, blah, blah, blah from the employee's hand.

Chad: So what this does is, ensures that they are doing the right thing from bin to bin, or they'll get haptic feedback, which means if you ever wear a Fitbit, like I do, if you don't move enough, it just vibrates, and it gives you that haptic feedback. If you're not doing the right thing, it just buzzes on you, and it lets you know we're watching.

Joel: I bet you like that vibrating sensation, don't you?

Chad: It depends on where it's at.

Joel: Dude, how did we not have the embedded chips in our Naughty List at the end of the year? That should have so went on the Naughty List. Anyway, dude, this is just oh man, big brother-

Chad: Yeah shit, that's [crosstalk 00:11:07].

Joel: Companies know who you are. This is why we're not employed because we would be fired for drinking on the job, smoking on job, or something. I don't know.

Chad: Dude, but this stuff is going crazy. I mean it's even more scary than that. I mean we've got to be careful with our tech because bad shit can happen. Because on Monday, you probably saw on the news the tech industry actually was jolted because Strava, the fitness app, is being used by individuals in the military. Well what happens is you can map their movements. Yeah. You can map their movements, so they can actually see the outlines and actually see the military installations and troop movement.

Joel: I saw, they could see where the most trafficked areas were and the whatever, the camp sight, and where the bathroom was because of traffic, and where the workout stuff ... Yeah, so yeah. Yeah, it's over folks. Just have a good time in the final days of humanity. All right, I'm sick of talking about that.

Chad: Yeah, so this goes right into our robot overlords. Right?

Joel: Oh yeah, okay. So Uber is trying to propagandize self-driving trucks by telling us it's good for humans. Do you want to comment on this?

Chad: Well hell yeah. I mean-

Joel: I just want to blow up Uber at this point.

Chad: You take a look at U.S. transportation. I mean there is some reasons behind this that they're trying to pivot this into something good. But 66% of the billions of tons of goods actually being shipped domestically is being done by truck drivers. Only 9% is moved by rail, 4% is moved by water, 2% by air, and then rest of the 19% is done by pipeline fixed infrastructure.

Chad: Dude, this is important shit.

Joel: Sorry.

Chad: So here's the thing. Here's the thing. We have problems filling truck driver positions. Right?

Joel: True. True.

Chad: Yeah, so this is where technology can start to eke in and start to take those positions because we don't have enough humans who actually want to do the goddam jobs in the first place. So what do we do at that point?

Joel: I think we have to put the Amazon wristbands on the robots to make sure that they're doing what they need to do all the time.

Chad: Here's the proposal from Uber because they're pushing Uber Freight. Right? Uber Freight's their new big thing. "Self-driving trucks should be complimenting humans." And most of the long-stretch of driving should be done by autonomous vehicles, where there would be hubs where humans would actually pick up these vehicles, and then take them into port. Right? And get them docked up. Then take them back out, and so on and so forth.

Chad: Well Uber has this new app that is Uber Freight. And their vision is "self-driving trucks will manage long-haul driving on some interstate highways, but having two hands on the wheel, will still be the best way to get a load to its final destination," which we could take that in many different ways. But we're talking about truck-

Joel: You said "load".

Chad: But what they're trying to do, and if you go to these different sites, they're trying to fight all of this research that's being done. So Goldman Sachs, McKenzie Global, the International Transportation Forum, they have all this data that's showing that humans are going to lose these jobs. And Uber is trying to fight that with all these warm, fluffy videos and this quote/unquote strategy that humans aren't gonna go away.

Joel: Can I throw out a conspiracy theory real quick?

Chad: Yeah. I'd love it. We've been hearing a shit-ton of them lately. Did you know the memo's out?

Joel: I haven't read it, but I did see the update that the memo is out. What if Uber created Uber Eats, right, where they deliver food to basically keep us fat and happy, while their automated driving trucks and cars took over the world. I'm just saying. Keep us fat and happy, deliver us food, keep us fat and happy. This'll be brought in with some video game or porn delivery service. And the trucks will just move freight all over the world. Okay. It's getting a little bit more ridiculous the more I talk, but I do think it may have some credibility. But yeah.

Chad: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Joel: The robots-

Chad: Have you seen the movie Logan?

Joel: No. I go to you for all my Marvel reviews, and I know it's a good movie. I assume I will see it, but it's rated R, so I couldn't take my 11 year old to see it.

Chad: Oh Cole would have loved it. But anyway, yeah, I mean they've got some scenes where they actually have fully autonomous semi-trucks. And they're obviously looking into the future. And that was all over the road like barren interstate kinds of things. So that's the kind of shit that we're looking for. That and then you can actually show the kids Wall-E, the animation that's rated G, and that pretty much just talks about the conspiracy theory that you just played out. That was the entire show man.

Joel: I did sneak a viewing of Terminator 2 past the authorities, and he has seen that. He has seen the evil side of what's to come, which we all will see at some point. Which is liquid metal killing everybody.

Chad: Yeah, hopefully sooner than later.

Joel: We've talked about some downer tech. Let's talk about some positive tech.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: And get a quick word from our sponsor, Sovren, and then we're gonna talk about Monster shrinkage. How does that sound?

Chad: It sounds horrible. Go ahead.

Announcer: Google, Lever, Entelo, Monster, Jibe, what do these companies and hundreds of others have in common? They all use Sovren technology. Some use our software to help people find the perfect job, while others use our technology to help companies find the perfect candidate. Sovren has been the global leader in recruitment intelligence software since 1996, and we can help improve your hiring process too. We'd love to help you make a perfect match. Visit S-O-V-R-E-N dot com for a free demo.

Joel: This next story's huge, but then it shrinks.

Chad: Huge. Huge of shrinking. They just stepped out of the cold water.

Joel: Let me give a little bit of background. There was a day when Monster was gonna take over the world. Right? They were gonna have the job board of the globe. They were gonna have outposts everywhere. And I want to say it was about seven, eight, nine years ago, they brought in like HR China, and it was at the cusp of China getting ready to blow up. And Monster was in a really good position, so when I saw this story that basically says they're getting out of Asia and focusing on North America and Europe, that's a huge 180 from the Monster of old.

Joel: And I know that that is a theme. It used to be Monster would build and buy people. Now they're just partnering with people. Now instead of take over the world, let's just work with North America and Europe. So I'm really I guess surprised, but I shouldn't be by this story, just because of the way they've evolved or devolved in the last few years.

Chad: Right.

Joel: But what are your thoughts on this announcement?

Chad: Well out of the gate, it was a holy-shit moment because Quest Corporation is not new to this segment overall. I don't know about as much job boards, but the segment in itself. And to know that the agreement to acquire 100% of equity in Monster Singapore, Monster Hong Kong and nearly half of Monster Malaysia, it's a pretty damn big deal.

Chad: But back to my 2018 prediction, I think this is what Monster needs to be able to focus and prioritize to actually make that comeback. I mean from my standpoint, I believe this is good for them.

Joel: So what's Randstad's footprint? Is it Europe/North America? Or is it everywhere?

Chad: No it's everywhere. Yeah, Randstad's everywhere, but I think that smartly on their side, they can take a look at business and see where they're doing well, and where they should be prioritizing. So I think this is a big measure from an organization who knows how to do business and really crunch numbers versus the job board industry, especially Monster and the CareerBuilder of old. Hell, they were just printing money. And they were buying shit just to buy shit. That's not how it is today.

Joel: It is not, and this reminds me of the old Steve Jobs story, and I know you're not an Apple guy, so maybe you don't know this story. But when Steve Jobs came back to Apple in '96-'97. They had tons of products, printers, just all kinds of crap. And he drew four quadrants on a white board or a chalkboard or whatever they had at the time and said look, we're gonna focus on these four things, and that's it. Everything else we've been doing is gone.

Joel: So to me, I have this vision of someone at Monster, even though they don't have a CEO, for God's sakes, somebody in charge said-

Chad: Or president.

Joel: Somebody in charge said, look, we're gonna focus on this, this, this, and this. We're gonna focus on this location and this area, and everything else, it's either partner or do something along the side. We're not buying anybody. We're not spending any money. This is our focus. This is clearly a move to say look, we're not worried about Asia. We're not worried about half the population of the world. We're only gonna worry about that 20% here in North America and Europe.

Joel: So I agree with you, it's probably the right move, and I think we both like what Monster's doing, and in a weird way we're rooting for them. So yeah, let's hope this works out.

Chad: Yeah, well and Quest, I mean I really think that Quest has their finger on the pulse of that market. They're already in payroll, compliance, executive search, training, general staffing, RPO and more in that area. Right? And that's just part of the actual industry types of business that we're doing.

Chad: And I think it just makes sense for Monster to be able to hand this over, and I believe from a Quest standpoint, makes good sense for them too. So agreed. Four quadrants, maybe in this case, two. Do what you do, and do it right. And don't try to be a drack-of-all-jades.

Joel: A drack-of-all-drades. That's right.

Chad: Jack-of-all-trades. I'll get it right.

Joel: Let Indeed get bogged down in other countries. Let LinkedIn worry about those other places. We're gonna be awesome in Mishawaka, Indiana. That's what we're gonna do. Good luck.

Joel: All right, so positive for Monster. Let's get into football.

Chad: Okay.

Joel: And we'll ease the audience into it. I did a post for ERE this week that frankly was a ton of fun to do. It was my top 10 employment-related Super Bowl ads of all time. Number one, to me it's not even close, is the original Monster ad, When I Grow Up from 1999. I can remember ... You know, you and I are old enough, and many people aren't. But I remember the buzz around that, seeing it on TV on my 32-inch 800 pound TV probably at the time. And how cool that was.

Joel: Do you remember that? And what was sort of your emotional attachment or feelings when that day happened? Because it was also the Hot Jobs ad. So it was a big day in job work world.

Chad: I was at Monster then, and they brought us all into ... It was in Indianapolis. They brought us all into a conference room, and they said we're gonna play the ad. And the buzz had been going on that we're going to do a Super Bowl ad. So we were excited because we didn't know what the hell was gonna happen, and what we were gonna do.

Chad: So they had a few TVs set up, and we were all in there, turned the lights out, everybody was packed in there. It was uncomfortable as hell. But they played it, and just it was amazing. I mean it was almost ... It was a loss for words because that was such a good ad.

Chad: From our standpoint, we had just launched Monster. This is something that just happened, so we had the Monster board and online career center were coming together pretty much as families per se. And this was something that we could actually hold onto together. I mean that ad to me, is personal and special. And I think it is for many people that were at Monster at that time.

Chad: Yeah, no, I definitely loved that, but I have to say that the Audi ad pretty much tops my list. I mean every time I watch it, I think of my daughter Emma. Right? And I think of my step-daughter Kennedy, and I think of all these girls that are out there, and it's incredibly moving. Right? You know where Monster's is tongue-in-cheek, this one is just amazing.

Joel: I cry like a little baby every time I see it. It's-

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Yeah. So I'm curious, did they bust out some VHS tapes and put them in and push play to see the Monster ad? Or was it streamed? Was it on a CD-ROM? How did they show it?

Chad: I think it was on a CD. I don't know. It was all prepped and ready for us to get in there. It was all prepped and ready for us to get in there. Someone had a remote, and they played that shit. But I also have to say that in my top three was the CareerBuilder monkeys ads. Funny as hell. I mean just funny as hell and memorable because of the office environment.

Chad: So that was funny, and one that wasn't ... It was office scene, but it wasn't really an employment kind of company. It was Reebok, the Terry Tate Campaign. That thing, I could watch the Terry Tate ads over and over and over for hours because they were so freaking hilarious.

Joel: Yep. And that was my honorable mention. I felt a little guilty putting that in as an employment-related ad or recruiting ad, but it certainly is office-related.

Chad: I loved it.

Joel: The one thing I'll ad is the Hot Jobs ad, which also aired in '99, you and I being around that time, Hot Jobs was pretty much unknown. They were just ... I remember in '98, the year before, they had a 10 by 10 booth at Sherm, and they were sort of a punchline because it was like what kind of Hot Jobs do you have? Right? Like it was a porn job site or something.

Joel: And when we found out that they were doing a super bowl ad, we thought what in the world. So it came out ... I mean they pretty much blew half of their bank account on this ad, which we thought was ridiculous. But at the time, everyone was looking for quote/unquote brain share or mind share. And it was like we want to be the brand that people think of for jobs. And God bless them, I mean they did it. I mean with Monster and Careerbuilder, or CareerPath at the time and Hot Jobs, immediately became the top three sites for jobs.

Joel: And a year or two later, they sold to Yahoo for $438 million, which ironically was about what Monster sold for 10 plus years later. So I think that's a story that's worth sort of highlighting. Otherwise, you get a lot of comedy. Most of the ads are trying to be funny and sort of stand out. But it was a great trip down memory lane. If you haven't seen it, just check out It was a really fun post to put together for sure, for sure.

Chad: And for Hot Jobs, it really identified one of their biggest faults was not allowing staffing companies to actually use the system. It was only companies direct that could use it. And at Monster, at that time, about 75% of our revenue was from staffing firms. We were making big bank off of those organizations, and Hot Jobs just told them to go away.

Chad: So really, there was only one place to go at that point, and it was Monster. I actually had a friend that was over at Hot Jobs, and I would thank him all the time when we were bringing in staffing deals.

Joel: Remember how bad CareerPath used to look and Career Mosaic? Mosaic was okay.

Chad: Horrible. Career Mosaic was okay.

Joel: CareerPath was like and newspaper jobs online. It was really awful. It was really awful. Then you had eSpan. Anyway.

Chad: AKA, Job Options.

Joel: Well I mentioned earlier that Monster doesn't have a CEO/President. And I think that something needs to be done about that.

Chad: I agree. I agree. Especially with this shrinkage and this new focus. I think they should bring someone or some people-

Joel: Like a team. I think a team is needed to solve this problem.

Chad: I think I agree. Yeah. I agree.

Joel: And in spirit of Super Bowl weekend, we're gonna unveil our own commercial. I don't even know how to set it up. We'll just play it and let it speak for itself. How's that sound?

Chad: That sounds amazing.

Julie: The following message was paid for by the campaign to elect the Chad and Cheese as co-Presidents of Monster.

Chad: Hi. My name is Chad Sowash.

Joel: And I'm Joel Cheesman. You know us as ...

Chad: The Chad ...

Joel: ... and Cheese Podcast at

Chad: We are aware Monster's new owners have lopped off the heads of old Monster leadership and have focused on filling those positions with fresh ideas and new proven leaders, which is why-

Joel: Let them eat cake. Get it? What? Lopped off heads, Marie Antoinette, oh come on man.

Chad: Which is why the Chad and Cheese are officially running for co-President of Monster.

Joel: The Chad and Cheese understand the current vulnerability of Indeed, and a market that is crying out for a new platform for and of the people.

Chad: Really? The baby sound effect again?

Joel: You know it's my favorite. Yeah.

Chad: You do love that damn thing. The Chad and Cheese pledge to build and drive cost effective recruitment options through a new Monster vision.

Joel: Yes. And the Chad and Cheese also want to answer your long-standing questions like, whatever happened to Monster networking, Chief Monster, Jobr, Hot Jobs, Gozaik, Job Pilot, Talent Bin, Trovix, Tickle, and that Blue Collar thingy. What was that called? I can't remember.

Chad: The Chad and Cheese promise to get you, the people, answers. And we also promise not to make bone-headed decisions like buying Tickle instead of LinkedIn. Yeah. That actually happened.

Joel: Chad and I are asking for your support in our bid to co-President Monster.

Chad: Vote for the Chad and Cheese for co-President of Monster because you deserve a new Monster, and we don't mean that purple Bugs Bunny cartoon rip-off thing either.

Joel: It's a new day.

Chad: You deserve a new Monster, and you'll get one with the Chad ...

Joel: ... and Cheese as co-Presidents of Monster.

Julie: This ad was approved by the Chad and Cheese Podcast. Look, there's literally no way in hell these guys are getting this gig, but they have a pretty amazing podcast. Honestly. So visit Paid for by the campaign of the Chad and Cheese for co-President of Monster.

Chad: Boom.

Joel: So I'm feeling that sort of welling up of emotions when I watch the Audi daughter/father ad a little bit when I hear that. So yeah, I'm a little bit inspired and emotion-driven. Yeah.

Chad: Verklempt?

Joel: That was fun.

Chad: To the listeners, we're actually gonna drop that as a podcast on Sunday. We can't afford to obviously put it during the Super Bowl, so we're gonna drop it as a podcast. We'll let everybody know that it's out there, and that was just the audio version. We also have a full cheesy commercial. That's right audio and video, which we're gonna drop on Sunday as well.

Joel: Which I haven't even seen yet, so I have not approved it. It may not come out.

Chad: It's coming out.

Joel: All right, man let's give our Super Bowl picks and get the hell out of here.

Chad: Okay. You first.

Joel: Oh man. How can you go against the Goat, dude?

Chad: It's easy.

Joel: Hey, I'm talking here man. I'm gonna bring out some Steven A. Smith on you here in a second. But look, five Super Bowls, the best coach of all time, the best quarterback of all time against a backup quarterback named Foles from Arizona. A pretty good defense in Philly, super underdogs.

Joel: I'm definitely picking the Patriots, although I will say there is zero pressure on Philly, and I would not be surprised if the Eagles pull a win out of their ass and made history. But as far as predictions, if I had money on it, definitely would have to go with the Patriots.

Chad: Saw that coming. He had to say that people because his wife would have killed him otherwise.

Joel: That's true. You're gonna love my shirt on Sunday by the way.

Chad: Oh I'm sure. Okay, here's where it comes down. The Eagles running game is gonna wear down the Pat's defense. The rushing offense is number three. It's number three. We're talking about Jay Ajayi, who has 5.8 yards of carry. You've got LeGarrette Blount, 4.4, dude is like a freaking wrecking ball. And then we've got Zach Ertz, who was the number one tight end in the post season, and he was number three during the entire regular season.

Chad: That's good from an offensive standpoint, especially bashing that little pissy-ass no-run defense of the Patriots because they really, literally have no run defense. But the Eagles defense on the other hand, that's the strong suit of the Eagles. They're number one in rushing D. They're number four in interceptions, and I think this is gonna be a close one. I mean they both are very close when it comes to points per game. So I'm gonna go Eagles 24-21.

Chad: The biggest mismatch on the field, literally, is gonna be the field goal kicker. We've got Gostkowski, who kicks ass. Then we've got a poor little rookie Jake Elliot, who let's hope he puts his big boy pants on and can knock it to the uprights.

Joel: He may pull a Vinatieri circa 2000 and who knows. All right, so you're saying 24-21?

Chad: Yep. Eagles.

Joel: All right, I think it's a little more scoring than that. I'm gonna say, 31-27 Patriots.

Chad: 31-27 Patriots. Still close, which hopefully, this is a good ballgame.

Joel: Yeah, let's at least hope it's a good ballgame. All right man, have a good weekend. We'll see you on Sunday, and we out.

Chad: We out.

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