It's all about LOVE... and H8!

It's Valentine's Day week which means you can hear Barry White and feel the love in the air, even on The Chad & Cheese Podcast.

This week:

We start with a Google Love Trifecta!

1) Google for Jobs embraces its Latin lover

2) TMP loves sharing Google for Jobs stats

3) Is GoogleHire loving on AI resume search?

Yes there's more LOVE...

- HackerRank has 30 million new ways to find a lover and kill DICE

- Why Nexxt fell out of love with

- Unilever breaks up with Facebook and YouTube

- Home Depot says loving yourself is best, it's all about Self Service

... plus more banter and snark than you can probably handle.


And show our sponsors some love while you're at it. America's Job Exchange, Sovren, Ratedly and Catch 22 Consulting are single and ready to mingle ... with customers, baby! Oh, behave!

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Announcer: Hide your kids, lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle up, boys and girls; it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel: Are you ready to feel the love?

Chad: Oh yeah.

Joel: Welcome to our Valentine's Day week show. This is the Chad and Cheese podcast. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm Chad Sowash.

Joel: On this week's episode, Google for Jobs snuggles up with a Latin lover.

Chad: Oh yeah.

Joel: We undressed why Beyond really changed it's name to Nexxt. And Home Depot tells job seekers to, "love yo damn self." It's warm and fuzzy time, folks. Get ready.

Chad: Self love.

Joel: But first, a little foreplay from our sponsor.

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Joel: Beautiful, I'm just realizing that our shout outs are kind of angry ... Not very loving. So I don't ... Maybe this is love ... We're doing love the Chad and Cheese way.

Chad: Love the Chad and Cheese way. Yeah, right out of the gate ... This isn't mean. My humble apologies goes to Nancy in Philly because, apparently, she blindingly devoted herself to Team Chad well before Ed did. And she actually showed me screenshot evidence. So Nancy, please accept my humble apologies. Not to mention also ... And she had a good question for you, Joel.

Joel: Yeah?

Chad: You saw that Gr8 People was funded this week and a good amount of it actually came from the Randstad Innovation Fund. Her question is, do you think Monster will play a role in Gr8 People? Because of that connection with Randstad?

Joel: I think companies buy other companies to integrate other companies or kill companies or just loot the talent and yeah. And just walk away. I think in his case, although I'm not an expert on Gr8 People, the GR8 is awful, by the way ... It's like Jobg8's ugly sister. I don't have much of an opinion. You're a former employee of two of those companies. You probably have a much more insightful opinion than I do.

Chad: I would say I probably do, I don't know that it's right. But yeah, I think Monster right now has enough problems of their own and they're focusing on the technology at hand, just at Monster, versus thinking about Gr8 People. I mean, I think there ae some good perspective plays that happened there, but that's not gonna happen anytime soon because Monster has to get their shit together. Hopefully, they'll get good co-presidents on board soon, we can only hope.

Joel: Word.

Chad: I really don't think that, right now, they can be that strategic because they have a ton of development that they have to before they can get their own products up and running and get in the snuff before they can start to look at Gr8 People, which is more of an applicant tracking system, CRM, Drip Campaign kind of. You know, it's got so much that's actually out there. And it's from the founders of Virtual Edge who sold to ADP. So, it's pretty stout product from my understanding. Bad URL, but fairly stout product.

Joel: Monster's in that sort of ... You know when the oxygen drops in the airplane when you're going down and you give yourself the oxygen first before you worry about anyone else. That's kind of where Monster is right now. They need to oxygenate themselves first.

Chad: That is awesome, that is awesome.

Joel: Thank you, thank you.

Chad: So there's your answer, Nancy. And that being said, 'cause I gotta continue to give Philly love, Ed says to Joel Cheesman, 100% that he's that shallow for choosing Team Chad and he also liked the Eli OBJ Dirty Dancing skit as his favorite commercial as well. So, as I had said before, very, very symbiotic .. me and the commercial.

: You and your cronies mean nothing to me, okay my friend? Because ... A lot ... As we found, a lot of this love is not very deep. I got a big ... I got a couple, 'come on, man's this week.

Chad: Yeah, we do, we do.

Joel: So, we get this, I get this LinkedIn message from Remy Jung. It's J-U-N-G. Maybe it's Jung or Jong or Ung. We don't know. I won't mention the company, but he sends me a message that's very nice.

Joel: So Chad and I have this private Facebook group where we share show ideas, so I shared this message from Remy and said, "Hey, this is a really nice message." Took a screenshot of the message he sent me on LinkedIn. Well, Chad turns around and sends me the same screenshot, but from his account. So, basically all Remy did was copy and paste the same message and just put my name or whatever, something to me. And then it was like, okay, well, I feel special not at all now.

Joel: And then, David Zanesky from Monster, I will name him because we named him last week, loving on him a lot. He sends me a message, and I go, "Dude, please tell me David did not send you the same message." And he's like, "Yup, he did."

Chad: He totally did.

Joel: Okay, so you guys suck, but a lesson for sales or relationships or networking, don't just copy and paste when the two dudes that you're sending it, are doing a podcast together because there's a good chance they might be sharing that information with each other and then calling you out on the podcast, like I have.

Chad: Joel had one comment after I shared my screenshot, "What a dick". I thought it was awesome. Remmie, David, come on guys. We love you, we love you. You can do better, you can do better.

Joel: They look like millennials. This is such a millennial thing, like, I'm just gonna copy and paste the same message and send it to 100 friends and I've done my job. No, customize the message. Alright, moving on.

Chad: Okay, so William Golden gets a #ChadCheese shout out. He's been listening for weeks, months. Thanks William. Also, Steven O'Donnell. Our Scottish game has doubled, I think, in the past few weeks. And Steven says ... I think this is awesome ... "I had seriously expected to dislike Chad ad Cheese, but heard it for the first time last night and it was excellent." That shit's funny.

Joel: I think most people expect to hate this show when they first, you know, so.

Chad: Yeah, it's funny.

Joel: For whatever reason, if we can turn haters into lovers, that's a good thing. But yes, we are big in the Glasgow, Scotland area. And I'll send a quick shout out to Adam Gordon ...

Chad: Oh yeah!

Joel: ... from and if you haven't heard the firing squad of their company, I highly recommend it. Although, I'm biased; it's our show. But, shout out to Adam. We appreciate it. And hopefully we'll see him in Dublin, or somebody from CanadaID in Dublin, 'cause we'll be there in about a month from now.

Chad: Yeah, some pretty cool tech, pretty cool tech.

Joel: Yeah, with TAtech ten, spelled out T-E-N, 18 for a 15% discount if you still have-

Chad: So yeah, I made it easy. Go to There's a banner there for TAtech Europe and the actual discount code is below it. So all you have to do is copy the discount code, click on the banner, go to the ... It's done for you, man. I made it too damn easy. I'm not going through the whole WiFI password thing anymore.

Joel: WiFi password? What the hell are you talking about?

Chad: That's what the Tatech discount code [crosstalk 00:08:46] feels like a WiFI password.

Joel: Oh, gotcha. Like, the 28 string password ... Gotcha. I'm with ya, I'm with ya. Sorry about that.

Joel: Okay, shout out to the Job Board Doctor, probably our most loyal, longterm listener.

Chad: Yup.

Joel: He says we should talk more about how staffing firms hate Indeed Prime, Indeed staffing are, I guess, or product. So yeah, Job Board Doctor, you're probably right. We should talk more about that, and by the way, if you are in the staffing business ... If you wanna send us a note, go to Let us know how much you hate Indeed taking your money. We wanna hear from you.

Chad: Yeah, staffing companies, I mean, we actually had last week's episode ... They were talking about how there was no way they were gonna give Monster their money because of Randstat ... They were gonna buy Randstat. What about Indeed? I mean their own buy, Recruit Holdings, who obviously has recruiting in their portfolio, not to mention Indeed Prime. So I mean, you're gettin' stepped on all over the place. So I think it's really hard to pick and choose as you move forward. You just have to focus on ROI.

Joel: Isn't it the snake that eats it's tail and then it just dies because it's eating itself. Yeah, that's what it feels like. Anyway ... that's all the shout outs I got. You got anybody else?

Chad: Matt Durney, apparently Indeed loves us in Europe. We got a tweet as he was in transit to Doha. I haven't heard a damn thing from the U.S. offices, but Europe loves us, so that's awesome.