Indeed Ruins a Good Song, Google Starts Candidate Matching & LinkedIn Gets Snapchatty

After a bit of hiatus and a stint at the Guiness Recover Unit at the local hospital, Chad & Cheese are back in the groove, sticking it to everyone who, let's be honest, deserve it.

Here's a taste:

- Indeed's new commercial isn't so Sunny.. It sucks... - Indeed makes it official with higher prices - Google beta-steps into candidate search - It's only the start...

- Starbucks closes the gender pay gap - LinkedIn gets its Snapchaty wit-it - A NYC councilman has lost his damned mind - IBM old people keep getting screwed - Weed continues to be a magnet for investment cash, even in online recruitment

... and a boatload more, boys and girls.

Enjoy, and give our sponsors your wallets. Because, we said so. Lots of love to America's Job Exchange, Sovren, Ratedly and NKOTB, JobAdX.


Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle up, boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel: Heidi-ho boys and girls. The boys are back in town.

Chad: Damn straight.

Joel: Welcome to the Chad and Cheese podcast. I'm Joel


Chad: And I am Chad Guinness Sowash.

Joel: Amen to that. On this week's show Indeed ruins a perfectly good song from our childhood in their new ad, Google recruitment's love train keeps on trucking, and LinkedIn embraces its inner Snapchat. And oh yeah, we might have a little something to say about Career Builder. Buckle up. But first, a word from our brand new, spanking, shiny sponsor.

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Joel: Getting programmatic with it.

Chad: I heard better than AdSense and then also go to the website or you can go to and click on the JobAdX logo on the site. We make it easy. Any way you want to get to them, you can get to them. Just get to them.

Joel: I'm just hoping that they don't pull a Nexxt and add another X on their name, so we have to say, "Job Ad Double X".

Chad: Dude, I'm telling you right now, it's going to be a thing because it's obviously worked for Nexxt. So that's awesome. JobAdX. Just one X, guys. Just one X.

Joel: Keep it to one. That's how we like it. Oh man, we're back. Ireland, we're sobered up.

Chad: Dude, I'm so excited. I'm so excited. We've got so much yet to talk about and yeah. We had a great time in Ireland. I mean, big props to everybody that was over there.

Joel: TATech.

Chad: Yeah, TATech and everyone that was there. All the attendees. It was amazing. We were on stage and you asked, "Hey, you know, who's ever listened to Chad Cheese podcast?" And literally, like 95% of the audience raised their hand. So apparently we're big in Europe.

Joel: I hope they heard the question correctly. Maybe it was, "Who hates the Chad Cheese show," but yeah. That was very impressive. Yeah, well, we have a lot to talk about. Let's get to the shout outs. My first one, Wendy Cosmak from LinkedIn, just a big fan, wanted to say that to her. Thanks for listening, Wendy, and keep bringing those LinkedIn folks in because we love them.

Chad: We do love them. We also have Jem from Talent Nexus. He's over across the pond in England. He tweeted a picture of a traffic jam and this is what he said, "Sitting in this for two hours. One highlight is listening to the Chad Cheese Guinness-fueled podcast." God damn straight, Jim. Very nice, very nice.

Joel: Nothing makes a traffic jam in rush hour better than a little you and me in the ear drums. Louise Triance, I hope I'm saying that correctly, she's at UK Recruiter. She's a big fan. Wanted to give her a shout out. Louise, thanks for listening over on the other side of the pond.

Chad: Amazing.

Joel: We appreciate it.

Chad: Love from Japan. You saw this, right? This was some crazy shit.

Joel: Crazy.

Chad: Yoshio Fujimora, I hope I got that right. He tweeted in Japanese, so I had to use the Microsoft translation that's already embedded in Twitter and it actually-

Joel: You're such a Microsoft whore.

Chad: No, dude, it was just embedded in Twitter. So it said, "HR has been delayed about 20 years in Japan," and the rest of it made no sense whatsoever. So big thanks to Yoshio and a big come on, man, to Microsoft for shitty translation software.

Joel: So we think Yoshio likes us, right?

Chad: Yes.

Joel: From the ... Okay, well that's good. Yoshio, keep listening.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Shout out from me to Alan Barker who just appreciates us and we appreciate you, Alan, there at Monster.

Chad: Love our Monsters. Shout out to That is a damned mouthful. Mark Feffer, he's been pulling me into some articles, some round tables and stuff like that, and it's really good stuff. It's funny. One of the quotes he just had from his last article I thought was very Chad and Cheese-ish. "If two or more HR professionals get together and don't begin discussing engagement halfway through their first drink, something's wrong."

Joel: Would it be Chad and Cheese-ish or Chad and Cheese-y? I'm trying to figure that one out.

Chad: Depends on the article.

Joel: Yes. I think you and I are on the road next week separately. We're dividing and conquering, I think. I'll definitely be at Erie and San Diego. I think you're going to be on the west coast as well. What are you doing?

Chad: Yup. I'm going to be at BCGI, Biddle Consulting Group Institute. They've got a summit going on in San Francisco and me and my lovely wife Julie are actually doing a tandem presentation, about an hour and half on how companies suck-

Joel: I'm sorry. Wife talk gets the crickets today.

Chad: How companies suck at recruiting veterans and individuals with disabilities,

Joel. That's pretty goddamn important.

Joel: Fine. When you do disabilities compliance, that's great. Yes, if you're in Cali, you have no excuse to say hi to either Chad or myself because we'll be conquering both sides of the state.

Chad: That's right.

Joel: Also wanted to say, again in April, SHRM Talent in Vegas, TAtech in Vegas, be there or be square. We're going to tear

a new one and make them regret every minute that they invited us to their show.

Chad: SHRM Talent, guys. I mean, if you're on the talent acquisition side, you've a vendor, or you're a talent acquisition professional, how in the hell are you not there? And then wrapping your week in Vegas up with TAtech. What I like to call the Spring Edition of TAtech. We're going to be enjoying the hell out of Vegas a couple weeks from now.

Joel: I know I prefer my Pete and RePete in springtime.

Chad: Those guys kick ass.

Joel: Very nice.

Chad: Couple more shout outs.