DEATH MATCH: Talkpush's Max Armbruster

Talkpush recently faced a panel of four judges at TAtech in New Orleans for Chad & Cheese's Death Match competition pitting four start-ups against each other.

Listen now to see how it went down for them.


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Announcer: Hide your kids, lock the doors, you're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, rash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle up, boys and girls. It's time for the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Announcer: Welcome to Chad and Cheese Death Match, part two of four. This Chad and Cheese Death Match episode features Max Armbruster, CEO of Talkpush. Death Match took place at TAtech on September 27th in New Orleans at 9:00 A.M. in the morning with a room full of TAtech practitioners loaded with mimosas, Bloody Marys, beer, and Chad and Cheese snark. Enjoy, after a word from our sponsor.

Chad: Hey Joel?

Joel: What up?

Chad: Would you say that companies find it hard to attract the right candidates to apply for their jobs?

Joel: Well Jobs2Careers thought so.

Chad: Jobs2Careers? You mean Talroo.

Joel: Talroo?

Chad: Yeah, Talroo. T-A-L-R-O-O.

Joel: What is that, like, a cross between talent and a kangaroo?

Chad: No. It's a cross between talent and recruiting,

Joel: But -

Chad: Talroo is focused on predicting, optimizing and delivering talent directly to your email or ATS.

Joel: Aha, okay. So, it's totally a data driven talent attraction, which means the Talroo platform enables recruiters to reach the right talent at the right time and at the right price.

Chad: Okay, so that was weirdly intuitive, but yes, guess what the best part is?

Joel: Let me take a shot here, you only pay for the candidates Talroo delivers.

Chad: Holy shit. Okay so, you've heard this before.

Chad: So, if you're out there listening in podcast land, and you are attracting the wrong candidates, and we know you are, or you feel like you're in a recruiting hamster wheel and there's just nowhere to go right? You can go to Again, that's and learn how Talroo can get you better candidates for less cash.

Joel: Or, just go to and click on the Talroo logo. I'm all about the simple.

Chad: You are a simple man.

Chad: Alright, make sure you've got that drink in hand. Anybody who wants a beer, if you would rather have a beer, we have beer up here at the Georgia stage so ...

Peter: Good morning everyone.

Joel: Good morning

Peter: You can tell there's very few things that would bring a crowd like this out at 9:00 A.M. after a night on the town in New Orleans, so props to our good friends Chad and Cheese without further ado here's Chad and the Death Match.

Chad: Hello.

Joel: Good morning.

Chad: Good morning. So, today we're going to do our very first Death Match, okay? So, hopefully everything goes off without a hitch. If you've listened to the podcast, we do firing squad, this is kind of like an iteration. What's gonna happen is we have four contestants. They're going to have two minutes to pitch. No PowerPoint presentations. They're going free falling, okay? So, no PowerPoint presentations, they're going to do a two minute pitch and then after that the balance of their time, their fifteen minutes, is going to be Q&A by our American Idol judging panel.

Chad: Alright. Next we have the CEO Max Armbruster of Talkpush. Bring it. Push it real good. All this ...

Chad: Alright Max, so two down. You ready?

Max: Ready, ready.

Joel: Love it.

Chad: A little anxious?

Max: A little bit, yeah.

Chad: Would you like me to get off the stage so you can do this shit?

Max: No, I can -

Chad: We can switch.

Joel: Fight!

Chad: Let's do this!

Max: Alright. Thank you, thank you Chad.

Max: Good morning! So,

Joel: Morning.

Max: Talkpush in two minutes. Recruiters like to have it all. On one hand, they want to us AI and big data in order to automate all the boring stuff like scheduling interviews, doing background checking, re-engaging old databases. But on the other hand, nobody wants to be hired by a robot. People want to talk to people. They want to have a personal, individual conversation.

Max: I'm a little bit out of breath from running on stage.

Max: And so, it's very hard today with an ATS and a CRM tag to get both of those experiences. The automation and the personal touch. Until Talkpush. So what we do is, we work at the front of the marketing, of the recruitment funnel, and we automate the initial engagement with the candidate with conversational agents that optimize conversion rates. So, that translates into a seventy percent reduction in marketing cost per hire because those conversational agents, a.k.a chat bots, were talking on Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, in career sites, they're really good at getting that candidate to the next step.

Max: Once you're at the next step, then you want to talk to a recruiter. And, with our experience, the handover is seamless. So, you go from talking to a bot if you're a candidate, to a recruiter seamlessly. And the recruiter can then take over from their mobile app and talking to the candidate. So, we use the word "augmented recruiter" to talk about what the recruiters can do. They can do so much more with our system. This is why millions of candidates are already being processed on Talkpush with big brands like Adecco, Excenture, AIA, Starwood. Using our system, they come to us because they realize the way you talk to candidates is a very core part of your employer brand, and they use to level up the recruitment experience.

Chad: Excellent.

Joel: Thank you.

Chad: Deb, you get to go first.