Debate: Are Companies Gaming Glassdoor?

CareerBuilder acquired a company with a funny name, companies are gaming Glassdoor to make themselves look better (or are they?), and Africa is the next hub for tech talent, compliments of Al Gore, Walmart is looking to corner the trucker talent market. And much more, including weed, porn and hangovers.

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Chad: Oh yeah!

Joel: It's frickin' freezing in here, Mr. Bigglesworth. Welcome to The Chad and Cheese Podcast, HR's Most Dangerous and Most Degenerate ... I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: I'm Chad Sowash.

Joel: On this week's show, CareerBuilder acquires a company with a kooky name. The Wall Street Journal says Glassdoor employers are behaving badly, for shame, and we pull a podcast hat trick with porn, weed, and hangovers.

Chad: Whoo-hoo!

Joel: And somehow find a way to tie it all with employment. If there's something below rock bottom. We're certainly shooting for it. Stay tuned after this word from Canvas.

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Joel: I think you just found a new sponsorship opportunity.

Chad: What's that?

Joel: The show bloopers.

Chad: That's a good one, yeah. That's pretty cool.

Joel: There's always the best part of the show anyway, and no one ever gets to hear the way we screw up the show. Because you're so good with that editing pen.

Chad: Yeah, it doesn't happen that often. I mean, I don't have to cut out too much. Just some of the stupid rambling that I do in most cases.

Joel: Well, hey if there's money involved we can make up some bloopers.

Chad: When it gets warmer out, we need to spend some time in Indianapolis with the Canvas crew, go out for drinks or something. I haven't seen those guys in a while.

Joel: Now why does weather have to be a reason to go see them? They're still there in winter.

Chad: Yeah, I don't know that Aman comes out.

Joel: I want to know if the bottle of Jergens is still on the conference room table.

Chad: It wasn't just Jergens, dude. It was Jergens and Kleenex right next to it.

Joel: Yes. I had forgotten that. My brain had conveniently filtered that information out. Yeah.

Chad: Don't worry, I'll help, I'll help.

Joel: The Canvas crew works really hard. Let's put it that way.

Chad: Yes. Yes. And that being said, let's go on to shout out since we're talking about the up in Indianapolis, big indie shout out to Eli Lilly. You actually shared some stuff. What did you find out about Eli Lilly?

Joel: Okay, Eli Lilly and company began a concentrated effort four years ago to recruit, mentor, encourage and support women in senior leadership positions. And today's six of 14 Executive Committee members are women. The company was recently recognized for the Catalyst Award for these efforts. So shout out to Eli, a local company. They've been doing good stuff for a long time. So it's good that they're getting some recognition for it.

Chad: Yeah, big shout out Eli Lilly. That is awesome. If you want to be able to actually impact your ranks, this is how you do it. You put programs in place and you execute and big shout out to Eli Lilly. So I'm sure there's some other companies that are out there that are doing it.

Joel: Maybe-

Chad: Throw them our way. We'd love to talk about.

Joel: And maybe we should send that news out to Oracle who's had some issues lately, right?

Chad: Oracle's totally fucked up, man. That being said, let's talk about a genius company. KFC.

Joel: KFC.

Chad: Remember the fireplace logs they had that smelled like chicken?

Joel: I'm burning one right now. What are you talking about?

Chad: Dude! They fucking came out with candles that smell like gravy. Genius people.

Joel: What's next? Taco Bell with candles that smell like chalupas? Can life get any better? Do we not live in the best time in human history? Good lord, KFC.

Chad: Yes. Genius.

Joel: Shout out to Hireology, company that actually from what I understand has like company sanctioned, scheduled meetings to listen to our show.

Chad: It's kind of like a book club. So they get together, they have this monthly Chad and Cheese podcast club. So it's like a book club, right? We're gonna have to get some more intel. I think you listen to the pods right? And then you all come together and you talk about it. It sounds like every company should have one of these.

Joel: It sounds like a harassment case waiting to happen, but I certainly appreciate if you're out there listening Hireology and apparently you are because you have sanctioned meetings or book clubs or whatever, just take a couple pictures hashtag it #ChadCheese and show us exactly what the hell is going on over there at Hireology.

Chad: Yeah, and do you have to sign like a waiver or something like that?

Joel: I will not sue the company for harassment for making me listen to the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Chad: Shout out to Glenn Martin over at the Digital Works Group who posted on LinkedIn about the #SocialRecruiting show last Friday. Remember, you couldn't understand why Katrina and Audra would have me on to the show. [crosstalk 00:05:54]

Joel: Still can't.

Chad: Well, let me read this post. Essential watching/listening as the recruitment whirlwind that is Chad Sowash talks to the wonderful Katrina Collier and the hard rocking Audra Knight. Whirlwind says Glenn, whirlwind.

Joel: Yeah, one man's whirlwind is another man's airbag, so you know, take that however you want to hear that. Speaking of airbags and whirlwinds, Indeed's annual meeting this year is bringing in SNL veteran Amy Poehler into to keynote. That's an odd one to me, but it should be funny, I guess, right? Like she can at least make a little bit of the Google pain go away for a while with jokes.

Chad: Indeed needs to make their clients and partners laugh somehow because they're fucking them the other way, right? So it's like here's a whole 40 minutes or so of laughter while you forget all the pain that we're causing everywhere else.

Joel: I like it. It's not a bad strategy. Laughter is the best medicine.

Chad: I agree. I agree. A shout out to Jim Stroud, thanks for all the social love, my man. And if you guys aren't listening to The New Jim Stroud podcast, take a listen. Just go to Our man over there put together some really cool stuff. He's doing this short podcast that is kind of like on the freaky side of recruiting. So almost like a Black Mirror kind of style of thing. So it's kind of out there, but it's fun to listen to.

Joel: Black Mirror kind of podcasts? Interesting.

Chad: Uh huh. Yeah.

Joel: Jim's an interesting cat. Go check that shit out.

Chad: Oh, yeah.

Joel: I have a little bit of a side rant/just insightful shout out, I guess, to a couple of college kids that I had lunch with yesterday.

Chad: Oh, Jesus.

Joel: Who are launching a job board. They didn't really like what I had to say. But much like young kids are going to do it anyway 'cause mom and dad don't know shit. So they're gonna launch this job board. Anyway, what I found interesting in my discussion with them is I was expecting to hear some really cool information and context around how college kids are hustling, right? Are they on Upwork? Are they selling shit on eBay? Are they driving Ubers in their spare time? What are college kids doing? And I was incredibly disheartened to hear the answer that no one's doing shit. So I don't know if it's this particular school or particular whatever, but I was really bummed to hear that college kids aren't hustling with all of the online opportunities that are out there.

Joel: So I don't know if that's on the college, on the students, on the whole system. But man, if I had had just eBay in college, I would have been hustling my ass off.

Chad: My daughter who is in college now, she has a hustle where she is an online stylist and she's been doing this since she was in high school. She was a high schooler hustling. And she was styling 40 year old women. They didn't know she was in high school. But they loved the styles that she put together. Now she's a college kid. So it's much cooler, but she is hustling her ass off.

Joel: I don't know what a designer is. Maybe we can take that one offline because I don't really care that much.

Chad: But she's hustling. That's all it matters, dude.

Joel: People now have more opportunity to hustle than ever before. Like, you can say like yeah, GenX and Baby ... Like technology has made hustling so easy and so efficient and so cheap that I'm just surprised not everybody's doing it. I thought they'd all be like competing with each other on what they could do, and how much they're making and everything else. But at least in this situation, everyone's just going to school to get a job for 40 years and die.

Chad: They don't realize that's how it works today. Or I don't get it. Okay.

Joel: I don't know, dude. I'm old. I don't know. Let's get some kids on the line and figure out why aren't they hustling? What the fuck is going on with these people?

Chad: Yeah, I don't know that I could put up with that. Shout out to I'm voicing and ad libbing some news roundups for them for Mark and the crew. They put a shit ton of content together. And I reached out to Mark and he does interviews every now and again. And he interviewed me. And I said "Dude, I'll do some voice for some of the things that you guys put out." And they're starting to do more of that. And as we see, like from our standpoint, we do a show and then we get it transcribed. They're working at the other angle. He's still writing his ass off, much like you do. Writing his ass off, but then there's going to be that audio angle as well. And I think that's really cool to be able to see some of these old timey, text driven articles turn into something that's more portable.

Joel: So anytime that you want to badger me for napping, I want people to remember that you just said "I write my ass off."

Chad: Text and Twitter characters. And then Talk Push Demopocalypse. Did you see the new video that they just popped out, promoting Demopocalypse?

Joel: Yeah, it's a professional video. It's great.

Chad: Yeah. So this is the thing that I keep telling companies is that so when you do a demo with us, or you do a demo at all, right? You have so much content to be able to play off of to be able to do these awesome short videos, so on and so forth. These guys put one together that just kicks ass. And hopefully they'll be able to put out more because again, there's like half an hour of content. But I don't believe that recruiting and branding professionals are taking all the content that's thrown into their lap and using it like this. That's a missed opportunity, man.

Joel: Yeah, video's great because you do one video and you've got multiple videos, you've got text. You've got probably audio for a podcast. Yeah, video's great. Definitely leverage it and use it. And I think I'm hearing a little bit of a promotion for our demopocalypse product, am I?

Chad: Oh yeah. I mean, if you're a company that's out there and you are looking to launch, you're looking to push out new features or you just want people to see your shit, you can do that with Chad and Cheese. We're only doing two a model.

Joel: Only two.

Chad: We're only doing two a month because we don't want to be frickin' avalanched with this shit. But yeah it's awesome and if you take a look at what Talk Push did, I think one of many videos that they're actually going to put out, it's a great way to really get your brand and your message out to people that you want to get in front of.

Joel: It's also a great reason for Chad and I to have a beer, which we always need excuses to do that, right?

Chad: Yes. That's always a good excuse.

Joel: Well you have, speaking of great video, you love a recent commercial by Aeroméxico. Tell me about that.

Chad: Dude, this is the funniest fucking thing. So Aeroméxico is definitely trolling Americans. They go down to the border states, which has a good amount of bland of Mexican heritage, obviously, DNA crossover, right?

Joel: Sure.

Chad: And they ask these Americans "Hey, would you like to come over and visit Mexico?" You know, tour Mexico. There's great tourism spots and the people that they're talking about are "No, no. You guys stay over there, we'll stay over here." And then, they do a DNA test with them. Tell the listeners why it was so fucking funny.

Joel: Well, so a little context, the demographic of who they're interviewing are Texans where their signs in town that say we don't need 911 because they have guns basically. So this is the audience they're talking to. They tell one guy who I don't know, he looks like he's out of a '50 sitcom. They tell him he is 22% Mexican. And he just says "Bullshit." And then they asked one guy who wouldn't go to Mexico like "Do you like burritos?" "Yeah." "Do you like tequila?" "Yeah." And he gets a discount to go and says "Well, I guess I'd go if you know there's a Taco Bell on every corner." Just little things like that remind me how great America is and how progressive our attitudes are.

Chad: Well, and it's just hilarious that Aeroméxico they're doing this whole trolling thing and saying "Look guys, you have this opinion of Mexico, but it's in your DNA. It is in your goddamn DNA, people. And guess what? You get a discount. Come on over and see us." And some of their faces when they saw that they actually had 15, 16, 22% discounts, they're like "Oh, okay." Yeah, their whole attitude changed when they thought oh, I could go and it would be cheaper.

Joel: When are you gonna do your DNA, dude?

Chad: I don't know. That's a good question. I should probably get that done.

Joel: Do you want to? You want to, right?

Chad: Julie won't have it down. Oh, I don't see why not. I mean-

Joel: Julie won't do it?

Chad: The government already has my DNA, right? I served 20 years in the military. So it's not like it's not out there everywhere. So yeah, I would definitely like to do it. Julie, she's totally paranoid. She does not want to have anything to-

Joel: Why? That's weird. Why?

Chad: It's like the Big Brother stuff, man. It's all the DNA thing. And I don't know, I think she would.

Joel: Yeah, no, I think it was great. I did it and it was really cool. I think knowing where you came from is what everyone should sort of know a little bit about.

Chad: Yeah, yeah.

Joel: Shout out to The Gathering. Most Americans, speaking of smart fun, Americans won't know The Gathering. But it's an event in Canada, in beautiful Banff. I said it correctly, I think, near Calgary. Very scenic ski resort kind of town. We're going to get together with a bunch of branding experts, CEOs, a lot of forward thinking companies. Hopefully we'll get some great content and interviews while we're there. In addition to having probably pretty good time.

Chad: This is real, high powered branding. And they're talking about cult brands and it's funny when we think about cult brands, we think about the Apples of the world, right? People who stand in line for the product and really for the brand or Marvel who stand in line for the movies. Airbnb, Porsche, I mean all these really big brands are going to be there talking about branding.

Joel: Don't forget Cinnabon when we're talking about standing in line because I've been in that line more than once.

Chad: That's a good call. That's a good call. So I think it's going to be awesome from our standpoint to be able to bring kind of like the employment angle into that conversation as we get an opportunity, cross my fingers, to interview some of these high powered branding moguls from huge brands.

Joel: Yup, absolutely. Absolutely. Could I give a shout out to Talroo for their secret project? Would that be kind of a nice teaser?

Chad: I think you just did it. So yeah.

Joel: Okay, we did it. We did it. We're gonna to be going down to Austin for little secret marketing thing. So not giving too much away. That should be really fun. We're pretty

excited about what they're up to down there.

Chad: We are. We're also excited about RecFest. We're going to RecFest that's in July. Tickets are on sale. So go to RecFest. Check it out. It's going to be in London. TA Tech, their AI event, which is in Phoenix, Scottsdale, something like that. Go to Check that out. And last but not least, right now we're going to many more, but these are the ones that I know are open for registration, SmashFly’s Transform Live event, which is going to be in Boston this year.

Chad: We will be there and I believe they are now open for registration. So get your ass out there. Register. Buy your tickets, whatever the hell it is and learn some shit people. Not to mention buy us a beer. We'd love it.

Joel: Let's get to the news.

Chad: Boom.

Joel: Good god, our shout outs were 20 minutes long. We got to put a moratorium on that.

Chad: It's less than that because you fucked up the-

Joel: Oh, that's true. That's true. It's still too long. All right. CareerBuilder, our buddies, officially acquired Textkernel this week. The company took a 60% stake in Textkernel back in 2015. For those who listen to the show know that couple years after that, CareerBuilder jumped into bed with Google to run their search which was kind of what Textkernel does. So it kind of look like they were going to move away from Textkernel. Well, guess again. This week they got full in on Textkernel and acquired the company. This however does not mean that they're dumping Google Search technology. A spokesperson told me that they'll be combining the two technologies for some cool and innovative stuff.

Joel: A couple takeaways for me on this is they're bringing in 120 Textkernel employees, many of whom I believe were engineers. Thinking about how much talent CareerBuilder has bled throughout the last couple years it's kind of interesting that they'll just add another 120 to the bottom line. Also a little bit skeptical that they'll keep Google long term, by buying and making the investment in Textkernel. But we'll see about that, I guess.

Chad: Yeah, there are so many different types of search. Obviously there's the job search that the candidate does when they get on to your site. There's a ton of matching that happens behind the scenes, which they're not using Google API for right now. So there's that which Textkernel could obviously plug into. So I mean-

Joel: Searching resumes.