Indeed's Australian Meltdown

While the Google train keeps chugging along with positive news this week, things at Indeed are showing signs of unraveling Down Under, as well as other spots around the globe. Likewise, Facebook dealt recruitment marketing a blow this week and America, we have a staffing problem.

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Ed: This is Ed from Philly you're listening to the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle up, boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Chad: Bring it.

Joel: Bring is here and the time is right for podcasting in the streets. Heidi ho homeboys and homegirls, welcome to Chad and Cheese, HR's most dangerous podcast. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm the Jagger to your Bowie, Chad Sowash.

Joel: I'll deal with that. Although, one of them's dead. On this weeks show, Indeed's Australian meltdown, oh mate. That was a bad accent. Google goosesteps into Germany.

Chad: That's just not right.

Joel: And Houston, we have a staffing problem. Yes, we're covering the globe this week, so commute times will vary. Thank god for Google Search API. We'll be right back after this word from JobAdX.

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Chad: The whole job search thing, like road rage, so like job search rage instead of ... but really just getting pissed off. I think that can come out more in the ad.

Joel: Millennials don't rage, dude.

Chad: What?

Joel: They just click onto whatever new Instagram posts they can look at. Now, the people should know that before the show, you and I were waxing nostalgic about the '80s. And unbeknownst to me, Mr. Chad Sowash was quite the break dancer back in the day.

Chad: You have no proof.

Joel: And was keeping cardboard box companies in business with his stylish moves and waves and moonwalks and everything else. I forget all the moves that were hot at the time. Did you have like a bandana tied to your jeans, did you have the Adidas with the laces untied but tied at the same time?

Chad: Well first off there is no proof of any of this ever happening, number one. Number two, it was always Converse. Always Converse.

Joel: Was it Chucks or were you walking like the Weapons or the-

Chad: No, dude the Weapons. I never wore Chucks, those flimsy things.

Joel: You wore Chucks at some point in your life.

Chad: No, never put a pair on in my life. And, this is from the guy who actually lives where Chuck grew up, and played basketball. Yeah.

Joel: Another little known fact about Chad. He lives in the town that Chuck Taylor honed his first basketball skills I guess.

Chad: Yeah. Yeah. Every person in my household right now has at least two if not three sets of Chuck Taylors, I just never got into 'em. I rock the Adidas now, but back then, I was definitely all about the Weapons.

Joel: The Weapons were great except that they weighed about 18 pounds.

Chad: They did. Much like we were talking about the camcorders that you had to carry around to actually try to get any type of video whatsoever. It was like carrying around a cement block.

Joel: People don't know Larry Bird actually had a 44-inch vertical leap, but because he wore the Weapons it was more like a 23 inch vertical leap.

Chad: Oh shit. All right. We ready for shoutouts?

Joel: Shoutouts to the '80s. And beyond.

Chad: And who would be great with this would be the Job Board Doctor because I bet he could recall-

Joel: The '80s?

Chad: Just a ton of shit about the 80s. Oh yeah, possibly depending on how much peyote he got into.

Joel: He was not break dancing, though. I can guarantee that.

Chad: No I'm gonna go a hard no.

Joel: I see like a Rush concert, maybe a Journey here and there, maybe a Foreigner concert or REO Speedwagon, but yeah. He wasn't beatboxing and dancing on a cardboard box.

Chad: Oh, no way in hell. No way in hell. But big shout out to Job Board Doctor. Haven't heard from him in a while, but he's been blasting out some tweets and pretty much called Joel stupid yesterday.

Feffer: Such an asshole.

Chad: So thanks Job Board Doctor.

Joel: Well he's over in Europe, so he's feeling all socialist at the moment. I think he's at the AIM Group Conference, I think I saw that somewhere. He's feeling all warm and fuzzy with the government controls. That's what I blame his comment on.

Chad: People are being taken care of, I guess. I don't know. Shit.

Joel: By the way, last week you said ... Okay, I'm not gonna get into this. But-

Chad: You are. You're totally going to get into it.

Joel: The government's role is to take care of its people and I take a little bit of dissonance with that. The government's role is to protect people ...

Chad: Which is taking care of people.

Joel: ... not necessarily take care of people.

Chad: Which is taking care of people. I mean, that's ensuring that they're actually getting what they need.

Joel: No. The government should give me the opportunity to take care of myself [crosstalk 00:05:58]-

Chad: Well, that in itself, there's a balance there, and you can be out of balance very quickly, so yeah, but it's to be able to take care of their people, protect their people and take care of their people. Yes.

Joel: Agree to disagree. Okay. Back to the shoutout.

Chad: Matt O'Donnell, gotta love this tweet from Matt O'Donnell. He said he's got four new entry level folks joining his team and he likes the idea of having the Chad and Cheese podcast being mandatory listening for all new hires. So do we, Matt. So do we.

Joel: Shout out to Nancy from Philly. Geez, Nancy, one of our biggest fans fell off the face of the earth. She's back, she's rested, she's ready, and she's back to listening to the podcast. So Nancy, welcome back. And I'll also wrap in a travel event in May to Philly, which I assume she'll be attending. So Nancy, get ready. Face-to-face. Let's do this. Selfie alert.

Chad: She's getting a little saucy, that Nancy, she tweeted, said very sarcastically, "I appreciate you thinking of me, ahem, since the hosts didn't," because Ed was talking about how we're going to be at Recruit Philly and we obviously didn't send out a tweet or something specific to Nancy. So this is your announcement. Nancy. We're finally getting around to it.

Ed: This is Ed from Philly. You're listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Chad: A couple of quick shout outs to people who actually gave us some topics for this week, or least some insights. So Patrick Welch gave us some great Google insights we're going to be sharing with you, and also David Beaurepaire [Bow Repair], for some of the Indeed insights that we're going to be talking about. Good job, guys. Keep the insights, the data, all that shit coming. Our listeners, if you see something, hashtag Chad and Cheese on Twitter, share it on LinkedIn, our Facebook page, it doesn't matter. Just get it to us.

Joel: Did you say David Boat Repair?

Chad: I think it's Bow Repair, but it's French. So you never know how to fucking say it, but I think it's Bow Repair. I could be wrong.

Feffer: Such an asshole.

Joel: Shout out to some recent interviews that we did. Dan Finnigan, CEO at Jobvite, Steven Rothberg, which went live this week. If you haven't heard that podcast, check it out for some updates on Google. And most fun, I think, because it was in person, was Aman Brar, founder and CEO at Canvas, fresh off the acquisition. He rolls up in a brand new Mercedes. He's got security guards now. He's in Gucci and Coach and Dolce & Gabbana. So, Aman, we love you, man. That was fun. Look for that interview coming soon.

Chad: Yeah. And any interview we can do in a bar, especially a British-type pub is always amazing. So we need to do more.

Joel: A pub.

Chad: Shout out to the ladies from TNG who are trolling us once again, Candidate ID actually joined in to the gift/ meme Twitter trolling.

Joel: I have no idea Swedish women were so feisty.

Chad: Dude, that whole Viking thing. That's the whole thing that they're pushing. So, death match in Lisbon is going to be out fucking standing. So if you don't have your ticket to TAtech in Lisbon, dude, you're going to be missing out. You got to go, TAtech, Lisbon, in May. You can check obviously on Chad and Cheese sites, see when the events are, go to You can find the shit.

Joel: Yeah. And a rumor is Hung Lee is going to be on the voting panel.

Chad: Oh. I think, yeah, we have-

Joel: We're amping up the IQ this year.

Chad: Thank God.

Joel: And a much better accent by the way.

Chad: Yeah. No shit. So last but not least, to Louise Triance from UK Recruiter, she invited me again. So there must be a thing here, to actually be on Crowdcast with her to talk about AI. So whatever that means, that's what we're going to talk about. If you want to actually be involved, go ahead, go to any one of my or her social media accounts and I'm sure you'll be able to find the registration stuff there.

Joel: Dude, your surname French game is pretty strong today.

Chad: It's not too bad. Yeah.

Joel: A quick one for me, ERE as well is on my travel docket. I don't believe it is on yours, and I can't get away without pointing out that you published a graphic this week of our travel schedule and failed to include our travel sponsor, Shaker Recruitment Marketing. So Joe Shaker, apologies for me. It's all Chad. It had enough to do with me and we will make it up to you.

Chad: Whatever, dude. We give Shaker so much love, I mean above and beyond. And not to mention that was rectified literally within seconds. So get off my jock.

Joel: Dude, we actually have live footage from Joe seeing the image.

Feffer: Such an asshole.

Chad: So yeah, the Chad Cheese 2019 World Tour, next on the docket, SHRM Talent and Nashville, Staffing Tech in Nashville, TAtech Recruitment Marketing Summit in Chicago. And then, also, while we're in Chicago, we're going to be making, you might not know about this, that now you are-

Joel: I do.

Chad: ... now you know now. It's a quick pit stop at Hireology, so we're going to participate in their Chad and Cheese Podcast Club/Discussion. They have a beer fridge and knowing Kyle, it will be stocked with delicious craft beer.

Joel: I feel like we're walking into a millennial ambush.

Chad: I can't wait. I love that kind of shit.

Joel: This comedy's jam packed with 20-somethings that like the show and want us to come visit them. This feels like a baseball bat to the back of the knee to me.

Chad: Luckily, I'm always ready for an ambush. So, not a big deal.

Joel: That is true. That is true.

Ed: This is Ed from Philly. You're listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel: Let's do this.

Chad: Well, first off, let's talk about Google drops the translation and commute search into their API. Now, first thing. You can listen to the Google news podcast we did earlier this week with Steven Rothberg. But here's one of the things that I want to throw out here. I literally just received an email from Thom, the CEO over at SmashFly, and that boy is, I love it: Riding the Wave of this News. Here's how it starts out: "Hi Chad.

Joel: That's so Thom.

Chad: "Have you ever wished you could search for jobs within a 30-minute commute from your home? Even in the heaviest traffic morning? I live in the Boston area and I've experienced the soul sucking experience of bumper to bumper commute. The struggle is real."