Post-Game: SHRM Talent, StaffingTec...


Nashville didn't know what the HELL hit them!

The boys made their way South for two of the most popular conferences of the season this week.

In addition to wrapping up the two events, news about Indeed, Rectxt, JazzHR and more are covered en route on the way home at 80 MPH in Chad's car.

Enjoy and show our sponsors some love: Sovren, JobAdX and Canvas.


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Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark, buckle up, boys and girls. It's time for the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Rock and roll. Ooh, rock and roll.

Chad: And roll.

Joel: To everyone. Fa-fa-fa-fooling. Are we ready?

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: I really think you should just open the show with that little hair metal melody that we just did there. That was good.

Chad: God gave Chad and Cheese to you. Gave Chad and Cheese to you.

Joel: God gave Chad and Cheese to you.

Chad: As we're listening to the, what is it, the ... Oh, there it is. Oh, Hair Nation on XM.

Joel: Aldo effing Nova.

Chad: Aldo Nova. We heard that on the way down. Go ahead and turn that off.

Joel: If you ever carpool with Chad, you are instantly thrown into 1987-

Chad: Transported.

Joel: Mansfield, Ohio.

Chad: Oh, jeez.

Joel: Hair metal heaven. Good God, my nails are black for some reason and I'm wearing too much Aqua Net right now. Welcome to the show, everybody. The mobile post show hangover edition of the Chad and Cheese Podcast, our first ever on the road. Chad's behind the wheel, I'm riding shotgun. We're headed home from Nashville.

Chad: On I-65-

Joel: Back to Indiana.

Chad: Going 80 miles an hour.

Joel: On I-65. FedEx, RVs, this is middle America right here.

Chad: Oh, yeah.

Joel: There's a little green on the trees, which is nice. We don't have that quite yet in Indiana. Pit stop at McDonald's to reload for me.

Chad: Reload.

Joel: I'm ready to go.

Chad: Hattie B's ...

Joel: After a night of Hattie B's hot chicken, I need a little bit of equilibrium in my guts. So we're ready to do a show, let's see how this goes.

Chad: Okay.

Joel: Are you ready?

Chad: Yeah, let's do the shout outs.

Joel: Okay, so shout outs. It's a lot, 'cause we saw a lot of people this week.

Chad: Okay. Run through.

Joel: Number one, let's just do a quick one to Team Shaker and Team Talroo and Team Uncommon, who were at the SHRM Show.

Chad: That's right.

Joel: We also saw Honeit, we saw XOR, we saw ...

Chad: JobAdX.

Joel: JobAdX.

Chad: Yep.

Joel: Sponsor. Yeah, we saw a lot of companies that have either been on Firing Squad or sponsors or are just friends of the show, so big shout out to them. Shout out to Laura King, a attendee of our Smart Stage show, loved it. You're not as comfortable telling the listening audience what she said in a direct message to you, so I'll let you decide whether or not you want to share that.

Chad: Yeah, no, Lauren, we appreciate ... And we actually had a few people come up to us and say that the 18 minutes that they spent on our Smart Stage presentations were probably some of the most true, straight to the heart ...

Joel: Can I just read it?

Chad: Go ahead.

Joel: Alright, alright. Chad, you followed up and said, "Thanks for coming." And she asked questions and talked to us afterwards, and Lauren King said, quote, "Thank you, Chad. Learned more in your 18 minute talk than I learned in the entire three days. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. We've already set up a meeting with our promotions team to dig into particulars for the Google for Jobs stuff. I've subscribed to the podcast and look forward to listening."

Joel: Well, if you're listening, Lauren, thank you.

Chad: Thank you so much.

Joel: And happy listening.

Chad: We'll put in a ...

Joel: Yeah. Yeah, no sound effects on this show. A lot of people will be very happy about that, I'm sure.

Chad: Oh, I'll put 'em in.

Joel: Oh, you will put 'em in? Okay. No crying babies though, I'm sure. Alright, let's do a shout out to Andrew and Rob from SHRM, not only were they very hospitable in buying us dinner the second night-

Chad: You're talking about Roy.

Joel: Oh, Roy. Rob Roy.

Chad: Rob Roy.

Joel: He's Scottish, right? No, he's not. Sorry. Yeah, did I mention we've been on a four day social bender, if you will, so I'm not quite as sharp as normal. Yeah, Roy, sorry about that, and he's a marine too, so he may come whip my ass. Shout out to Frenchie the Frenchie, Hamlin the dog.

Chad: Hamlin. Hamlin.

Joel: I'll let you take this, 'cause you just love the four-legged animals.

Chad: This is the funniest shit ever. So Talroo brought an Instagram star to their booth and they had people lined up to get their picture taken with Hamlin, the Frenchie Instagram star dog, right? So Joel and I obviously had to do it as well, and we had what I'd like to call a Stepbrothers moment.

Joel: That's what we were going for.

Chad: I think we pulled it off.

Joel: I'm guessing most of our listeners know Stepbrothers and the promotional pictures for the movie where they're sort of in the sweaters, sort of the 80s high school photo opportunity, the hand on the shoulder, the looking up. And we added a dog.

Chad: A dog, yes.

Joel: To that photo.

Chad: Hamlin.

Joel: So we've got more than enough "you guys are creepy as fuck" comments from that, and that's kind of what we were going for. So if you haven't seen that on social media, go check that out.

Chad: And I'm hoping that Talroo takes it to the next step and gets that done in an oil painting, and they can put it in their lobby. 'Cause it has their logos behind it. It would be perfect.

Joel: Or yeah, or maybe when we go do Unplugged, they could have a big picture of that-

Chad: Ah, that's a good idea. I like that.

Joel: ... behind us, for the show. That was good stuff. Shout out to SmartRecruiters, we always fall for this.

Chad: We're suckers.

Joel: Top 10 lists ...

Chad: We are suckers.

Joel: Must listen podcasts, etc. So they were pretty nice, SmartRecruiters said, quote, "The show listens like classic morning radio with irreverent attitudes and frequent sound effects, which is a nice change of pace for an industry known for buttoning up. Enjoy, but headphones is a must, headphones are a must, if you are at work or around th