Talkin’ ‘Bad Touch’ w/ Andy Katz, COO Nexxt

What do you get when you bring 65 years of industry experience under one podcast? Press play and find out, as the boys chat with Nexxt’s 25-year veteran Andy Katz. There will be beer on this Nexxt exclusive.


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Chad: Today on the Chad and Cheese Podcast, we have Andy Katz.

Joel: Lovely day.

Chad: Andrew Katz now, we're sitting on the porch here at ...

Joel: Indianapolis icon-

Chad: The Veranda-

Joel: ... Harry & Izzy's.

Chad: Harry & Izzy's.

Joel: On the north side.

Chad: I have a bourbon on the rocks. What do you have, Andy?

Andy: I have some Ketel One and seven.

Chad: Ketel One and seven, is it ...

Andy: It's noon somewhere. It's 5:00 in London.

Chad: It's just about noon. It's almost noon here.

Joel: A pint of zombie dust over here.

Chad: Yeah, zombie ... I had my fill of zombie dust last night, man. That shit is awesome.

Joel: You look a little zombie-esque.

Chad: I love it.

Joel: After a night of zombie dust.

Andy: You cleaned out the bar of the zombie dust.

Chad: Yeah, I love it, dude. So we have Andy Katz here-

Joel: It's a good thing this isn't on video.

Chad: And I've known Andy for a few years. How long have we known each other?

Andy: Probably about 20.

Chad: Yeah, probably about 20 years.

Andy: Just a few.

Joel: Did he have hair back then?

Chad: No.

Andy: No, Chad did not have hair, but he definitely looked younger.

Joel: Oh, ouch.

Chad: That hurt, wow.

Joel: That does hurt.

Andy: Sorry about that.

Chad: So for all these new to the industry people, Andy, tell us a little bit about you.

Andy: Sure. I've been in the human capital space for about 25 years. I started my career at Bernard Hodes group, also known as Symphony Talent-

Joel: Were you selling newspaper ads?

Andy: I was selling newspaper ads.

Joel: Nice.

Andy: I was that dinosaur that woke up on a Sunday when I lived in the city and went to a ... There was a newspaper store that got papers from all over the country. I'd go there every Sunday, buy about 40 newspapers, and make sure they didn't fuck up my ad lines and made sure my display ads weren't upside down.

Joel: So for the kids out there, what would have been the most you would have

made on a display ad in a newspaper back then?

Andy: Oof, you talk about full-time-

Joel: That was big money, right?

Andy: ... full-page ads in the New York Times, they were 100 grand a pop.

Chad: Holy shit.

Andy: And they were ordering them for three weeks in a row because they got a 50% discount on the third week. So I mean, those were the days where-

Joel: Cash money, boy.

Andy: ... the agencies were printing money.

Chad: Dude.

Andy: At newspaper, printing money.

Chad: They were printing fucking money.

Andy: Yeah. Boston Globe, I remember the days they had 150 full-page ads to start out their classified.

Chad: So talk about how that whole trend, and you seeing it, how that came to be with the Internet, all these crazy job boards? Because I mean, that just turned everything on its fucking ear, right?

Andy: It did, it did. And it didn't happen overnight. I could, not to keep promoting Hodes or Symphony, but we were one of the first with the job board too, Career Mosaic. That and Monster Board were the first two job boards out there, OCC.

Chad: Yes, OCC.

Joel: eSPAN, don't forget eSPAN.

Chad: Nobody remembers eSPAN, Joel.

Andy: No, Joel, sorry. Yeah, that's in the morgue.

Joel: NAS remembers eSPAN. They're still around, dammit.

Andy: So yeah, it wasn't a change overnight. Some newspapers made the change sooner than later, others-

Joel: And most did both, right? I mean, very few would just say, "Let's just go online."

Andy: Right.

Joel: It was doing both. So probably for a while-

Andy: Absolutely.

Joel: You were making a lot more money, 'cause they were doing split ads-