Tag-Teaming 'Recruiting Future' Podcaster Matt Alder

It's a damned free-for-all! Matt Alder comes to a CENSORSHIP FREE environment in this crossover edition of Chad & Cheese and The Recruitment Future Podcast. If the language is too much for you just head your whimpy ass over to Matt's bleeped out version at RFpodcast.com.

Everyone else can enjoy the ADULT VERSION all due to our friends over at Uncommon.co.

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Chad: Dude, we're always talking about cool new tech, but it's hard for hiring companies to change. I mean adoption's a bitch. New Tech can get them to qualified candidates so much faster.

Joel: I don't know man. But recruiters already have their routine in place and nobody wants to jump into another platform, especially when it's expensive and also requires hours, maybe days of training.

Chad: Exactly, but that's where Uncommon's new service comes into play Uncommon pairs expert recruiters with in-house kick-ass technology.

Joel: All right, interesting. Interesting. It sounds like Uncommon understands the problem of change...

Chad: That's why they hand select veteran recruiters, train them on this kick-ass technology that has access to over 100 million active profiles.

Joel: Yeah, but I bet they're expensive and I bet it requires some kind of annual commitment or contract, right?

Chad: No Man, Uncommon is not an agency. They don't require a contract, any contingencies, all they do, they charge one flat fee per project, saving, I don't know, anywhere from 50 to 80% on each hire versus the average agency cut.

Joel: Oh, snap! Companies could save big stacks of paper, especially if they're rapidly scaling and need hires today.

Chad: Yep, and all you have to do is reach out to Tag and the Uncommon crew at uncommon.co, that's uncommon.co.

Joel: Change doesn't have to be a pain, if you're using Uncommon.

Announcer: Hide your kids, lock the doors, you're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry. Right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls it's time for The Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Chad: Well, we should record already. Jesus.

Matt: Yeah, let's just get started. Come on.

Joel: I'm so confused right now.

Matt: I'm sitting, who's show am I on? Who's show is this?

Chad: This is our collective show, so for everybody that's out there, so we finally got a chance to meet Matt in Portugal and I had this crazy idea of, hey, let's just sit down and do a crossover podcast where we're going to be on Matt's Pod. He's going to be on our pod and we're going to just have a fucking free for all. So how's that sound?

Joel: All your ideas are crazy by the way. You don't have to like put crazy idea. Just say idea and people know it's crazy.

Chad: That's right, redundant is what you're saying.

Joel: Yeah. Yeah. So nevermind the bullocks, we have Britain's, Edinburg's, Matt Alder on. I guess because he's pushing this it out as his show and we're pushing it out as our show. We should probably all do quick introductions because his audience doesn't know us possibly, and our audience doesn't know him possibly. So should we get that out of the way?

Chad: Yeah. Let's let Matt go first.

Matt: Yeah, let's do it. So I'm Matt Alder and I run the Recruiting Future Podcast, which some of you will be listening to you. Thank you.

Chad: You're welcome.

Matt: Which some of you will be listening to right now in this kind of weird crossover thing that we're doing. The show has been going for years and every week, well, most weeks I interview thought leaders and practitioners, about the changing nature of talent acquisition and the future of recruiting.

Joel: So you're primarily practitioners?

Matt: I'm primarily practitioners. Yeah, absolutely. So tell us about your show, for my audience.

Joel: We are, I guess a weekly roundup of news from the industry. Primarily what vendors are doing, who's buying whom and who's doing what and how shitty Monster commercials are and how Indeed's gone down the tubes. That's kind of the stuff that we talk about. We have a show called Firing Squad that is sort of like Shark Tank for startups. Usually at least two times a month we do a deep dive into something like automation, AI, chat bots, whatever sort of is interesting and in the now. And then we sorta do a bunch of side shit. I don't know. What else would you add, Chad?

Matt: Yeah, the Shred, I mean [crosstalk 00:04:24] Our focus is to be able to help all those individuals that are out there, whether they're talent acquisition or they're vendors, to better understand what the hell is going on in the landscape. There's so much noise out there right now. We'll do the research, we'll put it out, obviously with our fucked up opinion, but you get a lot of content about a lot of shit that's happening in our industry and people seem to dig it.

Feffer: Such an asshole.

Joel: Exactly.

Matt: Absolutely. Absolutely. And you know what? I've just realized I'm going to have to, I'm going to have to bleep the swearing out.

Joel: Oh fuck that.

Matt: Do you know what? You know the ridiculous reason why? Apple. So, basically, there are a number of countries that if you have a podcast with swearing in, Apple will not distribute your Podcast to.

Chad: Even if you tag it as explicit?

Matt: Even if you mark it as explicit.

Chad: Oh well, fuck those countries.

Matt: Yeah, absolutely. But I have an audience in those countries so I'm going to find some kind of bleeping device. So apologies to the listeners of my show...

Joel: What about albums that have explicit lyrics?

Matt: I don't know. I don't know. I just know the podcasting bit.

Joel: That's bullshit, Matt.

Matt: Oh, it's not me. It's not my fault. It's not me. Blame Apple.

Joel: That stifles your creativity.

Matt: Yeah, it does.

Joel: I mean you can't say shite or bullocks or...

Matt: Now he's just going to turn this into a swearing episode.

Chad: Once you get Joel going down one of these rabbit holes, it's fucking hard and get him out.

Chad: In talking with, obviously talent acquisition professionals, staffing professionals, what have you...What are you seeing, today, as one of their biggest issues that you're trying to help them through or they're listening to your podcast to be able to try to get some hints and/or shortcuts through?

Matt: Interesting question because I think the answer to it comes back to something that you guys just said. I think the biggest challenge I'm finding lots of talent acquisition professionals have, is the sheer amount of noise in the marketplace. So people are really struggling to get their head round the technology that's available and how it might actually help solve their problems and add some value to them. There's this great sense that people are missing out on some a silver bullet technology and just a lot of confusion about what's out there and how it could work and...

Joel: And how are they dealing with learning about the new stuff? Are they putting their head in the sand? Are they actively trying to figure it all out?

Matt: I think what I find is that a lot of the people who are really getting on top of this are talking to their peers about it. So going to events, finding out who's using what and how it's working for them. And really that's kind of one of the objectives of my podcast is to get people on to talk about how they are sort of facing their talent acquisition challenges, the methods they're using, the technology they're using. You know, what's working, what's not working and what's never gonna work.

Joel: I have this theory that like all the emails that go out, the content marketing, like the typical sort of interruption marketing is all wasted dollars in many aspects. Because a lot of this is just social media. "Hey, who do you guys use as an ATS?" Like, "Hey, who does everybody use for their Chatbot?" Are you saying that that's primarily how people make buying decisions today?

Matt: I think it's part of it. I do have sometimes a bit of an issue with those sort of social media requests. Because I think that if you're just asking randomly on Facebook, "Hey, what's a good ATS?" I think it's difficult to get a good answer because people will not appreciate your unique challenges or your objectives or the type of company you are. So I think that's kind of, that's what end of it. But I do think that the events, the peer to peer conversations, the networking that goes on, it's driving a lot of this stuff because I think that a lot of the marketing that comes out to this space, it's really about the vendor's own objectives. So it's like they've kind of got together and say, "Hey, what problems do we solve? These are great problems. We'll solve them." And a lot of the time, I don't think they actually talk to their potential customers or think about what issues they actually have. So I think sometimes technology will solve a problem very effectively, but that problem might be number 50 on the list of problems that someone working in talent acquisition actually has. So I think that's kind of my take on the market and that's what I'm trying to do with my Podcast.