Indeed Rumspringa!

All the big boys were active this week.

- Indeed realizes their brand inadequacies

- LinkedIn tests

- Google for Jobs invades Switzerland

- FBI is knocking down MyPayrollHR doors

- Rumspringa!!!

- and what podcast these days would be complete without TikTok and how it's probably a Trojan horse for the Chinese government.

Enjoy and show JobAdx, Sovren, and Canvas lots of love and affection.


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Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors. You're listening to HRs most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls. It's time for the Chad & Cheese podcast.

Joel: Oh yeah.

Chad: Oh my God.

Joel: Time to do it again. Let's get after it.

Chad: Shit.

Joel: Welcome to the Chad & Cheese podcast. HRs most degenerate duo of idiocy. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: I'm Chad Rumspringa Sowash.

Joel: On this week's round up... No one knows what that means, but they will after the show. On this week's episode, Indeed pulls a John Cena. Google for jobs continues to expand, and my payroll HR leaves customers holding a big stinky bag of shit.

Chad: Pee yew.

Joel: Grab a cup of Swiss Miss instant cocoa. We'll be right back after this word from Sovren.

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Chad: And I do. Maybe for some drinks.

Joel: CEO Robert Rough of Sovren will be joining us at Death Match next week. So maybe it's a good time we shout out to mention TA tech next week in our cavalcade of startups who are going to throw down.

Chad: Damn straight.

Joel: For chance at winning death match.

Chad: Assess first. I can't even say it right now. Assessed various assessments in, and our friends over at SeekOut, all sponsored by the people we know and love over at Alexander Mann Solution.

Joel: Let's see. I can check and Quincy is going to be a tough judge.

Chad: Quincy's tough and everything. Just so you know. I've known Quincy for 15 years.

Joel: Yeah. By the way, no one knows chat bots like her, so Pez better button up because they're going to be grilled.

Chad: Yeah, she knows a lot of stuff. I don't think any of them are safe to be quite Frank.

Joel: Yeah, I'll agree with that.

Chad: KRT Recruitics... beer, but anyway, have a big box unbox it. There are four big bottles of Pliny and Elder, and one of them has a hold my beer KRT Recruitics koozie on it. Fucking awesome.

Joel: Now you got to tell them the backstory with the hold my beer because that was all us.

Chad: I did a shred when KRT and Recruitics. They made the the announcement and it was kind of like in a hold my beer moment because we had all of these programmatic companies being bought, and right at the end of that Recruitics and KRT came together and I just felt like that was their hold my beer moment. Oh, I see what you're doing there. I see what you're doing there. I see what you're doing there. Hold my beer. So I did a shred that was pretty much hold my beer KRT plus, you know, Recruitics sequels, hold my beer and they just ran with it. Which is again, one of the coolest things, I think about the podcast, is we see some of these companies who really understand marketing. They key off of different ideas and they just run with it. And it's really fun to see that shit happen.

Joel: Yeah. And leave it to a marketing company to know what's going to get them love on the show: alcohol. The whole industry is just one big enablement to my liver being killed. Thanks everybody.

Chad: Yeah, I'm going to have to do a who did it better because Baird sent us a whiskey and bourbon-

Joel: Whiskey and bourbon combo. Yeah.

Chad: Yeah. And then, and then, you know, KRT Recruitics sent us four big fucking, you know, Pliny and Elders. I mean, that's going to be a hard one. We might actually have to pull our listeners on who did it better.

Joel: Yeah. Yeah. I want to talk about Evergreen. I think that's, it's fairly big news for our listeners and for the podcast.

Chad: I agree. People are asking about it.

Joel: Yeah. So a bunch of dudes from Cleveland called us, which was, you know, our step in the right direction for sure, at least in my book.

Chad: (laughs).

Joel: And so this is a podcast network, Evergreen Podcasts, and they were really loving the show and interested in having us, sort of, join the network and we said, sure, you know, from my standpoint it means less work on our part in terms of production, in terms of sort of a little bit of marketing and whatnot. So I think for the most part it means maybe more shows. So if you love the show it could mean more and more content because there's less, a little less work on our end, especially your end as production to get shows out and sort of join a network where there's a little bit more power and resources to make this thing happen.

Chad: Everybody listening in and actually following us, they understand. Two guys in 2019, we've worked our asses off. We've been everywhere. We've done a lot of shit and to be able to scale something like that, doing it like we're doing it right now, it's not sustainable. We had to look for partners that had the same kind of thought process that we did about the actual industry itself. And we did, we had plenty of podcast networks, come pretty much knocking on the door and these guys, we really felt, jived best with us. And for all those who had questions out there, no, we were not acquired. We still have total control of our content and we won't be dropping the F bomb any more or less. So nothing will change from that standpoint, but there will be some things that we will be announcing in the very near future. So -

Joel: Yeah, it means exciting things for the industry. So stay tuned. This is just the first step march to dominance in this space.

Chad: Talking about dominance. So let's give a shout out to Hung Lee who loved the Dan Pink interview. He's taken recruiting brain food to another level. And I know that they've started to do a podcast on their side-

Joel: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Chad: -and hopefully, we might be working with those guys a little bit too.

Joel: Yeah. And a choice or a chance, if you haven't heard the Dan Pink interview, we've got a lot of love for that one. Go back and check it out in the archives. It was a great chat.

Chad: Great stuff.

Joel: We're always good for a top ranking or listing of best podcasts in the industry. Top five ranking. We were number one, they didn't say it was any particular order but we were number one on the list, and that was the candidate ID lists, right?

Chad: Yeah. Top five and we're suckers for lists. We've said that.

Joel: Everyone's a sucker.

Chad: Yeah. It was interesting because there was another list that was out there that pretty much reused Hung Lee's Recruiting Brainfood list and it was like the top 100 it's like what the fuck man. I mean that was literally just clickbait. So no, you're not going to get a shout out for that list because you're just using Hung Lee's work first off. But yes, Candidate.ID Siobhan, I think is how you say her name. Brady, thanks so much. She's on marketing over at a candidate ID.

Joel: Well done. Well done. Amber Ferrari at Canvas, so I guess maybe she's a job bite employee now, but she was-

Chad: One of the best names. I mean, come on Amber Ferrari.

Joel: That is true.

Chad: At first, I was like, come on. I mean that's not really, no, that's, yeah, no, it's Amber Ferrari.

Joel: Yeah. She's not allowed to get married. She has to be Amber Ferrari forever. Also, she gave us some great love. We were out there last week for the a Recruiter Nation Live conference. Had a great time with those folks and always accommodating, always nice. Amman Brar, if you haven't heard the keynote speech from him, I think we published that earlier this week. That was a great insight into not only their company, but I think the industry as a whole and where it's going. So make sure you check that out and thank you, Amber.

Chad: Yeah. And this is a shout out to all of those companies, especially our sponsors. Take, come to, take a look at the sponsors on the site. All of these brands understand that you get behind something that has the same kind of focus and or purpose that you do. This is a partnership. This is where you get into a relationship where you do things more than just podcast, right?

Joel: Yeah. We're bringing services and buyers together. Feel the love, everybody.

Chad: Yeah. Yeah, it's not just a fucking transaction, people.

Joel: So I have a a surprise shout out. It wasn't on our list, but I was remembering it as we were talking. So we get reviews on, I think every podcast platform. We have a really solid 4.5 out of five on them on iTunes with about 35 or 40 reviews. But one came in last in July actually, that I thought was pretty funny. So they gave us one out of five stars, which frankly, for the fact that we just have microphones should give us at least two stars out of five. That should be at least, like the litmus test, for having at least two stars.

Joel: But anyway, so the review was pretty entertaining. So he said, I found a list of recruiting HR podcast. So we were on another list. I guess that's good. I really tried to like, but content not actionable with a paid for TV who will be sending me to source convo and then this is you, which I really love. Chad's tangents can be frustrating, also not worth your time. So random an anonymous reviewer, thank you for that. That was much appreciated.

Chad: And what I love is, and again, if you don't like the show, this is beautiful. Don't fucking listen. Everybody's not going to like you. Let's just put it that way. Everybody's not going to like you, and we embrace that. So the one star out of five, thanks so much and fuck off.

Joel: On the road again. Just can't wait to get on the road again. Where are we going to be next week?

Chad: Very Austin-like. That's a Willie Nelson and Willie, an Austin guy. Yes. We're going to be in Austin, Texas next week for, as we talked about, Deathmatch.