Recruiter Nation LIVE: David Draper

It's Recruiter Nation LIVE Chad & Cheese style of course.

We chat with a lot of recruitment solution makers, but it's great to connect with the actual buyers and users whenever possible. Jobvite's Recruiter Nation Live event, which recently went down in San Francisco, was a great time to sit down with some practitioners and get the nitty-gritty on what's getting them hyped about the future of TA tech. Enjoy.

Enjoy this Jobvite Exclusive with David Draper, Director of Talent Acquisition with Lewis Group of Companies.


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Chad: During our time in San Francisco at Jobvite’s Recruiter Nation Live. We had a chance to catch up with leaders in the Talent Acquisition Space, so we turned on the mics. Enjoy.

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Chad: it's not even be-

Joel: There's been two, just the tip jokes in the last 30 minutes. Like that's a good sign for a great conference.

Chad: Well that was because we were talking to Mason from Lyft.

Joel: Everything goes south when you're talking to Mason.

David: Everything is about tips.

Chad: I had for everything when I'm sorry.

Joel: I'm sure he loves that you put Lift in there when you're referencing tip jokes.

Chad: Tips, Yeah.

Joel: Well they do have a tip system, so you could-

Chad: that was when I was talking about that's why I went with Lyft originally over Uber because of the tips and that's where you have the... Yeah, I'm a tip guy.

Joel: Chad's a tip guy.

Chad: I'm a tip guy.

Joel: Not the whole, just the tip.

David: Just the tip Yes.

Joel: David did you know you're on a not safe for work.

David: I did.

Joel: Podcast you jumped on. Okay, good. Well let's introduce David.

David: Yes.

Joel: David don Draper. I'm sure that changed your life when mad men became famous.

David: I'm the handsome one of the two of them.

Chad: Yeah no, that's what I was going to say. Yeah. So David Draper the better looking of the Draper's. Yes, and you're with whom and what the hell do you do


David: I'm the Director of Talent Acquisition at the Lewis Group of Companies, which is a very large real estate development company, property management company in Southern California.

Chad: Okay, okay. Yeah. So, so how long have you been at Lewis Group?

David: I've been at Lewis for 16 years.

Chad: 16 Years.

David: When they hired me, they had no recruiting presence in the company. There were only two people in human resources.

Chad: How big is the company?

David: About 700 employees.

Chad: Okay.

David: In our section of Southern California, there's really nobody in our league that does what we do.

Chad: Oh gotcha, okay.

Joel: And we are here at the Job by Recruiter Nation Live Conference. So I'm assuming your a job by client as well. Tell us about That.

David: We are a job by client. We have been for about five years. This is my second recruiter nation live. I'm very happy with the product. When I joined the company that I'm with, we had a... First of all, when I first joined them, we had no ATS at all. We were putting ads... The company was putting ads in the paper, you know-

Joel: Oh my God. 5 years ago.

David: Craigslist, flyers. This is 16 years ago and-

Joel: Not five years ago.

David: Not five years ago. Immediately we got hooked up with Monster, CareerBuilder, all the usual suspects, but pretty soon it was time to pick an ATS.

Joel: Yep.

David: At the time we had another ATS, which will remain nameless-

Joel: Boo, come on David.

David: But it was... It starts with a Ceridian and ends with a Ceridian.

Joel: Rhymes with Meridian.

David: But I investigated a handful and faraway Jobvite was doing some really cool progressive stuff, specifically in the ease of application, the referral piece -

Joel: And what year was this?

David: Five years ago, so they had-

Joel: Okay, five years ago.

David: 2013, so a little bit more than five years ago. And yeah, it's been a big hit. My recruiting team is not that big. Currently we're three at our largest we were five, but three is a good number for us for what we do and what we need to fill.

Chad: From a director standpoint, when you're looking at systems, and you're looking at pretty much what's happening out there today, cause there's so much noise, all the startups, all the AI, all the RPA, all the acronyms and shit. What does it boil down to for you? What matters most for all of those systems? They can have all the bright and shiny shit, but what really, what brass tacks for you?

David: Yeah. I think when you're in recruiting, you got to look at what works for the company you're employed by, the jobs you want to fill, the type of candidate you're attracting. For Louis, what really works is the candidate experience and connecting that to the culture, and then over that is the brand. Where we are in Southern California, we're in a marketplace of Southern California where we're the leader, and a lot of people on the street know our company. They're probably going to rent a Lewis Apartment. They might shop at a Lewis Shopping Center. So we-

Chad: That's a brand people know.