You probably know Mailchimp. And if you don't know Mailchimp, you've definitely received an email via their platform, which enables marketers to send messages in bulk.

For the most part, the concept is still pretty alien to most recruiters, but Collegia is here to change that ... or at least they hope so. Can they bring recruiters and email marketing together, finally?

Checkout this episode of Firing Squad to see if they've got what it takes to survive the big guns.

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Announcer: Like Shark Tank? Then you'll love Firing Squad. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to put the recruiting industry's bravest, ballsiest, and baddest startups through the gauntlet to see if they've got what it takes to make it out alive. Dig a foxhole and duck for cover kids. The Chad and Cheese podcast is taking it to a whole other level.

Joel: Chad, the Brown's lost last night, so I'm a little bit trigger happy.

Chad: Ain't surprised.

Joel: So this episode of the Firing Squad could get ugly. I don't know. Either way, please welcome Collegia. I hope I said that correctly. And their founder, Dama Aberg Cobo. I probably butchered that one too. Dama, welcome to the Firing Squad.

Dama: Thank you. Thank you guys. No you said it perfectly. Dama from Collegia.

Joel: Nice. Nice. So we'll get to the company in a second, but give our audience who doesn't know you, a little background on what you're all about.

Dama: Sure. So I'm originally from Argentina. I have a business background and I started a startup in human resources and then after that one I did Collegia, which is this new startup.

Joel: Chad.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Tell her what she's won.

Chad: Dama, what you've won is the opportunity to give us a two minute pitch of Collegia. At the end of two minutes you're going to hear the bell. Then Joel and I are going to hit you with rapid fire Q and A. If your answers start to ramble, or they just get boring, Joel's going to hit you with the crickets and that'll be your cue to move the hell along.

Joel: Keep it going, Dama.

Chad: At the end of Q and A, we're going to grade you, and you could receive a big applause.

Joel: That's the one you want.

Chad: Yep, that means, get your bank account ready. It's time to to knock this bitch out![ Golf clap, that means you might be there, you might not. And the one you don't want to hear, the Firing Squad. That's right, hit the bricks.

Joel: That is one big pile of shit.

Chad: Just close up shop. That is one big pile of shit. You should just try something different.

Joel: Find another line of work.

Chad: That's right. So that's Firing Squad. Are you ready?

Dama: I'm ready. Let's go for that big applause.

Joel: Two minutes. Starting in three, two-

Dama: So Collegia is a platform for recruiters to engage the talent and identify the active prospects in their database. How we do this is we build micro communities, segmenting the candidates based on their industry skillset and location. Then we curate high quality content and we send it out to them. So what's trending in your industry? What new tools or processes are going on? What events or conferences can you attend in your city and what continuing educational content can you do, like courses or certifications to grow in your career?

Dama: We also share job opportunities, the ones that the recruiter is hiring for and other opportunities in the candidates' location. So this is giving a candidate-centered approach, giving them a 360 degrees overview of what is going on in their industry. And based on how the candidate interacts with the content, we rank them, and we provide the recruiter with a short list of active candidates. Collegiate resurface high potential candidates from the recruiters' database. It reduces time to placement, and it positions the recruiter as a mentor and a thought leader that takes care for their talent, and maintains an ongoing communication to guide them in their career.

Joel: So we'll help you out here. Where can we learn more?

Dama: You can learn more on That's

Chad: Which is where my first question is going to start, is being in sales for a word that's... Is it commonly used? I don't even know if it's in the English dictionary. You're going to have to tell us about that. Collegia. How did you come up with Collegia, number one the name, and was the dot com taken? Because you have a dot io, so help us out with the name, the origin, and why you couldn't find a dot com for something.

Joel: And do you worry about being confused with a college recruiting website?

Dama: Okay, great question. So actually the name Collegia comes from Collegium. Collegium is a guild, right? So if you could think of an association, a professional association. We're trying to build these new modern communities for any professional to join and to network and connect with their peers. So it's the modern guild or modern collegium. Does that make sense?

Joel: Yes.

Dama: Okay. And the dot io, it's what we chose. The dot com yes was taken. So is what we got.

Joel: And what is doing?

Dama: Oh, no idea.

Joel: Okay. You might want to check that out just in case.

Chad: Especially if it's a porn site, or a competitor.

Dama: No, no I think we're good. It's not a competitor for sure.

Joel: So when you're rich and famous, you might buy the dot com.

Dama: Yep, probably.

Joel: Right.

Dama: I like the dot io though. It sounds technical.

Joel: Sure, roll with that, you know the checks cash the same no matter what your domain is.

Dama: Right.

Joel: So I was trying to figure out as I was looking at the site, which is in beta, so there's not a ton of information, but the best example that I could come up with was sort of a MailChimp, email marketing on top of an applicant tracking system or like a CRM. Would that be a good way to describe your service to people that don't know or am I way off base there?

Dama: No, correct. It's a good way. So we're helping the recruiter by providing the content. A recruiter is an expert in connecting people with work. But they might not have the time to know what is going on in each industry that they hire for. So it's the MailChimp, but with everything ready to send out and then the report.

Joel: All right. So let's talk about the emails and the segmentation. Does the solution integrate with an ATS and then as people apply to jobs, is the email address like automatically uploaded into the system and then when you send out jobs, how do you know from the email address or the information that they want a marketing job or they want sales or nursing, so how does the segmentation and sort of the uploading of emails happen?

Dama: Great question. So recruiters today have amazing applicant tracking systems that do great segmentation. So we're working with them. Our tool today is the first version of the product where the recruiters just import their list of candidates into our platform. But we're heading on version two to integrate with the applicant tracking systems. So they don't have to do that manually. And then we're going to provide the applicant tracking systems with the information that we get from how candidates interact with the content. So there'll be able to search active candidates and those ones would be pulled up in their database.

Joel: And which ATSs will you be integrating with first?

Dama: Starting with Bullhorn for sure.

Chad: Ah, very focused on the recruiter side. I like it. So how do recruiters actually build these micro-communities? I understand that there is some sort of segmentation in applicant tracking systems, but not all of them are segmented, right? So how can a recruiter actually build these micro-communities?

Dama: So that is really simple. On our platform, the recruiter just decides what industry and position they want to focus on to start off. For example, their top candidates are IT project managers or accounting consultants. And in just one business day we have that community set up for them.

Joel: And how does the curation of content happen? Does the recruiter, someone actually have to go out on the web and is it from publications and then like, "I want all the stories from Fast Company or something to come into the newsletter." And then do they curate based on, if it's marketing it would be marketing type stories and if it's nursing or accounting, it would be those kinds of stories? How does the curation of the content happen?

Dama: Correct. Yeah. So the recruiter doesn't have to do anything. We do it like in an autopilot mode for them. We have community managers that are industry experts for each industry and they curate the content from professional sources. So if we're talking about technology or whatever industry, we'll talk about where we're connecting with universities, associations, newspapers, online magazines, depending on each industry. So TechCrunch, Fast Company, Forbes, everyone that knows what is trending and going on in the industry we're making sure to put that high quality content out there to the candidates.

Chad: So this is already segmented is what you're saying. You have all these publications that you're already getting RSS feeds in from. At this point, you know how to segment the data or the articles that are actually coming in to be able to build these kind of like stock newsletters, is that what I'm hearing?

Dama: Yes, correct. And our tool with AI is going to be able to personalize the content even more each time when the candidate interacts with it, we're going to be sending them what is most relevant to them. And on the other side, the AI is going to also pull up not only the active candidates but the ones that are more qualified for the jobs.

Chad: Did you hear that? She jammed in AI, Joel. So that's automatic, that's a tick mark.