Social Data Dies a Prophet's Death

Jeremy Roberts, VP of Customer Experience from Hiring Solved takes the HR Tech stage with Chad & Cheese to talk data and a shocking new announcement.

Do you believe in something so much that you would shut down a product because of that belief?

Hiring Solved explains data, HiQ ruling impact, and why they are shutting down Prophet - their Chrome sourcing extension. Nothing but the best from your beer buddies Chad & Cheese :)

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Chad: Start it off?

Joel: Yep.

Chad: Go ahead. Start it off.

Joel: What's up everybody? HR Tech 2019, let's give it up to this rowdy


Chad: Hey guys.

Joel: Hung over crowd.

Chad: Vegas.

Joel: Very nice. We are the Chad and Cheese podcast.

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Joel: I'm surprised a lot of return visitors from yesterday's show, which we were going to do the same content and we said, no, that's not going to work. So we wanted to bring on a special guest, so everyone give it up to Hiring Solved former source con head, Jeremy, you're looking at me like I'm doing this wrong.

Jeremy: You're doing well.

Joel: You want to take it over?

Jeremy: No, you're doing well.

Joel: All right, Jeremy, do you have a nickname? You need a nickname, I


Jeremy: I don't have one. Let's not do it off the fly.

Joel: Racing cap ramer or something, I don't know what it is. All right. Young blue eyes. Because it's the third day and we're taking it easy, we're just going to tap open some Guinness for today. We have a few extras if anyone's interested and to make it more enticing, these are actually from Ireland.

Chad: That's right, Shane Gray from Clinch. [crosstalk 00:00:02:53].

Joel: Can I get a hands up for anyone that wants Dublin Guinness.

Jeremy: Is Shane here?

Chad: He's outside.

Joel: There we go.

Chad: Who wants a beer? Woo, there we go.

Joel: Let's hear for ...

Chad: Guinness, Anyone?

Jeremy: She's even wearing a shirt.

Joel: My name is Shawna Williams. I am ...

Chad: Where's Barry at? Barry wants a beer now. He's over there talking, selling shit. Russell?

Joel: From Dublin dude, come on now.

Jeremy: He's still on coffee.

Joel: All right. All right, so everyone knows who we are obviously. That's really good.

Jeremy: That is good.

Joel: Give us the elevator pitch on you, Jeremy.

Jeremy: My name's Jeremy Roberts. I'm the VP of Customer Experience with Hiring Solved. I've been in recruiting since about 2002 I started off in the agency world and then moved into corporate. I started some sourcing functions with different companies. My last recruiting job, I was a Sourcing Manager for a large RPO and had a team of about 25, and then I moved over to Source Con and I was the Source Con editor and conference organizer for about three and a half years. And from there, I made the transition to the HR tech side and started working with Hiring Solved, so.

Joel: Anyone not know Source Con? Sourcing candidates. Okay, good. So we wanted to bring on Jeremy because there are some really hot issues going on right now with privacy, GDPR, data, profiles, collecting data from all over the web. I want a little bit of a historical perspective of what sourcing data used to look like, simplified. And then we'll get into the dark world that it has become. But I want to set the stage for what 2013 looked like in terms of going out on the internet and getting data.

Jeremy: Yeah, no that's excellent. So basically when I started in recruiting, I remember being in the office and we had to actually, we would print files and resumes. We had what we call back files, just huge file cabinets full of resumes.

Chad: Wow, cabinets.

Jeremy: There was not a lot of electronic things going on.

Chad: Back in the file cabinet days.

Joel: Do you have folders full of women too?

Jeremy: Fast forward, and then we had LinkedIn started and there started to be a lot more data online. So then when I joined as a Source Con editor-

Joel: You don't want to throw this.