Indeed Throttling and Glassdoor Shakedowns?

Recorded LIVE from UNLEASH World in Paris' showfloor.

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Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors. You're listening to HR's Most Dangerous Podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, rash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls. It is time for the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Oh yeah.

Chad: I just love that.

Joel: Bonjour Monsieur, Chad.

Chad: Bonjour, Mr- Fromage

Joel: the Chad and Fromage podcast from Paris France.

Chad: France.

Joel: What's up listeners? We're here at the unleash conference in Paris. We've invaded the Meyer booth. We've taken their WiFi. We've taken their tables. We've stalled the sales process.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: We've probably put them out of business because of our weekly show. We are the Chad and Cheese Podcast HR's Most Dangerous.

Chad: Live.

Joel: This week we're going to be talking the UNLEASH show. We're going to be talking Indeed shake downs and we're going to be talking Glassdoor mobsters. Stay tuned.

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Chad: And we're back.

Joel: And we're back dude. If you hate shout outs, you're going to hate this part of the show [crosstalk 00:02:01], there's so many people to thank from our week in Paris. I'm going to start with UNLEASH in general.

Chad: Oh yeah.

Joel: They gave us a Mic, they gave us a stage, they gave us a voice and we appreciate that because it's not the safest choice.

Chad: No and they gave us some really good panelists. It's one of the things that I love when we work with shows and they want to be able to get their people up on stage.

Joel: Sure.

Chad: We had Chris Wray from Sainsbury's. We had Adam Yearsley from Red Bull. Had Brandy Ellis from the SmashFly. So yeah, I mean we had... They even extended our period. We were supposed to have 30 minutes. We went to 45. We're talking about brand, experience and just really cool shit. So we will be dropping that Podcast.

Joel: They even gave us Lars, as our master of ceremonies.

Chad: Oh yeah.

Joel: He's like he doesn't just do anybody.

Chad: Yeah. You get it. Get a little Lars actions.

Joel: That's good. You got through a lot of shout outs there with our guests.

Chad: Oh good.

Joel: So that's good. Shout out to Paris.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: It has been very good to us. The food's great. The wine is amazing. The city's beautiful if you haven't been to Paris, could not recommend it more. We're very lucky. Indianapolis does not have a lot of international direct flights and amazingly they have a direct flight-

Chad: It does.

Joel: ... to Paris.

Chad: I love it.

Joel: So we're really enjoying the town and the quick flight over to Europe. Quick shout out to Neely Verlinden.

Chad: Ver what?

Joel: Yeah, she's with AIHR, which is not-

Chad: Say that again.

Joel: ... Artificial intelligence-

Chad: No.

Joel: ... Yeah.

Chad: A-I-H-R.

Joel: Neely Verlinden, AIHR. We did an interview with her yesterday. Talk shop, podcasting industry stuff. Be on the lookout for that. We'll link to it from we'll share it on socials. It was a good time.

Chad: Big shout out to all of our friends and I'll try to hit as many as I possibly can.

Joel: Our dinner friends is that who you’re going after?

Chad: Well, we had the dinner friends. We had the Adam Gordon's of the world. You know, Andreea Wade-

Joel: Yup. Elin, from Tengai.

Chad: Elin, from Tengai. Max Armbruster.

Joel: Max twice.

Chad: See Max is French.

Joel: Yes.

Chad: He leaves in Hong Kong now.

Joel: He is Parisian-

Chad: ...but he hooked us up two nights in a row. Amazing restaurants so big shout out to Max and the Talkpush peeps so... Also we just saw Matt Alder. He looked like he needed some sleep.

Joel: Not as much as you look like you need sleep.

Chad: Well, that's because I was up till two.

Joel: Hung Lee. We saw Hung-

Chad: Yeah. Got to love some Hung Lee. Just plenty of guys. The guys over at social talent, Dave, Johnny, the crew.

Joel: Yeah. We had a good time with the social talent guys. They had a giveaway idea for condoms. Apparently-