2019 Naughty & Nice

Everyone wants to know! Who was naughty and/or who was nice in 2019?

Special guest Bill Boorman joins The Chad and Cheese on stage to announce their 2019 Naughty and Nice lists on stage during TalentNET LIVE in Dallas.

They cover who was naughty and who was nice in the world of HR, recruiting, tech, and workforce? Gotta listen to find out.

Thanks to Sovren, JobAdX, and Canvas for filling our listeners' stockings with Chad & Cheese podcast throughout 2019!


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Chad: Ho, ho, Happy New Year and all that jazz. Welcome to 2019's final Chad and Cheese podcast and lucky for you, it's our naughty and nice show. Recorded live onstage at TalentNet Live in Dallas with special guest Bill Boorman. He'll be the one speaking in drunken pub English. Enjoy. After this, word from Amber Ferrari and Canvas.

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Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snarl. Bottle up boys and girls. It's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel: This is the Chad and Cheese. Yes. This is going to be a live broadcast. It's going to be fun. This is more festive than I expected it. If you've ever heard the Chad and Cheese podcast, you know that you're in for a treat. If you've ever heard Bill Boorman, You know that this is going to be crazy and insightful.

Chad: Crazy.

Joel: All right, ready to go.

Chad: Oh yeah. Did we push record on this?

Chad: Oh Yeah. I think we pressed record.

Joel: What's up everybody? Who knows of the Chad and Cheese podcast? A few people hopefully. If you don't know, Chad and I, I'm Cheese, that's Chad. This is our special guest and British diplomat, Bill Borman, who is joining us today. If you don't know about the show, we do a weekly Roundup of news, usually about vendors, who's going out of business, who's buying whom,

Chad: Who sucks.

Joel: [crosstalk 00:02:47] We do a shark tank show. We do deep dives into everything from AI to automation, to programmatic advertising,

Chad: And we're not safe for work.

Joel: So everything. So every year, we're only two years old, but we have this tradition of [crosstalk 00:03:01] around this time of year we do a naughty or nice list. We went to Craig and said, hey, we think this would be fun in a live format. Hopefully it will be. So each of us has two naughties and two nicies and we will run through them, starting with Chad.

Chad: I like to thank Batman, my man Batman who actually already dropped the F bomb. So you broke the ceiling.

Joel: You fucker.

Chad: We appreciate that. We are not safe for work podcast. We are not five stars on iTunes because we piss people off. It's kind of a thing, right?

Joel: Unlike the other presentations today, we are not five stars.

Chad: We're not five stars-

Joel: And we are proud of it.

Chad: And just so you know-

Joel: We are not for everybody.

Chad: Anyway,

Joel: Cheese.com for more information. Subscribe today.

Chad: Subscribe today. Yes so we're going to jump in straight into the naughty, because that's the kind of podcast we are. First off, the first naughty thing I want to talk about, that for this year was McDonald's voice-activated bait-and-switch bullshit that they pulled. Remember that, right? If you don't know the story, McDonald's is actually voice-initiated. They're using Alexa and Google assistant to be able to start the application process with the job search slash application process, which did, guess what? Took you to a text message that took you to the application process, which was the black hole under a new name. Joel loves it though. Go ahead Joel.

Joel: Okay, let's carry this, carry here. Carries out hobnob. This is a great point. Who, who of you remember the first iPhone? It sucked, right? 2G, the battery lasted for 12 minutes.

Chad: Comparatively, yeah.

Joel: It sucked, right? So in Chad's world, [crosstalk 00:04:44] the iPhone should have been buried and never improved.

Chad: Never said that.

Joel: You remember the first Tesla, right? It went up in flames. It

sucked, right? So in Chad's world, the Tesla should have been scrapped. A driverless cars were running over people. So that'll never be a thing in your world.

Chad: People are running over people.

Joel: That can't be improved. Things that start out here can eventually get to here and be okay. So maybe next year this will make your nicey.

Chad: So if you don't care about your brand experience for your job seekers, they do whatever Joel says, because he does not give a fuck.

Joel: Apple kept hiring people after the release of the first iPhone.

Chad: Because they were the only phone out there, dude. The only smart phone out there. [crosstalk 00:05:25] I think it is not a smart phone.

Joel: We don't have to get into the pros and cons of smart phones. [crosstalk 00:05:31] Yes. Our global guests chime in on this.

Bill: Absolutely right on the nasties for me. Exactly what McDonald's did was, they thought bought a hotel, they spent one million bucks on the lobby and nothing on the rooms, which actually creates an expectation of a great experience and made it worse.

Joel: Do MacDonald's have rooms in Britain? [crosstalk 00:05:51] A little private eatery.

Chad: I was talking about the Tesla, shut up.

Bill: Geez boy, that's what,

Joel: See you're on the Chad side of this. That is shitty and it shouldn't go anywhere else from here.

Bill: I think the principle of if you're going to change, you should change. If you're going to change the experience, you have to change the whole experience, not pieces of experience. Because then you make the expectation that the experience is going to be great-

Joel: And a bigger question-

Bill: And what is shitty is worse.

Joel: Can we expect in the future, Hey Alexa, find me a job in Dallas, to be a thing.

Bill: Absolutely.

Joel: Okay. Do we all agree on that?

Bill: Oh, yeah.