Me and Mr. Jones

Hello, Cleveland! And hello Mark Jones, Senior Vice President at Alexander Mann Solutions, who came by the Evergreen podcast studios in Cleveland to talk shop, covering everything from RPO in the UK vs. USA, best marketing tools to attract candidates and whether Counting Crows or Billy Paul does a better "Jones" rendition. It's another can't miss Nexxt exclusive.


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Joel: We can just go right into it.

Chad: You just talk about your erectile dysfunction mic.

Joel: Yeah, my mic has some ED issues. It fell. He took a blue pill and he's back up, so we're all good. We can get on with the show.

Chad: For all of our listeners, I mean, they have to understand why you had an ED mic in the first place. We are actually in Cleveland, Ohio.

Joel: Hello, Cleveland.

Chad: Hello, Cleveland. Cleveland, Ohio, at-

Joel: Winter in Cleveland, what better destination is there?

Chad: ... the Evergreen Podcast Studios doing our ... We've never actually-

Joel: We're at the mothership.

Chad: We're in isolated rooms and I mean, this had better sound fucking awesome.

Joel: The only thing missing is the straight jackets, I think. The walls are padded. That's the only thing missing. But we are enjoying some quality, Cleveland brewed, Great Lakes beer. Eliot Ness, if you've ever had it you know what I'm talking about, if you haven't, you should give it a shot.

Chad: How have you not had it? That's the question.

Joel: Sold all over the Midwest now.

Chad: And that is compliments-

Joel: Sorry, Canada.

Chad: ... of Alexander Mann Solutions, by the way. When you come to

Cleveland, you have to go to Great Lakes Brewing, because it is-

Joel: Delicious.

Chad: ... yeah, it's delicious, but it's like, the brewery. I mean, it was before microbreweries were big. Lovely. And we have Mark Jones, senior vice president. Is there anything after that? You're just a senior vice president, I mean, that's big, because you don't have anything after it. If you were senior vice president of finance or something like that, you would have an area responsibility, but in this case you're responsible for everything, just being as VP.

Joel: He can't be that important if he's here with us.

Mark: Kind of. One of the things that's different is job titles are different, where, in the UK to the U.S. Not many people realize that, but SVP kind of is the right level. I've been with the organization for 23 years and-

Chad: You're the number two employee, right?

Mark: Yeah.

Joel: Damn.

Chad: I mean, you've been with these guys for over 22 years?

Mark: Yeah, and I signed a 40, can you believe it?

Joel: What's the appeal? What keeps getting you up in the morning?

Mark: AMS has been brilliant to me. I mean, I think here I am sat in the studio with you guys.

Joel: This is the perk of a lifetime, isn't it? To be online with us.

Mark: Absolutely. Who would have thought that I would have been sat in a studio in Ohio, in Cleveland, being minus temperatures outside, when I started my career? But I think, Alexander Mann Solutions, we kind of invented RPA many, many years ago, back in the UK. What keeps me up really is, is that I have fun. I have fun every single day. We are an organization that have been helping tons of organizations around the world. We hire tens of thousands of people, permanent and contingent workers, around the world. And I've been really lucky with AMS because I've had a different job every couple of years, but staying within the organization.

Joel: The real question is, are you a tortured Cleveland sports fan at this point or are you still Premier League?

Mark: Wow, so the great thing about being here is that I can watch every goddamn game on the Premier League. Saturday morning for me is like, get up, coffee, and I can just watch, literally from 7:00 AM through to 1:00 PM, it's all Premier League.

Joel: Who's your team?

Mark: I actually support Wycombe Wanderers, and they are in English League One. Currently, top of League One. My dad, my uncle, my granddad were all massive fans of Wycombe Wanderers, which is a small team where I grew up. But if I had to have a Premier League team, it would be Everton. I've always supported Everton. But I am a Cleveland sports fan.

Joel: Really?

Mark: Do you know what? I'm a sports mad. I can't play sport. I was literally rubbish at school playing sports, but watching it, I love it.

Joel: That means garbage for our American listeners.

Mark: Yes it does. One of many things that means different things in different sides of the pond. I wasn't very good at playing the sport, but I absolutely love watching sport. And I've been lucky enough in my time here in Cleveland to go to World Series. Never thought I'd see that.

Joel: Nice.

Mark: Sadly, it didn't end very well.

Joel: Game seven, did you see?

Mark: Yeah, that home run was just amazing.

Joel: Fucking Cubs.

Chad: That hurt, yeah.

Mark: Rain. I mean, who knows. So yes, I am a tortured Cleveland fan because that rain shower cost us the World Series. I was lucky enough to be at game three of the NBA when they were two nil down, or two zero down as you would say, to Golden State, and they came back and won that series.

Joel: Classic series.

Chad: That was pretty sweet.

Mark: It was great. Apart from the Browns. Even this year, everyone was saying the Browns are going to be great, so this year I went to my very first Brown's game against Seahawks. Guess what? They were winning 14 zero up, and they threw it away.

Joel: Oh, yeah. Lost that one.

Chad: Yeah, that's a Brown's thing to do.

Joel: So you've been here 12 years and you just went to a Brown's game?

Chad: Not 12 years.

Mark: I've been here seven years.