BetterUp Lands A Great Deel

Stop me if you've heard this one before: HR tech company gets buckets of money. Well, the song remains the same this week, as companies like BetterUp, Deel, and Wonolo keep ringing the register. Also, Cornerstone OnDemand goes private (that always works out well, right?), and a little buy-or-sell with Continuum,, and Reejig. And if you thought robotic dogs that could open doors were scary, how about ones with guns attached to their backs?


Listen before civilization checks out for good.


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INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (22s):

Oh yeah. A new research says the Vikings landed in north America exactly 1000 years ago. Suck on that Christopher Columbus! Hi kids you're listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast. The real conquistadors. This is your co-host Joel "20% Scandinavian" Cheesman.

Chad (39s):

This is Chad "trick or treat" Sowash.

Joel (42s):

On this week's show Cornerstone on demand needs a little privacy, BetterUp gets one hell of a deal and buy or sell. Oh, and more pink, fluffy unicorns.

Chad (56s):


Joel (57s):

Do you in Valhalla Skoal, let's do this episode 700 and something

Chad (1m 5s):

Like 760 or something like that. I think we'll find a groove someday soon. I'm hoping.

Joel (1m 9s):

Yeah. How did we make it this far?

Chad (1m 12s):

Don't ask.

Joel (1m 12s):

It must be the shout outs in my first one goes to WeWork. Yes. The, the much, much maligned company finally went public today. Under the ticker symbol "We." Creative, right? The stock jumped today is we are recording this as high as 12% at being mid down Thursday. Chad, this is a business. I think whose time has come and the pandemic has supercharged, flexible work places. WeWork.

Chad (1m 42s):

It's all about timing, right? And that being said, timing it's Halloween. So if you have a Netflix subscription and you're-- if you're listening to this podcast, you probably do. I have a recommendation for our listeners. The movies that made us, they, they go beyond Halloween, but they dropped three of the newer episodes that were around the movie, the making of the movie and the background of Halloween, which is my favorite Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. So treat yourself, go to Netflix, look for the movies that made us. Watch those three. And I love it because it's always like a throwback feeling for me.

Joel (2m 22s):

Yeah. Yeah. Have you seen the new Halloween?

Chad (2m 25s):

I have not.

Joel (2m 26s):

Where they dig up Jamie Lee Curtis and like the entire cast of the first movie.

Chad (2m 32s):

Did it even come out yet? Yeah. I mean, when does it drop? I can't remember when it drops, but she, Jamie Lee Curtis is a bad-ass number one. And if anybody's going to kill Michael Myers, it's going to be Jamie Lee.

Joel (2m 47s):

One of my fondest memories as a youth was Jamie Lee Curtis is Boobies on Trading Places where she plays a prostitute and doing a 180 from boobies on screen, shout out to Pillar who sent us some dope ass swag this week, we're talking mouse pads. We're talking king size, Yeti, which I know you have a shout out here, this might segue into that. A t-shirt and some sort of a weird backpack thingy. I'm not quite sure what that last thing was, but yeah. Thanks to Pillar. Love it.

Chad (3m 21s):

No question, but I want to see you wearing that backpack thingy. Yes. I'm going to go ahead and transition into another Yeti type of a shout out. Shout out to Pandologic. Apparently Julie, my wife, and co-host of Crazy and the King. She won a drawing and it was a Yeti cooler on wheels and four Yeti tumblers delivered to our front door. Damn, that's a prize worth winning. Thanks Jen, Jason, Terry, and the Pandologic gang. Also even bigger. Shout out for Pandologic. Jen Rivoli.

Joel (3m 59s):


Chad (3m 59s):

I think I believe CMO. I mean, she's like the head cheese over there on the marketing side. She just had a new baby girl. Her name is Samantha. Why are you playing sexy music? When we're talking about babies?

Joel (4m 15s):

How do you get babies, Chad?

Chad (4m 17s):

That's not you are one creepy fuck. That's all. Anyway, we have a new listener and that is worth shouting out. So thanks, Jen.

Joel (4m 24s):

Now we just need to find a sponsor for the Chad and Cheese onesies that we can now send out to people. Well, we love Pando, but you know who we love more Chad? Facebook. That's right. That's right.

Chad (4m 38s):

Love to hate.

Joel (4m 38s):

Facebook is in the news this week. They're apparently changing their name, changing the façade. So Facebook will obviously still be there, but they'll have more of an umbrella company similar to how Google Google created Alphabet. Although although Facebook might be more akin to Philip Morris changing their name to Altria because we all knew social media is the new smoking. And interestingly Metaverse is sort of the theme of the new name. So I'm excited. And I know you are Chad about the new name of Facebook allegedly coming out next week.

Chad (5m 16s):

I literally don't care. What I do care about is a big shout out to companies using old school recruiting tactics. They're going to love this Coca Cola bought a billboard outside of a Smith and Wesson plant that touts that the jobs are $24 an hour with benefits. And, and the reason why they're targeting Smith and Wesson is because Smith and Wesson is moving 550 jobs from Springfield to Tennessee. Another company, even more, I don't know that they don't want to say more, more guerrilla Tacticky. That's a word, tactically. They parked a moving billboard outside the plant, which says "not ready to pull the trigger on Tennessee, stay here and work with us."

Chad (6m 1s):

I love seeing this kind of stuff.

Joel (6m 4s):

That is nice. Speaking of gorillas Chad, I didn't put this down as a shout out, but I took the big kids who are on fall break this week to Cincinnati to see the zoo, one of our destinations. And you might remember Harambe from a few years ago, the kid, the kid who fell into the gorilla enclosure.

Chad (6m 22s):

How old are the kids? I mean, are they three and four now you're taking them to the fucking zoo. No.

Joel (6m 28s):

Yeah, you haven't, you haven't visited in a while. Chad they're 15 and 12 now. So

Chad (6m 32s):

Yeah, yeah, no, that was my point. You're taking them to the zoo. That's awesome!

Joel (6m 37s):

Hey, the zoo's great. This was great. And I took them to the Cincinnati Reds museum. I don't know, which is worse for a 15 and 13.

Chad (6m 43s):

That sounds like a hell of a day trip that they won't remember. Good for them.

Joel (6m 49s):

yeah. Well they got some Skyline Chili, that'll make it all better. We have talked way too much about Cincinnati. What's your next shout out?

Chad (6m 58s):

Events! Join Chad and Cheese for Thanksgiving in Belgium. That's right. We're going to be in Belgium during Thanksgiving, November 25th. That is pretty sexy. If you are in Europe, in and around that area, Hey, go to and register. If you're here in the US and you want to get, eh, different tastes than Turkey, maybe beer, go ahead and check it out to Check out the speakers, register, get yourself a plane ticket and come have Thanksgiving with us.

Joel (7m 32s):

Yeah. Europe has a bunch of countries in it. If you know, you know, well, Chad, we both love a good side hustle, but side hustles may have officially jumped the shark this week. So posted onto Instagram, a young industrious enterprising young lad has offered people the chance to kick his ass for money. So his ad reads and I quote, kick my ass to impress your girlfriend. Are you tired of your girlfriend thinking you're a pussy? For just a small fee, you can prove her wrong and show her how much of a bad-ass you truly are. Just set up a time and a place for me to come harass your girl.

Joel (8m 14s):

And then bam, you come and rock my shit. He's got different pricing tiers. Chad, his weekday fee is $50. He pumps it up on the weekends. He's obviously a busy guy that goes to $60. If you want to impress your girlfriend and kick this dude's ass. I think side hustles have officially jumped the shark, but shout out to this enterprising young man.

Chad (8m 37s):

Yeah, no, that kid just doesn't understand what a sustainable business model looks like, that's the problem.

Joel (8m 43s):

That's going to be a hard to scale. Well, not hard to scale is free shit from Chad and Cheese. Chad, if you haven't signed up for free shit, we're giving away t-shirts, we're giving away whiskey and we're giving away beer. Shirts by Emissary beer from Adzuna and whiskey from Sovren. Just head out to It's free to sign up free everywhere. Get your shit. But you got to sign up to do that. Fantasy football Chad.

Chad (9m 18s):

Oh Good God.

Joel (9m 19s):

Sponsored by Oh, oh, the, the leaderboard is just chaos here.

Chad (9m 23s):

It is chaos.

Joel (9m 24s):

Here's our rundown from one to 10, the wonderful Miss Q, Quincy takes the number one spot, which you know, she talks shit so good for her. Bill "football" Fanning drops to number two after losing to your boy who climbs to number three, that that'd be me. Followed up by "Benjamin Buttons" Kuntz, don't call them Kunts. Next up is Christy "fly me to the moon," Jason "and the Argonauts" Putnam. And then you follow him after that, Chad. Next up Pete "Maravich" Suchi comes out of the cellar. Good for him. You follow him. And then next is Michael J. Cox and bringing up the rear, he was there in week one and he's back everybody.

Joel (10m 7s):

Chris "let's go Knicks" Russell is back in the cellar. Let's hope that he can play like rat and come out of the cellar all on 1984.

Chad (10m 15s):

Not going to be a good week. That's for sure. This is, this is they call the buy apocalypse. So many, a shit ton of teams, good teams are on by. So this is going to be a bad week.

Joel (10m 27s):

And you and I take on each other this week. So that'll be fun. Yeah.

Chad (10m 33s):

Go fucking figure. Jesus

Joel (10m 35s):

Well make sure if you haven't listened to our podcasts from the week, we did our Euro show, which I think we all agreed was the best Euro show to date. Make sure you go check that one out. And then I sat down with an old coworker from Cleveland to talk about some of the marketing efforts around recruiting,

Chad (10m 53s):

Sexing up the trades baby. She was helping companies sexy-up trade positions. And that's what you get in Cleveland. I mean, there is a very, you know, obviously hefty professional vibe around Cleveland, but you can't get away from the laborers, which is awesome because you know, we need that. It's nice to actually make shit in the US and they do that in Cleveland.

Joel (11m 16s):

They proudly wear that blue collar down baby. Well proudly wearing some, some birthday outfits this week, Dr. John Sullivan.

Chad (11m 25s):

Not who I want to see in a birthday suit.

Joel (11m 29s):

I know that's, that's not good for anybody. Maybe an improvement over that is Jeremy Roberts celebrating a birthday this week and Peter Gold, who literally has dubbed himself "Mr. ATS." I don't know if that's to pick up chicks or just a, a real, real badge of honor, but Peter "Mr. ATS" Gold, Dr. John Sullivan and Jeremy Roberts celebrating a birthday this week.

Chad (11m 58s):

It's like saying, you know, I'm Mr. Horse and Buggy. I mean, ATS is like the relic of our entire industry. And you want to name yourself that come on, Peter.

Joel (12m 23s):

Mr. Betamax, Mr. VHS gold. All right.

Chad (12m 25s):


Joel (12m 26s):

All right. Cornerstone on Demand, Santa Monica based learning and talent management software company needs a little privacy, Chad. Shareholders' recently approved a $5.2 billion deal to take the company private. In an all cash transaction Clearlake Capital Group takes ownership of the company through a combination of equity and debt buying the outstanding shares at $57.50 cents per share. Adam Miller, founder and co chairman at Cornerstone says the move is designed to give the company more flexibility, to pursue avenues of growth that might be unpalatable, "interesting choice of words" to shareholders that expect growth on a quarterly basis.