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Cult Brand REDUX

The Cult Brand series of podcasts have been some of the most popular episodes in the portfolio. Yeti, Chili's, Airbnb, and others have joined Chad & Cheese on the mic to discuss the importance of the brand. Post-pandemic, we're back with a whole new attitude and outlook on the employment brand. Buckle-up, boys, and girls. We have a new partner, a new cohost, and a new focus that's going to take the employment brand to a whole new level. Want to know more? Gotta listen to this live-from-a-bar trailer.



INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Chad (25s):

Oh shit. Ok, you ready?

Joel (28s):

Wait, we're not alone?

Chad (35s):

We've been recording. We'll be hearing this maybe.

Julie (37s):

Oh we're live already?

Joel (37s):

Or maybe the better finish this up before I finished my polar bear kisses 100% stout. What's up Tess?

Chad (46s):

Polar bear kisses. I'm going to be calling you in a minute, but I got to do it when we're actually recording so that we can get it because you've got to get some test time. Right?

Joel (59s):

Nascent test time.

Julie (59s):

Good answer.

Chad (59s):

She was so reminds me of my daughter.

Joel (1m 3s):

She has the necklace from men and black. Remember the necklace the cat hat on with the galaxy and the necklace. That's her necklace.

Julie (1m 9s):

Those are really in now where you put your crystals inside their containers?

Joel (1m 14s):

Oooo, you're hip.

Julie (1m 17s):


Joel (1m 17s):

Are you a Wiccan? Are you a Salem's lot.

Chad (1m 22s):

Support all?

Julie (1m 23s):

I support all beliefs.

Chad (1m 24s):

You believed those ladies who should not have been burned at the stake?

Julie (1m 33s):


Joel (1m 33s):

Oh yeah. What's up everybody. We are live. This is your favorite guilty pleasure. The Chad and Cheese podcast. I'm your co-host Joel "polar bear kisses" Cheeseman.

Chad (1m 44s):

I'm Chad, "give me another wheat ale" Sowash. This is fucking awesome. I love this!

Joel (1m 51s):

What pandemic? We're in a brewery in Indiana. Indianapolis enjoying some beers and Chad.

Chad (1m 54s):


Joel (1m 55s):

It's good to be back.

Chad (1m 57s):

It is good to be back.

Joel (1m 60s):

Good to be back. And it's even better to welcome a very special mystery guests with us today.

Chad (2m 5s):

What? Mystery.

Joel (2m 6s):

What are, what are you drinking Mr. Guest? Before we get to you, this is like the dating game. See if you can guess who it is by her voice saying what beer she's drinking? Is that the dragonfly?

Julie (2m 18s):

The place that I would prefer to be, Campside.

Joel (2m 23s):

I like it.

Chad (2m 24s):

That's a good beer. So we are at Upland Brewing Company in Fountain Square, Indianapolis, if you don't know, Fountain Square, if you have watched HGTV. Yes. I'm one of those guys, the Good Bones, a little red head. I can't remember what her name is. Her and her mom. They're doing like the, all the retro styling. Yeah.

Joel (2m 45s):

Any HGTV, you know the show, you know this show.

Chad (2m 49s):

We're literally around here. They probably actually built this fucking, Upland.

Joel (2m 52s):

This is a brewery that originated in Bloomington where Indiana University is and Chad lives a hop, skip, and a jump away from beautiful Bloomington, Indiana. And we have our own offices.

Chad (3m 2s):

Yeah, we have our own. Everybody has an Upland here. Julie, do you have a?

Joel (3m 11s):

Julie drinking campsite?

Julie (3m 13s):

Am I on this show? I feel like I'm just sitting here watching. Oh yes, that's right I'm here.

Chad (3m 22s):

Gotta get a sense, right?

Julie (3m 23s):

Yes. Yes. So hi, I'm Julie Kelly.

Chad (3m 26s):

AKA Jules.

Julie (3m 27s):

Yes. Many knew me as Chief Marketing Officer at Recruitex,

Joel (3m 30s):

The artist formerly known as the Chief Marketing Officer of Recruitex.

Julie (3m 35s):

Yes, but my role has changed. I am now President of Recruitment at, which I'm really excited about is going to be a resource and destination for the recruitment marketing community. I've always been passionate about recruitment marketing. And what I'm really excited about is now I have an opportunity to help others elevate. I would say probably at a time within my lifetime that has been in the most need for people to get some support and how to actually hire people while we're in a talent shortage.

Chad (4m 7s):

So this is going to be a content platform, social platform, tons of content. People bring their own content with them. You guys are going to have content. How does this whole thing work? Because we all know that let's say, for instance, most of these platforms are actually like on Facebook or LinkedIn, right? So what's going to make this different, how's this going to be different?

Joel (4m 29s):

Please tell me you're going to curate some of the crap that might show up on this site.

Chad (4m 33s):

Thanks that was more direct.

Julie (4m 35s):

Yes. Facebook is the bar, right? It's where we all go to hang with our friends and you know, do the things, you know, let our hair down and relax. And

Joel (4m 44s):

You don't want to know what Chad and I do at bars.

Julie (4m 48s):

Is not the place where we're trying to position ourselves in our professional careers, right? We use LinkedIn for that, but that's what LinkedIn is, right. It's where we go and we position ourselves and our professional careers and you know, anybody that's in social media is whether you're trying to be your authentic self or not. You are still managing a perception that the world has a view in social media. But when you really want to connect with people and talk about the things that have to do with your career, but you're also creating vulnerability to learn. You need a safe place to do that. So you may not feel comfortable in that bar setting on Facebook, being vulnerable about your career and the things that you're trying to learn and the evolution that you need to have to help you maintain your career or support your company and their objectives.

Julie (5m 40s):

And you might not want to put that right out there, you know, shout that out in LinkedIn, but you need a place where you can go and talk to people that are like-minded. Right? You don't, you don't want to be bombarded by salespeople. If you're like, Hey, I'm looking for a new ATS. Next thing you know, you've got 7,000 people inboxing you in your LinkedIn profile. Like, Hey, I can sell you one.

Joel (6m 2s):

So will there be product reviews?

Julie (6m 4s):

Yeah. We have do intend to have product reviews that are authentic from the users.

Chad (6m 12s):

Yeah. I like that. Well, let's go ahead and talk about the second announcement that we have today. Joel Cheesman. We are actually starting up. That's right kids.

Joel (6m 21s):


Chad (6m 21s):

My bad restarting. I've had too many beers. Hey, Tess, we'res Tess at. I need another beer.

Joel (6m 30s):

Get him a Teddy bear kisses, please.

Chad (6m 33s):

No, God, no. We are restarting the Colt brand series in a new format, kids, new format, and Jules is going to be installed as the third chair.

Joel (6m 49s):

Guess who's back? Back again. Cult Brand's back. Tell a friend.

Chad (6m 54s):

Our cult brand series kids. Big applause. So, so we're doing this obviously wanted to be involved. Why? A couple of idiots talking about cult brands better.

Joel (7m 6s):

What better partner to have the new to get a parade of professionals?

Chad (7m 10s):

Parade. I like that.

Joel (7m 12s):

You like that? I was going to say potpouri, but I went with parade. Parade of professionals to talk about these issues that are important to so many people in an age where work from home, pandemic, diversity, so many issues that companies are worried about. We're going to talk about those issues and get to the bottom of solutions. Yeah.

Chad (7m 33s):

This series is actually going to take a little bit of an evolutionary turn from the last where we talked to CMOs, we talked to brand leaders, big, big companies, big voices. And now what we're going to do is we're going to focus more on how talents is the center of every single thing we do in every organization, revenue, marketing, everything that we do. And we're going to bring in brand leaders to be able to have those discussions. So this is an evolutionary step. Tell us what you think about that and what do you want to get out of this?

Julie (8m 10s):

Yes. This, this makes me so excited because it is incredible. The things that many companies have done, so many companies have become so innovative and tried new things. There are so many great stories, untold stories that nobody knows about of these awesome opportunities to do new things, new ideas. People were forced because of pandemic and challenge shortages. The rapid evolution of the recruitment marketing industry and the technology. People are trying new things and these outstanding stories need to get out there so we all can learn from each other from them. I am blessed through the experiences that I've had to meet so many of these great companies, and I am thrilled to join the show and I hope to provide opportunity to them, to come in and tell their stories, but also to share their challenges.

Joel (9m 2s):

Everyone loves a good comeback story. To me, this is a comeback story. When the pandemic hit, who got hit the hardest and the fastest, it was the brand folks. It was marketing folks and they're back, baby. They're back better than ever.

Chad (9m 14s):

Guess who's back?

Joel (9m 15s):

And we're going to serve them up the content that they're longing for, that they need and that they want. And I couldn't be more excited. This is an underdog story that everyone should get behind in my opinion.

Chad (9m 30s):

And we're excited to be able to do cult brand, because we love brand no question. And we love an opportunity to continue to partner with Cole Collective, the Gathering and obviously This is becoming big, bigger, better, more content. Hopefully we'll be onstage at events talking about this as well.

Joel (9m 53s):

And we love our listeners. You're welcome.

Chad (9m 54s):

You're welcome. Yes. Yes. I think they will enjoy every bit.

Julie (10m 0s):

Let's help elevate and celebrate all of those out there.

Joel (10m 2s):

Creative professionals who elevate and celebrate.

Chad (10m 4s):

Which is going to be the title? Let's see?

Joel (10m 5s):

Julie must be a marketing professional. I don't know.

Chad (10m 8s):

Jules. I like it. Yeah.

Julie (10m 9s):

Almost like I've seen a thing or two or done a thing or two.

Joel (10m 12s):

So I got to know like how long do we have to wait for this? What's going on.

Julie (10m 20s):

We do. If you go to, right now, we do have a page up where we are taking early registration.

Chad (10m 29s):

Are you vetting people? I feel like I'm being vetted.

Julie (10m 30s):

I will say, yes. This is a community for recruiting marketing professionals. So yes, we are going to be paying attention to who is registering. Those that come and register now, as we're just getting started, we'll be considered early adopters. Early adapters are what we will consider those people who ride the cutting edge and always want to be first to know what's going on and have all that advantage.

Chad (10m 54s):

Do I get a badge or what do I get?

Julie (10m 54s):

So we'll give you yes. So that's our attention with the community those that sign up now and sign up early will get merchandise as well as opportunities to test the new features first. And you know, we plan to do a lot of things for the early adopters because we really believe those people that will come first and come register

Joel (11m 16s):

Early adopters get a Little Orphan Annie decoder ring is the word on the street.

Chad (11m 21s):

Be sure to drink your old tea.

Joel (11m 22s):

Old Tea.

Julie (11m 23s):

But yes, we are just getting started. So there is a page for you to register at, but we will be announcing shortly the launch and all the things that are associated with that.

Joel (11m 31s):

And it's free to use, even though you vet folks, no charge and all this, just want to get that out there. It sounds so good. It can't possibly be free, but it is.

Chad (11m 43s):

It sounds so good. It means that you and I probably won't get in.

Joel (11m 49s):

We should enjoy this period for a while.

Julie (11m 52s):

I'll send you a newsletter.

Joel (11m 54s):

We know Julie on our comments as we try to get into the exclusive membership.

Chad (12m 4s):

Excellent. So again, Jules is going to be joining as the third chair. We're going to have companies come on

Joel (12m 12s):

Another JC on the show.

Chad (12m 13s):

JC. Oh Jesus Christ.

Julie (12m 13s):

Are we really all three JCs?

Joel (12m 14s):

No, Unless you've got a secret to tell us?

Chad (12m 17s):

For Jesus Christ.

Joel (12m 17s):

He does think he walks on water.

Julie (12m 19s):

What would JC do?

Chad (12m 20s):

Oh, I have no clue.

Joel (12m 21s):

This is going to be fun.

Chad (12m 23s):

It's going to be a good time.

Joel (12m 25s):

Welcome to the party, Julie.

Julie (12m 27s):

Oh, I'm happy to be there as I take that sip of beer.

Joel (12m 31s):

And it won't be the last sip of beer with us.

Chad (12m 37s):

Then that being said, where's Tess? I need another beer. Where's it at?

Joel (12m 42s):

Come on everybody. This is going to be fun. Excellent.

Joel and Chad (12m 45s):

We out, we out

OUTRO (12m 45s):

Thank you for listening to, what's it called? The podcast with Chad, the Cheese. Brilliant. They talk about recruiting. They talk about technology, but most of all, they talk about nothing. Just a lot of Shout Outs of people, you don't even know and yet you're listening. It's incredible. And not one word about cheese, not one cheddar, blue, nacho, pepper jack, Swiss. So many cheeses and not one word. So weird. Any hoo be sure to subscribe today on iTunes, Spotify, Google play, or wherever you listen to your podcasts, that way you won't miss an episode.

OUTRO (13m 27s):

And while you're at it, visit just don't expect to find any recipes for grilled cheese. Is so weird. We out.


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