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Eightfold's Ferrari Complex

Viva Las Vegas! The boys are in Sin City this week at the HR Tech Conference, so there’s a lot to unpack. First, it’s shoutouts galore - featuring HireEZ, ThisWay, FactoryFix, Dice and many more - as the world gets back to in-person events. Then it’s time to dissect news of the week, highlighting Reejig and Joonko raising money while Paychex gives new meaning to the word innovation … NOT! Now, keep it quiet while we nurse these hangovers!


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INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (27s):

Oh yeah, we are live from the HR Tech conference in beautiful Las Vegas, past the free pens, notebooks and water bottles. Hey, kiddies you're listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast. This is your co-host Joel "Irish moonshine" Cheeseman.

Chad (42s):

And this is Chad "baby needs a new pair of shoes" Sowash.

Joel (46s):

And on this week's show shoutouts galore, rejig re-ups and June Co Gogos. Let's do this. Holy hangover.

Chad (56s):

Dude, before we get into the Vegas moments, I've gotta get a little, little lovey here on you. Okay.

Joel (1m 2s):

Gonna get emotional.

Chad (1m 2s):

I'm gonna get emotional.

Joel (1m 3s):

On you. Do I need some Kleenex for this?

Chad (1m 5s):

You might. You might, you might. I'd like to congratulate our friend of the show. Julia Levy for tying the knot with her bow Derek this week.

Joel (1m 15s):

Very nice.

Chad (1m 15s):

Yes! That's right. We've shared not just the podcast, Mike, but also a stage with Julia Levy now. Yeah. We're gonna have to ask Derek for permission from now on.

Joel (1m 25s):

So is this when we announced the Chad and Cheese wedding services for all the love birds out there? Probably not a good business idea.

Chad (1m 32s):

Probably not. That's not a good idea.

Joel (1m 33s):

That's not a good idea.

Chad (1m 35s):

Tinder for Chad and cheese listeners.

Joel (1m 38s):

Grinder for recruiting. Didn't we come up with that one this week?

Chad (1m 40s):

I think we did.

Joel (1m 41s):

We did?

Chad (1m 42s):

All right. Party, party, party, baby. Let's talk about it.

Joel (1m 44s):

So we're in Vegas, HR tech conference.

Chad (1m 47s):


Joel (1m 47s):

We are both in day three.

Chad (1m 49s):

I'm hurting.

Joel (1m 50s):

I think we all know that day three is about the end.

Chad (1m 53s):


Joel (1m 53s):

Of your Vegas trip.

Chad (1m 55s):

That's my burn rate here in Vegas!

Joel (1m 58s):

We had a banger last night.

Chad (2m 2s):

Excuse me?!

Joel (2m 3s):

Total. A total just shindig.

Chad (2m 4s):


Joel (2m 4s):

We did two events drank way too much.

Chad (2m 8s):


Joel (2m 8s):

Our livers sounded like a sump pump.

Chad (2m 11s):


Joel (2m 12s):

Around three, 3:00 AM last night.

Chad (2m 13s):

It felt like one.

Joel (2m 14s):

But we are here for you listeners doing this show from Chad's hotel room.

Chad (2m 18s):

Oh my God.

Joel (2m 19s):

Of all places.

Chad (2m 20s):

We love you. Yes.

Joel (2m 23s):

Looking at this Sphinx's ass from the Luxer, off the strip in Vegas.

Chad (2m 26s):

Only The best. Only the best for Chad Sowash or Julie Sowash that's what I should

Joel (2m 30s):

Say. Ooh, that's kind of kinky. That's kind of kinky. So it's an abbreviated show.

Chad (2m 35s):

Yes. But first shout out, goes to Angela Hood, Michael Justin and the This Way Global crew.

Joel (2m 43s):


Chad (2m 43s):

For a live podcast recording in front of an audience. That's right in a suite atop the Mandalay Bay. That's right kids. We were all the way. Just pretty much all the way up top. We recorded an awesome deep dive into Angela's female founders story while doing a bourbon tasting and Angela doesn't like bourbon. So it was fun to watch the faces made.

Joel (3m 4s):

Could have fool me. Could have fool me.

Chad (3m 6s):

Well, she was shooting 'em because she didn't wanna sit there and sip 'em that's why.

Joel (3m 11s):

Yeah. Yeah. We had four bottles, 30 minutes. The conversation got progressively more entertaining as we drank bottles.

Chad (3m 19s):


Joel (3m 19s):

Great, great view from the 61st floor.

Chad (3m 22s):


Joel (3m 22s):

There, we got to see the Raiders new facility if you're a football fan. Pretty amazing. As well as mountains and sun and everything that you expect from the desert. I'm gonna go shout out to our first night. HireEasy. No one, no one quite engages the community like HireEasy. Well, that

Chad (3m 41s):

Was your first night, but yeah, carry on. Yeah.

Joel (3m 46s):

Yeah. So a group of, I guess, thought leaders, influencers, et cetera, got together with HireEasy. Went out for a really nice surf and turf dinner, shared stories.

Chad (3m 60s):


Joel (3m 60s):


Chad (4m 0s):

Great stuff.

Joel (4m 1s):

They're doing some really great stuff out there.

Chad (4m 3s):


Joel (4m 3s):

HireEasy knows how to do it. Got their own limo. I don't know. It was like a GMC truck limo thing.

Chad (4m 9s):

Oh, it's huge.

Joel (4m 9s):

It was very impressive. And then they went up in the Ferris wheel right after we called in a night. But the party people went into the Ferris wheel and had a great time. So as Shannon and the HireEasy crew, well done, shout out to you.

Chad (4m 26s):

Yes. It is a marathon, not a sprint, kids. Then last night also my Huber Yale and the Tatio crew, shout out to them for making the Chad and Cheese HR rebel party at the Sky Fall lounge at the top of the Delano happened. Geez. We were only supposed to have 40 people, but we had well over a hundred. We made our way from the top of the Mandalay bay

Joel (4m 49s):

You may have been saying double.

Chad (4m 51s):

No, I could have, by that time, at that time, I, we were at the top of the Mandalay Bay. We had to come all the way down the Mandalay Bay. We had to go over to the Delano and go all the way up to the top of the Delano. So it was, it was a good time. I'm humbled by the amount of people that actually showed up just to get drunk with us.

Joel (5m 11s):

Yeah. Old friends, new faces. It was fantastic. And, part of that experience, Chad, you remember, we did the bourbon tasting with our friends at Pandologic.

Chad (5m 22s):

Oh yeah.

Joel (5m 22s):

During the pandemic. Well, one of those that we sampled was basically moonshine. The white dog. Oh God. Buffalo trace. Distill. Well, apparently

Chad (5m 33s):

Alex Murphy,

Joel (5m 35s):

Apparently the Irish have their own own version of white dog. Shout out to Alex Murphy for graciously giving both of us a bottle of, I guess, lightning in a bottlem devil spit. Oh God, I know what you would call that stuff, but crazy. It may have, it came close to killing me last night. Thanks to Alex Murphy. Who obviously wants me dead at this point.

Chad (5m 58s):

Yes. Yes. But you know who doesn't want you dead and was looking lovingly into your eyes? Was Aaron Stewart that man. Yes. He graced

Joel (6m 5s):

I don't want to get on his bad side. That's for sure.

Chad (6m 8s):

He is. He's a big man, but he's a gentle, he's a gentle, gentleman.

Joel (6m 14s):

He's super jolly. Jolly jovial, man. Yes he is.

Chad (6m 18s):

Yes. And you, I gotta get some feedback here from you real quick.

Joel (6m 21s):


Chad (6m 22s):

We met the guys from Factory fix finally, which is really cool.

Joel (6m 27s):


Chad (6m 28s):

You just saw the Factory Fix fantasy football update.

Joel (6m 30s):

I did.

Chad (6m 31s):

What'd you think?

Joel (6m 32s):

I did. So, so my first impression was that they were gonna go for kind of a Wayne's World, you know, top 10 list. You know what the leaderboard looks like. I wasn't really expecting sort of an 80 style beach party, bingo. Half shirt, hairy belly buttons.

Chad (6m 54s):

Okay. You turn anybody off

Joel (6m 55s):

And equal parts. Horrifying and fascinating. I guess from the Factory Fix kids.

Chad (6m 60s):

It was fucking hilarious. Yes.

Joel (7m 1s):

Hilarious for sure.

Chad (7m 2s):


Joel (7m 2s):

If this whole Factory Fix thing doesn't work out, I think comedy is in their future. If they so choose.

Chad (7m 8s):

Yes, I, there, there might actually be, I don't know, maybe a miniseries or a movie behind this. Yes. I think it's good. I think it's good.

Joel (7m 18s):

Yep. Textkernel.

Chad (7m 18s):


Joel (7m 18s):

This one's sort of random, but on our last leg last night.

Chad (7m 23s):

Oh my God.

Joel (7m 24s):

We got a surprise. A round of drinks purchased for us.

Chad (7m 27s):

Chris you're fucking killing me, dude. I was done. I was done. And then they bring another drink and they set it down. And I look at the waiter as I'm going to kill him. And he is like, this is from the table over there. And there's Chris.

Joel (7m 43s):

And they're all waving.

Chad (7m 44s):

Oh my God.

Joel (7m 46s):

Textkernel. Thanks. Thanks guys. We appreciate it. Shout out Textkernel.

Chad (7m 51s):

That was amazing. Well, let's go ahead and jump into events really quick and then we'll go back into all this. Wonderful.

Joel (7m 59s):

Is this our shout out intermission?

Chad (8m 1s):

Yeah. Just for a minute. Gotta talk about events. Next we have Inspire HR in Nashville. That's right.

Joel (8m 9s):

The hot chicken detox is what we need. Little hot chicken. Unconditional

Chad (8m 12s):

Gonna be, we're gonna be on stage. We're gonna be eating hot chicken. You're gonna be eating hot chicken. Oh yeah.

Joel (8m 17s):

Patty B's better be alert.

Chad (8m 20s):

We're gonna be a part of the bar takeover. That's happening on Broadway. Yeah. Oh man. And if you've ever been to a bar in Nashville, you know, just how much talent singing talent is in Nashville. It is fucking crazy. There'll be 2, 3, 4 levels. And each level they have a band. Each level and they change out like every hour. It is amazing.

Joel (8m 46s):

Are you bringing your boots and your 10 gallon hat to Nashville?

Chad (8m 51s):

I don't have any of those. Although Julie does. Yeah. Don't don't say much about it. Cuz she usually leaves Nashville with a new pair of boots and those go obviously at least 500 bucks

Joel (9m 1s):


Chad (9m 1s):

Yeah, I don't do it.

Joel (9m 4s):

Obviously. And then after Nashville, where are we headed?

Chad (9m 7s):

Unleash Paris. Oh my God. I,

Joel (9m 7s):

May I interest you on a Bordeaux? Right.

Chad (9m 9s):

Now. Oh my God dude. Yes. So we're working with our friends over at Vonq and Unleashed to pull together a rooftop pre-conference party already taking shape, overlooking the Paris skyline. We're not far from the convention center plus Joel and I are working on a little, a little thing to share with you guys with our friends over at Veritone. Yeah. It's actually a Chad and Cheese global podcast product. And you might be asking Chad aren't podcasts global anyway?

Joel (9m 41s):

It's true.

Chad (9m 41s):

Yeah. No, that makes sense. But when you hear what the Chad and Cheese are dropping on your kids,

Joel (9m 45s):

This is what they call a tease in the industry.

Chad (9m 51s):

You're going to say Bon Soir.

Joel (9m 53s):

My question is what Vonq have free penicillin at the event in case anyone gets the vonq while they're at the Vonq events?`

Chad (10m 0s):

If we can. And we weren't able to actually pull off the t-shirts to actually get here in time. But I would love at least emails or some type of marketing that say Catch the Vonq in Paris, with Chad and Cheese.

Joel (10m 13s):

Yeah. I threw out condoms, but no one liked that idea at all.

Chad (10m 19s):

They don't wear condoms in Paris, man. It's Paris.

Joel (10m 21s):

So yeah, I guess that's all of our travel through the rest of the year, right? Yes.

Chad (10m 24s):

Don't forget. Go to, click on events in the upper right hand corner. You can register for all of these events. That's right. Kids. And we have a 20% off discount group on ChadCheese con for Paris. Do it. I mean, if you have not been there.

Joel (10m 40s):

There, you code little coupon code.

Chad (10m 42s):

All you have to do is click it and it just automatically happens.

Joel (10m 47s):

Oh shit. We are high tech dude.

Chad (10m 48s):

It's called technology, baby.

Joel (10m 50s):

God damn. That's how we do it. Who's sponsoring our travels, Chad?

Chad (10m 53s):

Well, I've got a new hat.

Joel (10m 55s):

There you go.

Chad (10m 56s):

Got a new hat, a New Shaker Recruitment Marketing hat. My last one, the oil has been changed so many times I think it's about ready to fall apart. So I've got a new hat.

Joel (11m 6s):

Just in time. The new, the lettering pops on the new hat.

Chad (11m 9s):

Oh yeah, no, I like the new hat.

Joel (11m 11s):

They know marketing. They know marketing that.

Chad (11m 14s):


Joel (11m 14s):

The light lettering on the dark background is nice A nice pop.

Chad (11m 18s):

Big pop of the Shaker. Thanks.

Joel (11m 20s):

Shaker's gonna see Kegan here at the show. Oh, sweetheart.

Chad (11m 22s):

Having a drink with Joe junior is good time. Yep. Good time.

Joel (11m 25s):


Chad (11m 26s):

Good time.

Joel (11m 26s):

Always. Did we have a drink with Joe Shaker here?

Chad (11m 28s):

Yeah. Well I did. Okay. Oh, you weren't here yet. That's right. Okay.

Joel (11m 30s):

I was gonna say I was really out of it if I don't remember a drink with Joe Shaker. I got two fairly normal shoutouts.

Chad (11m 38s):


Joel (11m 39s):

If we can? Then we'll get to like the booths and all the good stuff that everyone cares about.

Chad (11m 46s):


Joel (11m 46s):

So quick shout out to Cisco. The mega corporation has committed $5 million in grants in technical services to fuel entrepreneurship.

Chad (11m 55s):


Joel (11m 55s):

At historically black colleges and universities. You'll remember our talk with Cindy Gallup?

Chad (12m 0s):

Oh yes.

Joel (12m 1s):

Where she was very ardent about funding, entrepreneurship in the diverse community. And I think, although this isn't the hundred million that Netflix gave to the colleges, $5 million is nothing to sneeze at.

Chad (12m 11s):


Joel (12m 12s):

Shout out, shout out to Cisco and a shout out to Dice. I know that we don't do this very often. We spend way too much time on ZipRecruiter, but Dice stock continues to crush it. I don't know if you have any Dice stock, Chad. I do not.

Chad (12m 27s):

I do not.

Joel (12m 28s):

Full disclosure. I don't have any, but it continues to do so well. In fact, if you had purchased DHI stock, that's the ticker DHX five years ago, you'd be up 173% in that stock. Not too shabby. And this week they raised revenue guidance for the full year of 2022. I think 173% return over five years, deserves a shout out. We give them a hard time. Art Zeal is a good time to make fun of, but they are crushing it while ZipRecruiter and others lag behind.

Chad (13m 3s):

What's the price on stock, cuz going up 173% of two bucks, that doesn't get me going much.

Joel (13m 8s):

You're gonna rain on this parade. Aren't you? You're just gonna shit on this shout out.

Chad (13m 11s):

I'm just asking.

Joel (13m 11s):

I mean, if we're going back five years, I would not be able to tell you that. I'm gonna say it was probably at between three and four.

Chad (13m 20s):


Joel (13m 20s):

Five years ago and now it's at, you know, 173% above that.

Chad (13m 24s):


Joel (13m 24s):

But still nothing to shout out. It's better than Facebook stock the past year just so you know.

Chad (13m 29s):

Coming out of the junk stock basement. That's awesome.

Joel (13m 32s):

The pink slip shoutout

Chad (13m 34s):

Are we gonna do birthdays?

Joel (13m 36s):

We're gonna pass on birthdays. However we wanna talk about our sponsor.

Chad (13m 43s):

Well, yeah, because again, you came in a day late.

Joel (13m 47s):


Chad (13m 48s):

And Plum had this awesome dinner. You missed the sushi. Thanks to Caitlin and the crew.

Joel (13m 54s):

Smells like tuna tastes like chicken Chad.

Chad (13m 56s):

Shout out to Plum.

Joel (13m 58s):

Shout out to Plum who I face in fantasy football this weekend. Which maybe we wanna talk about the leaderboard?

Chad (14m 2s):

No, have 'em go to the video.

Joel (14m 5s):

But I've got nicknames for everybody.

Chad (14m 7s):

Oh good God.

Joel (14m 8s):

Oh God. I love the nicknames. Alright. So week one of fantasy football is in the books. Our friends at Fantasy Fix. Our FactoryFix fantasy fix. That'd be good too. Our sponsoring fantasy football. So I think Chad doesn't wanna talk about this because he's number one in the leaderboard where as he was in that same position last year and ended up in the celler. So

Chad (14m 33s):

I quit going out on high.

Joel (14m 37s):

Dejavu. Sowash is in number in the number one spot. Joseph "wonder boy" Wilke. Number two, Christie "don't call me moon" Kelly is number three. Christopher "I'm 40. I'm a Manion" is in number four. Jason "punt on third" Putnam. Dan "don't call me Willie" Shoemaker. Joel "suck-it baker" Cheeseman is in the number seven spot. Matt Henry Hill number eight. James "Gman" Gillum, Dennis "Tupperware" Tupper, Mike "Schmidt" Schaefer, and number 12 in the gutter Serge "bigger balls" Boudreau from Calgary, Canada. How in the hell he got into our NFL fantasy football league? Is probably cuz we can have someone in the cellar that we know will be in this cellar, but thanks to FactoryFix for sponsoring fantasy football and in indulging our addictions.

Chad (15m 26s):

I love it.

Joel (15m 27s):


Chad (15m 27s):

I love it. Well, let's go ahead and let's, let's talk a little bit about the floor and we won't get too crazy about it.