Firing Squad: Caroo's Gareth Peterson

UK-based and focused car has tickled the industry's funny bone recently. With a series of marketing strategies that have pushed the boundaries of good taste (and made our eyes bleed a little), founder Gareth Peterson and team have gotten our attention.

Yeah, they can cut through the clutter, but does their product have what it takes to face the Firing Squad and come out alive? You'll just have to have a listen, mate.

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Firing Squad INTRO (1m 20s):

Like Shark Tank? Then you'll love Firing Squad! CHAD SOWASH & JOEL CHEESEMAN are here to put the recruiting industry's bravest, ballsiest, baddest startups through the gauntlet to see if they got what it takes to make it out alive? Dig a fox hole and duck for cover kids the Chad and Cheese Podcast is taking it to a whole other level.

Joel (1m 42s):

The British are coming. The British are coming. What's up, everybody. Welcome to firing squad. These are your favorite podcasters. I'm Joel Cheesman joined as always by Chad Sowash and today we have a super special firing squad. The myth, the legend, the, the, the envelope pushers Caroo from out of Manchester. England are here. You've seen their videos. You know them, you love them. You can't get enough. Gareth Gareth Petersen. Welcome to firing squad my friend.

Gareth (2m 18s):

Hey guys. Nice to finally meet you.

Chad (2m 21s):

(Music playing) Some sexy tunes right there.

Joel (2m 23s):

Oh, for, for listeners real quick. Caroo is the company that sent Chad and I, a pair of bikini underwear and a condom. So I'll leave it to you now, Gareth, to describe who you are and we'll get to your company in a second, but tell us about you

Gareth (2m 39s):

About me, right? Okay. I'm Gareth Pearson. I'm a father of two. Believe it or not. And I'm the managing director for a little known startup in Manchester called Caroo. We're a technology-based business. And we essentially use a lot of data to match candidates to the right jobs.

Joel (2m 57s):

Excellent. Chad, tell him what he's won.

Chad (2m 59s):

Gareth, you lucky bastard, you will have two minutes to pitch Caroo. At the end of two minutes, you will hear that bell then Joel and I will hit you with rapid Q and A. If your answers start to get boring and they shouldn't get boring on this episode, kids, Joel's going to hit you with the crickets, that's your signal to tighten up your game. At the end of Q and A, you will receive either a big applause, that's right, you'll be able to buy all the black latex you want. Golf clap, you're probably gonna need to keep that Caroo branded toilet paper around and keep it in stock.

Joel (3m 40s):

Keep it in your pants.

Chad (3m 41s):

Then last but not least the firing squad, this ain't the thing, man. You're going to have to jump on Facebook. Marketplace, sell all that S and M gear because you're going to need the cash dude. In three, two, one, your two minutes starts.

Gareth (3m 58s):

A Caroo. We do things differently as you were about to see, firstly, thanks, Chad and Mr. Cheese for having me and these two minutes to introduce our strategy. So this British chap wrote a rap, that's probably crap, but it's our first podcast and we want to leave our stamp. This might be the best chance that a Chad and cheese club and not the sound of a gun hammer, smacking a bullet on the ass. And obviously and selfishly, I'm trying to talk to that attracts brands that want to match to relevant talent in chat. It's as simple as that and in so doing puts Caroo on the map, but wait, the current cartography, isn't the sort of geography that professionals want to see. And through using Caroo, you will see what these people expect from our delivery. They didn't want agencies, they wanted control and transparency, profile anonymity because alas, LinkedIn shows everything and anyone can contact me.

Gareth (4m 40s):

Even shows stuff, not conducive to diverse teams and inclusivity. Finally, job recommendations need to be a fit for me because relevancy is key, then and only then should you notify me. To enable this we use algorithms and technology. Not using job titles because they mean something different to everybody. You've seen it yourself type into Indeed. Yeah. I look for marketing manager in they're promoted post. Head of IT. I mean, fuck me, Indeed give them back the money please. And last week I told LinkedIn I was open to opportunities. First one I received was PA to an MD, no read, that's not for me. So people said, focus on skills and experience G. We listened, designed and delivered accordingly. We're not about volume, that's a false economy. You don't have time to manage all of those. CVs are ready-made shortlist is what you need with candidates prioritized accordingly.

Gareth (5m 22s):

Is it perfect? No, it never will be, but that's just tech. We move fast and improve iteratively. And what you see now isn't a patch and what it's going to be. You want credibility. We've worked with Adidas. Added Ask Jim Sharp Disney and over 400 SMEs, the BBC, but we still consider this MVP. So thanks again, Chad and Cheese and the wider recruitment communities. You welcomed me and shared your expertise that helped shape our experience in technology. Now, if I've got this right, that's a two minute delivery and now it's time for me to drop the M I C

Joel (5m 50s):

And our listeners can learn more at

Gareth (5m 55s):

Chad (5m 56s):

Yes. And don't forget that. There's also a warning that we have to put out on the front end of this. If you're in the US, you definitely want to listen to the podcast because it's going to be fucking entertaining, but the app is not available to you yet. Go ahead, Joel.

Joel (6m 12s):

All right, dude. I always get to this first, tell me about the name, how'd you come up with it and tie that in with you. You talked about your background, but not so much the fact that you're not from this industry. So I'm also curious about what drew you to the business. So name and the draw.

Gareth (6m 29s):

Basically, it's just a mashup of kind of like Caroo and or careers and the idea behind sort of deliveroo. So it's, we want it to stay clear of using the word recruitment, because what we found from our research is that generally speaking, the industry has a bit of a negative perception. So that's kind of where the name came from. In fact, actually, if you look us up on the UK's company's house records were originally incorporated as Tiki CV. So thank fuck somebody got rid of that. Right. So, right. Yeah. So actually my background is just a bit weird, really, I suppose a bit like our marketing. I've just got this sort of insatiable appetite for trying to understand problems and challenges and look at suboptimal experiences and then working with end-users to design what that experience would look like in an ideal world, and then understanding what technology we need in order to deliver that experience.

Gareth (7m 21s):

So prior to working at Caroo and within recruitment, I was at Manchester Airport Group looking at a variety of different experiences that we could, we could implement using digital in the physical environment because well, Manchester airports are really shits experience. And then prior to that, I was in retail. So the attraction of going into recruitment and doing something different is pretty, it was pretty significant to me,

Chad (7m 42s):

So that''s a big leap. I mean, everybody understands the experience sucks. It, it shit, no matter where you go for the most part, but to be able to make the leap into an industry that you have never been in before, there's a lot of learning to do. How long has Caroo been around

Gareth (7m 60s):

Caroo's probably it was around about two years prior to my introduction. And we've been, I've been here for three years and ten months. We've been live with the actual sort of beta through to live version of our product since January the 12th, 2019.

Chad (8m 18s):

Okay. So who on the team actually has industry experience anyone?

Gareth (8m 21s):

So we have a couple of solid investors who are from the recruitment background, and we also have a couple of colleagues who are ex-recruiters as well. So they know the industry very, very well.

Chad (8m 31s):