Goodbye Glassdoor?

This is the 14th straight week more than a million people have filed for jobless claims, since the pandemic began. So, how's your week going?

On this week's episode, the boys dive headfirst into

  • Entelo's dumpster fire

  • big brands unfriend Facebook

  • Glassdoor gets pulled into Indeed's Death Star and...

  • CareerBuilder tip-toes into 2018 with an update.

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Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors, you're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls, it's time for The Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Oh, yeah. This is the 14th straight week. More than a million people have filed for jobless claims in the U.S since the pandemic began. So how's your week going? Welcome to HR's most dangerous podcast, aka Chad and Cheese. I'm your cohost Joel, my three-year-old woke me way too early this morning, Cheeseman.

Chad: I am Chad, mask the fuck up, Sowash.

Joel: And on this week's episode, we dive head first into Entelo's dumpster fire, big brands unfriend Facebook, and CareerBuilder tiptoes into 2018 with an update. I miss 2018.

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Chad: We're peaking again. I've been in this goddamn house for months. Okay? I've been doing things right, I've been putting a mask on, I've been doing those things.

Joel: Indiana is doing okay.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Indiana is all right. That’s right.

Chad: Thank you. Thanks for calling me.

Joel: Florida is going to Florida. Texans are going to Texan.

Chad: California.

Joel: And Arizona same thing.

Chad: California was fucking nasty. It was over 7,000 cases yesterday. I mean, it's just, yes, we're I think lucky enough to an extent, to live in a less densely populated area, but overall man, you're watching this stuff going. What the F, really guys, I mean seriously.

Joel: The shock to me and people outside of the U.S that listen will probably not understand this, but the mass thing being politicized, just blows me away. But you get a sense when you go out, people who don't wear masks, they do it proudly. As if, F you to the establishment or whatever they're saying F you too, and healthcare should not be politicized in this way at all. It's just really strange. We live in strange, strange times

Chad: There was a video yesterday that I watched and I just couldn't believe it. This lady was saying that the mask was the devil and I mean, it's just like, where do this-

Joel: I saw the same thing. That was great.

Chad: ... Where do this people come from?

Joel: Yeah, you're going to hell.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Yeah, you're going to hell. Yeah.

Chad: You prayed before this council meeting, who are you praying to? The devil? It's like, Jesus, fucking, why are Americans so fucking stupid?

Joel: Yeah. We've gone from medieval time where the devil sent us the virus to now the devil is making us wear masks to fend for ourselves from the virus.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Yeah.

Chad: Oh, good God.

Joel: Evolution baby, evolution. Well, let's get to shout outs. First of all, how was your Father's Day? Let's cover that real quick.

Chad: Father's Day was pretty amazing. Got to relax. Had the dinner made. Julie was like, "What do you want?" I'm like, "Whatever you want to make me." And we had just had a great dinner, great day.

Joel: Chocolate covered strawberries-

Chad: Awesome.

Joel: ... and champagne.

Chad: It can't get any better than just sitting back relaxing.

Joel: Yeah. It's easier to sit back and relax without a three year old, but we did our best, I think in our household. But the thing with me is, Father's Day is so much more disrespected than Mother's Day. Mother's Day is like a holy holiday.

Chad: Oh, yeah.

Joel: When Father's Day is like, here's a funny t-shirt and a poop card, with the poop joke or something on it. So, if you like Chris Rock, he does the, daddy's only get the big piece of chicken bit, I don't know if you've ever heard it, but it's pretty good, it's pretty right on. The only good thing that dads get is the bigger piece of chicken during dinner. That's about it.

Chad: I think every day's my day, so I don't care. It's just like birthdays and all that stuff. It just like, I get to enjoy all of this, so screw it.

Joel: Every day is Chad national appreciation day.

Chad: Well, I'm going to tell you what though. On July 3rd, my first shout out, goes to Disney+.

Joel: All right.

Chad: Hamilton comes out on July 3rd. So if you don't have Disney+ currently, or if you do, if you've seen Hamilton, you are already Jones in and ready, and can't wait to watch this thing. If you haven't seen it, you don't know what you're missing yet. Get Disney+, watch it or just get a password from your buddy, right? Watch it and enjoy.

Joel: Yeah. You know I have not seen Hamilton, but I'm going to be forced to watch it because my wife's going to make me. I'm sure it's great, I'm sure it's fantastic. And I'll love it like everybody else. So I will be watching. July 1st is Canada Day, which you know, that I celebrate, because my wife's Canadian. But as of last Friday, she is also an American citizen.

Chad: Wow. Talk about timeliness.

Joel: Yeah. Welcome to the shit show. She's mainly happy about being able to vote. So there is that.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: That's, that's my first shout out, I guess, officially to my wife for being Americanized. Congratulations.

Chad: Yes. And I'm a big fan of that. Because I know she's playing for the... What teams she's going to be voting for. It's not the orange team. Shout out to boss Von der Hotrod just wanted you to get a hat-trick of shout outs, man. And every time-

Joel: Yeah, everywhere.

Chad: ... And every time I've butchered your name,

Joel: He's the new Job Board Doctor every day, every week, we have to have to say hi to him. I'm going to give shout out to NASCAR.

Chad: Oh, yeah.

Joel: Again, another more national story, sorry, our international listeners, but NASCAR, which is broadly in my lifetime and historically been, I don't know, an exclusive sport for white folk.

Chad: Yeah, white dudes.

Joel: Guess, I can say that. And recently banned the Confederate flag from being flown at its events, which was a total shock to me, based on what I know about NASCAR. And then, one of their more high profile drivers, Bubba Wallace, had an event this week where a noose was found, I guess, uncovered. It had been there for a long time. It wasn't a hate crime against him. I'm not sure if that will ever be figured out, but anyway-

Chad: Just because nooses are laying around all over the place.

Joel: ... Yeah. Well, this is NASCAR. So who knows what's going on, there's-

Chad: That's so much bullshit.

Joel: ... Mountain Dew and nooses hanging around. So anyway, there's a scene from this past weekend where he's driving his car and basically every NASCAR team is walking behind him. It's a chilling sort of goosebumpy moment, but hats off to NASCAR, man. I mean, talk about appreciating where the world is going and making changes that are really significant from someone who didn't expect to make those changes. That was big.

Chad: Bubba Wallace is the only, and correct me if I'm wrong listeners. Because I am not a NASCAR viewer and or fan. I believe he is the only black driver in NASCAR. So the news, wearing Black Lives Matter t-shirts, before a race and those types of things, all being pulled together with the Confederate flag being banned, which we're seeing that now pretty much everywhere, not to mention we're seeing monuments come down and those types of things. So, from my standpoint, that shit belongs in a Confederate museum, if it belongs anywhere. And hopefully that's where it'll end up and all of the little racist motherfuckers can go visit it.

Joel: Amen.

Chad: So shout out to Kevin Lowe. Now that's a name I can't screw up, talent acquisition leader over at Abu Dhabi Bank. He's a listener. David Krish over in Greenville, South Carolina. He's one of those podcast walk listeners. You know what I'm talking about? Right?

Joel: Yeah.

Chad: The only time they really listened to the podcast is when they're on the treadmill or they're taking the dog for the walk. David's one of those guys.

Joel: Nice, nice. Shout out to our buddies at Tin Guy. You remember the Tin Guy robot?

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: It sounds like they're franchising the business basically. You can partner with them in multiple countries. They now have an English speaking version, so shit's really going to get real, now. So if you're interested in reselling the robot, give Tin Guy a call, shout out to the ladies from Sweden.

Chad: Dude, Charlotte and Elan. Those ladies are working it, not to mention this is the time for it, right? I mean, this is where we need to social distance. If somebody has to come in, I don't know why, but if somebody has to come in and actually do that physical interview, there's no reason to put them in another room with another person, right?

Joel: Yup.

Chad: Go ahead. Let Tin Guy take care of it. It's great from an efficiency standpoint, it doesn't have any of that facial recognition shit and it transcribes and records, right? So you get all that stuff.

Joel: Yup.

Chad: This is the perfect time for those guys to really just bolster automation. And we're seeing a lot of that.

Joel: No doubt.

Chad: Big shout out to Liam Cosgrove over in Sydney, Australia. He's a listener, he's an old JobAdder guy and just moved over to Al Sorter . Have you heard of that one?

Joel: No. But I'm sure that we will, if our buddy Liam is over there, shout out to JobSync and

Chad: What?

Joel: You know JobSync is a Death Match winner.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: And you also know formerly Neuvoo. So those guys are getting together, shout out to them. Also shout out to Adam Chambers, our buddy in

Ireland, who has no shame with marketing. If you follow Adam on LinkedIn, probably anywhere else, he shared a video of a customer talking about dancing in the office or dancing in the aisles because of two placements, I think for nurses that were done at a total cost of, I think $3,200. So Adam man, we love that marketing buddy. Keep it coming.

Chad: Good stuff. And another guy who is amazing at marketing, Adam Gordon, of course he doesn't know who Baker Mayfield is. We knew you wouldn't Adam, but hopefully we're broadening your horizons to overrated NFL players.

Joel: Shout out to Ashley Collins.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Ashley at Joveo is now on the advisory board, I guess, of get optimal, which is a good segment to pimp our Joveo KJ Voices series that I think dropped the first episode this week.

Chad: That's right.

Joel: As well as Get Optimal, who is a Death Match contestant. So Ashley is an advisor, but more importantly, Ashley is also a Ball State graduate, just your boy.

Chad: Oh my God!

Joel: Just doing the Alma Mater proud. Shout out to you, Ashley.

Chad: Yeah. Don't tell anybody that you might want to take that off your LinkedIn profile. We were ready to hit events real quick.