Handshake and The Master Debater

Halloween and Election Day are right around the corner, but that's nothing compared to the scream-inspiring news that came out of recruiting this week. Let's see...

  • Handshake looks like the new MonsterTrak,

  • Job descriptions are actually getting worse,

  • Bomerang layoffs are now a thing (thanks pandemic!),

  • Automation is coming after 85 million jobs

  • ...and reporters are doing Zoom meetings with their pants down.

Talk about heads spinning, vomit covering the walls and chainsaws coming after your melon, recruiting has us deep in the fetal position. As always, HR's most dangerous podcast is powered by Sovren, JobAdx, and Jobvite.


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INTRO (0s):

Dude, turn off your camera, man. And put that thing away.

Chad & Cheese Intro (4s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast. girls.

Joel "Quiby" Cheesman (28s):

If you're into mute buttons and debates, then you're listening to the wrong show. Howdy boys and girls, welcome to the podcast lots of vendors would like to silence. I'm your cohost, Joel "quibby" Cheeseman.

Chad "Put That Thing Away" Sowash (41s):

And I'm Chad "put that thing away" Sowash

Joel (44s):

On this week's episode, handshake is one hell of a pickpocket. Automation is coming for you, HR and make sure that laptop camera's off before firing up the porn hub here comes your favorite, not safe for work podcast about work. We'll be right back after paying some bills.

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Joel (2m 23s):

It's debate night, Chad.

Chad (2m 26s):


Joel (2m 28s):

Election day is coming and Halloween btw.

Chad (2m 32s):

Halloween came early to the Sowash house in the form of an iCIMS goody box. Hahah. That's right kids. I mean, not to mention, had some time with Susan Vitaly earlier this week. So there's going to be an interview coming soon.

Joel (2m 50s):

Now we know where all that money's going for the, the, the celebrity speakers at their conference because they downgraded my Yeti from two years ago to a Coleman tumbler. So you know.

Chad (3m 1s):

You're such a Fucking elitist. I swear.

Joel (3m 3s):

Hey, You know what, dude, there's a lesson in this. If you're a vendor, you got to up your game. Like if you're not giving away Patagonia stuff, Yeti stuff like just don't bother.

Chad (3m 12s):

Fucking elitists.

Joel (3m 13s):

It's a good thing. Our t-shirts are such good quality. God, that's the mantra we live by.

Chad (3m 18s):

Yeah. Yeah. Let's make sure that that happens. So before we get into anything else, we have to make sure that we understand that now through the social universe and poles, that Michael Myers is more scary than Jason Voorhees. That's right. Kids Halloween over Friday the 13th. Here's my thought though, is that personally? I think you hamstrung Jason with your creepy horny teenager comments.

Joel (3m 44s):

Oh, like I'm the first one to ever make that comment.

Chad (3m 47s):

Out loud. Probably.

Joel (3m 49s):

Oh, Come on now. Let's go search YouTube later.

Chad (3m 52s):


Joel (3m 54s):

Let's keep it positive for a second. Shout Out to our girl, Abby Cheeseman.

Applause (3m 59s):


Chad (3m 59s):

That's right.

Joel (3m 60s):

No relation whatsoever. But she welcomed I'm dubbing and Pepper Jack Cheeseman, or Jack Cheeseman as his parents probably call him, welcome to the world. Welcome Jack. We need more Cheesmans in this world and dammit it's a boy. Who's going to create more Cheeseman. So there you go Sowash

Chad (4m 17s):

Just as long as it's not in your 23 chromosomes question from Neil Dunwoody, right out of the gate, over in the UK, he asks, why are so many recruiters, ghosting candidates after the interview? So, Joel, why are people getting ghosted? I know it's around Halloween, but what's what's going on?

Joel (4m 38s):

Well, I'm having a problem getting ghosted by babysitters. I don't know what's going on. I want to have a date night with my wife, but it's becoming harder and harder because babysitters just, they say, they're going to show up. And then they don't. And I don't know, it's a youth problem maybe. It's a culture thing, I guess like nobody learns civility. No one learns responsibility anymore. I guess it's just easier not to show up or not answer a text than to step up and say, you know what? I don't want to do it. Maybe it's a "I don't want to hurt feelings" thing. I don't know.

Chad (5m 10s):

You're you're so much like a millennial because you make every question about you. So Neil, I'll answer your question. My friend.

Joel (5m 16s):

I like talking about nothing more than myself.

Chad (5m 19s):

Think of all the candidates that are out there today and all the recruiters that you don't have, right? So it's really a scale issue. And I think it's one of the reasons why companies are looking to automation and why we're seeing so many companies on the vendor side, actually doing well. They're getting a lot more RFPs are getting a lot more leads coming in. And it's because of this problem, it's scale. And as soon as we understand as human beings, we can't scale fast enough, but tech can do a lot of this stuff and do more scaling. There you go. And then hopefully by then we