Indeed Sucks

... and Swallows. This week, you get not one but two Indeed dipsy-doo, switcheroos.

  • First, they're moving away from the PPC model that helped make them a multi-billion dollar business.

  • Second, they don't really like how employers are engaging with candidates on their event product, so they just shut 'em down from pre-show communications.

Beyond Indeed, the boys are talkin'

  • a new unicorn CultureAmp,

  • LinkedIn limits,

  • a lipstick-on-a-pig acquisition,

  • Target telling Walmart to stick it, and, oh yeah, Buy-or-Sell where one of our fearless cohosts goes three Sell ratings in a row.

Enjoy this Sovren, Jobvite & JobAdx powered episode.


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INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (20s):

Oh yeah. Two guys who definitely need a lifetime moratorium on evictions. What's up boys and girls? It's the Chad and Cheese podcast. This is your cohost Joel, Delta, Delta Delta. Can I help you? Help you. Help you" Cheeseman.

Chad (35s):

This is Chad "honky tonk" Sowash.

Joel (38s):

On this week's show, Indeed flips the script. Target tells Walmart, hold my beer. And how about some good old buy or sell? Oh yeah. How's Nashville, Chad?

Chad (51s):

Nashville is fucking crazy awesome!

Joel (54s):

Crazy, insane?

Chad (56s):

It's crazy. Insane. I am going to have to go through detox after this. Toured the Grand Ole Opry, went to a Nashville sound AAA game, spent a ton of time on broad and we're going back there again tonight had dinner, cigars and drinks with a friend of the show and's very own Michael O'Dell. I mean, it's been a crazy week. Thank God. I get to carry Julie's suitcase when she's speaking at events. So I love it.

Joel (1m 32s):

Have you seen the He-Haw girls? That's my question.

Chad (1m 36s):

I think they're a little older now.

Joel (1m 38s):

Yeah, they they've had a bout with gravity, for sure. Since the 1970s. Well, let's get to some shout outs. Shall we? Shout out to Kylie Baker?

Chad (1m 49s):

Oh yeah.

Joel (1m 49s):

She's just a big fan of the show. I got nothing else to say, but she loves us and we love you Kylie. Shout out to you.

Chad (1m 56s):

Love you Kylie. Shout out to Symphony Talent's Transform. We had such a blast filming in Lansing and Detroit last week! Doing the live pod! Fire alarms going off! Anyway, if you miss Transform, I believe they still have content on demand at And if you want to get in for free, here we go. Code ST social that's, STS symphony talent and social. You're welcome.

Joel (2m 27s):

Yeah. And shout out to Natty light, which was the beer sponsor for the trip out to Detroit that week and shout out to Hong li our favorite porn star. He's got a job board now, everybody, which, which I wish he would have come to me and asked, asked my opinion of that because I have seen this movie before, but Hey, maybe, maybe this one will end differently. Hung Lee's job board. Check it out everybody.

Chad (2m 54s):

Oh my God. So when the offspring said, keep them separated on come out and play. They really meant it. I mean, it's reported by BBC news that they kicked their drummer, Pete Perata to the curb. They kept him separated when he refused to get the vaccine.

Joel (3m 13s):

God is the offspring still around? To me that was the new story of the news story.

Chad (3m 19s):

Wait and Fred Durst at Lollapalooza.

Joel (3m 22s):

Yeah. His look got him a lot of grief. I looked like he was on an HGTV home flipper show with the new look that he's got going there but the backwards hat is far gone. Shout out to Fleets, Twitter Fleets. Remember those?

Chad (3m 42s):

Oh yeah.

Joel (3m 43s):

They're gone. Twitter's answer to stories has been shelved. We're you know, we're still waiting on word as to whether or not LinkedIn is going to keep their stories, but so far so good. And shout out to LinkedIn, by the way.

Chad (3m 57s):


Joel (3m 58s):

I don't know how we missed this. I guess, it had been rolling it out, they're putting limits on the number of connection requests that people can make. It's only a hundred per week now.

Chad (4m 11s):


Joel (4m 11s):

So all of those connection requests from insurance agents and car salesman in my local hood have dried up. So shout out to LinkedIn for doing that. I'm sure there are a lot of recruiters using some automated tools that aren't real happy about it, but never fear, recruiters always find a way around.

Chad (4m 32s):

The best ones do. Shout out to John Graham, I've got my copy of Plantation Theory, started reading it in the bar here in Nashville. And I couldn't put that damn thing down. It's an easy read. It's I think like 150 pages or something like that. It is fricking amazing. So we'll probably have John on talk about the book.

Joel (4m 55s):

Shout Out to Whiskey Publication recently sent out the top markets, i.e. States for whiskey consumption. Care to guess the top five?

Chad (5m 7s):

They've got to all be in the Midwest and close to Kentucky because that's where it's at.

Joel (5m 11s):

Kentucky is number one, obviously. Indiana number two, West Virginia coming in at number three, North Carolina, number four, and number five, a little bit of a shocker for me, Missouri. Missouri rounds out the top five of whiskey consumption in the US.

Chad (5m 31s):

They're all pretty sad states other than maybe North Carolina. So I get that. I get that. I really get that shout out to Jerome and team over at Smart Recruiters who announced a week long shutdown to give employees a break. That's very European of you, Jerome. I fucking love it.