LinkedIn Unplugged

If you're numb over unicorns, well, get over it. This week, the boys highlight two more newly minted members of the Billion Dollar Valuation Club. Yup, welcome Hibob and Karat to the unicorn party. Also on this episode:

  • Canvas and Luma, er, Pillar are in the news (or suffer growing pains, depending on your point of view).

  • Snagajob says "Everything Must Go!",

  • LinkedIn unplugs from China (kinda),

  • and back by popular demand: Porn!

Stop watching The Squid Game and enjoy another riveting episode of HR's most dangerous podcast.


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INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (21s):

Oh yeah. Another episode, closer to cancellation. Hi kids. You're listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast, the real heavyweight champion. This is your co-host Joel "flight cancellations" Cheeseman.

Chad (35s):

And this is Chad phasers on stun" Sowash.

Joel (38s):

On this week's show a double unicorn extravaganza! LinkedIn rethinks China, and librarian is the number one search term for PornHub in the state of Montana. Big Sky indeed. Let's do this! Big week, Chad.

Chad (56s):

Yeah, I, I gotta say whoever thought of Captain Kirk on yesterday's flight was a fucking genius, right?

Joel (1m 5s):

Well Bezos, obviously. Your buddy.

Chad (1m 7s):

I really doubt that and you know why they put Shatner on that launch, right?

Joel (1m 12s):

Oh, please tell me.

Chad (1m 13s):

All anyone was talking about during the last launch was rich white billionaire spending money on space toys instead of something, you know, like poverty or something like that. Now, all they're talking about is Captain Kirk. It was a brilliant diversion. It was fucking brilliant. So they learned from the first time now they just put somebody, you know, a 90 year old icon on the, I mean, come on. If Kirk goes out, if it blows up in space, which I was hoping it did not. I mean, can you think of a better way to fucking go out as Captain Kirk? I mean, this was a no brainer for him.

Joel (1m 50s):

Well, that would have been bad PR, had that happened. My two takeaways where we now know why the head of the penis is so big because those fucking windows are huge. It's like a living room in that thing, the windows are so big. And the second thing was, I mean, really heartfelt to me, the interview he did with Bezos and, and thanking him for the trip seemed to me really, really genuine, really heartfelt. William Shatner is a 90 year old dude who got to go up in space. I could feel the genuine, just joy in William Shatner's face. So to me, that was really heartwarming. And I don't think I've ever really felt a desire to go to space like that until I saw Captain Kirk so excited.

Joel (2m 29s):

I mean, this is the guy that has seen just about everything. He's partied with the you know, the biggest names in Hollywood. He's made love to supermodels and green women. I mean, he's seen it all and this just, just heart warmed his heart. So that was nice to see.

Chad (2m 46s):

Yeah, well it didn't warm my heart. Well, no, it did was when the Raiders kicked fucking Gruden to the curb that, that warmed my heart too.

Joel (2m 56s):

Those who aren't football fans. John Gruden is a very volatile coach, I guess you could say some emails came out that were, Jesus, they were racist, sexist, xenophobe, I don't know, he definitely did not discriminate against who he was discriminating against because everyone seemed to get a piece in the emails that he threw out. So what was your takeaway from that other than happy?

Chad (3m 18s):

The NFL is having a problem with brand. They've had a problem with brand and they're trying to clean it up. The players are the ones that everybody comes to see, not Roger Goodell and not any of the fucking coaches on the sideline, even though they're brilliant, but they come to see the athletes play the game. It's one of those things where I think in America, at least in the US we're starting to have an awakening and I hope it doesn't stop.

Joel (3m 41s):

Yeah. I think you could do a whole show on all the things that sort of this thing, this event touched on. For me, just to make quick of it, it was really heartbreaking because really to me, nothing more than sport should be a meritocracy. You and I both played high school sports. We weren't good enough to go beyond that. But for me, for example, I went to a pretty diverse high school. I played basketball. I play with black guys, Latino guys, Asian guys, and it didn't matter what color you were, if you could ball, you could ball. And that didn't matter. So when you see something like sports and that this is so apparently predominant in that environment.

Joel (4m 23s):

To me, it's just really heartbreaking because if any, if any environment should be colorblind, it should be sports.

Chad (4m 30s):

Yeah. Well, and I think you're remembering is much different than mine because I remember the coach's kid getting to play whatever position the coach wanted him to play, whether he was the best, there was no meritocracy. That's totally total bullshit. So I think it's funny that you try to color everything with meritocracy, but that's probably just your whiteness showing.

Joel (4m 52s):

Agree to disagree, Chad, but sports has been a longstanding example of people getting along where they normally wouldn't in society. Speaking of getting along though, Chad, my stomach and I have a great relationship and I was really happy to see Portillo's my favorite Chicago eatery. If you haven't had an Italian beef wet from Portillo's, you're missing out, they're filing for an IPO here coming up. And I think I've probably made them as profitable as I possibly can with my own. And also want to bring up Raising Cane, who doesn't like some fried chicken? They were in the news this week staffing is so tight at Raising Canes they asked people in the HQ to fill in as cooks and cashiers.

Joel (5m 38s):

And I think I read about a third of people in the HQ volunteered to serve up some chicken, which is heartwarming as well. I love it.

Chad (5m 47s):

I mean, as a startup and they're not a startup, but as a startup CEO, you have to do everything. You're doing fucking demos. I mean, you're helping with a UX design. I mean, you're doing everything that you possibly can to be able to be an organization of that size and say, look, it's time to get back to startup status and understand that we're not going to be able to move on without everybody actually pitching in. So get out of that leather chair.

Joel (6m 12s):

So if we pivot back to sports, did you catch the heavyweight fight on Saturday?

Chad (6m 17s):


Joel (6m 17s):

Yeah. So I normally wouldn't. I was at my sisters and brother-in-law who was just a big fan, actually bought the fight. So I was able to watch it. Tyson Fury, this dudes like 6'7", 320. I mean, he, he gives a new definition to what heavyweight is and he gives, he gives real inspiration to the dad bodies of the world, because if you're remembering heavyweights as Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Evander, Holyfield, those guys were ripped. This guy looks like he just got out of a Portillos. So it's really, really nice to see him rip it up in the ring. Tyson Fury, shout out to you, my man.

Chad (6m 54s):

So what was the result?

Joel (6m 56s):

Well, Tyson won in the 10th. I believe TKO, but it was a great fight. Tyson got knocked down twice in one round. I mean, it was just, it was what you think of as a heavyweight bout, right? Like you can actually hear and feel the punches as they land and you feel for the guys that are in it. It was great. It was great. If you saw the fight, you, you most likely loved it.

Chad (7m 15s):

I don't want to get hit by a guy who weighs 300 pounds.

Joel (7m 22s):

No, no.

Chad (7m 23s):

Shout out to JobSink you wraskily wabbits for grabbing up Leah Daniels as their new chief commercial officer, former app castor, and one of the smartest people in our industry. Good job guys, over a JobSink and congrats Leah on the new gig.

Joel (7m 42s):

And aren't we a permanent stamp on their marketing campaign?

Chad (7m 45s):

I don't think so.

Joel (7m 45s):

Maybe that's Appcast I'm thinking of. Anyway, moving on, let's talk about LinkedIn real quick. We'll talk about them more in depth in today's show as we normally do. This out of Mike "Batman" Cohen, he says that LinkedIn is not allowing you to use the site if you're logged on in different locations, call it a spam fighter or just call it annoying. Mike "Batman" Cohen is not a fan. So LinkedIn you're in his cross hairs as you've been probably for the last 10 years.

Chad (8m 14s):

Yeah. And you can't log out of the other device either, which is a, yeah it's a real pain in the ass. A big shout out to Owen Diaz. So Tesla was ordered by a jury to pay $137 million to Owen over racist treatment during his time as an employee at Tesla. Now 137 million is not much for a company like Tesla, although this could be seen as a damn good precedent. And if workers who have experienced the same kind of racist treatment start coming forward, that million dollar figure could actually turn into a billion. And hopefully it'll drive actual change at Tesla and more importantly, send shockwaves through corporate America.

Chad (8m 60s):

To the point they see that this behavior is not something that is going to be put up with and it's not risk slapping anymore. It's actually something that could really hit their bottom line.

Joel (9m 11s):

Awesome. You got anything else before we talk about free shit?

Chad (9m 16s):

Yes. Big shout out to George LaRocque who reported that global investment in WorkTech exceeded 6 billion in the third quarter. Another record setting quarter for WorkTech. It is blowing up the money is gushing.

Joel (9m 42s):

And speaking of Gushers, let's talk about free stuff. Chad, if you haven't signed up for free, t-shirts free beer and free whiskey, you need to head out to We announced two of the new winners from this last month. You could be this month's winner. We've got t-shirts by Emissary, beer from Adzuna and we have whiskey sponsored by Sovren. Get out to and sign up today. Pretty next up. We've got some fantasy football updates sponsored by Here's the rankings as of week six, heading into week seven. Number one is Bill "football"

Joel (10m 22s):

Fanning for the second week in a row, as well as the wonderful Miss Q number two, she stays in that spot. Next up, Jason "Vorhees" Putnam. I come up in the fourth spot, which is a nice.

Chad (10m 35s):

He was last like two weeks ago.

Joel (10m 36s):

He was last two weeks ago. And I was last, last week. And I mentioned I was going to be like rat out of the cellar. And I, I went to number four. "Breakin Benjamins" Kunze, which was, was that Kunze? Anyway,

Chad (10m 52s):


Joel (10m 52s):

We'll go with Kunze. Okay. Breakin' Benjamins Kunze. You remember he was last or he was second to last or last, last week.

Chad (10m 59s):

He was last.

Joel (10m 60s):

But he had the most points so he's up in the rankings. You follow him. We got Kristy "dark side of the moon." After that we got Michael J. Cox, Chris "Viva Las Vegas" Russell. And in last place, Pete "don't call me douchey" Suchi. That is the fantasy football leaderboard.

Chad (11m 22s):

Roy fucking Kent is in the cellar. That sucks.

Joel (11m 24s):

Yeah. Yeah. Well, if you didn't listen to our podcast from this week, we had a fantastic interview with Namely's CEO, Larry Dunivan, go check that out if you missed it. And we have some birthdays, fans of the show, we got Mark Jenkins, Denise Adams, Gary Gray, he had some creative parents, and Madeline Laurano celebrated a birthday.

Chad (11m 56s):

Yep. And I have a special one. My daughter, Emma Sowash actually turns 20! 20!

Joel (12m 4s):

How's that feel?

Chad (12m 6s):

Fucking crazy. I mean, it's ridiculous. I've got to say really proud of her. She's actually starting on her birthday this week. It was Monday, she's starting a new job and she's training to be a phlebotomist at the local hospital. And I'll tell you what, what we need more of as healthcare workers. So I think there's was a smart pick. We'll see.

Joel (12m 34s):

Can you spell phlebotomist?

Chad (12m 35s):

Vampire V A M P I R E.

Joel (12m 42s):


Chad (12m 43s):


Joel (12m 43s):

All right, Chad. It's that time of the month. We got crazy unicorns to talk about. All right. Let's start with Karat with a K. KARAT an interviewing platform and Seattle-based Karat announced a $110 million series C round that values of the company at $1.1 billion.

Chad (13m 6s):


Joel (13m 7s):

Karat's platform includes a network of interview engineers that clients can contract to provide technical interviews for software engineers via video. All the kids are doing it! Karat is more than doubling revenue and the number of customers year over year. It has eight companies spending more than $1 million per year. Chad, are you buying this unicorn?